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They/Them ➕Body Liberation ➕Trans Advocacy Website: ✉️: #bodyliberation #plussizetravel #nonbinary #comfyfat
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 7.60%. The average number of likes per post is 2411 and the average number of comments is 68.

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1,124 10

Thinking a lot about these words from @ohhappydani on the cycle of inaction. White supremacy is a problem created by and for white people. Its our problem to solve. We cannot continue this cycle of inaction. Remember that “apathy is the antithesis of unconditional love.” Thank you to the creator for the profound and insightful words.

1,321 38

my idea of an exciting night is at home in my cozy robe with a good snack and the real housewives of potomac these days, hbu? [ID: J, a fat, white, transmasculine person stands in a parking lot wearing a light pink button up and a green winter hat with a poof. They are looking away in the first photo and scratching their head looking toward the camera with a confused face in the second.] #rhop #nonbinarycuties #trans #nonbinarytrans #plussize #queer #fatliberation

5,147 153

You know when you try something on and it just feels right😂 I’ve always wanted a onesie! This is my first time in one! Happy holidays✨ This waffle thermal onesie is from @kingsizedirect and I’m wearing a 7x. Big shout out to the design team that decided to make an opening with elastic in the back. A butt flap?? For ease of taking it off and putting it on?? YES!! This wasn’t sponsored or gifted. Well, it actually was gifted! But by my partners mom🥰 [ID: J, a fat white transmasculine person stands in a red and white onesie with their arms spread. They are wearing a green beanie and have a big smile. There is a potted plant on the floor in the background.] #nonbinary #trans #fatliberation #bodyliberation #fatpositive #selflove #santababe #fatrepresentation #thisiswhattranslookslike

4,732 129

Healthcare ethics in the US site autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice as their core principles. But does an environment that makes fat people feel like they need a thin ally present in order to be taken seriously and properly cared for sound like they’re meeting those standards? 🤔 #medicalfatphobia #haes #heathcare #healthateverysize #bodyliberation #bodyautonomy #bodypositivity #plussize #fatjustice #socialjustice #leftism #traumainformed #allyship

3,184 102

I have been looking at this photo for a couple of weeks thinking about the imperfections. Holding back from posting it because of the imperfections. And then I remembered, “Wait! Those pieces of me are always there, theyre a part of me. If I cant hide it in real life why am I hiding it from the internet?” And THEN I remembered who tf I am and thought “theres nothing inherently wrong with my body being any certain way in this photo.” And now, I see this photo differently. I think about the awesome weather and the sunshine on my face after a good walk on the day we took it. It reminds me about that fall I had a few weeks ago where I basically bounced off furniture all the way down. Hence the belly bruise. (Im okay - it was the slowest Ive ever fallen and I laughed the entire way down😂) Anyway my point is, at some point in this body liberation journey it gets easier to think critically when those old fatphobic/shamey narratives creep up. It gets easier to turn to another perspective. First we listen, learn, and collect resources. Then we put them into action. The more we practice the easier it becomes to tap into those skills❤️ [ID: a short fat transmasculine person stands against an open car door. They are wearing a grey backwards snapback, round sunglasses, grey sweatpants and a black top cropped.] #fatblogger #plussize #nonbinary #fatliberation #bodyliberation #liveyourlifenow #midwestvibes #everybodyisbeautiful #butalso #fuckbeauty #fatbabesdoingthings

3,602 132

The babe took one look at me in this shirt and said “you look sexy in that and so...unable to be perceived.” Describe your gender without saying what your gender is. Mine is now “unable to be perceived” 😎😎😎 thank you and goodnight! [ID: A fat white transmasculine person is taking a mirror selfie. They are wearing a green festive hat and a light pink button down with the first few top buttons undone] #comfyfat #gendereuphoria #trans #nonbinarycuties #bodyliberation #fatpositive #lgbtq

2,297 88

I’m having a wonderfully cozy day in these soft green Hipster-style period undies. The folks @periodaisle are creating zero waste, effective and sustainable, period underwear for all kinds of bodies. And they even have boxers! Sizes are available between XS-5X and each can hold up to two tampons worth of fluid. You can add a liner to increase that by x2, so you can minimize your worries and maximize your time spent thinking about the things that bring you joy. Like cozy blankets and scented candles. And how great my butt looks in these photos🥰 Get 25% off during the #periodaisle Black Friday sale through Cyber Monday by using code BFCM2020. Check my stories for a link! #sponsored #ad #periodaisle #bodypositive #bodyliberation #transgender #nonbinary #lgbtq

1,575 26

Spot the ELUSIVE Petunia (she goes by Petty) being mysterious and sneaky. She just cant be bothered with posing for your silly photos. Other things need tending to. Like barking at the wind and chasing the cat. Im finding comfort in having a mediocre day today. Takes the pressure off to remind myself that this day is most likely going to be unmemorable. That helped chill out my anxiety and get me out of bed this morning. What gets you out of your head and at least going through the motions for the day? #fatbabesbeingmediocre #nonbinary #transgender #selfcarefirst #bodyliberation #mentalhealth #enby

3,238 59

For this #transawarenessweek I’d like to speak directly to my young followers. The most up to date reliable studies from 2016 estimate that there are 1.4 million transgender adults in the US. This does not include the HUGE population of young people who have recognized that the gender binary is a scam and have redefined gender for themselves! You know what that means? There are so so many of us trans people in the US. I don’t want you to ever feel alone. You may feel isolated in your school, but the world is so much bigger. Our community is bigger. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like the trans population is small. Us trans adults are out here and we’re listening and learning from you!! I know I am. Y’all are changing the world. Your power is crucial in our fight to create a better world. We need you. Please hang in there, things get so much better in adulthood. You’ll find that not only do you get to make your own rules, but theres a huge group of us here waiting to celebrate you for that❤️ #transawareness #transgender #nonbinary #lgbtqia #genderfluid #enby #trans #breakthebinary #midwest #midwestqueers #bodyliberation

1,183 6

I continue to learn and grow my perspective because of posts like this @dashaunlh Thank you✨ #antiblackness #blacklivesmatter #systemicracism #elitism #northerners #investinthesouth

962 42

Ok friends how are we feeling? Overwhelmed? Hopeful? Powerless? Mobilized? Its early in the evening on THAT DAY everyone in the US is talking about. And Im??? Idk. Theres so much work to be done and I want to change the worrrrlddd. Stay safe out there #bigfatelectionanxiety


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