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57.1% of egmontmedia's followers are female and 42.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.60%. The average number of likes per post is 44 and the average number of comments is 1.

Egmontmedia loves posting about Design, Interior Design.

Check egmontmedia's audience demography. This analytics report shows egmontmedia's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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57.1 %
42.9 %


  • Photography 76.73 %
  • Books and Literature 75.63 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 69.20 %
  • Art & Design 66.96 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 36.23 %
  • Children & Family 26.89 %
  • Music 26.89 %
  • Movies and TV 26.89 %
  • Entertainment 26.89 %
  • Business & Careers 26.89 %
  • Travel & Tourism 26.89 %


32 0

Danish champion in potholders has just started crochet - Many have taken up new hobbies and DIY projects in light of the global pandemic. Marie-Louise Rasmussen is one of them, she started crocheting in February, expecting a child and wanting to create homemade crochet for the baby. This inspired her to participate in @ugebladethjemmets competition ‘The Danish Championship in potholders’ where she won for a colorful lion creation. The lion is inspired by a drawing her grandfather made, before he passed away from cancer, in her own words the drawing represents a sort of a ‘guardian angel’.

39 0

200 recipes from the best chefs in Denmark all in one place - Gastro Selection 4 published by @gastromag collects recipes from this year’s Gastro Magazines. The editorial team and Gastro have experienced a great interest in recipes, but readers often misplaced specific issues of the magazine. Therefore, they have now four years in a row collected recipes in a special issue. Editor in chief of Gastro Jesper Uhrup calls it ‘the cheapest cookbook’ in Denmark and urges you to be inspired and pick and choose from the recipes. Good luck! . . . #egmont #egmontmedia #webringstoriestolife #gastro #gastromag #cookbook #magazine #gastronomy #nordicgastronomy #food #foodie #cooking #lemons #gastroselection #media #mediagroup

58 1

Lund & Løkke returns to the podcastservice talktown - Former Danish Primeminister Lars Løkke and Journalist and TV-host Anders Lund Madsen once again travel around Denmark in their popular podcast Lund & Løkke. You can find it on Egmont’s podcastservice @talktownpodcast .This time the two opinionated gentlemen visit Bornholm discussing how Anders could have become a millionaire and how they have both reacted to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Receive a free trial of 14 days when signing up to Talktown. The service is also free for Egmont’s magazine subscribers. . . . #egmont #egmontmedia #webringstoriestolife #talktown #talktownpodcast #podcast #egmontpublishing #publishing #larsløkke #anderslundmadsen

27 0

Light as design - In this month, our Danish magazine @rum_id focuses on light. The darker months are sneaking in on Scandinavia and Europe. Therefore, RUM has looked at how light and art merge. In the magazine you'll also find a series of international artists and the Danish architect couple who have build a house on the water. - You can find the magazine online on #webringstoriestolife #rum ##interior #scandinaviandesign #design #europeandesign #copenhagen #lights #lightart

30 1

7 ways a new cookbook by Jamie Oliver - We all tend to buy the same ingredients and cook them in limited ways. In a new cookbook published in Danish by our publisher @lindhardtogringhof @jamieoliver has chosen 18 ‘hero ingredients’ such as avocado, ground beef or chicken and for each ingredient you can find 7 recipes. In that way you can find new inspiration for easy recipes. Learn more about the book (in Danish) via link in bio. . . . #egmont #egmontmedia #webringstoriestolife #7ways #jamieoliver #cookbook #newcookbook #lindhardtogringhof #cooking #gastronomy #stopfoodwaste #kogebog

61 1

Falling in love six to seven times during a lifetime - The award-winning Danish journalist @aggeranders is publishing his first book, a book about love. Love that is crazy and unexpected. In our Danish magazine @altfordamerne you get a closer look on his love life. So far he has been in love six or seven times and has recently rekindled his relationship with the mother of his children after a break of ten years. He believes without scientific evidence that everyone will go through six or seven times of being in love and he does not reject the concept that he might in the future fall in love again. Read the interview in this week’s @altfordamerne 📷 Franne Voigt 🖊Marie-Louise Truelsen . . . #egmont #egmontmedia #andersagger #dr #interview #altfordamerne #altdk #magazine #journalist #tvhost #newbook #writer

