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21.4% of debener360's followers are female and 78.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.50%. The average number of likes per post is 640 and the average number of comments is 9.

Debener360 loves posting about Fashion, Styling.

Check debener360's audience demography. This analytics report shows debener360's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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21.4 %
78.6 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 69.02 %
  • Children & Family 66.28 %
  • Entertainment 61.74 %
  • Music 53.23 %
  • Business & Careers 49.19 %
  • Movies and TV 41.47 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 39.89 %
  • Art & Design 36.42 %
  • Books and Literature 36.01 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.28 %


2,264 20

Always look for something to compliment about your Queen. Ladies always put in extra effort and do their best to appear nice by their dressing. So you must make her happy by complimenting her looks/style. You don't have to go over the top by always saying to her how good she looks or how beautiful her appearance is. Compliments have more impact on girls if it comes from a sincere heart, in good time and frequently unexpectedly. Despite the fact that a woman always likes hearing compliments, you can't keep telling her the same thing over and over again. It will lose its charm and become boring sooner or later. A compliment is valued when there is a thoughtful element to it. Telling your Woman how smart she is, how her intelligence amazes you, being thankful and appreciative for how caring and generous she has been. You may compliment her nice and calm nature, all these are deeper compliments, which, when paid sincerely, make the recipient feel overwhelmed. -Be Fly, Be Classy, Be Debener I📸 @rezzy_18 Like🔹Comment 🔹Share

156 1

When considering hard work, a good question to ask is: “Why?” Why bother getting up before dawn to train? Why bother working two or three jobs at once while simultaneously attending night school? Why bother scrimping and saving and forgoing earthly pleasures in order to pour every spare cent into your venture? The answer: motivation. Motivation is what sets hard work in motion. Motivation is what keeps us productive in spite of the grueling grind and the tough sacrifices. But just as there are sustainable sources of energy as well as unsustainable sources of energy, there is negative motivation and positive motivation. Both will bring you success. But one is obviously better than the other. -Be Fly, Be Classy, Be Debener I📷 @sir_highsmith Like🔹Comment 🔹Share

1,337 11

Words have the power to build up but they can also tear down. A lot of the impact we have on others comes through the words we speak out of our mouth. I am a firm believer that what we say is also a direct reflection of what is in our heart. So my questions to you, what are you saying to and about others? What are you saying to yourself, about yourself? Use your power today to speak life not death on yourself and others. -Be Fly, Be Classy, Be Debener I📷 @therealredjackson_ Like🔹Comment 🔹Share

324 4

With 2020 right around the corner now is the time if you haven't already done so to create your goals for the coming year. I’ve always set goals, but I’ve been extremely proactive about my goal setting in the last year since starting the website (while still working full time!!). I quickly learned to set my goals, create actionable next steps and look at everything “5 at a time;” My 5 most important Goals for the year, my 5 most important goals for the quarter, my 5 most important goals for the month and my 5 most important goals for the day. It sounds tedious, but by breaking it down and only picking the 5 MOST important things for the year, quarter, month and day has helped my business grow tremendously and has kept me on track. So what are you waiting for time waits for no man or woman. -Be Fly, Be Classy, Be Debener I📸: @treybryant27 Like 🔹 Comment 🔹 Share

468 5

There's an old African proverb that says 'if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.' For me, this sums up the new approach we're taking to sustainable development at the Debener. Although, it should probably say 'if you want to go nowhere, go alone', if you consider that many of today's challenges cannot be resolved by any one person. It also reflects the fact that we want to go beyond the limits set for our community. -Be Fly, Be Classy, Be Debener I📸 @thegentlemenstable Like🔹Comment 🔹Share

677 12

Style comes down to our choices of incorporating the latest trends as a way of presenting ourselves. Therefore, by having accessories as part of our outfits it shows completely who we are and how we perceive ourselves. In addition to belts and watches, of course, you can have hats, scarves, gloves, jewellery, wristbands etc. You don’t, however, just have to wear the accessory. When we go to work we have to take files and papers with us, so why not add a bag? You can argue we do wear bags but we do take them off, they don’t stay with us all day say like a watch or belt would. Thus, a bag is a perfect first impression, a flash almost of an accessory you’ve chosen to add to your outfit. -Be Fly, Be Classy, Be Debener Like🔹Comment 🔹Share

275 3

Standards are things you set for yourself, by no longer putting up with less than what you are capable of doing. When you get into the groove of continuously setting new standards for things you tolerate in yourself, you will elevate your pattern of behavior to higher levels and be able to hold yourself to them. Standards are codes of behavior that you choose to live by because you know they will make your life contended. Because they are the things that you personally honor, you need not declare them to the outside world. The standards can be about your work-life balance, health, soul, relationship, approach to finances, and just about any area of life that you wish to improve. The standards are about who you are now, not the promise of what you will become. -Be Fly, Be Classy, Be Debener I📸 @dapperadvisor Like🔹Comment 🔹Share

561 2

Immature relationships lose their drive; mature relationships make you more motivated. We all get wrapped up in love. It’s easy to spend days in bed and weekends in the hazy world of blankets and kisses. But eventually, that smothering love is replaced with motivated love; a type of love that comes when you want to make a life with someone and work hard to get that life. Immature couples never get to this. They never feel that motivation to leave each other only to come back more successful and more determined to make a life for the two of them. -Be Fly, Be Classy, Be Debener I📸 @weaviewonder Like🔹Comment 🔹Share

359 2

How to grow: Challenge everything you know, anything you are, spread yourself too thin and push yourself too far. Seek strife and hopelessness and slow dance with pain. Smile at regret, at guilt and shame; make sure to thank them for the gift of heartache. -Be Fly, Be Classy, Be Debener I📸 @_dashofbash Like🔹Comment 🔹Share

394 5

When you talk on your cell phone in front of others, they only hear one side of the conversation and this can come across as rude as whispering. It creates discomfort and confusion in the people who are physically in your presence. If you must answer it, let the person know you are busy and you'll call them back. However, if it's an emergency call, get up and leave the room. When you return to the dining table, apologize for leaving, and if necessary, offer a brief explanation of the call. -Be Fly, Be Classy, Be Debener I📸 @tremilli_13 Like🔹Comment 🔹Share

922 22

This isn’t some romantic book BS, it's ’s a mindset. Just because you get the girl doesn’t mean your work is done. It’s actually just the beginning. Like happy, romance doesn’t just happen. It takes energy, effort and creativity. You must fan the flames. Chemistry is not self sustaining. Hence: Date night. Love notes. Thoughtfulness. And eye contact with intention. Prove that you remember what she likes. Constantly demonstrate desire, learn her love language and speak it; Fluently. I get it. Life happens and we get busy, distracted and we drift. We forget that we need to feel wanted, desired, and valued and don’t understand why things have changed when nothing’s wrong. Courting is not a light switch. It is an ongoing process of showing up and that you still want her, through action, words, and energy. It is relationship water and without it, the relationship will dry up. So whatever you did to get her, keep doing it. -Be Fly, Be Classy, Be Debener I📸 @kaismamadiary Like🔹Comment 🔹Share


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