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👨🏻‍💻Owner of Dettmore Home Improvements 👷🏼‍♂️Life Long Carpenter and Renovator 🔨Remodeling Tips and Tricks 🤣It’s fun doing what you love
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8.1% of dettmore101's followers are female and 91.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.50%. The average number of likes per post is 922 and the average number of comments is 35.

Dettmore101 loves posting about Design, Furniture, Interior Design.

Check dettmore101's audience demography. This analytics report shows dettmore101's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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8.1 %
91.9 %


  • Art & Design 68.67 %
  • Home & Garden 57.09 %
  • Travel & Tourism 38.84 %
  • Children & Family 37.72 %
  • Business & Careers 35.72 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 34.98 %
  • Entertainment 34.56 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 33.42 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 33.04 %
  • Luxury Goods 32.86 %


1,112 47

This is the first time I am seeing contractors actually use PPE they way we are supposed to. 😷

1,985 178

I installed cabinets for far too many years with drywall screws until one day a client asked me if I could fix her upper cabinets where all of the screws had sheared off. That was about eight years ago and I never looked back. These @grkfasteners seem to work better for us

500 30

Not everyone sees bad execution when they first enter a space. You may not notice the uneven nickel gaps. You might not notice the lousy paint job. You might not notice the strange stains on the wall but please notice the fact that you can’t see my face in the mirror. Details, people. We are known not for our design, but our execution.

599 30

In today’s episode of renovators working from home, I am cutting a whole trim package for our current renovation at the shop and hoping they will all be the right size. I would normally not deem it necessary to add a domino to the joints but I am thinking it might be a good idea as these will be assembled before delivery. I will really go to great lengths to avoid sitting on my ass. . . . . . #dettmore #dettmorehomeimprovements #renovation #builder #keepcraftalive #design #bathroom #bathroomdesign #interiordesign #construction #nj #newjersey #njrenovation #craftsmenahip #artisan #luxury #njgeneralcontractor #cabinetmaker #glenridgenj #rutherfordnj #montclairnj #designNj #bergencounty #EssexCounty

823 39

Want to see how we water proofed and framed for this barrier free shower with a heated floor and waterfall tub edge. Thought you would😉Swipe😆

726 12

Want to see what moulding adds to a room? Swipe left and left again. . . . . . . @rsmannino architect @downtowndecorators designer @chrisveithinteriors #corbels #handmade #crownmoulding #marble #housecolors #houserestoration #diningroom #customfurniture #houserenovation #molding #walltexture #colordesign #colorpaint #carpenter #farrowandball #homeimprovement #builtin #homedecorlovers #renovationproject #njcraftsmen #njbuilder #rutherfordnj #keepcraftalive #wood #cofferedceiling #blackcabinets #walldecor

2,968 57

There are a lot of different studs out there and here is what we typically use each for. . . . . #framing #construction #carpentry #jlc #carpenter #framer #customframing #keepcraftalive #contractor #versastud #design #builder #frame #timberstrand #renovation #architecture #building #fir #metalstuds #woodworking #interiordesign #customhomes #framer #wood #studs #lsl #lvl #framerlife #2x4

837 10

We helped build a garage shop a couple weeks ago and I broke down 50 sheets of osb before 10am Coffee break by making repetitive cuts using the @milwaukeetool 10 1/4” circ saw we got from @mike_guertin. What a huge time saver it was being able to cut 5 pieces at once. Thanks @mike_guertin and @chrisermidestoh for this one it came@in real handy!

797 36

What are the essentials for good paint preparation? Lazaros breaks it down for you below: . . . Blue tape and Gtape lots of it cover every surface not getting coated used with paper/plastic/ tape machine for speed. . . TiberMate first pass over nail/screw holes . Sand it down then Bondo glazing spot  putty for second pass and any scratches or dents in surfaces . . 3m patch works great for drywall imperfections and larger areas. It dries fast,hard, and smooth. . . SherMax  caulking where needed. Carry wet rag use either tip of caulk tube or 5in1 to clean out excess, leaving crisp caulk lines. . . Vacuum/tack cloth/ wipe down with denatured alcohol to remove all dust and any residue on surfaces . . Once you have applied primer, check for additional imperfections use good lighting fill with 3m patch or Bondo putty . . Sand down till everything is smooth . . Spot prime with aerosol fast dry cans and sand . . Vacuum /tack cloth/ wipe down with denatured alcohol to remove all dust and any residue on surfaces. . . Apply finish any way you want spray brush/roll. If any drips wet sand them out before second coat. . . Preparation of a Dettmore Home Improvments paint job starts way before colors and finishes are picked. It starts with communication. The crew talking things out to make job more productive but never compromising quality. As a team we collectively do a task thinking of the next task that will follow. We prepare every step of the way communicating during tasks to make the overall project go smoothly to set up the finish for success. The paint job ,repetitive in labor, becomes simple when everyone knows the process and are united in achieving the best finish.

703 48

I had a pile of sandpaper, half a sheet of plywood and 32 lag bolts so I made this little project. It could be a death trap if your clumsy but if mounted above a work bench I think it’s going to be amazing for inventory management . . #Garage #Sandpaper #SandpaperOrganization #SandpaperOrganizer #Organizer#festool #woodshop #workshop #granat #rotex #planex

401 11

I received a lot of questions about the paint job on this project so I am having Lazaros write some posts answering your questions as he was the expert who make it happen. . . One job , same surfaces , same prep , multiple different primers topcoats. Surface prep is essential for quality of your finish. With mediocre prep you will get you a job that looks complete in a photo and some customers may say it looks beautiful. When you physically feel a surface that has been properly filled , primed , sanded down to that silky smooth finish, and top coated with quality products you will understand why the proper steps will create a high quality lasting paint job. So when gauging a high quality paint job touch it without even looking you’ll feel the difference....Do your research check the topcoats recommended primer systems to get an idea and put together your plan of attack. There’s a primer for every situation but learning, researching, asking knowledgeable personnel is key to producing high quality work. Pictures don’t do paint job justice they will all look awesome on the gram.


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