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📍Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru Think decadence, and one of the first thing we think of will be the Aburi Mentaiko Akaebi Sushi from Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru located at Liang Court. A nice sweet prawn is placed onto nicely packed Japanese rice and doused with mentaiko sauce and ebiko before being served to the table. Bite down on the concoction and fireworks just go off in your mouth. The roes burst, teasing your taste buds with their irresistible savoury flavour. The taste of mentaiko then floods in, and by this time, our taste buds have been completely overwhelmed by the onslaught of savouriness and we are in foodie heaven. You then start to taste the sweetness of the prawns, which complements the savouriness of the mentaiko and roes perfectly. The fluffy Japanese rice then balances out the strong flavours, making the creation absolutely delicious. The rest of the sushi here are decent as well, the fish are generally fresh, and the price is really reasonable for the quality of the food. All in all, we’ll definitely recommend you guys to give this place a try, and to definitely order the Aburi Mentaiko Akaebi Sushi . Ps. Great place to hit up if you’re a mentaiko lover, we promise you’ll not get men of this. Our rating: 4.6/5

297 11

📍Coffee Man Coffee Roasters Everyone loves a good breakfast, and Common Man Coffee Roasters’s Common Man Full Breakfast is exactly that. Strips of decadent bacons, portobello mushrooms, sausage, eggs on toast; everything that you crave for a hearty breakfast is included in their full breakfast ($27). The scrambled eggs really stood out for us. It was creamy and fluffy, and we were really tempted to order more eggs, despite having been stuffed from the meal. The sourdough was soft and packed with flavor, and we just loved eating it with the egg. The mushrooms were also juicy and sweet, and we quickly devoured it all in an instant. The only gripe we had was that the sausage was slightly too gamey for our taste buds, but overall, the meal was still pretty good. 
The portions that Common Man Coffee Roaster provides are also huge, and honestly, we felt that two people could easily share one portion of the full breakfast if they aren’t particularly hungry. Overall, the food provided is pretty good, and the ambience was really nice as well, and if you’re ever near the area, it’ll be pretty worth it to pop by the cafe and just chill out. p.s. Needless to say with the word coffee in their brand name, it is little surprise that their coffee brews are 💯 too! Our rating : 4/5

213 6

📍Gyu Don Kinobe stood out to us amongst the endless aisle of food stalls at Amoy Food Centre probably because of its minimalist branding and premium rice bowls. Helmed by a young generation of hawkerpreneurs, this is one of the few underrated stalls with shorter queues at Amoy. Priced affordably at $6 a bowl, their Gyu Don is our go to order whenever we’re in the CBD for a quick fix. The Gyu Don was served with generous servings of well marinated beef doused in their special sauce and caramelised onions. Topped off with an onsen egg and a touch of chilli powder, the bowl was absolutely delicious and honestly, pretty addictive. Definitely value for money and recommended if you hate queues but love quality food. Our Rating:4/5 P.s The place to go to when you’re fickle minded because they only offer 2 items on their menu, beef and pork bowls 😂

264 14

📍WHITE Restaurant Ask any foodie what’s nice to eat at Sembawang and chances are that they’ll mention the famous WHITE beehoon. We didn’t head down to the original store to feast on the delicious noodles, but the store at Punggol does serve a equally enjoyable one. Doused in a rich and flavorful soup stock, the noodles are extremely tasty and palatable. What further impressed us was how unlike other beehoons, the white beehoon served at WHITE didn’t have a dry texture but instead had a really nice “slide-down-your-throat” feel to it. The chilli sauce given was strong and sour, and really packed a punch. Mixed together, the noodles was extremely scrumptious and it was absolutely delightful to consume. The other dishes on the menu are pretty well prepared as well, and serves as good accompanying dishes to the beehoon if you do order them. All in all, the acclaimed fame that the store has achieved is well deserved, and if you’re a beehoon or chilli lover you should definitely check this place out. Our Rating: 4.3/5 P.s They don’t only allow WHITEs, Asians are welcome too 🌚

254 9

📍Tendon Kohaku Ever wanted a magic bowl containing everything you ever wanted to eat? Well, magic isn’t real but the tendon at Tendon Kohaku could provide you with something similar. Loaded to the brim with tons of fresh ingredients, Tendon Kohaku is the best place to head to when you can’t decide what to eat. Crispy chicken, juicy prawns, fresh squid and an assortment of vegetables are piled onto a bowl of rice and served to your table. What really impressed us was the unmistakable quality of all the ingredients that were used. Though deep-fried, you could still clearly taste the sweetness and freshness of the prawns and the vegetables. The chicken too, was tender and went perfectly with the coat of batter surrounding it. The portions are also huge, which is an additional plus point for the restaurant. They serve not only quality, but quantity for a very fair price. We definitely give two thumbs up for this tendon joint, and recommend all who loves tendon to give it a try. Our rating : 4.7/5 P.s it’s a tendon but it doesn’t cost ten dollar.

