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Abdul & Ari 👋🏽 Sharing 99% of our life. 🤍 We teach you how to say nice things to yourself, stop eating like an a-hole, & create a lifestyle you love.
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60.3% of dulla_ari's followers are female and 39.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.10%. The average number of likes per post is 634 and the average number of comments is 21.

Dulla_ari loves posting about Fitness, Health, Coaching.

Check dulla_ari's audience demography. This analytics report shows dulla_ari's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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60.3 %
39.7 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 62.54 %
  • Children & Family 47.94 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 46.48 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 43.37 %
  • Travel & Tourism 41.97 %
  • Business & Careers 39.91 %
  • How-to & Style 39.32 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 36.89 %
  • Entertainment 36.80 %
  • Music 35.36 %
  • Art & Design 34.59 %
  • Movies and TV 33.89 %


1,363 50

Although i feel like network marketing is becoming more of a norm- I still see negativity about direct sales careers or network marketing so I just wanted to have a quick heart-to-heart because perspective is everything.... ✨When you buy MAC make-up, you're helping Fabrizio Freda's 5 year compensation to grow over $17,780,000. When you buy Beauty Counter or Mary Kay Cosmetics though you may be helping a Mom stay at home with her kids or maybe someone pay off their debts. ✨When you buy leggings from Victoria's Secret you're building Sharen Turney's compensation to over $10,645,000. When you buy clothing from Zyia or Savvi you may be helping a mom pay for her child's t-ball, ballet or music lessons. ✨When you buy supplements from GNC, you are helping Michael Archbold make over $950,000 a year. When you support Herbalife (or any of your fav MLM nutrition companies) you may be allowing a Dad to possibly come home a little earlier in his day to coach his sons soccer team. ✨The direct sales market is growing and a large amount of companies are shifting towards this approach. Be open to support those who choose these careers just like we would support you in yours, instead of supporting random people you don't even know. Invest in yourself & build the life YOU dreamed of instead of funding someone else's goals. ✨Have an abundant mindset. It's OK to be happy for people and want to see them financially flourish. -Source unknown (edited by Kelley D)😉 Photographer: @tiffanyallenphotography

1,299 31

It’s Sunday. A great way to start prepping for the week. I had a few phone calls (not literal)— more like spiritual call to slow down and readjust some of the areas I’ve been neglecting. I sat down and realized that I had all the “self-care” rituals in place (like getting my hair done, massages, nails done) but they weren’t actually fueling my heart/soul. They were more like bandaids. So yesterday was a day of nothingness. A day of refocus and realignment. & today- A day of action. I wrote down the things that made me feel good and reflected (& asked Abdul to share too) in what season of my life I felt reaaaallllyyyy good, aligned, in the most highest vibration possible. Here’s what I wrote down: Wake up and NOT pick phone up to check IG/text/emails (major win for me) Mediation (soon as i wake up) Smudging home with sage Essential oils in the air Family walks Grounding Reading a good book Taking tablets 3x a day Traveling Hiking (anything nature) Taking my time to do my hair No phone zone with boys Date nights Good food with friends Wide open windows and blinds in my home Grandfather fire Sun gazing Getting to bed early What makes you feel aligned AF?

354 8

The first few weeks of the this pregnancy felt different but as the belly gets bigger & baby girl A grows- i can feel a major shift in EVERYTHINGGGGGGGG. Backaches, shortness of breath, swollen ankles, trouble sleeping— & because I’m practicing more body-awareness, our training sessions have taken a turn for the better! Haven’t lifted a weight (attempted to) but simple stretching has become my answer! I can only imagine how helpful this is going to be for the big day and postpartum. (PS: I feel like we allllllll know this stuff but very often we don’t do it, so having @sable.colon come even for an hour of mobility has been maaajooor.)

