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32.1% of cairoscene's followers are female and 67.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0%. The average number of likes per post is 148 and the average number of comments is 2.

Cairoscene loves posting about Travel, Photography, Fashion.

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32.1 %
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  • Beauty & Fashion 77.97 %
  • Art & Design 57.63 %
  • Photography 37.93 %


117 1

#SceneLive: @unicorngardeneg made the most of the long weekend with the Shit Hot Pop-Up Party, which started nice and early, before moving to Unicorn Garden Warehouse for a second helping of music courtesy of some of Cairo’s favourites - and @thehorribledjs. Ahem. • 📸 @thecairozoom

138 2

#SceneLive: Day two of @heracleionfestival had the unenviable task of topping yesterday’s spectacular opening, but it’s been just as epic, with @alyandfila once again taking to the stage in Soma Bay, capping off a unforgettable weekend. • 📸 @thecairozoom • @RedStarBrandEgypt #Heineken #Heineken #HeracleionFestival2019 #HeracleionFestival #FSOE600

93 0

#SceneLive: @KingsPoloAcademy picked up from where it left off after yesterday’s spectacular opening day of the #KingsPolo Cold Cup, with day two seeing more of the world’s top polo players go head-to-head in the inaugural edition of the tournament. The next generation of polo players were out on show, too, with a youth match also bringing families and fans out to the academy’s lush 120-acre grounds and facilities. The Gold Cup continues till Sunday 6th of October. Head to LINK IN BIO to register and attend for free. • 📸 @thecairozoom

184 2

#SceneFashion: INDIRA JEWELRY'S NEW COLLECTION IS CHANGING THE CONVERSATION AROUND MEN'S ACCESSORIES • “I have a brother who I always struggled to buy presents for – whether for birthdays, holidays or on my travels. It was either a dress shirt or a T-shirt or maybe a tie. I know my friends, colleagues and other females struggle with this as well,” founder and head designer of @IndiraJewelry, Marwa Saadawi, told CairoScene. “Men have always had limited choices when it comes to fashion and particularly accessories. So I thought, why can’t a man express himself through jewelry the way a woman does?” Indira Jewelry’s inaugural men’s line, the Indira Slate Collection, is the solution to the globally acknowledged dilemma of buying a man something nice that is not a pen, wallet or pipe accessory. • Experimenting with the concept of accessories for men for the past few years, the collection is now finally launched and available for purchase. • With the first collection out, they are now working on introducing fine gold to other products like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, standing out, as a brand, with their premium customer service and high quality. To make the process easier for their clients, they offer multiple payment options, delivery services and premium quality packaging. • Saadawi’s leap from an education in child therapy, psychology and education to founding and designing her own jewelry brand saw the launch of Indira Jewelry in 2016. “I was living between New York and Cairo, where I would apprentice and train with the local silversmith (warsha), that I realized this was more than just a side business,” Saadawi told us. “I felt I was building a movement and the Indira community and the only way to succeed was if I moved permanently to Cairo. So I took the leap and moved to Cairo, leaving behind my New York life.” • Photography: Ismail Sabet (@izmatique) Art Direction: Sohaila Kandil (@sohailakandil) Models: Omar Sherief (@omar_sherief_) + Ibrahim El Demerdash (@_theafterparty.xo)

68 1

#SceneLifestyle: 9 MIND-BENDING PHOTOS FROM CIRQUE DU SOLEIL’S DEBUT SHOW IN EGYPT In a year that has seen global superstars and fresh concepts penetrate the entertainment scene in Egypt, one has stood as the most unique: the debut of Cirque Du Soleil. Having kicked off on September 19th, the show – an offshoot concept called BAZAAR – has certainly caught the imagination of the Egyptian public in its complete and utter novelty. Recreating and celebrating the traditional Indian bazaar, the show comes complete with the kind of combination of mind-blowing acrobatics, spectacular colours and mesmerising music that has come to be the trademark of the Cirque Du Soleil style. We got a chance to immerse ourselves in this once-in-a-lifetime experience with the good folk at @EtisalatMisr, who, in addition to sponsoring this grandest of events - which was organised by Alchemy Project Entertainment - also took their loyal Emerald customers front-and-centre at the Big Top in New Cairo’s Hyde Park, continuing the telecommunications giant’s unique approach to offering its customers much more than the average company. In fact, for years, @EtisalatEmerald customers have been treated to a whole host of unique events. But enough talk – check out these stunning photos from the show, which continues till Sunday 6th of October.

