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32.8% of dr.caleb.burgess's followers are female and 67.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.20%. The average number of likes per post is 6422 and the average number of comments is 110.

Dr.caleb.burgess loves posting about Coaching, Training, Fitness.

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  • Sports 37.35 %
  • Business & Careers 37.19 %
  • Travel & Tourism 35.25 %
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💥Your Body is NOT a Car💥 - 🤕 If you've been around the rehab setting long enough, you've probably heard terms such as "wear and tear", "breaking down", needing a "tune up" etc - 🚙 You've probably also heard plenty of comparisons between a car and your body - Things such as: - 🗣️ "Just like tires on a car, your joints will wear down if they aren't properly aligned" - 🗣️ "When you put so many miles on your body, it's only a matter of time before things begin to break down" - ☝🏼 Now, don't get me wrong, there are some ways in which comparing aspects of a car (such as shock absorption, an overactive alarm system, "improving your brakes", acceleration, re-fueling etc) can be used as helpful analogies when providing explanations or reasoning to clients/patients - 🚨 However, a key difference between human beings (a living organism) and cars (a machine), is that WE CAN ADAPT to the stresses placed upon us and become MORE RESILIENT as a result - ❌ Cars CANNOT do this...they will break down over time after they have accumulated enough stress - ✅ When the body is subjected to stress and given the right conditions for recovery, it gets better at responding to that stress over time - IT ADAPTS - It gets STRONGER - 🛠️ Cars can ONLY break down over time until their parts are replaced - 🧓🏼 Of course we all age, and eventually the body shuts down (hopefully after a long and fulfilling life!), but it ALWAYS has the ability to ADAPT and improve AT ANY AGE - 💥 And that is KEY to understanding and appreciating at any age whether your are recovering from an injury, dealing with a nagging pain, or just trying to improve your overall fitness and health! - 💯 So the next time someone tries to compare your body to a car in a way that makes you feel like a piece of equipment that is breaking down and needs to be "fixed", remember that YOU CAN ADAPT and are A LOT MORE RESILIENT than you've been led to believe! - ⁉️ Questions? Comments? Send me a message or leave a comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . . . Interested in: 📌 Online physical therapy? 📌 Movement analysis? 📌 Personal training? 📌 Performance enhancement? ➡️ Send me a message ✉, email 📧, or fill out the link 🔗in my bio 👍🏼

6,036 38

💥Core Training💥 - ❤️ TAG or SHARE this post with someone who wants a stronger core💪🏼 - 🎥 Today I'm sharing a few core exercises that not only work the abdominals but also teach you how to develop trunk stiffness (useful during weight lifting and many sporting activities), which helps when transferring force between the legs to the arms - ☝ Additionally, they can help you develop shoulder girdle strength and stability as you stabilize using your hands and forearms on the ground (working the rotator cuff and serratus anterior muscles) - 1️⃣ TRX Knee Tucks - Forearms 2️⃣ TRX Bodysaw - Forearms 3️⃣ TRX Pike - Hands 4️⃣ Bodysaw - Sliders - Forearms - 🚨 These aren't necessarily ordered by level of difficulty, so find 1-2 options that challenge you and then build up from there - 📌 Aim to perform them for anywhere from 8-15 slow and controlled reps for 2-4 sets, depending on your goals - 🗝 Coaching Keys: ✅ DON'T GET LAZY when performing these. It's easy to let your head drift forward or let your lower back sag as time goes on ✅ Don't forget to breathe! ✅ STOP if you feel pain or pressure in your lower back OR if you can't maintain the position of your spine/pelvis/head/neck - ⁉️ Questions? Comments? Send me a message or leave a comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . . . Interested in: 📌Online physical therapy? 📌Movement analysis? 📌Personal training? 📌Performance enhancement? Send me a message ✉, email 📧, or fill out the link 🔗in my bio 👍🏼

