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I want to help YOU reach your body & booty goals! 🍑 YouTube: DorineFitt ▶️ Owner Achieve Fitness Owner 22 y/o 🌟

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.40%. The average number of likes per post is 438 and the average number of comments is 23.

28.09% of the followers that engaged with dorinefitt regularly are from Belgium, followed by Germany at 10.11% and Netherlands at 10.11%. In summary, the top 5 countries of dorinefitt's posts engager are coming from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom.

Dorinefitt loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink, Education.

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  • Belgium 28.09 %
  • Germany 10.11 %
  • Netherlands 10.11 %
  • United States 7.87 %
  • United Kingdom 4.49 %


347 21

If you have a goal, the most important thing is that you reach it. Not when you reach it. We live in a society where everything has to go fast fast fast. But it's so important to take your time, every step forward is good, doesn't matter how slow and how many steps back you had before that one step forward. A step forward is a step forward. The goal itself doesn't even matter that much, it's the same principe for all kinds of goals. Do you want to lose 10% of bodyfat? Make sure you reach it but don't put a time limit and be proud of every step towards that goal. The first step towards this goal is NOT losing the first %... Maybe the first step is just thinking about why you want to lose 10%. Second step is maybe thinking about your current lifestyle. Third step can be searching information about food and exercise. All these steps are steps towards your goals and are achievements ❤️ #onlinecoaching #onlinecoach #femalepersonaltrainer #onlinefitnesscoach #goals #goalgetter #lifestyletip #fitnesstip #patience #booty #fitnessgirl

268 12

Motivation Dip ↘️? When it get's colder outside and the days get shorter, you can notice a dip in your motivation to eat good or to go to the gym. This is not abnormal cause we are used to days where it's light outside from when we wake up till when we go to bed. Now it's allready getting dark around 17:30 so if you are used to go to the gym after your dinner, you can feel tired way sooner. You can try to go to the gym right after work to avoid taking too many unplanned rest days, or you can try to go before work. And ofcourse take full advantage of your weekends! Anyhow this dip is not surprising but you gotta push through it 👊🏼 Getting a coach can help to motivate you btw 😁❤️ Send me a DM or email ( for more info or look on my website Pic by @jonathandepoorter_ #winterdip #motivationdip #achievefitness

389 10

I feel like I havn't been to the gym in ages 😔 I did do 2 gym workouts last week + abs class + kickbox but that's it cause I was sickkkkk 🤧 Now I feel better so going for a legday this evening. Heavy lunges, hip thrusts, romenian deadlifts and glute burnouts on the planning. First workout this week next to yesterday's abs class in @i_fitnesslier (30mins). Still not a 100%, more like a 85% so good enough to train 🥳 #fitnessgirl #fitlife #sick #personaltrainer #onlinecoach #curvy #curves #murves #bulking

556 24

Currently sick🤧😷 Can't sleep at night cause my nose keeps running (he's so good at cardio 😂). Here's a throwback to 2 weeks ago in Amsterdam, testing @jonathandepoorter_ his new camera 😊❤️ Can't wait to get back to my gym routine cause this staying at home thing while sick is not my cup of tea 🍵 #lowkey #lowkeyphotoshoot #modeling #tryingtotho #booty #fitnessbody #sick

995 90

Only taken seconds apart!!! On the left I'm posing and the light hits me on the right places. On the right I'm squeezing my butt and quads and I'm standing in an unflattering way to show you the cellulite on my hips 😊 Looks totally different right? Don't get yourself down when you see all these 'perfect' bodies on IG, everyone has his flaws! Me for example, I have cellulite on my hips. Doesn't matter if I'm cutting or bulking, it's there. Ofcourse it gets better when I'm losing fat, but it never goes away completely. And that's ok 🙌 My booty also looks 3x bigger in picture nr 1, so what? ❤️ Love yourself girl, please do 🙏 #mealsome #beforeafter #flaws #igvsreal #perfectbody #cellulite #flawless #secondsapart #selflove #bootypose

320 23

I feel like there are two typical gym types. The ones who go to the gym to really improve their physique / strenght and train with a strict training schedule to make sure they make progress (through progressive overload - doing more reps, taking heavier weights,...). And the ones who go to the gym cause it's their lifestyle and they just like working out.. They don't really make a lot of extra effort to effectivly make or track progress through time. Both types are amazing and I don't think one is better than the other ❤️ But I have just noticed that through the years 😊 Which type do you think you are? #squat #shesquats #squatpicture #gymfie #booty #gymgirl #gymlife #gymtypes #dorinefitt #bootytools

377 30

🥊🥊🥊 I decided I'm going to start kickboxing! Obviously I will also keep on training at the gym but I really always wanted to do this! It just looks so fun and it's such a great workout as well 😍 I allready did 2 group classes and @jonathandepoorter_ also teached me some allready (check my beginner moves in my next YT vlog!). I just want to find something new to be passionate about, a new hobby 😊 Let's do this together with my babe @doriengeerts ! We go for our first class next wednesday (in a real club) 💪🏼 #kickbox #shouldergains #newhobby #fitgirl #fitnessgirl

