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Content Creator 📍China 微博:TheRealEmily Enquiries 📩: Just another Emily documenting her life

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57.1% of emily__gui's followers are female and 42.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.70%. The average number of likes per post is 149 and the average number of comments is 4.

Emily__gui loves posting about Fashion, Lifestyle, Styling, Hair & Beauty, Travel.

Check emily__gui's audience demography. This analytics report shows emily__gui's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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57.1 %
42.9 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 90.21 %
  • How-to & Style 74.09 %
  • Travel & Tourism 51.30 %
  • Art & Design 45.07 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 42.72 %
  • Photography 40.65 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 36.02 %
  • Business & Careers 35.74 %
  • Entertainment 33.32 %
  • Luxury Goods 32.55 %
  • Home & Garden 32.49 %
  • Movies and TV 32.43 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 32.40 %
  • Books and Literature 32.08 %


35 5

Late Happy New Year from me and Latte (although he's not paying attention to the camera) #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays

36 4

Just introducing our new family member. His name is LATTE, and he's a British short hair🐱🐱 #EmilyGChinaDiary #LatteTheCat #britishshorthaircat

23 3

My virtual tour for you to visit @_joteo_ exhibition is now on #WanderlustOfEmily.com.(link in bio)Please do not miss the chance to visit in person if you are based in Brisbane. The exhibition will be on till 28th November 2020. #joteo #brisbaneevents #ArtisanGallery #BrisbaneFashion #brisbaneexhibition

32 1

My festival mode is on #ChinaDays #nationalholiday

49 4

My life that filled with flora🌸 #EmilyGChinaDiary #chinadays

87 4

Black White outfit YEAH? #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays

75 4

Golden hours are magic hours. Getting inspired by ancient towns all the time #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays

120 6

Yeah babe, I turned it green🙈 #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays #NewHairNewStart

98 5

On the way to my spaghetti 🙂 #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays

110 5

All the way to Thai food🤗 (swipe right to share the food with me) #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays

67 1

I miss it🍉 #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

117 10

Totally dead when @starbucks China promotes salty egg yolk cheese cake🙂 #EmilyGChinaDiary #starbucks #ChinaDays

175 6

You see the best thing of living in China is that you always get your parcel in the next day/in two days no matter where it was sent from. #EmilyGChinaDiary #zarawoman

111 1

Finally got my a$$ to supermarket and here's my Libra issue: which one to choose?? For the past few weeks, I could not even stand myself alone due to the inflammation of my butt joints, and had to have my mum helped me with everything. Yesterday was the first day I could go to the supermarket and shop with myself. I realized that all the things I took firmly in my hands was not as valuable as my health. Stay healthy y'all. 🙈 #EmilyGChinaDiary

96 4

Me being me. That's it😜 #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays #foodiesofinstagram

77 3

Miss my french garden 🌾 #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

114 7

When you running out of tops😅 @uqalumni #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays

80 6

Labour Day spent on scooter😀 #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays #suzhou

56 3

Hey ya cheesy foam long black☕️ #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays #CoffeeObsession

46 2

when mom knows your obsession😂 #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays #mangoobsessed

134 19

Today I went to my mom's hometown and visited a random tea house there. Finally felt something like usual and spring. Cannot wait to have the world spin like it used to be❤️ #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays

86 5

Gonna stuck at home before wandering again with ice Americano 🌱 #EmilyGChinaDiary #springiscoming

68 3

Spring🌱 #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

76 9

First outfit after quarantine and thanks for everything my community has done for me during this period. #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays

65 8

Fringe? Yeah or Nah 🤔 #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays

67 3

New blog post on #WanderlustOfEmily.com sharing my go to outfit. Fashion is all about expressing the most comfort of yourself other than appealing people's appetizers. #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

71 1

Be with you all day everyday @mejuri #mejuri #mejuripartner #EmilyGChinaDiary #ChinaDays

