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I want to help YOU reach your fit goals! 🍑 Owner Achieve Fitness & 23 y/o 🌟 BE 🇧🇪 27 weeks pregnant 🤰 ❤️ @jonathandepoorter_

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.40%. The average number of likes per post is 1273 and the average number of comments is 19.

28.09% of the followers that engaged with dorinefitt regularly are from Belgium, followed by Germany at 10.11% and Netherlands at 10.11%. In summary, the top 5 countries of dorinefitt's posts engager are coming from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom.

Dorinefitt loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink, Education.

Check dorinefitt's audience demography. This analytics report shows dorinefitt's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Belgium 28.09 %
  • Germany 10.11 %
  • Netherlands 10.11 %
  • United States 7.87 %
  • United Kingdom 4.49 %


379 13

LEGDAY 💪🏼 What I did + explanation ⬇️ 1️⃣ Two sets hack squats with band. I took a wide stance and pushed my knees open against the band. I kept constant tension on my glutes. I did 10 reps each set. 2️⃣Two sets normal hack squats. Make sure you place your feet forward enough. Do NOT place feet right underneath you. I lean back against the bar. Since 4 months pregnant I don’t do loose barbell squats anymore cause I used too much core which felt uncomfortable. I did 10 to 12 reps each set. 3️⃣ Good mornings for glutes, hamstrings and lower back. Here I do place my feet right underneath my body. Don’t do this exercise if you don’t master correct romanian deadlift form! I did 4 sets of 10 to 12 reps. 4️⃣Tri Set hip thrusts with the bosu ball. I use this ball rather than a bench cause my range of motion is bigger. Especially now I can’t use weights on my hips I use the booty band. Triset part 1= 10 thrusts + abduction on top. Part 2= 10 abductions. Part 3 = 5 full ROM thrusts. This video is sped up, so don’t go too fast. I did 4 sets of this. 5️⃣ Abduction machine tri set. Part 1= 10 reps heavy leaning forward hands on machine. Part 2= 10 reps a bit less heavy sitting up without hands on machine. Part 3= 10 reps lower weight leaning back. I sped this video up so go slower 😇 I did 4 sets of this. EXTRA TIP for preggy women: Near the end of my 2nd trimester I stopped doing single leg movements like lunges, single leg deadlifts, bulgarian split squats,... Because of our hormones our ligaments and joints loosen! Our body literally gets loosened up and away goes our stability. To prevent pelvic pain and other issues it’s a good idea to choose normal squats over split squats for example. The only thing I still do single leg, are cable kickbacks and abductions ☺️ Hope you liked it ❤️ #pregnancyworkout #preggyworkout #gymlegday #fulllegworkout #3rdtrimesterworkout #27weekspregnant #27weekspregnantworkout #basicfitbe #bootytoolsbe #bootytools

1,044 12

I love us ❤️ @jonathandepoorter_ This was my last week in the second trimester! #26weekspregnant #secondtrimester #26wekenzwanger #babybelly #youngfamily #babydaddy #uncommonclothing

1,796 26

What will our lives look like in exactly a year from now? For us, it’s going to be the biggest change ever. We will have a baby of 9 months old crawling around the house 🤭😅 How different will your life be in a year time? #pregnantbelly #secondtrimesterpregnancy #fashionnovabikini #sanremovacay #fitmomtobe

1,076 15

Results of the bodybuilding challenge I’m doing ! 🤣 Tomorrow I’m in week 26, so 14 more weeks to go, let’s see where I can bring my shape 🤭😂💪🏼 Are we going for bowling ball, balloon, pumpkin or basketball 🏀? #beforeafterpregnancy #pregnancyprogress #bumpdate #bumpupdate #16vs24weekspregnant #bellytransformation #fitmom #fashionnovamaternity #hotmama

2,112 33

Thicker than a snicker 🤭 I’ve gained 6kg since I’m pregnant (I’m 6 months now)! This is a normal weight gain by the way, especially cause I was cutting and pretty lean when I fell pregnant 🤗 A weight gain between 9 and 15 kg at the end of pregnancy is normal and healthy for the average woman 🤰 How do I not gain too much? ▪️I workout 4 times a week ▪️I eat how much I want but keep a good balance between healthy and unhealthy. ▪️ I only eat when I’m hungry and not just because I’m in the mood to snack. ▪️ I drink a LOT of water! #24weekspregnant #secondtrimesterbelly #pregnantbelly #bellyupdate #fitmommytobe #personaltrainer

623 6

Summer used to be my favorite season... Now it’s autumn 🍂 and winter ❄️! I just love the coziness of warm sweaters and hot drinks on chilly days. What’s your favorite season and why? Sweater from @jdsportsbe 🥰 #favseason #pinksweater #adidassweater #adidaswinter #jdsports #jdsportsbe

865 17

Soooo happy with all the products from @twistshakebaby !!!! I mean, they even have MARBLE bottles 😍😭😍 And a placemat + food plate that sticks to the table so baby can’t throw it around #needs haha! Swipe to see more of their products 💁🏼‍♀️ They’re doing a twistflash SALE this week with 50% off everything BUT with my code ‘dorinefitt55’ you get 55% off !!!?? 😭🤩 (They also have more colorful products but I love my neutrals 😜) #twistshakebaby #twistshake #babymusthaves #pregnantbelly #24weekspregnant #secondtrimester #fitmom #newmomtobe

844 16

Couldn’t choose which pic I liked best so swipe to see the rest 👀 We decorate our house with posters from @posterstorebe ! I have a 35% discount code for you, use: ‘Dorine35’ 😻 THIS CODE IS AVAILABLE UNTIL WEDNESDAY 7/10 so be QUICK 🤫 I chose these posters (and more) for the baby room 🥰 #posterstore #posterstorebe #babyroomideas #babyroomdecoration #nurserydecoration #24weekspregnant #pregnantbelly #fitmom

2,928 15

Money honey 🍯 Last pic of my shoot with @robbertpoelphoto I’m going to post 🥺! #robbertpoelphoto #moneyhoney #studioshoot #fitnessbooty #fitnessbody #personaltrainer

1,571 35

My abs are separating... This is called ‘diastasis’ and happens to every pregnant woman to make room for your baby. BUT it’s not noticeable on everyone during pregnancy. But it is on me 😬 I have a hole around my belly button, you can really tell when I stand in bad lighting (will try to show you on my story soon). There’s a space of +-2cm between both abs and that space can get bigger 😅 I just hope I recover well and it heals well after giving birth 🙊 #diastase #diastasisrecti #diastasis #pregnantbody #fitmom #personaltrainer #fashionnovamaternity #23weekspregnant

1,258 21

Which movie makes this picture think you off ? 👀 Wearing the Nyssa sports bra and leggings in black from 🥰 #fitmom #ownwear #nyssaleggings #nyssasportsbra #fitnessmom #pregnant #pregnantbelly #fitpregnancyjourney

1,536 20

Am I showing off my bumb or my nails? 💅 Or both 🤭? Our vacation didn't go as planned as you saw on my story. But we'll make the best of it, I decided I'm not going to work till sunday so we have some restdays at home. ❤️ Nails by @artistrypassionforbeauty artist Doneta. #babybump #babybelly #23weekspregnant #fitmom #fashionnovamaternity #artistrypassionforbeauty #gelnails #babyboomnails #pregnantbody #personaltrainer


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