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43.8% of dream_a_big_life's followers are female and 56.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.30%. The average number of likes per post is 104 and the average number of comments is 2.

Dream_a_big_life loves posting about Entrepreneur, Travel, Business.

Check dream_a_big_life's audience demography. This analytics report shows dream_a_big_life's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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43.8 %
56.3 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 60.14 %
  • Business & Careers 53.34 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 52.24 %
  • Entertainment 51.89 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 49.06 %
  • Art & Design 47.62 %
  • Children & Family 47.37 %
  • Music 44.20 %
  • Travel & Tourism 41.40 %
  • Books and Literature 37.62 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 37.34 %
  • How-to & Style 36.41 %


165 4

It’s a rainy weekend in Devon so this is a throwback to one of the better days we’ve had recently! The best thing about working online and making money out of your social media account is that if the weather is bad, you can curl up inside with a hot chocolate and a cat and not have to face the commute, the rain or the traffic. If you want to stop your 9 to 5 grind if you feel it’s not for you, download my ebook which is in the link in my bio cos it will help you understand how I started out. Do it! . . . . . #accountabilitycoaching #lovelifestyle #theskyisthestart #onlinebusiness #leadershipquotes #socialmediainfluencer

110 1

Do you struggle to be on social media all the time to talk to your perfect potential clients? To make sure you don’t miss a day, schedule 30 mins in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon or evening so that you can log on and chat to people. If you don’t, it might be days before you get in again, by which time your client has gone else where because we live in a world of instant access! . . . . . #quitthe9to5 #motivateeachother #buildyourbusiness #instaguru #quotesforlife #girlbosslife motivationalspeaker #selfbelief

113 2

There's a lot of myths out there about hashtags, and a lot of true stuff too. My first tip is to always use 30, which is the maximum that you are allowed per post. That way, you get the maximum chance of engagement, as you could be showing up in the top posts for each hashtag. -- My second tip is to never use the same 30 hashtags over and over. This is mainly because each post should be posting about different things, and IG rewards you for using hashtags that are relevant to your post by showing it to more people. -- It's best to research 100 hashtags that are used in your niche, then on each post chose the best 30 that describe your post. -- If you want to learn more about social media posting, there's a link in my bio which leads you to an eBook where I tell you my story and show you what I have learned. Want to be a full time online entrepreneur? You need this eBook! . . . . . #babeswhohustle #lovelifealways #planbincome #selfbelief #womanentrepreneur #beyourownboss

98 0

Do you look at the analytics of your Instagram account? You can find them by going to your profile and clicking the 3 lines in the top right hand corner. This brings out a new menu, where you can select "insights". This page, broken down into "activity", "content" and "audience" is really important to keep track of as it tells you all about your followers and how well your content is doing. -- Make sure that you post at optimum times for your audience, and at consistent times too. This ensures that your posts will reach the maximum number of accounts; use a scheduling tool if necessary. -- For more tips about how to grow your social media accounts, follow me! . . . . . #ownabusiness #lovelifeliveit #successfulentrepreneur #marketingtips #selfbelief #swisbest

163 3

Have you ever told people about your business idea and they have shut you down and told you it won’t work? Don’t be afraid to ignore them. They might never have big dreams and goals like you so just go for it and show them what you are made of. If you show up everyday, you will succeed. Period. . . . . . #babeswhohustle #wifimoney #makepositivitylouder #mindsetiskey abundantlyblessed #liveyourlifestyle #womanentrepreneur #girlbosslife motivationalspeaker #liveyourlife

128 2

Just been listening to a chap from NZ who has a few million Instagram followers across various accounts and now has a large social media agency over that side of the world. He mentions how it’s futile to use hashtags that are very popular and used millions of times, which is exactly what I say in my hashtag stepping guide. Start using smaller hashtags so that you’re not competing with hundreds of other accounts each second. Download my guide to find out more, link is in my bio. . . . . . #onlinebusinesscoach #bestopportunityever bestopportunity #workfromwhereever #babeswhohustle #instaguru #quotestoliveby quotesaboutlife #growyourbusiness #womanentrepreneur #quotesforlife

72 2

I’m off to a women’s networking event in the next town over today. Do you network in your local area or are you purely based online? I find that networking not only builds up your contacts, but it gives you confidence and clarity! I highly recommend it. Let me know your answers in the comments below! . . . . . #laptoplife nomore9to5 #liveyourlifestyle #instagramtipsforbusiness #lovelifealways #mindsetgoals #livemoremagic #motivation #leadershipdevelopment

94 2

Put yourself at the top of your to do list every day. How important is this to you? If you have children, it’s likely that they come first, then your partner and other family, then sometimes your friends with social engagements. But never you. Who is guilty of this? What’s the one thing that you will be changing to make sure you put yourself at the top today? . . . . . #mindsetmakeover lovewhatyoudoanddowhatyoulove #abundantmindset #focusonthepositive #onlinemarketingtips #hersuccess #onlinebusiness #worklifebalance businessstips #quotestoliveby quotesaboutlife #everydayimhustlin

92 1

I am an unstoppable warrior who is strong and fearless. I live with courage and compassion in my heart. I wear my confidence like a shield to deflect negativity. I am powerful and proud of who I am and what I do. I wake up each day positive and ready to take on the day ahead because I am on a mission to achieve my goals and nothing and no one can stop me. Who’s with me? . . . . . #babeswhohustle #marketingfunnel #businessmotivation #quoteoftheday motivationalmonday #businessbabe #mindsetiseverything livelifehappy

92 1

So do you sign up for lots and lots of free stuff and find your inbox gets filled with emails because people then start emailing you every day? -- Make sure you play clean up every once in a while. Unsubscribe from the emails that don't catch your attention and if you have earmarked an email to read later but a month down the line you STILL haven't read it... just let it go. -- More forward and sort out your inbox because you will be a better person for it! . . . . . #hersuccess #makepositivitylouder #instagramtip #earnwhileyousleep #marketinggoals #instagramtips #womanentrepreneur #quotestoliveby quotesaboutlife

75 0

What do I love about my work? I get to explore the Devon countryside and it’s quaint and wonderful places. I moved to Devon about 2 years ago and due to my Monday to Friday, 9 til 5 job, which had time commuting to Bristol some days, I haven’t really explored much of this wonderful county. . . . . . #ownabusiness #workfromhomejob earnwhileyoulearn #lovelifealways #beyourownboss #homebusiness

65 0

Many people think that to be in business, you have to have something unique, offer something that no one else does. That’s not entirely true. As long as YOU stand out and are very good, your target market won’t be able to ignore you! . . . . . #girlbossquotes #ditchthe9to5 #igguru #quoteoftheday motivationalmonday #timefreedom #passiveincome


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