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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 7.70%. The average number of likes per post is 562 and the average number of comments is 128.

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383 118

Well it has been a very interesting first week of 2021. All we can say is we are beyond shocked and saddened at the events that occurred a few days ago. We hope the worst is behind us and we can look forward to better days. Here are some photos of a lovely Berry Rose Swiss Roll that I made with Chubsman’s Mom. To be honest this was our second attempt at making this delectable beauty. The soft and moist roll is rolled onto a perfectly sweetened spread of berry jam, this cake went perfect with a nice cup of coffee in the late afternoon. Our homemade vanilla sweet cream coated the outer roll and topped it off with fresh strawberries, raspberries, and rose petals. It was the perfect dessert to start off the new year. . What’s your current favorite dessert that we should try?

613 172

Banh Mi Charcuterie Board for the new year! Growing up in Vietnam and especially in a family with the traditions of selling banh mi, I always have a deep connection with this infamous Vietnamese sandwich. I have tried banh mi at so many different places from Vietnam to the US but nothing can beat the taste and smell of my family's banh mi. What special you might ask? It's the family-secret mayonnaise we made in-house that brings all the flavors in banh mi together. I still remember helping and learning from my grandma (then my mom) to make mayonnaise and how amazed I was seeing raw egg yolks turning into a beautiful yellow and buttery shiny paste. This banh mi charcuterie board is how my family normally have banh mi during any special occasion. Instead of stuffing all the chả and vegetables inside the banh mi, we normally eat it in a bite-size baguette. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise, pate, then add all different toppings and vegetables on top, and finally wrap up the baguette piece and dip in the soy sauce; that's my way of enjoying banh mi at home. The flavor in each bite still exists in my brain like it was just yesterday that all our family members gathered together and ate this simple and delicious meal. Now that I think about it, my ultimate passion and love for food definitely had a very deep root that long ago started from my dear family, and I am forever grateful for being brought up in a family with a huge food influence background. . Have you had banh mi this way before?? If not, definitely give it a try and let me know how you like it 😋.

691 194

Can’t stop thinking about our New Year’s Eve dinner 🥘 where we had such a delicious seafood feast with Lobster Seafood Cioppino 🦞🦐🐙as the highlight. For tapas, I whipped up my favorite Crème Fraîche Smoked Salmon Crostini and Chubsman’s Mom made her famous Spicy Garlic Shrimps with amazing Garlic Bread. After the delicious meal, we decided to do a bonfire 🔥 out in the yard and welcomed the new year with classic Champagne cheers 🥂 . This is our first time in a while celebrating New Year’s Eve at home, no dress-up and crazy party but everything just felt right and so peaceful knowing a better year is ahead of us. How was your NYE dinner experience 🎆🎊🍾? We would love to know what dishes you were celebrating with.

582 111

As much as we want to forget how terrible 2020 was we will always remember this year. 2020 will be branded in our memories for the rest of our lives, our kids kids will study 2020 in their history classes and we will tell them stories most won’t believe. It’s the year that tested us emotionally, physically, and financially. Family members got sick, business struggled, and our mental health took a beating to keep moving forward. 2021 is just a number to represent HOPE, all our problems from 2020 didn’t magically disappear at midnight when we cheered with champagne. We are both very grateful to have remote jobs, healthy parents, and this instagram account that has made our family so much closer. As we enter 2021 with our heads held high we are looking forward to getting closer to a normal life again; Traveling, weekends filled with family gatherings, KBBQ & Hotpot nights with friends, brewery hopping in Oakland, and so many other activities on our very long list. If we can survive 2020 we can survive anything! Happy New Year Everyone! - Chubsman and Chubsgirl

493 58

Starting off New Years Eve with a healthy breakfast crepe made with Ottos Naturals cassava flour. Their cassava flour is gluten and grain free, perfect for anyone looking to start a grain-free diet in the New Year. The crepe simply tasted amazing, we devoured of few and the best thing of all we didn’t feel bloated after. . Who’s ready to move on to 2021??? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ #ottosnaturals

663 130

Who has been stuffing their face with so much food during this holiday season? Take a little break from cooking and try these non-fried ramen noods from @hakubakuus . We have been chilling and hibernating during these past few days and nothing beats these warm and cozy ramen bowls, which were ready to eat within minutes. Their noodles are non-fried so they have the soft and fresh texture after being cooked for just 2 minutes, just like restaurant-like ramen you normally have. Top with some Japanese fish cake, enoki mushrooms, boiled eggs, and there you go, a comforting ramen bowl without any hassles. Get the restaurant-fresh ramen experience at home with Hakubaku USA 🌸Fresh , Non-fried noodles 🌸Noodles are preservative-free 🌸NO MSG 🌸Shelf stable- needs no refrigeration 🌸Ready to use 🌸From Japan

