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worshipper of Jesus — writer, speaker, creative based in the san francisco bay area listen to my podcast here:
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56.5% of davidelm's followers are female and 43.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.90%. The average number of likes per post is 672 and the average number of comments is 7.

Davidelm loves posting about Travel, Fashion, Photography.

Check davidelm's audience demography. This analytics report shows davidelm's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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56.5 %
43.5 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 89.11 %
  • Photography 76.26 %
  • How-to & Style 73.67 %
  • Travel & Tourism 71.44 %
  • Art & Design 56.86 %
  • Business & Careers 40.51 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 39.60 %
  • Movies and TV 39.50 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 38.66 %
  • Home & Garden 35.89 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 35.33 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 34.10 %
  • Technology & Science 34.06 %
  • Music 33.51 %
  • Entertainment 32.12 %


797 7

beachy keen :)

509 4

this message is brought to you by shake shack picnics in the park with my friends

601 3

escaped to the coast to get some fresh air — the salty breeze felt like a much needed hug.

518 0

never seen the city as quiet as i did today — 2020, you’re definitely one for the history books.

949 13

paris on my mind — but on a serious note, i’ve been feeling very “bleh” the past few days. nothing too serious, just feeling bogged down by some things, physically and mentally. i don’t say this to get sympathy, but to remind you that you can still show up to life even when you feel crummy. we tend to live in either extreme negativity or extreme positivity, when in reality life is a massive mixture of ups, downs, and in betweens. there are weeks where i feel unstoppable and there are other weeks where i feel stopped in my tracks. yet i find comfort knowing that i’m fully known and loved either way. i don’t have to put on an act or a performance in front of my God. He isn’t scared of my mess. i’m allowed to relax my shoulders, take a deep exhale, and tell Him everything going on in my heart. and that’s quite remarkable if you ask me.

679 4

i’m a visionary. always have been, always will be. it seems like my mind is fully stocked with grandiose ideas and aspirations at all times. yet these days, i’m finding more depth and wonder in the process of character development than i am in the pursuit of my dreams. day by day, whether i reach whatever “destination” i set out to reach, the Lord is chiseling the stone of my life — through every bruise, blessing, failure, or attempt. and each strike is a chance to trust. trust that the Potter is more skilled than the clay can even fathom. trust that His craftsmanship is wiser than my feelings. trust that the King knows what He is doing. and let me tell you: though sometimes confusing and uncomfortable, the fruit of seeking Him first is far sweeter than the taste of my wildest dreams becoming reality. just being with Him is pure joy.

756 7

terrace views, romance in the air, croissants with coffee — france, i miss you like crazy

573 6

why yes, this is a photo of a random latte but i can’t shake the stirring in my heart to share the beauty and power of the simple Gospel with you. whether you’ve never heard it or have heard it a million times, i encourage you to let this permeate your heart today — while we were lost, wretched sinners, God in His almighty love and providence sent His perfect Son Jesus Christ to die on a cross for our sins. Three days later, God raised Jesus from the dead, forever putting His resurrection power on display for the whole world to see. by no works of our own and only by His finished work on the cross, we can be saved and reconciled with our Creator by confessing with our mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord and believing in our hearts that God raised him from the dead, receiving God’s gift of salvation. THIS is good news. THIS is hope. THIS is the message that empowers us to be honey in a world of vinegar. be blessed today, friends.

610 11

when it’s 2011 and you’re waiting for your friends to log onto skype...

642 2

in Christ, we have endless reasons to rejoice and remain hopeful. if we are called to be salt and light we must abide in the presence of our perfect Father, intentionally submitting our step-by-step to Him

692 4

tossing fear into the wind — diving deep into the Father’s love

842 14

nothing like iced coffee and a walk, ya know?


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