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United Arab Emirates

Artist & Muralist 🎨 ✈️ Based in Dubai #streetart #popart #murals #painting #graffiti ✉️
Jabal Ali|Dubay
United Arab Emirates

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.60%. The average number of likes per post is 399 and the average number of comments is 14.

25.77% of the followers that engaged with dinasaadi regularly are from United Arab Emirates, followed by Syrian Arab Republic at 8.25% and United States at 6.19%. In summary, the top 5 countries of dinasaadi's posts engager are coming from United Arab Emirates, Syrian Arab Republic, United States, Bahrain, United Kingdom.

Dinasaadi loves posting about Art, Design.

Check dinasaadi's audience demography. This analytics report shows dinasaadi's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United Arab Emirates 25.77 %
  • Syrian Arab Republic 8.25 %
  • United States 6.19 %
  • Bahrain 4.12 %
  • United Kingdom 4.12 %


347 11

Throwback to the good old outdoor days 🌳🌲🌴 when I used to wear rainbow dresses and had multiple shades of pink & orange in my hair 😅 However, I have to say; I feel tremendously grateful that I’m privileged enough to have a roof over my head, food on my plate and live in a place where i’m able to practice “social distancing” ... This quarantine that we are complaining about is a privilege by itself to so many people living through hardships around the world. Stay strong, motivated, productive and most importantly.. stay at home 🏡 because you’re lucky enough to have one 💜

406 13

These beauties are selling out so fast 😱🔥 So grateful for your support 💜 Only few are left, link in the bio. #1xrun #dinasaadi

224 8

Certificates of authenticity signed ✅ Prints hand embellished, signed & numbered ✅ Everything shipped ✅ Releasing this Friday 27th of March on @1xrun This is my favorite release so far 💚

583 17

Last week at @satwa3000 opening, how things have changed in just few days! At this time, I hope everyone can be extra kind and extra thoughtful, so we can all overcome this together. We shouldn’t panic but it’s our responsibility to take it seriously, be careful and keep our social distance. Please remember it’s not only your health at risk but also the most vulnerable people around you. Many of us are scared, many small businesses and freelancers (including artists) lost all their sources of income ... so let’s think of ways to support each other by all means. On a more positive note, we can finally spend more time with our families & read all of these books we’ve got on the shelves for ages 📚 Photo by @hitmyroadjack 🙏💜

747 32

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept” Angela Davis. This international women’s day, let’s keep this powerful quote in mind. Cheers to all of the beautiful women out there who accepted me just the way I am, who gave me inspiration, strength, support and love 💜 Let’s make this world more equal together, and make sure in the process, we accept and support all what the word 'woman' means, beyond physical bodies, labels & sexuality. ——————————————————————— Work in progress on my hand embellished print release with @1xrun for international women’s day, dropping on the 27th of March.

476 13

Visited my old mural in D3 last weekend and it was such a beautiful day. I wish it was always winter in Dubai 🍁🌿🌻 @d3dubai @thecavedxb

259 11

I am excited to be participating in @1xRUN's 2020 International Women's Day Print Suite! All month long 1xRUN will be releasing new editions from some of today's best female-identifying artists and I will be releasing a series of uniquely hand-painted prints paying homage to the great Angela Davis on March 27th! #dinasaadi #1xrun #1xIWD2020

199 4

Thank you @theculturaloffice for inviting me to talk at Global Women’s Forum Dubai 2020, and thanks to everyone who attended 💜 We had a talk titled: “Curating Communities: Influencing Society Through Art”, a discussion about the important role that public art plays in people’s lives and building the identity of our cities, we also discussed how can government and private organizations support local artists and grow its local art scene 🇦🇪 Reflecting the real spirit of each place through art is fundamental, and who can do it better than the people who live and experience that place on daily bases 🎨 Thank you @jalalluqman for moderating the talk 🎤 Photo by @pampolicarpo #gwfd2020 #globalwomensforumdubai #dinasaadi #gwfdubai

564 29

Dubai what’s good?? 💥💥 I’m back and ready for all the awesome projects madness of 2020 (with a big smile as you can see) 😁 I landed on Valentine’s day so I won’t miss out on all the loving 💜 PS I do know that this photo looks like an 80s aerobics poster 👯🤣 earrings by my talented friends at @ragmatazz.co

412 5

Beautiful shot by @mohamad.moghrabi1 of my mural titled “19" at @macamlebanon, which is part of the “Human Rights Wall of Contemplation” that is meant to raise awareness on human rights and shall provide a platform for dialogue on many social issues. Byblos, Lebanon 🇱🇧

451 16

Happening now 💥 finally adding some ink on my back 🤟


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