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Multidisciplinary creative utilizing data & insights to inspire, innovate and shift culture through art. 📩
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.30%. The average number of likes per post is 277 and the average number of comments is 11.

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385 8

Concept: “Make something trippy bro!” 🤪 Some behind the scenes footage of a quick mural being brought to life in house @artopia.exp - opening up soon in West Loop, Chicago!

225 12

|| P A T I E N C E || The greatest life lesson I learned from my grandmother. I heard her voice for the first time today since she was called home. I didn’t just hear you, I felt you. I felt at peace. I painted with ease. I got a peace lily from her service. Named it after her. Shirley Marie. Lord knows I love a plant and I’ll care for it like you care for me. I’ve got an angel to honor. My Grandmother. 11.21.1943 - 3.30.2021 ❤️🕊

170 2

Me trying to envision a freestyle mural I have in my head that I’m going to knock out within 24 hours. Yep, let’s get it ⚡️

340 16

A recent commission piece that I was happy to bring to life for a new collector. It’s not every day I receive commission requests that are energizing or aligned with my approach to creating. It takes the right client! This one felt right 🖤

287 17

This piece was to be symbolic of Power, Strength, Education, Equality & Community. With the help of the youth, text and symbols were added to the boards to represent just that. As this project progressed quickly over a few days, I took some time alone in the warehouse to start bringing out some facial features and details of the main subject, Caleb Reed - a beloved youth leader & activist who tragically lost his life to gun violence. ___ 📸: @_jprater

187 18

Taking on the opportunity to shape and impact young lives is a responsibility that too many leaders overlook. Whatever time you can give to the next generation, give it. Whether it’s a day, month, year or lifetime.. help water the future. On the first day of this project, we gathered materials and went through a quick walk through of the priming and spray painting process. Prior to painting on most new surfaces, it’s ideal to first prime the material so the paint doesn’t soak into the seams of the surface. Saves time and paint! While the primer was drying, the youth picked up the cans for the first time to get a feel for this new medium. Was dope to see their progress over just a days time ⚡️

337 10

I won’t ask someone to imagine what it’s like to walk in my shoes. That’s my story and I’m going to share it anyway with hopes it’s relatable to someone. No one walks in your shoes. No one can take your dreams away. We are all a unique creation with different dreams and journeys. Have empathy for others and Walk YOUR walk. It’s all yours. Own it 🌹 ___ 📸: @_jprater

125 2

One of the most unique things about being an artist is that nobody can fill your shoes.

313 6

Prep for a community-focused mural in Chicago commemorating the life of one of the beloved youth leaders of Communites United who tragically lost his life this past summer. After several months of virtual healing workshops focused on survivorship and sharing lived experiences, we’re utilizing art as inspiration for future action. Not having gone to school for art, to be sharing my knowledge on design, scaling and mural painting techniques to young creators is truly humbling. Im thankful to be the selected artist to work with this group of young people to honor an incredible young black community leader.

267 7

This 2020 D. White Original piece, “Out of Touch” went to its new home today following the closing of my previous Chicago show @_blnkhaus gallery. Was such a pleasure discussing the depths of this piece with its new collectors. Check out the remarkable framing job done by @__rehs 🔥 Theres something special about a good complimentary/quality frame that will take artwork to new heights instantly.

1,055 35

I want to take a moment to thank my collectors! To be able paint emotions on canvas and it resonate with someone enough add to their home/collection is truly a blessing. This piece found it’s place with it’s owner in my hometown 🤘🏾Houston, Texas a few years ago. Since then, my art career has evolved tremendously and I always have to take moments of gratitude for those investing in my journey in its early stages. You are APPRECIATED 🖤


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