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42.6% of darnsmall's followers are female and 57.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.60%. The average number of likes per post is 625 and the average number of comments is 12.

30.83% of the followers that engaged with darnsmall regularly are from Australia, followed by United States at 11.28% and Italy at 9.02%. In summary, the top 5 countries of darnsmall's posts engager are coming from Australia, United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada.

Darnsmall loves posting about Food, Travel, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Photography, Fashion.

Check darnsmall's audience demography. This analytics report shows darnsmall's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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42.6 %
57.4 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 64.73 %
  • Travel & Tourism 56.58 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 55.70 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 51.33 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 41.97 %
  • Photography 41.66 %
  • Business & Careers 34.53 %
  • Music 32.72 %
  • Luxury Goods 32.08 %


  • Australia 30.83 %
  • United States 11.28 %
  • Italy 9.02 %
  • United Kingdom 6.02 %
  • Canada 5.26 %


181 7

Happy Anniversary - Gordon’s Bay . Happy 5th Anniversary Ippunia @style.jee  Thanks for always being there for me and jumping into trees when I say jump. Jinja Saranghae . . . . . #darnsmall #SydneyBeaches #GordonsBay #SydneyPhotographer #SydneyLife #Coogee #CoogeeBeach . . . . . #PursuitOfPortraits #PhotographyLover #MakePortraitsNotWar #PortraitsMag #DiscoverPortrait  #Portraits_ig #portrait #Sydney_Insta #portraiture #InstaPortrait    #ILoveSydney #IGersSydney #Portrait_Shots #Portrait_Perfection #MoodyPorts  #PortraitPhotographer #Top_Portraits #Portrait_Today #PortraitOfTheDay #SydneyLocal #SydneyCommunity #EasternSuburbs #SydneySider

218 5

Kaiju Krush – Gordon’s Bay . Absolutely loving this epic Kaiju Krush Tropical Ale from Kaiju Beer (@kaijubeer) down in Melbs.  They’ve been having a tough year down there with the recent lockdowns and all, but looks like they’ve done an epic job and come through with flying colours...so happy to be drinking beers from a brewery that supports Dan Andrews and the epic job they did down there....so in support we’re "Getting on the Kaiju Krush Beers" down at Gordon’s Bay. Been absolutely loving this Tropical Ale, at our favourite watering hole in Gordon’s...this is the perfect beer to be on the water, floating around the bay with. Such a clean and crisp tropical flavour with notes of apricot and passionfruit with a dry, slightly bitter finish. They say never judge a book by it’s cover and I’d say the same goes for beer as well, but Kaiju Krush has to be the exception...not only is it an epically perfect summery beer...but god damn it looks the part as well...love the design and I have to admit when I 1st tried it a few years ago...the design definitely caught me eye. But I was pleasantly surprised by what a solid beer it was.  . . . . . #darnsmall . . . . . #Coogee #CraftBeer #KaijuKrush #KaijuBeer #SydneyLife #SydneyCraftBeer #SydneyCommunity #ZomatoAus

600 22

Bushmills The Causeway Collection – Coogee . Absolutely loving the opportunity to try this new release from Bushmills (@bushmillsau) The Causeway Collection 2006 Marsala Cask. Bushmills is one of the world's oldest whiskey distilleries, located in the village of Bushmills on the Antrim coastline in Ireland, they’ve been at it since 1608!!! The Causeway Collection is a new limited edition range of Single Malts that Bushmills is about to release, via an exclusive partnership with The Whisky Club (@thewhiskyclub.com.au) for their members. This 2006 Marsala Cask is ticking all the boxes for me, it’s got a beautiful rich nose with a smooth sweetness and hints of red wine tannins, that I imagine are coming from the whiskey being finished in Marsala Casks (an Italian fortified wine). It went perfectly on the weekend with my T-bone and Tailor slow smokey BBQ, and I can’t wait to try this in a Manhattan and Old Fashioned down at Gordon’s Bay. My only concern is if I’ll still be able to score another bottle from The Whisky Club, when this one’s gone...somethings telling me that these bottles won’t last long before being snapped up. . . . . . . #DrinkResponsibly #Bushmills #IrishWhiskey #darnsmall

610 6

Boiler Maker - Bitter Phew . Checkout the @ailsabay X @bitterphew Boilermaker: AilsaBay 1.2 Sweet Smoke with the Dutch @molenbier Haken & Ogden Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. This is such an epic pairing with Ailsabay, one of my favourite drams over the past few years with a tres epic creamy Dutch monster of a beer at one of my favourite bars: Bitter Phew. Glad to see in these tough times the Bitter Phew is still surviving and as always their selection of ever changing beers is out of this world. Get amongst it!!! . . . . . #darnsmall . . . . . #SydneyLife #Beer #DutchBeer #SydneyBars #SurryHills #ZomatoAus