565 33

Worked retail through high school and into community college. Went to community college to figure my life out but found myself failing the not so interesting classes- like music history. Still worked my 40hrs/ week at Express as an assistant manager. Fell in love with clothes and human connection (customer service). Moved to SD to attend a community college (lied to my parents about being accepted to a school here). Attended community college with the hopes of figuring out what I wanted to do, switched my major 7818 times. Worked at BofA (for their college reimbursement plan)got accepted to CSUSM- biz major with a minor in management; took me 5 years to graduate. Got a job as a wealth management firm as a temp, quickly got hired on as a financial advisor’s assistant. I found myself uninspired with a desire to explore more (going through a breakup). Quit my job. Traveled to Miami by myself, went to Hawaii solo, went skydiving, partied hard, wanted/feeing for more. Moved to LA. Knew I had a love for fitness and learned about personal development. Worked with a famous DJ as his event planner assistant, got a job at 24 Hour Fitness as a front desk while I worked on getting my NASM certification (used it for 4 months..) Need more human connection, explored the city with new friends, found Herbalife. Worked my tail off, quit my PT job, (and event planning), met Abdul, moved back to my parents house to take care of my mom. 🦼 Offered free workouts at the park, parking lots, brothers embroidery shops, beach, hosted biz opportunity meetings in my parents living room, flyered apartment complexes/cars, stood outside of gyms with clipboards, did door hangers, invited strangers into our apartments (got broken into the next day 🤷🏽‍♀️). Moved back to SD. Connected with other people inside the company, they opened their space to use as theirs. Flyered apartments again, free workouts at parks/beaches, creates a movement downtown, opened our first space (closed it soon after), self-promoted ourselves in FB groups/Craigslist, took personal training clients again (Abdul got a job at FedEx overnight) to make ends meet. [CON’T IN COMMENTS]

776 33

We may not end up with the most prettiest looking costumes by time Halloween comes around.... They were soooo excited to put these on! Wanted to Facetime time everyone!!!! I’ve never seen these two so happy to dress up, i got chocked up.

581 28

Network Marketers this ones for you! WHAT MOST MLM’ers DO ON IG: - Posting level of the company achieved VS what it means to you and the work it takes - Adding rep ID or website in bio - Reposting the same post 100 other distributors have posted - Posting anything with the word “freedom” in bio - Only posting photos of products - Obsessing over perfect filters/captions WHAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE ON IG: - Be YOU, all of you- imperfect you - Post alllllll the things you like, not just your companies shakes, oils, hair products, etc 😉 - TALK, use your voice and your energy - Use all of what IG gives you (Lives, reels, IGTV, carousel photos, etc.) - Reply comments & genuinely comment people’s posts/stories - Give free value, daily - Be consistent People buy from people who they know, like, and trust. Tag anyone you would find this valuable. 🤍

294 3

You never know what you’re capable of if you don’t try. & I’ve tried it all.... [hence, the photos] Almost 8 years ago i bought my distributor pack for less than $100, i have no idea what I was doing but i knew I wanted something more for my life. That one purchase has turned into a business that changed completely changed my body, my life, most importantly the way I think and my ability to dream bigger- after me, hundreds more have changed their lives, too.. What will be your ripple effect because you took the chance? How will your yes be a way your children think/do/operate in their life? When will you stop playing small? Happy Monday! 👋🏽

465 9

Children are the living message we send to a time we may not see. 🙏

349 7

Total opposites, I tell ya. Total opposites. We’ve got one who loves anything academic and then there’s this little adventurous, silly AF, super-hero-attitude Aidan... 😂

431 6

During pregnancy, my whole body gets stiff especially in the neck and shoulders, not to mention the imbalance in hormones, expanding belly which totally shifts my posture creates a major lack it mobility. Today we did some much needed (pregnancy-approved) stretches! More details in each video and very detail tutorials of how to do these yourself (listen to the videos). Thank you @sable.colon for being intentional with our sessions! Save it for later-use or tag your pregnant amigas! #pregancytips #baby3 #pregantandfit


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