6,788 82

💥Shoulder Warmup💥 - 🔎 Looking for a quick warmup to prime your shoulders before your next workout? - 🎯 Give these 6 exercises a try! - 🚨 These are meant to not only help improve your active MOBILITY in all the primary movements of the shoulder, but also help prime the rotator cuff and scapular muscles for heavier loads during your workout - 📍 I recommend shooting for between 10-15 reps per exercise, and not pushing until failure...just a good, warm "burn" - ⁉️ Questions? Comments? Send me a message or leave a comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . . . Interested in: 📌 Online physical therapy? 📌 Movement analysis? 📌 Personal training? 📌 Performance enhancement? ➡️ Send me a message ✉, email 📧, or fill out the link 🔗in my bio 👍🏼

9,507 174

💥Unlock your Neck💥 - ❤️ TAG or SHARE this post with someone with neck pain who could benefit from improving these exercises! - 😩 When dealing with neck pain that travels into the area between the shoulder and neck, upper back, shoulder blade, and sometimes even down the arm, it can be helpful to have some ways to get this area moving again to reduce symptoms - 💢 Although your muscles may "feel" like they are tight and the main issue, many times the spine just needs to be moved and desensitized, which will make the surrounding area, including the muscles, "feel" better and move easier - 🎥 Here I show 4 different ways to mobilize (stretch/move) the cervical spine (neck) and thoracic spine (base of neck and upper back), which may help you with your neck pain and mobility: - 1️⃣ Seated Back at Wall Shoulder Flexion with Dowel and Ball 2️⃣ Kneeling Rockback - Elbows on Wall 3️⃣ Sidelying Sweeps with Neck Rotation 4️⃣ Seated Cervico-Thoracic Lateral Flexion with Rotation Away - 📈 As these are mobility exercises, you can do these daily and for a relatively high volume (as long as it is tolerable to you) - 🎯 Try 2-3 sets of 10-20 reps (in each direction if both sides are involved), 1-3x per day - 🙂 I hope these help you out! - 🚨 If you need more specific individualized help with your neck, shoulder, and/or upper back pain, send me an email, direct message, or fill out the LINK 🔗 in my BIO ⬆️⬆️⬆️ to work with me ONE-ON-ONE online or in person - ⁉️ Questions? Comments? Send me a message or leave a comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

6,249 90

💥Asymmetries💥 - 👏🏼 I absolutely love this post by @docjenfit where she highlights her own asymmetries and why obsessing over trying to be "symmetrical" is not the goal...optimizing your function is! 🙌🏼 - From her original post ⬇️⬇️⬇️ - Asymmetries are typically pointed out by clinicians to determine your pain. - I had zero idea I had all my asymmetries until PT school & they all started getting pointed out in classes 😜 - But guess what... NO PAIN 🤷 - Will this always be the case for everyone? - No. - However, everyone WILL have various structural asymmetries or “mal-alignment” and yet... some will have no pain related to those! - Yes, I might want to understand WHY these asymmetries exist in the body. - Why does my body favor one side over another? - Why does my body prefer to lean to one side over the other? - I DO seek to understand which side is limited in mobility and where I can gain strength or control in my body. - However, all of that isn’t to necessarily make it “look” a certain way. - It’s to make sure I FUNCTION and FEEL a certain way. - Psssst... took those photos to the left back in 2017. - Welp... never took photos again 🤷♀️ - Ultimately, I knew the final structure wouldn’t matter as much as how I FELT in my body. - All of this to say, don’t let structure, body image, fear or diagnoses hold you back. - Sure, we might modify or change expectations along the journey, but remember... it’s a journey! - Explore the possibilities available within YOUR body 🙌 - Remembering to celebrate my own body journey here. - Whether it’s weights, handstands or conquering freezing water (my fear haha), the body is capable! - ⁉️ Questions? Comments? Send me a message or leave a comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

