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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.70%. The average number of likes per post is 265 and the average number of comments is 7.

30.51% of the followers that engaged with eckmannstudiocopenhagen regularly are from Denmark, followed by United States at 27.12% and Germany at 8.47%. In summary, the top 5 countries of eckmannstudiocopenhagen's posts engager are coming from Denmark, United States, Germany, Venezuela, United Kingdom.

Eckmannstudiocopenhagen loves posting about Design, Art, DIY & Crafts.

Check eckmannstudiocopenhagen's audience demography. This analytics report shows eckmannstudiocopenhagen's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Denmark 30.51 %
  • United States 27.12 %
  • Germany 8.47 %
  • Venezuela 3.39 %
  • United Kingdom 3.39 %


184 4

RESTAURANT LOUI AT THE AUDO HOUSE. Sunday i had a delicious lunch at restaurant Loui. I just needed to sit in a quiet corner, having a small tasty dish, a good glass of white wine and peace in mind. I was lucky, only a few guests in the restaurant and very good food. Loui is a fusion of culinary traditions and techniques from the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea. With a focus on combining the big city and the sea, Loui offers whole fish served on the bone, barbecue skewers with irresistibly spicy offal, and lots of seasonal vegetables. Loui is the Christianshavn based restaurant Lola’s little brother and contains the same level of high quality and innovative food. THIS IS WHAT I ORDERED: Louis Bread Serving 65,- Simit sesame roll and mini pitas Served with olive oil with za’atar, yogurt and brown butter with Urfa chili, and creamy tahini with smoked paprika Cigar Börek 65,- Rolls of fried filo with spinach and goat fromage blanc Served with citrus yogurt Lahmacun, a Turkish pizza, with a lot of tasty topping. Lahmacun is actually a mix of a pizza and a pancake. Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 11:30 – 14:00 and again at 17:00. Last booking at 20:00. . . #audocopenhagen #restaurantluis #middleeasternfood #medeterranianfood #food #foodie #zenmoment#memyselfi #homealone #delicious #foodfan #recipetesting #trendhunter #anetteeckmann

281 8

BANEGAARDEN - COPENHAGEN'S GREEN NARNIA. In the middle of Copenhagen, on DSB's railway terrain, lies a piece of ‘undiscovered’ land with wild nature, blackberry bushes, shrubs and old trees. A green world filled with sensuality and magic. Here Aarstiderne are in the process of developing a green lighthouse, where aesthetics, sustainability, health, plants, taste experiences and natural sensuality are the focal point. At BaneGaarden - in the middle of all the greenery - nine wooden barns worthy of preservation are in poor condition. They oozes life and stories that Aarstiderne want to cherish. Once upon a time, they were DSB's storage warehouses for wood. Here is a farm shop and edible organic, plant-focused experiences. The place gathers the latest edible plants, fermentation experiences, kombucha and kefir in many shades. And a lot more such as restaurants and workshops. GO VISIT THIS GREAT PROJECT! OPENING HOURS: BaneGaardens Madboder: Wednesday - Saturday: 12:00 to 20:00 Sunday: 12:00 to 17:00 Rakils Spisehus: Wednesday to Saturday: Evening menu: 17.30 - 22.00 Saturday Sunday Breakfast: 11.00- 15.00 . .

103 2

HIJA DE SÁNCHEZ CANTINA! Today i hunted a brand new Mexican eatery, located in Nordhavn. I needed a small break and some delish tasty food. I’ve read about Hija de Sanchez Cantina - and heard that the restaurant was offering snacks, tostadas, tacos, ceviches, cocktails, wine & beers. But it was closed. I was so disappointed - what went wrong? Perhaps it’s not even opened yet? I must come back soon, one of my favorite pit stop lunch places is Hija de Sanchez Taqueria in Kødbyen and the new place is in the “same” family! I had to act like a spy and take a photo through the window! OK - after googling I learned that the cozy family cantina is closed on Sundays! . . The new restaurant in Nordhavn is open from Wednesday to Saturday for both lunch and dinner. Hija de Sanchez Cantina Hamburg Pl. 5-7, 2150 Copenhagen Book a table right here . . #cantina #mexicanfood #taco #cozy #familyandfriends #closedonsundays #trendhunter #stylist #styling #anetteeckmann

448 49

LAUNDRY LADY! When you do not have time ( read energy ) to wash and arrange your hair. And when you are on your way to the hospital, to visit your seriously ill husband - what do you do then? Finds a scarf and makes a washerwoman knot. My husband is very aware that I am dressing up for him. The times I have worn black clothes, he has noticed - that it looked sad. I fully understand the psychology behind that consideration. His life is not particularly colorful in this, for both of us, difficult time. Next week will be a trial, and hopefully - a turning point. GREAT WEEKEND TO ALL OF YOU - FROM ALL OF ME! I am dependent on all of you lovely and caring insta friends. . . #laundrylady #badhairday #tired #noenergy #sadday #baddays #saturday #trendforcast #anetteeckmann #stylist #styling