674 160

This years Christmas Eve dinner was of EPIC proportions! 2020 has been so awful but that didn’t stop us from cooking an amazing dinner to celebrate this family gathering. Our day was filled with cooking, photo taking of people and food, movies and several mixed drinks. After this dinner we all had a major food coma that will probably last til the New Year. Well i guess all that’s left to do is to plan our dinner for New Years Eve. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love and delicious food! What are you cooking for New Years Eve? Our Christmas Eve Dinner Menu: Oven-roasted Garlic Butter Dungeness Crabs Garlic Butter Prime Rib Garlic Noodles Gambas al Ajillo Kumamoto Oysters Sautéed Green Beans Mushrooms and Onions

529 106

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday ❄️✨🎄💝🎀! We wish you a very safe and wonderful holiday with lots of good food and joyful laughter. Yesterday was a very busy but fun-filled day when we all gathered around one another; we cooked, we talked, we ate, we drank, and laughed together. I am so grateful that everyone I love is healthy and happy, and even though I am far from home this year, I am still able to celebrate this magical holiday with my second family here in the state. Just a simple joy that I will never take it for granted. For this holiday, me and Chubsman’s mom have created this magical Holiday Cranberry and Pomegranate Pavlova Wreath. We spent the whole morning to nail this sweet treat and so glad it turned out beautiful. This is my first time making meringue and I am so in love with the glossy marshmallowy texture of this. The crisp and fragile on the outside and the gooey melt-in-your-mouth meringue inside, we are amazed by how light this treat is. We paired it with the homemade cream on top and sprinkled with homegrown pomegranate, the fair tartness of pomegranate is just a perfect addition for this sweet and creamy pavlova. This Holiday Pavlova Wreath definitely adds a festive touch to our Christmas dinner table. What is your favorite dessert for this holiday?? We would love to know 🤗

466 106

Nothing beats a night with a cup of hot cocoa and sitting next to the fire as we all wait til the clock strikes 12 to open our presents. We have been cooking and enjoying drinks all day long with the family. Catching up on life and creating more memories. This year has been a difficult one for our family but when we are together our day is filled with laughter and joy. No matter what life throws at us Family will always have our back. The real gift this year is we are all here together ❤️. Merry Christmas everyone! - Chubs

501 95

Starting our Christmas celebrations with these beautiful and yummy gingerbread cookies. Christmas is all about spending quality time with family and one of the highlights we had was making these holiday cookies together. With everything going on at this moment, we are so blessed to have a roof above us, fridge full of food, and smiles all over our faces. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Holiday Season.

535 153

Is anyone stressed out over planning for Holiday Dinner? I know we do. Lucky for you @pan_fried_dumplings will be opening this holiday and if you need to take a break from cooking for the holiday weekend, they definitely got you covered. After all the heavy dishes for the holiday, we could definitely use some dumplings or pork buns to ease up the cooking in our kitchen a little bit. This spread would be perfect for a family lunch or dinner and everything tastes so delicious. Pan Fried Dumplings just recently opened during this pandemic and they are known for their hand-made dumplings, buns, and other authentic North Eastern style Chinese food. We had a chance to try our their chef specials including Snow Flake Pan Fried Dumplings, Soupy Pan Fried Pork Buns, Beef Wrap, and of course their XLB. Our favorite dish would be the pan fried dumplings, they totally nailed the perfect crispy skirt for this dish and the presentation definitely helped enhance our tastebud. The Soupy Pan Fried Pork Buns are so juicy inside but still remain so crispy in the bottom. We literally couldn’t wait to get home but had to pop on of these in our mouth and ended up making a mess with all the juice inside. If you’re in the area, definitely check out this place and support your local business during this hard time. They are opening everyday during this holiday from 11am-9:30pm. Also, mention “Chubs” when ordering to get a free side dish.

557 124

When Santa Claus comes rolling down our chimney this year he is going to be one Jolly Chubby Man when he finds 'Baked by Mae' cookies waiting for him. The cookies themselves look so beautiful wrapped individually in their holiday box. But most importantly they TASTE AMAZING...... AMAZING everyone, we were mindblown, we wanted MORE lol! Baked by Mae is selling these special holiday cookie boxes just in time to gift your favorite cookie monster. Chubsman loved the Apple Cinna-Sugar cookie because it literally tasted like an apple pie, a couple of dunks into some milk and he was in heaven. The Oreo Hot Cocoa was so hard to share, it was perfect, chocolate in every bite, soft oreo fill, and roasted marshmallows on top. It’s the perfect cookie with some hot cocoa and chilling by the fire pit at night. Visit or DM their Instagram @bakedbymae to place your order. Cookies we devoured: 🍫Oreo Hot Cocoa 🎂 Christmas Birthday Cake 🎄Peppermint Bark 🍎Apple Cinna-Sugar Disclosure: We ate Santa's cookies...sorry big guy. #naughtylist


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