8,669 123

💥Shoulder Health💥 - ❤️ TAG or SHARE this post with a friend who wants to bulletproof their shoulders 💪🏼 - ⬆️⬆️⬆️ If you want to grab this resistance band set from @team4kor, click the LINK in my BIO and use code: DRCB10 for 10% off your order - 🎯 A strong and healthy shoulder girdle requires adequate mobility, coordination, and strength of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles, which must work in concert with the primary movers of the shoulder (deltoids, pectorals, lats, etc) for strong and efficient movement - 🎥 Today's exercises demonstrate some simple yet effective options that utilize resistance bands in order to accomplish this goal: - 1️⃣ Banded "A" Pull 2️⃣ Face Pull - Elbows Bent >90 Degrees 3️⃣ Face Pull - Elbows Bent to 90 Degrees 4️⃣ Banded "T" Pull 5️⃣ High Row to External Rotation 6️⃣ High Row External Rotation Press 7️⃣ External Rotation Overhead Press 8️⃣ Banded "Y" Pull 9️⃣ Snow Angels - 💥 Pick a few of these exercise to incorporate into your own training or rehab program to help build a strong shoulder girdle and upper back - 📋 A solid goal set and rep range would be 2-4 sets of 10-15 reps, although this can vary depending on the situation and/or goal - 🚨 Also, if the variations at the higher ranges of shoulder elevation bother your shoulder at the moment, perform the variations in the lower ranges of elevation. You can always progress to a variation at a higher range of elevation at a later time 👌🏼 - ⁉️ Questions? Comments? Send me a message or leave a comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . . . Interested in: 📌Online physical therapy? 📌Movement analysis? 📌Personal training? 📌Performance enhancement? Send me a message ✉, email 📧, or fill out the link 🔗in my bio 👍🏼

6,094 173

💥Meniscus Rehab💥 - ❤️ TAG or SHARE this post with someone trying to recover from a meniscus tear 💪🏼 - 🚨 If you haven't heard this before, I want to let you know: - 😯 You can suffer a meniscus tear in your knee (the cartilage "pad" in your knee that assists with shock absorption between the bones) and recover just fine WITHOUT SURGERY - ☝🏼 No, your meniscus doesn't repair itself back together like some other tissues in the body, but you can recover back to FULL or near full function where the injury no longer limits you in your activities - 💉 The cases that MAY need surgery are ones where you have consistent, non-resolving true "locking" of the knee joint (where your knee literally gets stuck in place) or inability to see ANY progress after AT LEAST 6-8 weeks of guided rehab from an experienced, evidence-informed clinician (unfortunately, sometimes "failed" rehab is not YOUR fault, but poor management of your specific case from your provider(s)) - ✊🏼 If you do elect to undergo rehab as a first option (which you should‼️), at the beginning stages you'll want to try to limit too much stress to the knee joint while still working to manage any swelling, improve mobility, regain strength around the knee and at the hip, and improve stability in the lower body as well - 🎥 Here are a few early rehab exercises that may help: - 1️⃣ Prone Quad Set 2️⃣ Supine Knee Flexion Slides with Strap 3️⃣ Single Leg Stance with Kettlebell Pass 4️⃣ Sit to Stand Squat 5️⃣ Bench Bridge - 2 Legs - Knees at 90° 6️⃣ Hip Abduction Wall Slides - 🚨 What YOU need may include some, all, or none of these, which is why getting evaluated by a knowledgeable physical therapist is ALWAYS better than trying to guess your way through your own rehab - 😉 I just wanted to help you guys understand what rehab MAY look like in the early stages when recovering, so here you go! - ⁉️ If you have any QUESTIONS or COMMENTS about this post or anything related to meniscus tears, please let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ - 👟 Shoes = @vivobarefoot ➡️ Use code DRCB10 for 10% off your order (see link in bio)

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I'm so grateful to have such an amazing and strong woman by my side...there's no one else I could ever imagine starting this new journey with! I love you! 🥰🤱 . . . #ilovemywife #babyshower #babyshower2020

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💥Shoulder Rehab💥 - 🎥 Here are some clips from @edge.physiotherapy with a college baseball athlete in the later stages of shoulder rehab - ⚾ As a baseball player, he needs to not only have the strength, but also the reactive stability and power to perform at the collegiate level - 🎯 If you are a throwing or overhead athlete, these are just a few of the drills that may be beneficial for you to either keeping your shoulder strong and healthy or as part of a comprehensive rehab program as you recover from injury - ⁉️ Do you struggle with shoulder pain or have any questions related to this post? - 📣 Leave a comment below or send me a message so we can discuss! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