287 15

WALL ART HOSPITALITY! Since August 9, I have had my daily walk at Bispebjerg Hospital, during my husbands hospitalization. The hospital buildings look like something out of an English mansion, with beautiful old windows and doors. Fine craft details and large park-like trees and flowering shrubs. The decoration on the walls consists of posters with Søren Kirkegård's texts. On Monday, my husband was transferred to Hvidovre Hospital. A very modern building reminiscent of a modern hotel with menu cards in the rooms and modern art on the walls. There are absolutely no similarities between the two hospitals. In Bispebjerg it is impossible to find a parking space, in Hvidovre there is a giant parking basement. The exception is that in both places there are sweet and helpful nurses and - hopefully, competent doctors. I follow my husband physically wherever he is moved - mentally it has started to get a little tight!

206 2

RECIPE PLEASE! On Lille Blå Bar they serve the pickled / fermented vegetables, made from Kala’s Kimchi. They taste really good. In the spring, I had signed up for a course to learn from her techniques. It was unfortunately canceled. But I could use the recipe / secret behind the crispy, sour and indescribably delicious pickled vegetables. I have to look for a new course. . . #fermentation #kimchi #crispyvegetables #kalaskimchi #lilleblåbar #food #foodie #delicious #pamperingmyself #pamperingtime #trendhunter #anetteeckmann

233 4

AGAIN AND AGAIN! Right now I could easily eat the delicious bar snack lunch again. Such a delicious combination of taste and not at least - visually! In this, for me, difficult time, I do everything to pamper myself. A quiet lunch in aesthetics surroundings - means everything! I love the rustic ceramics and the simple set-up. Almost like a small work of art. I discover new exciting places every day. Copenhagen has become an exciting metropolis - a city I like to "travel" around - to be inspired. Lille Blå Vinbar is definitely worth a visit - remember it only opens at 3pm. . . #lilleblåvinbar #vinbar #snack #snacktime #organic #pampering #salmon #mylife #cozy #hygge #trendhunter #memyselfandi #anetteeckmann #ceramic #rustic #simple

302 10

I HAVE BAKED A CAKE! A cake with all the fine figs I picked on the small fine fig tree up in the forest hut. I have used browned butter and marzipan in the dough, vanilla and a sprinkle of licorice powder. It is a basic dough I usually use topped with blackberries. today I tried figs - it was a good idea '. Isn't it just beautiful? Now I want to drive out to Hvidovre Hospital and visit my husband. On the way out, I will slip past one of my favorite stores Shop NO. 217 in Valby. I hope they offer a cup of tea - I bring the cake. . . #figs #sesaon #cake #homemade #lovetobake #styling #foodstyling #recipedeveloper #mypassion #trendhunter #anetteeckmann #food #foodie #no217interiør #frommygarden #harvest #october

215 3

JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Halloween 🎃 is the new carnival in Denmark. When I was a kid, nobody knew the American tradition. Nevertheless I love to decorate with pumpkins. The colors from orange to green and white, suits the autumn mood very good. I have a soft spot for the Halloween date the 31. of October - because it’s my wedding day. Everyday I pray to get my beloved husband home before that special day - we need to celebrate our 28 years together. And on top - it’s also my handsome daddy’s 96 years birthday! . . #halloween #orange #pumpkincarving #pumpkin #celebrating #weddingday #birthday #styling #stylist #trendforcast #anetteeckmann

330 2

OCTOBER / MOODBOARD! Hey this is how my forest garden looks right now. Beige, mustard and bright orange. In between some acid yellow tones - and off course: BROWN. Green is still an issue together with a hint of deep dark purple and a tiny dash of copper green. A little dot of white is always good in the mix. . . #october #moodboard #colorscale #seasonal #colorcode #trendforcast #anetteeckmann

330 8

NATURALLY NATURE! Today's bouquet is bound and I enjoy it. When I go out in the forest garden and work, I can enjoy the bouquet from all angles. When I sit on the couch, or lie and float out, then I can also look out for the bouquet. Today it has been totally windless here and the bouquet is fine and elegant - almost majestic! And the best part is, it has not cost a single penny. Everything is found in the road ditch in the forest and on our land. And the coming week ends, I will quietly build in a little more fresh branch with. In this way, the bouquet changes expression on an ongoing basis. And I love it!

280 10

FIGS FOREVER! Today I have harvested the fruits on my little tiny fig tree! I had no idea that a tree in a pot could produce so many figs. I bought the plant in the early summer at @defireaarstiderhome and it has been worth all the money. Now comes the next step! Should I cook jam, bake a pizza - or bake a cake? Big problems. I could also move out into the world and buy a burata or a roll of soft and creamy goat cheese, and prepare a wonderful salad with fresh figs. Big decisions await me !! . . #figs #harvest #frommyowngarden #fruit #delicious #beautifulnature #trendspotter #anetteeckmann


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