78 10

Bye Bye Summer and off to China @oscarwylee #oscarwylee #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

71 5

Get the best is my way to be sustainable in the fashion world. I do not match the images of having million pieces of garments in my wardrobe.  Instead,  I only get very few pieces that have absolutely high quality, soft textures,  and most importantly--that I could wear everyday. I started to not buying fast fashion since many years ago. Not because I do not like their design,  only I found myself in an unhealthy cycle of fashion.  I get one thing, the quality standards for one season,  and I disposal it. Where does all these fabrics go? I assure you no more than 50% of them are reused in a good way. That's why I put little extra money in those designer brands that stands out by the test of time. Buy less,  buy good, learn to be sustainable. @materialworldco #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays #WearSustainable

30 1

Updates on #WanderlustOfEmily.com sharing my experience with @letan_au (link in bio). I've also attached the link for purchase in my blog post just in case you'd like to get your dreaming tan as I did✨ #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays #letanaustralia #sponsored

56 3

The spray tan that actually works @letan_au #letanaustralia #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

84 3

Today is a Tan-day @letan_au 🌞 Doing some content today for @letan_au and soon on #WanderlustOfEmily. #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

78 14

Are you a cup person, or a corn person? #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

42 3

She's back, with the city view🙌 #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

26 1

Morning painting done. Friday, 7th Feb, 2020. #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

52 1

Rainy day still be like😬 #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

67 2

Finally my outfit for the last day of 2019 is on #WanderlustOfEmily.com (link in bio). A cranberry colour platte for the new year? #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

44 3

Taken on the last day of 2019 #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays #2019

75 3

My collab with @oscarwylee is finally organized on #WanderlustOfEmily.com (link in bio) shares some tips on how to choose glasses that goes face shapes🤓 #OscarWylee #sponsored

38 3

I promise I am not promoting drinking🍻 #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

87 8

My NYE dinner @massimo_restaurantandbar. Updated on #WanderlustOfEmily (link in bio) and details of the outfit is attached on the blog as well. Cannot wait to share the ride with you in 2020❤️ #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays #2020

522 9

Better vision with better glasses @oscarwylee #OscarWylee #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays #ad

496 5

What a decade and what a year. Like everyone one else trying to write an essay-long caption on Instagram, I kinda feel like doing a short reflection ones. This decade had striked me down to a broken condition,  yet brought me to the top of the mountain to see the finest view. But with all those days past behind,  I am feeling so grateful for all the people support me daily in life and on Instagram.  For whatever good things I had done in my last life, it brought so many amazing people who are filled with dreams and love to my side. I had lauched my first ever fashion brand this year, took the charge of the family business, worked with some of my favorite brands, and most importantly, taught myself live life without regret. Only THANK YOU says it all. #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays #HappyNewYear #oscarwylee

575 0

Only it heals. I don't like to have reflections while having a picture taken but love this one, which the sunlight cuts it symmetrically🤫

461 2

Mood😊 #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

568 1

Merry Christmas from mine to yours. ❤️ #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays #merrychristmas🎄

484 1

Drink some coke before the QLD heat melts me. #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays #peachcoke

471 5

Treat me good December. Let's just have a rest after all these runnings in 2019. #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

433 0

My daily health routine is on #WanderlustOfEmily (link in bio). Staying healthy is the ultimate goal of all of us. It could sometimes be hard. Particularly for people like myself who do not live a 9-to-5. There is never a day I could escape from work. Let's get ready everyday💪 #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays #GoliGummy

651 1

A summer Christmas ahead😬 #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #sirrometwinery #AussieDays

458 6

Portrait 🤓 #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

475 3

not-awaked 💤 @mejuri #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays

461 1

Takes the Black Friday to shop with those that don't go sale often like @mejuri. Get your hands on their beautifully crafted jewelry today, because girls know we deserve it. #MejuriPartner #EmilyGBrisbaneDiary #AussieDays


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