457 28

📍First Street Teochew Fish Soup We aren’t bold enough to claim that First Street Teochew Fish Soup is the best fish soup in Singapore considering that we haven’t tried all the fish soups in Singapore just yet. We do believe however that with it’s delicious soup and unbelievably fresh and juicy fish slices, it’s definitely near the top. Located at Upper Serangoon Road, the store, helmed by a trio of a father and his two sons, have been producing excellent quality fish soup for decades. We patronize the store regularly, and our personal favorites are the batang fish soup ($6) and the pomfret fish soup ($9/$11). The batang fish that they serve is fresh, tender and tasty, and really delicious when eating with the chili sauce that they provide. The flesh of the pomfret is extremely soft and sweet, and every moment spent eating it was heaven. We also tend to add minced meat into our soup. The minced meat that they offer is very well seasoned, and the savory taste of the meat really complements the light tasting soup nicely. First Street Teochew Fish Soup is also very very generous with their portions, and we honestly feel that they provide excellent value for money on their soups. We highly recommend that you try this store, do just note that the queues can get pretty insane, so do be mentally prepared for that! p.s. FYI the store is not at First Street 🌚 Our rating : 5/5

263 4

📍 [NEW] Taiwanese Bubble Tea Chain CHICHA San Chen (吃茶三千) There is definitely a lack of activities to be done in Singapore, but one thing that there is never a lack of is the establishment of new food outlets in the little red dot. While there are countless of bubble tea brands to choose from, CHICHA San Chen distinguishes itself from its competitors through it’s use of freshly brewed premium tea leaves. The tea boutique also allows you to concoct your very own creations, right from choosing the tea base to its final toppings. Oh did we mention that they even have a corner specially dedicated for tea appreciation? Being tea lovers ourselves, we were excited to give this place a shot and ordered their signature Bubble Milk Tea($4.20) and sure enough, it was one of the better bubble tea that we had tasted in awhile. A distinct tea aroma could be savored with each sip of the drink and the pearls in the drink had just the right amount of chewiness to it. You know your tea is going to taste pretty good, especially when the establishment takes the tea making process so seriously. If you’re ever in the vicinity, do pop by for a quick drink! P.s We heard lots of great things about their best seller “the dong ding oolong tea” so be sure to order it! Rest assured the only thing that can make you go ding dong are the long queues🌚 Our Rating: 4.2/5

317 7

📍Wee Nam Kee With outlets all over Singapore and even overseas, Wee Nam Kee chicken rice is undoubtedly a name that you’ve probably heard of before. We were in the mood for chicken rice, and considering that we were in town, we decided to head to the branch at marina square to get our fix. The food came quickly enough; a delicious looking plate of nicely sliced up chicken, and a plate of chicken rice that exuded a irresistibly enticing fragrance. We generally look at 3 aspects of chicken rice when we decide whether it’s good, the rice itself, the tenderness of the chicken and the chicken rice chili that comes with it. We tucked into the rice first, and we absolutely loved it. The rice was soft and packed a strong chicken flavor, and it was so tasty we could have probably eaten it without any accompanying dishes. The chili was pretty delicious as well. It was adequately spicy and had great flavor to it, and we enjoyed pairing it with our chicken. The chicken however was a slight surprise to us. It was slightly tough, and not as tender as we expected it to be. However, when eaten with the light sauce that is drizzled over it, it still tastes pretty good. Also, we do want to point out that we normally eat at the Katong branch, and the chicken there is way better, so the Marina Square branch could simply just be having a off day, and we think it’s still worth giving Wee Nam Kee a try. Our rating : 3.9/5 p.s. comment and let us know where do you usually get your chicken rice fix from👇🏻?

299 22

📍Unagiya Ichinoji Anyone who loves food like us would have heard of Man Man, the unagi speciality restaurant that has been making waves around Singapore. Anyone who’s been to Man Man though would know that the place is always filled man man (filled to the rafters) and one would have to queue for a long time before getting a seat. Thankfully, new unagi speciality restaurants have popped up, and one that we have tried recently and found pretty decent would be Unagiya Ichinoji. We ordered their Hitsumabushi upon arrival, and a nice big bowl of rice topped with Unagi and the accompanying condiments soon arrived at our table. The Hitsumabushi can be eaten in 3 different ways - (1) To simply enjoy the eel on it’s own, (2) To add the accompanying condiments such as seaweed, wasabi and onion before tucking in, and (3) To pour in some of the clear stock (dashi) and mix it with your rice and eel. We are generally indifferent to the different ways of eating the hitsumabushi as we feel that the quality of the unagi is what matters the most; luckily, Unagiya Ichinoji didn’t let our expectations down in the quality department. The unagi was grilled over charcoal before getting soaked in a special sweet sauce, and kudos to the chef’s skills, we found the unagi to be really well grilled. The eel was soft and tender, and yet carried a nice little char to it, which we personally enjoyed. Coupled with the sauce, the eel provided multiple flavors and layers of taste which we found absolutely delicious. We’ve heard that the chawanmushi is really good as well, but we didn’t try it out personally so maybe you could try it out and let us know whether it’s good. All in all, Unagiya is a pretty decent place to dine at, especially if you’re craving of some eel and it’s worth giving it a try if you’re too tired and exhausted from work to queue at Man Man. p.s. You definitely won’t be saying eeew (eel) when you try the food at Unagiya! Our ratings : 4.5/5

