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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.70%. The average number of likes per post is 52 and the average number of comments is 1.

43.62% of the followers that engaged with charmedlifestyle regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 9.57% and Italy at 4.26%. In summary, the top 5 countries of charmedlifestyle's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Canada.

Check charmedlifestyle's audience demography. This analytics report shows charmedlifestyle's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 43.62 %
  • United Kingdom 9.57 %
  • Italy 4.26 %
  • Germany 4.26 %
  • Canada 4.26 %


60 7

@rmsbeauty All Natural make up❤️ . . . My Absolute fav! . . . Eyes volumizing Mascara Cheeks Lip2cheek Demure Lips Wild with Desire Temptation Face Champagne Rose Luminizer Overall Skin glow is plant based eating with @Sakara ❤️✨ . . . I’ve been using @rmsbeauty make up exclusively for the last 4 yrs and I’m obsessed! There is nothing like it! Totally addicted! . . . I started clearing out my make up bag one product at a time and now the whole bag is all @rmsbeauty . . . Thank you @rmsbeauty for creating a line that feels and looks amazing on my skin and is safe for my body too ✨ . . . #charmedlifestyle #charmedlifebeauty #naturalbeauty #naturalmakeup #model #charmedlifebeauty #charmedlifefashion #ootd #charmedlifeeats #beauty #fashion #eats #travel #charmedlifetravel #rmsbeauty #glowup #summervibes

63 3

Love . . . Letting go of old patterns & habits Open to new experiences & lessons Vulnerability in the unknown ahead Excitement for what has evolved . . . Sing Love . . . Dance Love . . . Choose Love . . . #charmedlifestyle #chooselove #notestoinspire #fashion #food #beauty #travel #Love #charmedlife

40 0

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52 0

Mother’s Day is Right Around the Corner! I’m the mom the catahoula leopard rescue dog Baxter 🐶🤗❤️ . . Swipe to see my Gift Pics For Mom this year ❤️ . . Fresh Plantings are always a great idea! And can be enjoyed each season to come . . Treat her to Fitness and move Online (Link In Bio) . . An @tusolwellness smoothie subscription will keep her energized, balanced & glowing(Link & discount in Bio) . . @sakaralife Food delivery service right to her door! No prep necessary! All organic meals to support her busy schedule and body (Link & Discount in Bio) . . @freskincare will keep her skin glowing and balanced with simple steps for an easy glowing skincare regime (Link & discount in Bio) . . . Shop The Links in Bio for these goodies & More for Mom . . . #charmedlifestyle #fashion #food #beauty #mothersday #sakaralife #freskincare #tusolwellness #smoohies #glow #giftideas

41 0

Monday Motivation . . . You Can . . . Thoughts are Things . . . Dream all the Big Beautiful Magical Things . . . Be Grateful . . . Your Mind is a Beautiful thing . . . Keep Manifesting . . . #charmedlifestyle #mondaymotivation #fashion #beauty #travel #food #lifestyle #inspiration #magicalleap

51 1

The start of Summer Sunday’s...... . . . A cool pair of Sunnies . . . Some Fav Fashion Mags . . . My rejuvenating and calming Smoothies by @tusolwellness to keep me healthy, energized & balanced to move into Monday . . . Use my Code: PilatesGirlNYC for your discount @tusolwellness start your wellness journey now, selfcare Sunday . . . #charmedlifestyle #summerdays #tusolwellness #smoothies #adaptogens #fashion #beauty #food #selfcaresunday

50 0

Bringing a little PEACE of nature indoors today in honor of Earth Week ✨ . . Nature Heals . . Spring ✨ . . Flowers are ESSENTIAL ❤️ . . . In celebration of Earth Day all week long! @freskincare is giving you 30% off with my code: PILATESGIRL . . Buy a skincare set, @freskincare plants 2 🌲🎉 . . . Cruelty Free 🐶❤️ . . 100 % money back guarantee . . . Be kind to the Earth & kind to yourself together as one 🌎 ❤️🌲✨ . . . Tell me your favorite flowers & @freskincare product you love most ❤️ . . . #charmedlifestyle #charmedlife #freskincare #glow #earthday #vegan #fashion #beauty #food #lifestyle