534 19

Birthday Suit - Coogee Beach . I decided to do a little progress shot on my birthday over the weekend. It’s a little scary looking at my “Before” pic back in Feb...I can’t believe how terrible I looked back then, compared to now. But there is still a fuckton of work to go, hopefully I’ll be looking more like my profile pic by the time Summer hits. It definitely gets a lot harder to stay in shape the older you get. My already slow metabolism has slowed even more in the past few years and injuries seem to compound themselves with age. So I’ve had to totally change the way I workout. I used to just punch out 20km runs a day with an outdoor gym session and be done with it. But after doing a 100km week earlier in the year I quickly realised that my knees wouldn’t last much longer, without doing copious amounts of yoga in between (which I just don’t have the time for). So training has totally changed to maybe a morning 10kms 4 times a week, an hour of weights (especially legs) and Boxing for lunch and then an hour or so of Spin in the eve. This gives me at least 2000 calories for the day and enough variety in my workout help avoid any injuries (so far). As I get older, its more important than ever to structure my daily workout in a way that will still give me a huge amount of cardio, but lowering the impact on the knees, while also strengthening them. I made the mistake a few years ago thinking that running was good for your legs/knees, thinking that all exercise strengthens...not realising that running longer distances can actually put a lot of pressure on your muscles and break down muscle in some cases. . . . . #darnsmall . . . . . #SydneyFitness #SydneyPhotographer #SydneyLife #Coogee #CoogeeBeach

747 11

The Wild Rover – Whisky Co-op . I can’t believe this was from back in February this year. It feels like it was years ago...those were the days...when you could go to one of your favourite Whisky Bars for a monthly Whisky Tasting. This was a pretty special Whisky Tasting, with Roe & Co (@roeandcowhiskey), where we combined some Whisky based cocktails with a painting session. Everyone was given an easel, a canvas, some brushes and paints and then our host gave us some tips on how to get the paint onto the canvas and away we went; drinking and painting. It was actually a lot of fun and a great idea for a twist on a Whiskey Tasting event (back when those were a thing). This is a Roe & Co Irish Coffee, like I’ve never had before, this was so epically fucking tasty, it’s the absolute perfect winter warmer...it’s just lucky I don’t know how to make these at home otherwise my diet would have gone to shit by now. . Looking forward to a brighter future when we can take for granted these epic Whisky Tasting Events at The Wild Rover/Whiskey Co-op (@thewildrover_ & @thewhiskeycoop). Hoping the cats at The Wild Rover are doing well. It was actually one of the 1st bars I went to when we came out of Wave 1 quarantine, which feels like forever ago and looks like wave 2 could be weeks away. . . . . . #darnsmall . . . . #ILoveSydney #IrishWhiskey #SydneyLocal #SydneyBars #SurryHills #Sydney_Insta

975 14

Ardbeg Rob Roy – Coogee . Happy Ardbeg Day 2020 I celebrated Ardbeg (@ardbeg) Day this year with a classic homemade Ardbeg 10yo Rob Roy. I didn’t feel like posting anything about it at the time because back on the 30th of May 2020, the world was falling apart while the US was tearing itself apart...kinda felt a bit weird posting something as frivolous as my favourite cocktail at such a tumultuous time. So here is a flashback to when I thought the Western World was on the verge of ending, I had my  trusty Ardbeg 10yo Rob Roy ready to go, along with the Perpetuum and the Ardbeg 23yo I had been saving for the end of the world. Something tells me if I don’t open that 23yo before the end of 2020, then this year has been an epic fucking win that will go down in the history books as one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the human race. Otherwise if you see me posting a picture of an opened 23yo in the next several months, you’ll know the world (Western) has collapsed and the CCP is about to knock down my door with one of their tanks...probably a recycled one from Tiananmen Square...my door isn’t that strong. P.S. Dear CCP, when you read this...I'd just like to say from the bottom of my heart...Go Fuck Yourselves! . . . . #darnsmall  . . . . . #slainte  #Scotch #CoogeeBeach #SydneyLife #Coogee #GordonsBay

747 12

One Drop - Gordon’s Bay . Massive thanks to the epic cats at One Drop (@onedropbrewingco) for sending us a couple of their new brews: the Double Take - Double Blueberry Imperial Sour and the Blueberry & Choc Muffin - Nitro Imperial Pastry Stout. I’ve already called it early, One Drop is my Brewery of the 20s. After the epic Kellogg’s Cornflakes Milkshake IPA, then the Mango Milkshake IPA, to my all time favourite The Big Bad Wolf - Nitro Imperial Pastry Stout...these cats just keep putting out amazingly epic beers.  At 1st I was scared when I tried the Cornflakes Milkshake IPA that it was a fluke, but in under a year they’ve produced more and more epic brews. So I can’t wait to crack these open with some mates down at our favourite spot in  Gordon’s Bay tomorrow to see what these all new offering are like. Thanks again One Drop and keep up the epic work champs . . . . . #darnsmal #OneDropRippleEffect #SydneyBeaches #GordonsBay #Coogee #CoogeeBeach #OneDrop

543 7

#blackouttuesday To the BLM cats over in the US goodluck from Australia.

