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70.4% of cookrepublic's followers are female and 29.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.70%. The average number of likes per post is 1129 and the average number of comments is 44.

Cookrepublic loves posting about Food, Recipes.

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70.4 %
29.6 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 87.82 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 68.43 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 60.32 %
  • Art & Design 59.97 %
  • Travel & Tourism 52.86 %
  • Home & Garden 40.31 %
  • Photography 38.94 %
  • Entertainment 37.83 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 36.92 %
  • Technology & Science 34.20 %
  • Business & Careers 32.92 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 32.63 %


622 19

Sweet or savory?? I am a savory gal! Savory baked treats are my favourites and I can’t wait to dig into those Empanadas! But I have a weakness for Danish as well! Enough to wake me up at 6:30am and drive to this special bakery! This is our Sunday morning bakery haul! If you live in Sydney and haven’t yet made your way to @flourshopau bakery, you are seriously missing out! What started as a first trip out of isolation after 7 months has become a full-blown bakery addiction for me! I mean look at all these beauties! Today, we got Humita Empanadas, Pina Colada Danish (YUM!), Cinnamon Scrolls (the best I’ve ever had), Chocolate Croissants, Caramel Croissants, Ham & Cheese Croissants and a lovely Sourdough! Happy Sunday guys!! 😋😋

787 38

Tell me, have you tried Watermelon and Chilli together? It is crazy good! Watermelon Lovers - This one is for you! SPICY WATERMELON PALOMA – a twist on the traditional Paloma cocktail with the addition of juicy sweet watermelon and a rim of salt and spice. Topped with lots of refreshing bubbles from my @SodaStreamAU Sparkling Water Maker. Sultry Summer Vibes in a glass. Delicious with layers and layers of flavour. Happy weekend my lovely friends! Recipe Below 👇🏼🍉 #SodaStream #BubblesForNow ____________________________ SPICY WATERMELON PALOMA Makes – 1 Prep Time – 10 minutes •• 120ml (4oz) watermelon juice, strained 60ml (2oz) grapefruit juice 30ml (1oz) lime juice 70ml (2.3oz) tequila 1 tablespoon maple syrup SodaStream Sparkling Water Sichimi Togarashi & Salt, for the rim Grapefruit wedge, to garnish Ice cubes •• + Add half cup ice cubes to a cocktail shaker. Add watermelon, grapefruit and lime juice. Add tequila and maple syrup. Shake for a few seconds. + Run a lime wedge along the rim of a 400ml (13.5oz) tumbler or stemless martini glass. Roll the rim in a mixture of Sichimi Togarashi and salt. + Add a quarter cup crushed ice to the glass. Pour the cocktail over the ice. Top the rest of the glass with Sodastream Sparkling Water. Skewer a grapefruit wedge and rest it on the rim as a garnish. Serve immediately. 🍉🌿 #cocktailsofinstagram #cocktailrecipes #cocktailrecipe #watermelonjuice #palomacocktail #cocktailsathome #craftafoodstory #photoessay #hardlight #cocktailtime #feedfeedcocktails #grapefruitjuice

1,931 82

Who loves eggplant?? Wok charred pieces coated in a sticky chilli garlic sauce?? Try my NEW 10-min, easy, fool-proof Vegan Chinese Chilli Eggplant Recipe! It is absolutely delicious, finger licking good and ready in minutes. RECIPE LINK with wok-clock and tips and tricks in profile link ☝🏼💚 #vegandinnerideas #glutenfreedairyfree #glutenfreedinner #feedfeedvegan #feedfeedglutenfree #vegetarianrecipes #whatsfordinnertonight #dinneridea #dinnerisserved #quickrecipes #quickrecipe #glutenfreerecipe #veganchinesefood

1,247 43

Who’s a fan of no cook salads??? This 20-min Watermelon Feta Salad With Instant Pickled Shallots not only looks absolutely gorgeous on a platter but is a total crowd pleaser with how delicious it is with very little effort! Gourmet status achieved with the addition of black olives, orange, Chilli and of course those sweet, crunchy, mouth-puckering shallots YUM! Grab my NEW RECIPE in the link in profile 🍉🌿