284 8

Falling – a directorial debut for Viggo Mortensen - Falling is a premiering drama written, directed, and starring internationally celebrated actor Viggo Mortensen. In the film, a conservative father played by Lance Henriksen starts to show signs of dementia forcing him to sell the family farm. He then flies out to visit his homosexual son in Los Angeles. The increasing dementia and their mutual differences create tensions between father and son. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January this year and has been well received at multiple international film festivals. Falling is distributed in Denmark by @nordiskfilm. Falling premieres in Danish cinemas on the 5th of November. . . . #egmont #webringstoriestolife #falling #newmovie #sundancefestival #viggomortensen #film #egmontmedia #nordiskfilmbiografer #cinema #biograf #mediagroup

44 1

More than 1 million books sold in Denmark - It is quite an impressive achievement for a Danish author. @michaelkatzkrefeld who have published books at our publisher @lindhardtogringhof have sold more than 1 million books in Denmark. On the October 30 he will publish his book number twelve ‘Nattens udyr’. His books are available in more than 20 countries around the world and he has received several awards for his writing. A few Danish authors reaches this and therefore Michael Katz Krefeld is proud: “I am happy and thankful. I appreciate my loyal readers and all the ones who keep joining the community. And the bookshops around the country have always welcomed me with open arms when I have visited”, says Michael Katz Krefeld. - #webringstoriestolife #lindhardtvonhevring #bookstagram #booklover #author #danishauthor #michaelkatzkrefeld

22 0

A political game and political gain - “In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times.” Winston Spencer Churchill was born in the grand Blenheim Palace. His unique lifespan included a 25 year long military career, a political career lasting 60 years and an authorship, spanning for even longer. He was a controversial personality in his own time as well as today, but his abilities in the political game and rhetorical gifts have been remembered throughout time. Danish author Jan Hedegaard has written the ultimate book about Churchill, published by our Danish publisher @lindhardtogringhof. Learn more about the book ‘Churchill’ via link in bio. . . . #lindhardtogringhof #newbook #egmont #egmontmedia #mediagroup #churchill #politics #secondworldwar #book #books #bookcover #churchillquote #famousquotes

49 0

City chic in a well-known location - In this week’s @altfordamerne you may stumble upon the series ‘City Chic’ portraying fashion looks for autumn wear. The editorial team at @altfordamerne have chosen a special location for autumn shoot and the model can be seen walking underneath the iconic watch by the Egmont headquarters in Copenhagen. 📷 Franne Voigt . . . #altfordamerne #webringstoriestolife #egmont #egmontmedia #mediagroup #autumn #autumnwear #autumnfashion #magazine

59 4

The Marco Effect is ready in February - The first trailer and character presentations are out for the new Department Q-film produced by @nordiskfilm and based on the books by Jussi Adler-Olsen. It is the fifth book in the Department Q franchise where criminal detective Carl Mørck together with his team tries to solve unsolved cases. Originally, the film should have aired this month, but due to corona the production of the film has been postponed and the film is now planned to air in February 2021. We present the character posters here. Criminal detective Carl Mørck is performed by Ulrich Thomsen. Zaki Youssef is playing his assistance Assad. The character Rose is played by Sofie Torp. To keep updated follow us and @nordiskfilm . . . #egmont #webringstoriestolife #marcoeffekten #jussiadlerolsen #movie #film #filmpremiere #nodiskfilm #nordiskfilmbiograf #egmontmedia #mediagroup #announcement #newtrailer #trailer #characters #crimethriller #thriller

33 0

Fine, fantastic, and full of flavour - The new cookbook Flavour is out in Denmark. Written by the world famous Yotam Ottolenghi and published in Denmark by our publisher @lindhardtogringhof. Yotam Ottolenghi loves vegetables and have for decades praised cauliflower, tomatoes, lemons and aubergine. It is his mission to present vegetables in new and exciting ways. He does that through 100 different recipes with different levels of difficulty. You can find the Danish version of the book at our publisher @lindhardtogringhof. - #webringstoriestolife #egmont #lindhardtogringhof #book #greencooking #ottolenghi


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