42 3

Get the Shoes . . Get the All Organic Super Food Smoothie . . Get the Workout subscription you’ve been dying for . . Get the piece of artwork that you’ve been thinking about for way too long . . . #charmedlifestyle #charmedlife #fashion #food #beauty #lifestyle #dream #grow #livelovedream

74 0

Omg! It’s Earth week and part of taking care of Mother Nature in a responsible way is also finding ways to nurture your own body so you really can be present to give of yourself to help the environment, others and support yourself without getting depleted. . . I love sharing the Most amazing things with you and things that I Love & experience on a daily basis that I’m passionate about. . . One of those is @sakaralife meal program . . Let’s just all agree that you deserve to feel your best all year round and that being homebound shouldn’t get in the way of that. . . Coming to your front door step soon (if you order in time, so quick quick) 4 weeks of @sakaralife signature nutrition program featuring fresh, organic, plant rich meals delivered directly to your door . . Included: Fun empowering workouts you can do all from home! No equipment needed except your awesome self! . . Oh and there is more! You’ll receive a pair of chic, luxury, high performance athletic sneakers by @apl A Sakara glass water bottle to keep you hydrated 🎉and.....1 Box of Sakara Life Super Powder . . You’ve got 4 weeks to choose from to make a conscious choice and call to action for yourself to start! Choose your best self and get supported with Sakara Meals . . WEEKS OF: MAY 4th, MAY 11th, MAY 18th & 25th 🎉 Hurry Space is limited! . . If not you than who! Link in my Bio . USE MY CODE: XONATASHAL 20% off first meal program or 10 day reset . . . #charmedlifestyle #foodie #fashion #beauty #sakara #sakaralife #plantbasedmeals #immunityboost #charmedlife

57 0

Happy Earth Day Everyone! . . Get outside breathe in the fresh air . . Connect with Nature as the Sun gives us warmth and vitamin D. The Earth gives us a subtle balance and calm when we pause to sit still with her and feel her energy vibrations from our hands, feet and body . . I’m super passionate about the Earth and how I can contribute to keeping her health in tact! . . Simple things that are little things can have a huge impact on the Earth & your health . . I recycle, use my own reusable bag at the markets, 4 years ago I switched over my entire cosmetic line I was using to @rmsbeauty all natural and organic ingredients safe for me and the environment. I enjoy wearing make up and it was easy for me to make the switch to a brand that has a phenomenal product line and was good for me & the environment. This type of change was so easy. Any make up you’ve ever seen me wearing in my posts is @rmsbeauty . . My most favorite bio hack is my @earthing Mat! So good for helping me stay balanced and connected to the earths energy while I’m working on electronics, or have a period where I can’t spend time outdoors as much as I’d like. . . My third most favorite change I was able to make for myself and the environment was my CAR! It’s the biggest one I’ve made so far. Two years ago I purchased my first plug in hybrid car. The Honda clarity, this was a great way forw to dip my toes I to moving towards all electric. I mostly drive on electric and feel super fancy never having to pump gas except 4 times a year at most it seems. Driving in town I’ve been able to achieve 89 miles to the gallon with the car in hybrid mode. . . For more on Earthing check out the link in my bio . . Share with me in the comments what you’re doing for Earth Day & any fabulous products good for the earth andus humans you think I should know about! . . . #charmedlifestyle #charmedlife #earthday #recycle #rmsbeauty #organicbeauty #natureisthebestmedicine #lakegeorge #harmony

63 0

Thankful that when we are all under circumstances where things may feel entirely out of our control, we still have the power to choose our thoughts . . Thoughts are Things . . Choose Wisely . . . #charmedlifestyle #lifestyle #positivity #beauty #fashion #lovewins #chooselove #kindness #NYTough


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