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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.50%. The average number of likes per post is 139 and the average number of comments is 14.

37.14% of the followers that engaged with edgarnavarro_a regularly are from Guatemala, followed by United States at 11.43% and France at 6.67%. In summary, the top 5 countries of edgarnavarro_a's posts engager are coming from Guatemala, United States, France, Italy, Spain.

Edgarnavarro_a loves posting about Fashion, Design, Celebrities, Hair & Beauty.

Check edgarnavarro_a's audience demography. This analytics report shows edgarnavarro_a's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Guatemala 37.14 %
  • United States 11.43 %
  • France 6.67 %
  • Italy 4.76 %
  • Spain 3.81 %


73 11

Story time of how I lost my husband ring the day of our wedding 💒 👨‍❤️‍👨

161 17

End of the day doing the groceries with my gorgeous Love Project Bag 💕 It’s perfect to replace those one use Plastic bags that only harm our planet. This beautiful bag made in collaboration With @kinoyoga and @fibradesigns is made with 97% recycled plastic and with each purchase 50% is donated to Artisans in Guatemala. get yours in my link in bio 💕

231 17

The hubby 💕

97 19

One of the things I remember the most about my childhood is my first school. I have the most bizarre memories of that time. It was a boys only school led by catholic priests. Every Wednesday we had mandatory mass and the school chapel had the most beautiful ceiling painting of the 4 evangelists. The Lion, the ángel, the eagle and the bull next to the writers would monopolize my attention as the rest would recite another prayer out loud. The school choir had their meetings inside the chapel and I tried so hard to join even though I can’t sing to save my life. But I insisted so much that the teacher ended up letting me join. I didn’t really wanted to sing. I just liked being inside the chapel. It made me feel safe and it made me forget that outside I was being bullied for being gay. Is funny how that works. Now that I think about it. Feeling safe inside a church and praying wishing that things would get better for me inside the school. While the homophobic attacks were caused by the same ideas I was praying to. It makes me think that our connection to God works a lot like how we perceive art. We’re both staring at the same painting, but what you get out of it and what I get out of it is completely different. For a time I fought the idea of God (I still feel religions should disappear). But after a while my anger towards God dissolved. Because I understood that the hate wasn’t coming from that energy, it was coming from someone else’s interpretation of that powerful creating being. When I stopped thinking of god as this punisher men, and started thinking of it as a nurturing mother, my relationship with my spirituality was restored. And now I feel safe again when I think of God (or Goddess) 🌙✨

91 5

Learn more about the inspiration behind our @wiworldandius colors and how you can use them to inspire your practice ✨ Have you checked our website? Tell me what’s your favorite color!

167 11

Paradise 🌊

111 12

Tb to this iconic portrait by my @mannyrionda . I miss being in the studio playing with lights, looks and painting ✨ I wore this headpiece to my presentation during SVFW a few years ago. I still have it ♥️

135 15

We have created this gorgeos Handbag in collaboration with @kinoyoga and @fibradesigns to support the artisanal communities in Guatemala during this hard times. This spacious Beach bag is made of 97% post-consumer certified recycled plastic HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), exclusively processed for FIBRA by Lamulticolor in Guatemala. All handles and details are made with Vegan leather so the bag is 100% Cruelty Free. 50% of sales will be donated to the artisanal communities of Santiago Atitlan and surrounding areas ♥️ Go to my link in bio to order yours!

149 12

Thinking about my Mystical Guatemala today ✨ I hope I’ll be able to visit soon and feel it’s powerful earth and magical nature. Every corner of this beautiful country is filled with culture, tradition and art. I’m so proud of being Guatemalan and an heir of its cultural heritage ✨

135 11

We are the answer to our prayers 🌚🌝

224 37

It’s Friday and Sukha knows it 💃🏻✨

110 10

I love a quote from Yves that says: “I’m no longer concerned with sensation and innovation , but with the perfection of my style”. I feel that over the years I’ve learned to let go of the idea of wanting to shock ppl with my ideas. And I’m now more concentrated in doing what I love and perfecting my craft as a designer. The show is an essential part of our profession, but is not everything. The best way to surprise people is to keep creating and doing what you love, even when others are dropping the towel ✨


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