899 44

Can you imagine the mouth puckering deliciousness of salt and citrus?? Slipping into Saturday with THE SALTY GRAPEFRUIT!! For all the grapefruit fans out there, this one is for you. A Paloma with a tall, bubbly twist - The Salty Grapefruit has fresh grapefruit juice, tequila, maple syrup, salt and spice and of course lots of refreshing bubbles from @sodastreamau Sparkling Water. Doesn’t it just look absolutely stunning?? A clean cocktail perfect for sunny days ☀️🍊 (FULL RECIPE BELOW) #SodaStream #BubblesForNow #cocktailsathome #cocktailsofinstagram #palomacocktail #tequilacocktails #tequilacocktail #grapefruitcocktail #grapefruitjuice #feedfeedcocktails #cocktailphotography #cocktailrecipes ——————————————— THE SALTY GRAPEFRUIT Makes – 1 Prep Time – 5 mins • 120ml (4oz) grapefruit juice 30ml (1oz) lime juice 60ml (2oz) tequila ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon 2 teaspoons maple syrup or warmed honey SodaStream sparkling water Ice to shake and serve Salt to rim Grapefruit wedge and rosemary stalk, to garnish • • + Add half a cup of ice cubes to a cocktail shaker. Pour grapefruit juice, lime juice, tequila, cinnamon and maple syrup over the ice. Shake vigorously for a few seconds until chilled. + Run a lime wedge around the rim of a tall 400ml (13.5oz) capacity tumbler. Roll the rim in salt. + Fill the glass with half a cup of ice. Strain the cocktail over the ice. Top with SodaStream sparkling water. + Place a grapefruit wedge on top and add a rosemary stalk as garnish. Serve immediately. Enjoy! ✨🍊💛

675 22

I am NOT a breakfast in bed kind of a person. I’d worry too much about crumbs lol. But a tropical smoothie bowl like this might change my mind 🤗😋💛 Happy Weekend guys!

604 26

From now on, I am topping all my homemade dips with roasted cauliflower, honey and edible flowers!! Doesn’t this look gorgeous? Lately, I am loving making this SPICY CAPSICUM AND WALNUT DIP (widely known as Muhamarra). It is so easy, delicious and packed with flavour. It also goes really well with my fluffy instant flatbread. My secret twist is topping it with quick roasted caramelised cauliflower and toasted walnuts. YUM! I then finish the dip off with a drizzle of @capilanohoney Active Manuka Honey MGO 30+ which not only makes this dip next level but is so incredibly good for you. This liquid gold has a unique rich smooth taste and is the essence of Australian Manuka in a bottle.  🐝🐝 The Capilano Active Manuka Honey MGO 30+ is sourced from 100% Australian-owned and made Manuka honey. Did you know that Manuka honey has been proven to reduce the frequency and severity of coughs? All you need is a teaspoon of this sustainable and bioactive honey to reap the unique antibacterial and antiviral properties it has. And what better way than to top an already nutritious dip with some of that magical honey to support my family’s health? #CapilanoHoney #PureAustralianHoney #CapilanoManukaHoney #AustralianManuka #supportaustralianbusiness #beekeepers ——————————  💛💛   To Make This Dip   -Roast red capsicum and a handful of cauliflower florets in an oven at 210C for about 15 minutes.    -In a food processor, process the roasted capsicum with a couple of garlic cloves, lemon juice, handful of walnuts, fresh breadcrumbs, red chilli flakes, ground cumin, salt, pomegranate molasses and olive oil.   -To serve, top with cauliflower, toasted walnuts, herbs and a drizzle of the Capilano Active Manuka Honey MGO30+ 🐝💛

