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Father/ Creative Director/ Photographer Clothing Line: @rarebeliefs Magazine: @beraremag Meme Page: @animeandass 📍Atlanta/Vegas ⤵️
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49.5% of chuckrare's followers are female and 50.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.50%. The average number of likes per post is 649 and the average number of comments is 92.

Chuckrare loves posting about Moms, Modeling.

Check chuckrare's audience demography. This analytics report shows chuckrare's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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49.5 %
50.5 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 87.17 %
  • Entertainment 78.47 %
  • Books and Literature 76.58 %
  • Music 73.46 %
  • Art & Design 63.07 %
  • Photography 60.57 %
  • Children & Family 58.98 %
  • Business & Careers 50.89 %
  • Movies and TV 44.87 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 33.35 %


324 26

This gives me a chopped and screwed, slow and reverb kind of feel. The remix w/ @sademyasia Y’all... I’ve been creative directing for a few years but recently owned up and claimed this title due to self doubt towards my work and craft, leading to me downplaying my character. Having confidence and direction was something I lacked due to my indecisiveness and social anxiety for many years. I compared myself to everyone else from time to time, failing to realize their path wasn’t my path in life. Time and time I failed again comparing my worth and work to everyone else I looked up to in the photography game but may I tell you guys what a little power in consistency can do for you and your life? Consistency is the power of failing over and over until you get it right. Don’t be afraid to fail 9 times to get it right the 10th time. Being afraid to try something new because you fear the possibility of failing is the biggest dream killer known to man. Trust me when I say, humility builds character because I’m sure plenty of people looked at me like a clown when I mentioned directing and being a creative director... Sometimes I ponder and wish I had the confidence and mentality that I do now towards my craft back in 2010 when I picked up a camera, but I’ve come to terms and realized that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in life...Trust in timing, and trust the process and always remember to stay rare kids. 🙏🏾🕊💞 • • • Model: @sademyasia Skin: @myjoibodycare Creative Director: Chuck Rare Assistance on set: @_bananatrees and @alwaysbriana_ Photographer: Chuck Rare

443 58

Friday night interlude leading into Saturday morning @ 1:23 am with @sademyasia 🥺💖 this shoot slaps a little different from my past shoots. We brought the tropics to Atlanta with a little bit of imagination. This photoshoot is dedicated towards growth... this is the Plant Papi experience... a spiritual journey for peace and growth... no matter where you are in life, there’s always room to grow. 🙏🏾🕊 I’ve always been prideful asking for help and always felt I could do everything in life myself... but for some reason this day, I felt compelled to ask for help... That right there my people we call growth! 🥺✊🏾 Thank you @alwaysbriana_ and thank you @_bananatrees for the extra hands in life. 🥺❤️ • • Trust the process. 🙏🏾🕊💕 Also, someone wake @sademyasia up and tell her I said Merry Christmas... also this year for Christmas I just want apologies 🥺💞 Model: @sademyasia Skin: @myjoibodycare Assistance on set: @_bananatrees and @alwaysbriana_ 🙏🏾💞 Creative Director: Chuck Rare Photographer: ChuckRare

318 53

Thursday night interlude leading into Friday morning @ 12:12 am with @sademyasia 🥺💖 been ready and excited to drop these Godly gems but what if I told you these were the appetizer shots? 😈💞 We’ll be posting the final product of this shoot sometime Friday evening. I hope my creative night owls that get to peak at this first, feel inspired by this shoot and I hope my early birds in the morning are filled with joy and have the best Friday of their life when they see these flicks. 💖 #7daysofheat • • Model: @sademyasia Assistance On Set: @_bananatrees & @alwaysbriana_ Skin: @myjoibodycare Creative Director: Chuck Rare Photographer: Chuck Rare

835 109

Y’all... we’re here... DPB MIX ✌🏾! If only y’all knew how long I’ve been talking about dropping playlist and other ventures but never took that first step... look at us... who would’ve thought we’d make it here... not ☝🏾 but playlist number ✌🏾! We did that! @bby.bash was out in the trenches with me cutting plant leaves in the pouring rain to achieve this greatness and we gotta thank the man upstairs she ain’t break a nail because them thangs look like money! 🤑 I’m really proud of this moment and consistency... a nigga slick wanna cry but mama ain’t raise no hoe! 😤 I know I’m rambling but I really want y’all to know how much power we have when we put our mind to something! The power of the mind and tongue is a serious criteria to manifest your dreams and all you have to do is take that first step... I love y’all.. download DPB Mix ✌🏾 on @applemusic and @spotify 💕 • • Also, if you can guess my favorite song on the playlist, I’ll be sending you a @rarebeliefs clothing care package. 34 songs in the playlist, so that means that’s 34 chances to guess... one comment guess per person and if I already told you, you’re not allowed to enter this contest. Best wishes and good luck. 🌚💕 • • Model: @bby.bash Creative Director: Chuck Rare Set Design: Chuck Rare Photographer: Chuck Rare