254 7

📍Ryo Sushi Omakases, though delicious usually comes with a hefty bill that leaves you reeling for days. Ryo Sushi proves exception to the rule. For as low a cost as $38 (Lunch) / $68 (Dinner), Ryo Sushi will serve up some extremely fresh and delicious food that will leave you craving for more. We took our seat at the counter and almost screamed out loud when we saw the chef prepare the truffled onsen egg, something that many have talked about. When he served it to us, we almost devoured it in an instant. The strong truffle taste blends with the runny whites of the egg, culminating in this mixture of pure fatty heavenly goodness. Absolutely amazing. The very friendly chef then proceeded to serve us a series of sushi of which we thoroughly enjoyed. A few of our favorites were the salmon aburi, the chutoro (medium fatty tuna) and the otoro (super fatty tuna). A very unique soya sauce foam was dolloped onto of the tuna, and it tasted every bit as good as it looked. The tuna was really fresh, and went very well with the slightly saltiness derived from the soya sauce foam. The chutoro and otoro exceeded our wildest expectations. We’ve had good tuna before but this was really really good. The tuna absolutely melted the moment it touched our lips, filling our taste buds with the strong fatty taste of tuna and leaving us in a state of absolute bliss. All in all, the food at Ryo Sushi was really well prepared and just down right amazing, and if you ever have a special occasion or just feel like splurging on some good food, this is the right place to head to. p.s. This place is the Ryo deal. For Ryo. Our ratings : 5/5

325 9

📍Five Oars Coffee Roaster Looking for a nice and cozy cafe that serves up contemporary delicious food? Well look no further for we’ve found just the right thing for you. 
We’ve heard great things about the lunch menu at five oar’s but we were a little late to the party and by the time we reached the place, only dinner was available. Lucky for us though, the food served for dinner was spectacular as well. You’ll find very few cafes serving beef tartare, much less good beef tartare, but Five Oars’s beef tartare ($17) taroughly impressed us. The beef was very well seasoned and the capers and gherkins mixed into the patty balanced out the meat perfectly. Take a scoop of the meat and eat it with their home-made rice cracker and you have a very decent appetizer to start your meal with. We ordered the beef frites ($28) and the duck gnocchi ($21) as our mains and they proved to be studs as well. Though the beef in the beef frites were slightly tougher than we would have liked it, the meat was very well-seasoned, and its flavor was just irresistible. What sold us on the dish though was that if you topped up $2, you could change the original fries to truffle fries and their truffle fries are the absolute bomb. Loaded with parmesan and drizzled with truffle, the truffle fries were easily one of the best truffle fries we’ve ever had. They were tasty, crispy, and insanely addictive and we finished everything in minutes. The duck gnocchi was a pretty unique dish; large cuts of button mushroom with duck confit ragout was stacked on the gnocchi before being drizzled in a duck-flavored sauce. The dish was full of flavor and texture, which we really appreciated. The gnocchi was chewy and doughy, the duck melted in your mouth, and the mushroom was tender and juicy. Though we found the duck sauce to be slightly too strong, the dish on a whole was still really good and we would highly recommend duck lovers to give this a try. Overall though, we found the food served at Five Oars to be absolutely amazing. It was 💯 in creativity and taste, definitely worth the try!

Our rating : 4.5/5 p.s. Yes it’s April’s fool but we ain’t fooling you with this one🌚

253 6

📍Kim Dae Mun We were completely over the mun (pun intended) when we discovered Kim Dae Mun, a small Korean eatery tucked away in the basement of Concorde Hotel. 
As you enter the eatery, you will quickly realize how authentically Korean the restaurant is. The lady taking your order is Korean and so is the lady at the drinks counter. Thankfully, it’s not just the aesthetics of the place that’s authentic; the food tastes similarly authentic as well. 
We ordered the spicy pork ($8)and the kimchi stew($8), and were quite surprised when we realized that it tasted very similar to the ones that we had in Korea. Though the ones in Korea were still stronger in flavor, the spicy pork and kimchi stew that Kim Dae Mun served was pretty delicious as well. 
The pork, served on a sizzling hot plate was tender and juicy, and when bit into packed a nice amount of spice and flavor. The kimchi soup was sweet, and surprisingly not too spicy, and it went really well with the white rice that we had ordered. 
Stuffing rice, pork and soup into our mouths, we finished our meal in no time and boy, was it satisfying. All in all, Kim Dae Mun provides good tasting Korean food at a highly affordable price, and if you’re ever in the area and craving for some Korean food, do give it a try! 
Our rating : 4/5 p.s. If anything about this store needs a change, it’ll be the name. Kim Dae Bak, not Kim Dae Mun🌚


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