559 17

Mah babyyyyy 😍❤️ It feels amazing to have your best friend as your boyfriend and the other way around 🥳 Few more months and we are together for 5 years, 5 freaking years!!! Owyeah 💪🏼 Fulltime living together for over 3 years now 🏠. Let's get old together @jonathandepoorter_ 😘 #loveofmylife #boyfriend #bestfriendboyfriend #fitnesscouple #fitcouple #couplegoals #fitcouplegoals #grancanaria #hotelgym #flexxx

417 34

PCOS PART 3 🥳 Most important one! Now how to fix your PCOS? You can’t completely get rid of it BUT you can make it better by changing your lifestyle (food choices and fit-ness). You can cut a lot of food out of your diet … But I don’t think that is realistic for the rest of your life. So what is my advice and what will I do myself? 🧐👇🏼 1️⃣ Eat less carbs. I’m not saying don’t eat carbs anymore! I’m saying eat LESS (pasta, rice, fruit, bread, cornflakes,…) 2️⃣ Eat more healthy fats, it’s scientifically proven eating healthy fats is sooo good for everyone! But especially for women with PCOS cause it has a good influence on our hormones. Also it slows down the digestive time so lower chance on an insuline spike. (Avocado, nuts, olive oil, salmon, guacamole, peanut butter…) 3️⃣ Always eat carbs in combination with a fat and/or protein source! This is proven to lower the blood glucose spike in comparison to eating only carbs in a meal (for example eat peanut butter with an appel instead of only an apple). Fruit also contains glucose (fructose actually) so be aware! 4️⃣ If you eat carbs, eat carb sources high in FIBER. This also slows down the digestive system so the chance of a sudden spike is lower. 5️⃣Move your body and train your muscles! The more muscles you have, the better your body can handle insuline. Go lift your weights guuurl! 6️⃣TAKE A MYO-INOSITOL supplement!!! This supplement helps your body to ‘open up’ to insuline. So it helps against being insuline resistant! Your body will be able to react quicker so it doesn’t have to spike too high. My gyneacologist prescribed me this. What I also change but I don’t know if this is scientifically proven for PCOS: 7️⃣ I bought a tap water filter! I always drink tap water but I know there exist a lot of heavy metals and other chemicals in tap water. So filtering those out! 8️⃣ I’m going to stop drinking out of plastic as much as I can. So instead of using a reusable plastic bottles I’m going to drink out of glass. HOPE THIS HELPS ❤️ #LETSBEATPCOS #PCOS #pcostips #fixpcos #infertility #hormoneimbalance #bikinipicture #fitnessbody

241 10

PCOS PART 2 🧐 Women with PCOS are almost all the time ‘insulin resistent’ or with other words, we are not sensitive to insulin (hormone that regulates blood glucose levels). This has multiple consequences -next to f'ing up your hormones- 👇🏼: 1️⃣ A too high blood glucose count fucks up a good nutriënt share in the body. For women with pcos, this means the inflammatory signal for muscle recovery is down. When muscle recovery is 👎🏼, means muscle growth is 👎🏼. That’s why, if you don’t fix the issue, building muscles will be harder for you. 2️⃣ Being insulin resistant lowers the thermic effect of food, which lowers your metabolic rate! With other words, you burn less ‘calories’ than a person without insuline resistance. 3️⃣ Insulin = inhibiting hunger. So if you are not sensitive to insuline this causes abnormal fluctuations in blood sugar which can cause exhaustion and laziness when it’s too low 😴 This can lead to overconsumption (that’s also why many women with pcos are overweight). DO YOU HAVE PCOS? SYMPTOMS EXPLAINED IN MY PREVIOUS POST. SO WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT? EXPLAINED IN MY NEXT POST. #PCOS #polycysticovarysyndrome #infertility #personaltrainer #onlinecoaching #quads #legprogress #quadprogress #leggains #bathingsuit

594 28

PCOS PART 1 🧐 PCOS, many women have it without even knowing cause birth control maskes the symptoms. Then they stop taking birth control and notice something is wrong… For me (and I think many young women), the most important effect of pcos is infertility 🚫🤰👶🚫. You can get diagnosed with PCOS when you have two from the 3 following symptoms (Rotterdam criteria, 2003): 1️⃣Oligo-or anovulation (you have an irregular period or no period at all cause you don’t ovulate) 2️⃣Hyperandrogenisme (‘manly’ hair growth, getting bold spots, acne resulted by too much testosteron in the blood) 3️⃣Having 12 or more cysts in your ovaries. I have the first and last symptom. I do have my period but it’s irregular and I don’t ovulate (we saw that in my blood work). During an internal exam the gynaecologist saw multiple cysts in my ovaries. I’m on a mission to get to know what I can do for it to get better. I still need to learn a lot and there is a lot of info online (not always scientificaly proven) but I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned that IS proven! GOING TO WRITE THIS DOWN IN MY NEXT POST CAUSE THIS IS BECOMING TOO LONG ALREADY. 👍 @loewwi also has pcos and is going to look more into it as well ❤️ #pcos #treatingpcos #pcosdiet #polycysticovarysyndrome #personaltrainer #onlinecoach #bikinishape #bikinibody #absflex

547 23

Model vibes 😆 NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO up on my feed (link in bio) you can see a bit of the behind the scenes of these pics haha. I think I'm getting better in making vlogssss what do you think? ❤️ 👍? 👎? #youtuber #vlogger #bathingsuit #booty #bikinishape #dunas #grancanaria #photoshoot #onlinecoach #fitnesscoach #femalepersonaltrainer


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