799 9

Ardbeg Rob Roy – Door Knock . So one of our favourite bars: Door Knock (@doorknock_sydney), has started offering food and drink deliveries straight to your door. So last Friday we ordered a modest serving of their epic Chicken Wings (only 4 servings, probably should have made it 10) and of course an Ardbeg Rob Roy (@ardbeg). I was quite surprised when Nat (@nat_nsc) rocked up with a box full of the wings, the Ardbeg Rob Roys (with cherries of course), but also a couple of glasses for the Rob Roys, a bottle of their epic Jack Danie’s BBQ Sauce, and some deep-fried Mac and Cheese squares. I thought I was just getting some wings and an Ardbeg Rob Roy...it was such an epic surprise, and perfect timing for a Friday eve after work. Easily one of the best wins during this whole Corona/End of the World pandemic lockdown thingy. If you haven’t been to Door Knock, I can’t rate them highly enough...they have the odd accolade of being in my “Top 5 Chicken Wings Joints Outside of South Korea”...and they’re not even a dedicated Wings joint! What’s even more bizarre is my Top 5, only has 4 restaurants in it (Lazy Suzie closed a few years ago). You just can’t beat epic wings matched with an epic Ardbeg Rob Roy. Anyway hope everyone is staying safe during these tough times; get lots of exercise, vitamin C, D, Garlic and keep your immune system as high as possible. . . . . . #darnsmall . . . . . #Ardbeg #RobRoy #Islay #SydneyBars #Coogee #CoogeeBeach

746 18

Birthday BBQ - Coogee . Last Saturday was my stunning partner @style.jee ‘s birthday. Unfortunately our plans to go to Noosa for the weekend were cancelled thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic...although it was probably lucky in hindsight as we might have got stuck up there in paradise. But seriously, not sure how much fun it’d be to be stuck inside for 2 weeks up there. So instead we had a small socially responsible gathering with some friends in the park in Coogee, making sure to keep +1.5m from each other. And then on Sunday, I cooked up this epic 1kg cut of T-bone I scored from our local butcher. The black bits are from using Black Sea Salt Flakes in a dry brine...you sprinkle the salt on the steak and then let it sit for a few hours, this one was done over 1 day (I’ve heard 1-3 days is the optimum time frame). The salt starts to break down some of the fibres in the meat making it extremely tender. I was actually quite surprised we managed to finish a full 1kg between just the two of us. But I don’t think I ate anything solid on Monday, I was so full. Anyway I hope everyone is staying safe out there during this global pandemic. It feels like this is the beginning of the end of the human race. Actually every time I’ve flown and had to pick up luggage from the baggage carousel, I’ve been reminded every single time that the human race is totally fucked. My gym has closed so I’ve been running a fuckton...I’m about to go out and put in 10kms to bring my total up to 50kms in 2 days. And during my running, I see so many dumbfucks totally ignoring the governments restrictions; people climbing under/over police tape to go to the beach, people crawling around barriers to go into closed areas of a park/beach...I wish to fuck this virus Darwined out dumbfucks, but unfortunately they’ll just pass on the virus to other vunerable peeps. Just imagine when Climate Change hits and there is no food/water...shit is going to get real then. . . . . . #darnsmall . . . . . #AussieBBQ #SydneyEats #BondiToCoogee #Coogee #Coogee #EasternSuburbs  #SydneyBeaches

696 14

Ailsa Bay Rob Roy – Coogee . So its the end of the world as we know it. And it’s affected some of us more than others...for me, it meant this evenings Whiskey Coop at The Wild Rover (@thewildrover_ & @thewhiskeycoop) was cancelled.  I was heartbroken, devastated, torn...basically it felt like the end of the world. It was this time last week when I woke up on a Monday morning only to find eBay had cancelled my “Seinfeld - Can You Spare a Square” auction of a single “Spare Square”...I was offering both plies!!! eBay said “items that portray, glorify, or attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering, are not allowed” it was a tough pill to swallow, bids were just ramping up and the questions about the size and weight of the square were gold, and there were even a few peeps who remembered the Seinfeld episode who messaged me with kind words of support. But 1 week later...here we are and the Whiskey Coop is cancelled...what’s it going to be next Monday...The Premier league has been cancelled? Actually as an Arsenal fan, that would be slightly less embarrassing...Emery made me wish this season would just disappear; voila! (as they say be careful of what you wish for): an end to the madness would be nice though. Anyway I hope everyone stays safe, and remembers the wise words of one Javis Cocker “help the aged”...by not going anywhere near them. I decided to fill this evenings void of no Wild Rover Whiskey Coop Tasting with an Ailsa Bay Rob Roy (@ailsabay)...while counting my remaining wealth/toilet rolls . . . . . #darnsmall . . . . . #slainte  #Scotch #CoogeeBeach #SydneyLife #Coogee #ToiletPaper


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