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79.8% of caitlin_she's followers are female and 20.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 180 and the average number of comments is 4.

Caitlin_she loves posting about Food, Cooking.

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79.8 %
20.2 %


  • Art & Design 85.96 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 79.79 %
  • Books and Literature 49.61 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 47.94 %
  • Photography 43.99 %
  • Entertainment 42.12 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 39.65 %
  • Home & Garden 39.62 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 39.31 %
  • Business & Careers 36.93 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 33.89 %
  • Music 33.88 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.08 %


61 3

Surname, Spider 🕷 🕸 Feb 2021 Read aloud in early April at @tinningstreet as part of the artist talks for the exhibition A Drop Of Dew On Her Glittering Web, curated by @hilarygreen__ and @frances_cannon

139 6

Thankyou to @hilarygreen__ and @frances_cannon for allowing me to read some poems under the big spiderweb as part of the A Drop Of Dew On Her Glittering Web artist talks at @tinningstreet earlier this month. I’ve been secretly hoarding hundreds of poems and voice recordings over the last year, to the point where it’s getting a bit ridiculous, having them locked up so tightly in a box. What a treat to have a voice and to let it exist out in the world. To locate it, to release it, to share it - it’s been a big learning curve.

63 3

Rescued (stolen?) figs from neighbourhood tree

83 0

Special bedroom install of a poem painting from 2019 @eitanritz ✨

191 5

‘Pearl’ and ‘Venus’ hanging out in the @vcaartspace as part of the exhibition GLEAN, curated by myself and @becsuarez. Had to catch a nice bit of window light to set off the pearlescent hints of paint. Spending time in the uni studio painting from paintings I made during lockdown last year, in an attempt to scale up and relinquish control and perfection in mark making. Thinking about the Pearl in the shell, woman being born, perfect nacre, the spelling of the word nacre, the pronunciation of that same word. woman giving birth, ovaries, uterus, hard-shelled, salt encrusted. Seaside so far away. “Anywhere but here” the phrase won’t leave my head. Painting in order to have safe spaces to enter.

299 1

549 20

‘sextet, stubborn, glorified, floral foam.‘ & ‘Turning left in my broken chair to look down at the street, looking at our heart shaped fence which lets you in when you come to visit me, seeing best friend tree waving in the wind, hearing the kids being happy in the park.’ Two paintings which emerged from experimentation with oil paints on raw canvas with a clear primer, allowing the inherent warp and weft of the cloth to show through. I’m enjoying working in a larger scale with a method of painting which is more akin to drawing. Releasing emotional energy by using my hands and setting down images which are inspired by the people closest to me. By the gifted sunflower, by the shared home, by the familiar fence.

260 5

‘For ever’ lead pencil and oil paint on cotton canvas 8x10”

63 0

‘Satin ruffle eiderdown’ lead pencil, gouache and oil paint on cotton canvas 8x10”

92 1

‘Sunflowers’ lead pencil, colour pencil and oil paint on cotton canvas 8x10”

71 0

‘For ever’ lead pencil and oil paint on cotton canvas 8x10”

85 1

Lead pencil poem paintings from A Drop Of Dew On Her Glittering Web, curated by @frances_cannon and @hilarygreen__ , which showed at @tinningstreet

424 9

I forgot to mention that the painting is wearing a real silver earring. These are just some of the subtleties you get to see when you lay eyes on this exhibition in real time and space. On Saturday there will be an artist talk at @tinningstreet with curators @hilarygreen__ and @frances_cannon, and artist @chloerose______ . 12-1 pm. & I will be reading some poems I have written. Please rsvp to to attend. ✨

337 9

Dispatches from the studio while everything is tightly under lock and key 🔑

127 2

Painted the sides of all the canvases currently showing in A Droplet Of Dew On Her Glittering Web at @tinningstreet, curated by @hilarygreen__ and @frances_cannon. These small canvases cast a golden glow on the wall in the gallery! Perhaps you go spend some quiet time with this exhibition today, it’s a rainy Sunday in Brunswick. There’s a very tall creamy textured dollhouse and the work of so many sensitive artists, perhaps that’ll entice you too. 💜

81 3

Real life charlottes web - over breakfast I noticed a perfect capital A in the garden (with head flipped upside down, of course)

106 3

Window out to somewhere else

141 2

For ‘A droplet of dew on her glittering web...’ @tinningstreet which opens this Friday to the public. ✨ Some Sheer, double-gauze, texta markings not made by textas and the rest is a secret until then.

