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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.00%. The average number of likes per post is 769 and the average number of comments is 18.

38.36% of the followers that engaged with danakadan regularly are from United States, followed by Japan at 10.96% and Australia at 8.22%. In summary, the top 5 countries of danakadan's posts engager are coming from United States, Japan, Australia, China, Korea.

Danakadan loves posting about Film, Music & Books.

Check danakadan's audience demography. This analytics report shows danakadan's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 38.36 %
  • Japan 10.96 %
  • Australia 8.22 %
  • China 5.48 %
  • Korea 4.11 %


551 8

put out “this song is about mental health” two years ago. relevant then even more relevant today. don’t let your thoughts run away from you while you’re stuck inside. link in bio if you wanna give it a listen. #worldmentalhealthday 📸: @4intwo

1,409 65


402 10

Today is National Voter Registration Day, and it goes beyond saying (and instagramming) that registering & the act of voting is a privilege and an EXTREMELY important duty. I’ll be on a webinar later today with friends to talk about music & voting along with other super cool things being planned by the 2020 Project so definitely tune in. You can RSVP at link in my bio or at zukotuesday.eventbrite.com Also want to highlight some other key facts from other great groups like @goldhouseco & @capeusa Final thing on my mind is to say is that ive had some convos recently with folks im around, whom that i had assumed were previous registered voters but learned that theyve stayed out of the process prior. And I get it and totally dont judge them for not being involved. Hell i barely have started to understand and am by no means someone who can talk. But its interesting that i just made those assumptions. Anyways my point is that you never know who you can truly reach until you talk about it with those in your immediate circles. Thats where ive found ive had the biggest difference is with immediate colleagues and friends. I don’t anticipate that this one post or my one talk will get people to register or want to vote but maybe this plus the 15 others that theyll see plus a convo with a neighbor and their mom will. Thats how its done. So if i can be one of those 15 posts, then wonderful. 🌎 When you can feel the world changing around you its tough to deny that you can’t be part of that movement. 🌏

760 25

throwbackkkk. music matters - a festival/conference in Singapore i was lucky enough to take part in 2yrs ago would be closing up today (is virtually) and i 100% would have been out there this year except, ya know...😩 feeling a little nostalgic and can’t wait to apply for 2021 festival or perform or not have to worry about fire tornados in general. miss the staff & team & artists ✌🏼 @musicmatterstome In the meantime - a time when i looked cool 😎 📸: @oneclickwonders

452 9

THIS IS AN ENVELOPE TO YOUR FUTURE 😀 IT SAYS - YOU GO GIRL. Proud that my agency International Secret Agents got to do produce some campaigns for @uscensusbureau for the AAPI Community. Check out the clip (link in bio) i was on with my @WongFuPro fam to talk about the importance of the Census (there was allottt i didn't know). Got to sit down with the knowledgeable man himself - Tim from @tdwandco who's been hella repping for our community and the Census! Thanks to them for all they do! If you haven't - make sure to complete it today! Seriously- AAPI's are HELLA underrepresented. ▪️Dictates where funds go things like housing, schools, etc. If your community is underrepresented by even a few people it can literally be the difference of a new road or not. ▪️Helps dictate how many Congressional seats your State gets too! You could LITERALLY lose representation. Anyways - 2020CENSUS.GOV - Lemme know if you have and i'll give you a digital high five 👏🏽

347 14

💯/ 💯 on Mouth Feel. 🧬 Serious Advice Though for those Who’ve asked in LA County: ▪️ i’ve been using https://covid19.lacounty.gov/testing/ to find tests but due to increasing demand there’s less availability. Would recommend checking each day early. ▪️Altho connected to above site - try https://lhi.care/covidtesting ▪️Really SWIPE and take instructions seriously. Really go to town on yourself (to an extent 😉)Was afraid last time i took test that im not swabbing enough or for long enough for nose or mouth. Also - i made mistake and ate / drank 20min ahead of last one i took so i couldnt take appt during my scheduled time (they were kind enough to let me still get in later). DO NOT eat or drink or even chew gum 20min ahead. If you’re going to take the time to do test then might as well get as clear of results as possible. ▪️Finally - they do walk up tests in places too. For instance if you dont drive - lots of places will let you check in and walk up. Try to call in ahead if you can! G’luck! Let me know HOW THAT MOUTH FEEL with 👄 emojis below!

1,508 36

You know what is wild. When i think about how much has changed (and stayed the same) between my Mom and i’s generations. I can’t stop thinking about moments in our not so far off history that seem like distant fiction. Monumental pieces of legislation that were enacted not that long before i was born. During lockdown i read “Panchinko” and i was FEELING how quickly those decades went by in the book between the 1920’s to the 1980’s. Was feeling like a blip today 😬 Went home for a bit and had some good talks with the moms about everything happening in the world and appreciate how open she was to discussions and changing perspectives.

631 3

...one month ago was grateful for the chance to join the KW Lee Center as they took an active stance in the Black Lives Matter movement. A month later they and other members of the Korean/K-Town community continue to speak out - and it's been incredibly inspiring to see - as this is far from over and it continues to remind me to be educated & stay vigilant. wanted to shoutout and share this list from @ssoyunum that i thought was helpful (swipe to see resources). 💛 had a really great conversation with her about what's going on and appreciated seeing how she's stayed active. 👉🏽 also found the following list of media helpful - especially as it pertains to the history of the Black & Korean experience. ▪️LA 92 Documentary on Netflix ▪️”Can't Stop, Won't Stop” by Jeff Chang ▪️The PBS “Asian Americans” Documentary

924 13

i didn’t know George Washington was such an excellent rap artist. THX HAMILTON......who’s going to tell your story indeed. throwing back to only a few years ago when Hudson Yang was still tiny to when we got to visit the White House. recognize things were still very complicated then but geeze seems like this was like light years ago. A time to revisit, reflect, educate. Stay well friends 🇺🇸.

776 28

FOLLOW MY NEW COVID TESTING SITE REVIEW ACCOUNT. 🦠: Nose/Throat Feel - 10 🦠: Ability to Throw Bag in Blue Bin - 8 🦠: Biohazard Labeling - 9.5 🦠 Nice Health Professionals: 100! (Would rate them higher if i could!) 🦠: Results: Super Quick!

1,284 27

Some CUTE AF photos of my father and i.

492 7

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