760 135

Y’all... I had the opportunity of shooting with a super model @modelme.ash 🥺🔥🔥🔥 I know I’ve been shooting a lot of bathtub and studio work but my favorite style of shooting is outdoor using the best lighting giving the world could ask for... Gods Filter... but a more universal term that we use is “Golden Hour” 😙👌🏾 I feel as if golden hour lighting is that peak moment to shine for our melanin skin. 🥺💞 Now that I think of it, there’s no better feeling than chasing the sun for the perfect moment for the perfect lighting. Also, we’re tapping into @chadlawsonphotos #7DaysOfHeat 🙏🏾🕊 • • Model: @modelme.ash Creative director: Chuck Rare Photographer: Chuck Rare

673 90

First time testing out black and white photos and I honestly love it. 🥺 My Ig page is about to get a lil 🤏🏾 bit messy while I’m trying out new styles and getting a tad 🤏🏾 bit more personal on here. Hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes with the direction I’m going and if you’re feeling some kind of a way, get out your feelings and get it how you live 🐱. I appreciate you guys nonetheless for putting up with me and my shenanigans. In the meantime, please enjoy these timeless pieces featuring @rihworld_ and my infamous red phone. ☎️ 💕 • • Model: @rihworld_ Creative director: Chuck Rare Photographer: Chuck Rare

854 119

Wow... I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because I know you guys are tired of my bible thick long captions 🥴💕 I’ve been hella appreciative of the love... the support and all of the positivity the universe has been throwing my way... thankful for everyone in my life at the moment but I’m extremely thankful for @gabszlove for always coming through for me and my random shenanigans... Whenever I call, she always comes through for the kid and this is the result of us coming together 🥺💞 If y’all would’ve seen the face she gave me when I told her the idea I had in mind... “Gab... just hear me out... red banana’s... and a red phone... just trust me” 🥴😭 Extremely grateful that you trusted me the day of this shoot... but anywayssss enough of my emotional ramble... Hope you guys enjoyed this photo series as much as we did. 🤗💞 • • Frago* Which photo is your favorite? I’m having a hard time deciding between the 1st swipe and the 4th photo. 🥴🍌❤️ • • Model: @gabszlove Creative Director: Chuck Rare Photography: Chuck Rare

1,503 215

Y’all... my first creative directed project shoot.... a fucking success and before I rant... I want to thank my stylist @styledbyjozzi for even believing in the kid when I mentioned wanting to do a soda can hair roller shoot and offering her services to bring this vision to life... I want to thank @nurseofhair for slaying the hell out of @bitchybayla hair and delivering us the Midas touch... I want to thank @bitchybayla for stepping in for this shoot last minute and showing tf out(yes y’all are gonna see a lot more Chuck Rare x @bitchybayla action coming soon)... the day of this shoot started off as a disaster but @styledbyjozzi apparently has pull in this city and made some thangs shake for this shoot. 🥺🥺❤️ I love and appreciate the hell out of y’all for coming together and killing this shit like we were supposed to. 🥺❤️ This shoot slapped a little different from the rest... the first time I was confident in all my decisions... no second thoughts... no indecisiveness... This shoot showed me that I can do this shit and creative direct to my hearts content. Next project is going in @beraremag This may seem like a small accomplishment to some but to me, this was a big fucking win! 🙌🏾❤️ • • Also, someone tell @fanta to sponsor the kid. I’m tryna do a Fanta can series shoot highlighting black women in each can color.... I believe that means we have 10 more soda cans to shoot soon.... Have your agent call my agent. 🤗💞 • • Model: @bitchybayla Wardrobe Stylist: @styledbyjozzi Hairstylist: @nurseofhair Photographer: Chuck Rare

248 38

⚠️CLOSED!⚠️ You asked, and you shall receive. This is the second go round for my collaboration special package for anyone who has wanted the chance to shoot with me or collab with me. This is your chance to bring your creative ideas to me and let me help you bring them to life with a little Chuck Rare razzle dazzle to spice things up. 🤗 (This package is not open to the public and you must dm me to receive the link code to purchase.) Feel free to dm me if you have any questions or concerns. 💕 • • Please come with some creative heat for your collaboration shoots. I’m tryna have a creative organism from these ideas. 🥺👉🏾👈🏾

1,421 176

At this point, it’s honestly unfair to shoot @meechferguson 😔 It’s like cheat codes on top of cheat codes but we’re not here to play fair. Ever since our first shoot back in 2019, Meshia has been going off like the entrainment industry owe her back pay in child support and I’ve been proud of her since. Oh yea, someone tag @badgalriri and @savagexfenty for the kid so they don’t miss out on this action please 🥺👉🏾👈🏾. • • • Model: @meechferguson Mua/Hair: @ebthebeautyplug Lingerie: @savagexfenty Photographer: Chuck Rare


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