141 2

Packing up and saying goodbye to my dear little paintings for the exhibition A DROPLET OF DEW ON HER GLITTERING WEB, curated by @hilarygreen__ and @frances_cannon, to open at @tinningstreet on the 19th of March.✨🪟💭 This exhibition was scheduled for last year, but as we all know, nothing in 2020 went to plan. I have collected some text pieces from March 2020, from just before the University studios were shut down and I was relegated to being a bedroom painter all over again. Twelve formative, scary, enlightening and unpredictable months later, I’ve paired them with two newer large scale (for me) oil paintings. These works linger in both eternity and the current moment. I am wondering about what a poem is, and what it could be, how to utilise sensitivities and what being vulnerable can accomplish. and I’ve lovingly hand painted all the edges of the canvases! Please come and see the show once it opens. This is a new doorway and I would like you to please walk through it with me. 🪟💜

197 3

On the way to the bus stop

136 4

@hilarygreen__ and @frances_cannon present ‘A Droplet Of Dew On Her Glittering Web’ at @tinningstreet gallery. ✨ 🕷 19th March - 4th April 💧💿🌀featuring; @hilarygreen__ , @frances_cannon , @big_nonna_energy_ , @sethsearle , @lucindaflorence ,@heygemmaflack , @panini.head, @cat_rabbit , @caitlin_she , @_eleanor_j_ , @chloerose____ , @dorkusdesign , @_aprilphillips_ , @aoifebillings , @sometimes_sophie , @sacreflux , @lizzi.morris , @eve.wickson , @_leili____ , @easylilah I will have a series of new large and small oil paintings in the show, which I have kept squirrelled away while I study painting and form the Pearl inside this clamshell which is life in 2020/21. It feels right to release them into the world amongst the company of many artists who I have the pleasure of knowing personally and whose practices I have taken delight in watching grow since moving to Melbourne about five years ago. Please keep in mind that there is no public opening night event, however the gallery is open during the week and artist talks for the final weekend will be announced shortly. Hope to entice you to come and become tangled up in our spiders webs. x caitlin (Second textile image courtesy of @hilarygreen__ and @sacreflux )

196 2

542 17

Updates from the garage studio - turning left in my broken chair to look down at the street, looking at our heart shaped fence which lets you in when you come to visit me, seeing best friend tree waving in the wind, hearing the kids being happy in the park.

108 1

Did you know that I love sunflowers? Miss this crop who grew facing the back fence in our garden last summer.

45 0

58 0

73 2

99 0

139 6

Me & You

144 0

Accidental pumpkins

80 0


72 0

I’m in the garden

149 1

Last summers garden

272 7

“Too busy putting eyelashes on things” Some of something bigger

276 4

‘Pearly Dewdrops Drops’ Oil paint and pearl sheen on canvas board 15x15 cm

244 2

precious trinket holders and good dream totems for your bedside table - for @alternateornament ~ thanks to @hollyleonardson for curating such a lovely exhibition!

424 10

‘Copy of a painting I made when I was 19’ Oil on canvas board 30x45 cm

202 10

Early stages for a sunny garden collab with painter and dear friend @jackson_mclaren ~ to be shown at @georgepatongallery alongside the hundred page poem we’ve been writing together during the strange year of 2020

351 4

‘head in the clouds’ Oil on canvas board 15x15cm

296 6

‘Look into the mirror and mouth the words ‘I LOVE YOU.’ Oil on canvas board 15x15 cm

200 2

‘In wearing these shoes, I remain hell bent, on loving but a bit of something, on which I’d clearly overspent.’ Oil on board 15x15cm

51 0


396 5

58 0

270 5

Not real face on a Too small canvas, chin in someone else’s hand

142 4

A Good morning to begin this one and to discover that it has been held and signed by dear Helen 😮

232 1

497 2

Kissing the pond, kissing the mirror, kissing the window, kissing oneself

66 1

382 5

Dream house 🏠 dreaming!

134 2

Op shops re-opened and I am content once again

108 2

Happy family

110 2

62 6

195 1


77 2

Bedside Visitor

91 2

Tiny Purse for potions - witch remedies of ginger, peppermint, camphor, for getting rid of headaches anxiety life etc

115 4

Best ever packing peanuts

86 2

319 2

Interior garden


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