2,988 107

Have you tried Tahini Cookies? It has been months since I baked these! My Super-LOVED 5-Ingredient Tahini Cookies! Today, I just topped them with sesame seeds .. soooo good! If you LOVE Tahini, these are a MUST bake! Delicious, gluten free, vegan AND even okay to eat raw 😋😋(Super easy mix-and-bake Recipe link in profile ☝🏼💛)

2,037 43

Made my favourite Cauliflower Steak with a saucy twist for dinner!! A briny tomato pasta sauce spiked with capers and pickled artichokes to go with pasta and these Caramelized Cauliflower Steaks... sooooo delicious!! Finally back on Insta after a short break, life feels normal again! Recipe Link in profile 💛☝🏼

737 44

Carrot in a Cocktail?? Have you ever tried? If you haven’t, stop everything and do it now!! It is refreshingly delicious and so easy (Scroll to see ALL the process shots, especially THAT POUR SHOT! I have so much fun every time I make this cocktail) Our mini reno started today which required moving a lot of furniture and boxes around since morning. It was a hot day too and am really happy to finally take a well-deserved break and make this stunning Carrot Cocktail that has become an absolute favourite of mine! The Carrot Campari Sparkler – freshly squeezed carrot juice with lemon, Campari, bourbon, maple syrup and a splash of good ol’ @SodaStreamAu Sparkling Water. A gloriously orange fizzy tall drink served with a beautiful green fennel frond! The carrot and Campari are a match made in heaven! You must try this beautiful cocktail, I’ve got the recipe for you below 🥕🥕 #SodaStream #BubblesForNow⠀ ⠀ ________________________________ ⠀ ⠀ CARROT CAMPARI SPARKLER⠀ Makes – 1⠀ Prep Time – 5 Mins⠀ • ⠀ Ingredients⠀ 160ml (5.5oz) fresh carrot juice⠀ 30ml (1oz) lemon juice⠀ 35ml (1.2 oz) campari⠀ 30ml (1oz) bourbon⠀ 1.5 tablespoons maple syrup⠀ SodaStream Sparkling Water⠀ Ice to shake and serve⠀ Fennel or dill frond, to garnish⠀ • ⠀ Method⠀ 1. Add ½ cup ice to a cocktail shaker. Add carrot juice, lemon juice, Campari, bourbon and maple syrup. Shake vigorously for a few seconds until combined.⠀ ⠀ 2. Fill a 425ml (14.5oz) highball with half a cup of ice. Strain the carrot cocktail over the ice. Top up the rest of the glass with SodaStream Sparkling Water. Garnish with a fennel or dill frond. Serve immediately.⠀ ⠀ ________________________________⠀ #cocktailrecipes #carrotjuice #craftafoodstory #cocktailsofinstagram #cocktailsathome #campari #camparicocktail #feedfeedcocktails

1,750 53

I’ve got a special post today! My Thai Pineapple Fried Rice recipe plus a trip down memory lane to our holiday in Bangkok almost 20 years ago (gosh we were just kids!)! I have been cooking this Thai Pineapple Fried Rice for years and it is a solid, fool proof, authentic tasting recipe that I learnt from a street vendor in Bangkok and that you can put together in 25 minutes flat with simple pantry ingredients! • The first time I had this dish on the streets of Bangkok, the street vendor told me something very interesting about it - that it was Royal Rice studded with colourful gems. I have researched and not found references to this in books but more in the history of Thailand itself and it is fascinating. That and the fact that Pineapple was and is considered a royal fruit fit for the kings. Maybe that is why it wears a crown?? • Follow the link in profile to get this delicious, easy, gluten-free weeknight dinner recipe along with my trusty “Wok Clock” and all the helpful tips and trucks to cooking authentic fried rice! 🍍🍚🦐 #thaipineapplefriedrice #pineapplerecipes #pineapplelove #friedricerecipe #easydinner #craftafoodstory #feedfeedglutenfree #glutenfreedinner #glutenfreerecipes #prawn #recipeideas #dinnerisready #thaifoodlover #thairecipe


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