5,421 123

💥Golfer's elbow💥 - ⛳ Golfer's elbow, also called medial epicondylalgia or epicondylitis, involves the tendons of the muscles of the front part of the forearm that contribute to bending the wrist downward, rotating the palm downward, and gripping with the fingers - 📌 These tendons come together on the inner part of the elbow to form the common flexor tendon, which becomes painful in this condition - 🚨 As you may already be aware, many people other than golfers may suffer from pain in this area, so don't let the name fool you - ❌ Activities that may be painful include: - 📌 Gripping things 📌 Lifting things with the palm upward 📌 Turning objects like a screwdriver or doorknob into the palm-down position - ✅ In addition to limiting the amount of activities and movements that aggravate the area, building up the strength of the forearm muscles and the associated common flexor tendon can be very helpful in recovery and in improving resilience in this area - 🎥 Here I show just a few examples of exercises that may be beneficial as part of a rehab program: - 1️⃣ Cylindrical Grip Holds 2️⃣ Pinch Grip Holds 3️⃣ Dead Hangs 4️⃣ Wrist Curl 5️⃣ Wrist/Finger Curl 6️⃣ Wrist Curl - Cable 7️⃣ Wrist/Finger Curl - Cable 8️⃣ Forearm Pronation - Rope 9️⃣ Forearm Pronation - Band - 🗝 Key Points: - 📌 Although this is specific to the individual, a common set and rep scheme is 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps, holding 1 second at the top and taking 3 seconds to come down - 📌 If it's difficult to tolerate contraction of the muscles through the full range, you can assist with the other hand and only lower the weight slowly - 📌 You can also perform for static holds if that is more tolerable to start - ⁉️ Questions? Comments? Send me a message or leave a comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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💥Focus on Function💥 - 🤕 If you've been struggling with pain for a long time, it can be difficult to think about anything other than trying to do everything in your power to get rid of your pain - 😑 Pain sucks. I get it. - 😭 It makes us irritable, uncomfortable, miserable at times, and overall negatively affects our quality of life! - ☝🏼 However, as much as it sucks, it's important that you don't get so consumed with it that it becomes difficult to focus on any other positive improvements you may be making! - 😫 Commonly, patients and clients become frustrated with "lack of progress", as their pain remains despite working hard to improve during the rehab process - 💥 However, many times the experience of pain makes it difficult to recognize ACTUAL progress that IS occurring! - 🎯 That's why I often urge my patients and clients to focus more on FUNCTIONAL improvements, rather than fixate on if they are "pain-free" or not - ✅ Not only does this help keep you focused on your true goals (doing MORE of the stuff that you want to get back to!), but it helps you to view your pain more as a BARRIER to your goals, not as THE GOAL in and of itself - Here are a few examples: - 📌 Pain may stay similar in INTENSITY (e.g. 4/10 on a 0 to 10 scale), but if you now can perform MORE of an activity without having to stop, THAT is progress - 📌 If your pain comes on less often (decreased FREQUENCY), say 3 days out of the week rather than all 7, THAT is progress - 📌 If you can do MORE of an activity before the pain comes on (e.g. starting after running 10 miles, not 2 miles), THAT is progress - 📌 If you can do MORE sets of an exercise, although the weight and reps are the same, THAT is progress - ✅ And so on... - 😕 Focusing on ridding yourself of pain can make you feel like you aren’t making progress...even if you are - 🎯 So spend more time focusing on how your FUNCTION is improving, not just on what your pain levels are - 💪🏼 You'll see that once you start doing this consistently, your pain will have LESS power over you, putting YOU in control - 😀 I hope this helps you out! - ✌🏼 Dr. C

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💥Home Shoulders💥 - ❤️ TAG or SHARE this post with someone who wants to build stronger shoulders at home 💪🏼 - 🎥 Here are a couple great shoulder pressing moves you can do at home with just a few chairs! - 1️⃣ Pike Press 2️⃣ Pike Press - Full Range - 💥 Aim for a goal of 2-4 sets of 6-15 reps - 🚨 If you can't do either of these well, put your feet on the ground or perform with your hands further away from you (so that your trunk is further behind your hands, making it easier to push) - 💪🏼 If these are too easy, put your feet on a higher surface, like a wall (closer to a handstand), and/or try to move your hands closer underneath your trunk to increase the load - 👟 Shoes = @vivobarefoot ➡️ Use code DRCB10 for a discount (see link in bio) - ⁉️ Questions? Comments? Send me a message or leave a comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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