431 2

#SceneBuzz: EGYPTIAN TOURISM REVENUES RISE BY $2.7 BILLION IN 2019 The Central Bank of Egypt has announced that Egypt’s tourism revenues have increased from $9.8 billion in 2018, to $12.6 billion in 2019, marking a healthy $2.7 billion increase. Egyptian tourism’s gradual return to its former glory has seen it move up nine places in the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, while a report by the World Bank has praised structural reforms that have led to a huge improvement in tourism promotion and marketing strategy. One such strategy has come in the form of Minister of Tourism, @RaniaAlMashat, teaming up with nation-branding agency and travel platform, @BeautifulDestinations, which has seen founder and entrepreneur, @JeremyJauncey, launch the #PeopleToPeople campaign with a view to portraying a more authentic vision of Egypt to the rest of the world. Head to our IGTV tab and scroll down for our exclusive interview with Jauncey, in which he talks about his collaboration with Al-Mashat, how he intends to ‘nation-brand’ Egypt and more.

44 0

#SceneEvents: What’s happening on the Cairo Scene today? • -Shit Hot Pop-Up Party at @UnicornGardenEg -My Favourite Things IV at @MashrabiaGallery -Fluid Yoga at @OsanaFamilyWellness -Egyptian Project at @CairoJazzClub -Creative Writing Workshop at @Darb1718 -Oktoberfest at @TheTapEast -Arabic Calligraphy Class at @SaneEgypt -Cairo Symphony Orchestra at @CairoOperaHouse

192 1

#SceneLive: Summer might be well behind us, but that doesn’t mean that seaside partying is. Today, @HeracleionFestival kicked off a huge weekend in #SomaBay, with the world-renowned @AlyandFila sitting as the crown jewel of an epic first day that also featured the likes of @PaulVanDyk, @KevinDeVriesMusic and a whole host of local and international DJs providing plenty of trance and dance. Stay tuned for day two… • 📸 @thecairozoom • @RedStarBrandEgypt #Heineken #Heineken #HeracleionFestival2019 #HeracleionFestival #FSOE600

174 3

#SceneLive: @KingsPoloAcademy’s stunning 120-acre grounds in 6th of October City played host to the inaugural edition of the #KingsPolo Gold Cup today, bringing some of the top players and teams from across the world for day one of what’s already shaping up to be a unique weekend-long event that celebrates polo as both sport and spectacle. The free-to-attend event welcomed a host of equestrian-enthusiasts and families to the world-class facilities of what is quickly becoming the home of polo in Egypt, offering an experience that was once the a staple of Egypt’s elite – and there’s more to come. The Gold Cup continues till Sunday 6th of October. To register and attend for free, head to the @KingsPoloAcademy LINK IN BIO.

188 3

#SceneLifestyle: @CORE.EGYPT CAIRO’S FIRST POP-UP GYM WILL REDEFINE YOUR WORKOUT EXPERIENCE • After their Sahel Takeover this summer, Egypt’s first pop-up gym, Core, is now in Sheikh Zayed's Walk of Cairo (WOC) as a ‘studio edition’ until they officially open their main facility in December. They will also be opening two other branches in New Cairo and Zamalek in January. Popping up at Beachouse By Sass in Ghazala Bay last summer, Core gave fitsos the chance to train with a sea-view and in fresh salty air to upgrade their daily workout experience. Core aims to revolutionize and adopt the concept of luxurious hospitality in the fitness industry. They take pride in being the first entity giving equal priority to mind, body and soul through the various classes they offer. The current edition consists of two studios; Studio A for Functional Strength and Conditioning and Studio B for Yoga, Pilates and Flexibility. Resident coaches include Head Coach Omar Attiyah and Shahir Mekawi for Functional Training, Alia Sherif and Nina Kabbani for Core and Vinyasa Yoga. Khaled Amin will be responsible for Calisthenics, Hany Emam for Master Training in RealRyder and Noha Al Rayan for kickboxing. Habiba El Tamawy and Aya Khaled will also be giving Functional Training classes and Nada Bebbars and Ingy Noury will be giving rotational yoga classes. Core is just Kun Sports’ first brand in Egypt. Kun Sports is a growing, vibrant and privately owned Saudi sports and fitness company with branches in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UK that operates and invests in different sectors within the fitness industry. Aiming to start a certified, international academy in Egypt to train fitness coaches to the highest caliber, Kun will also launch another neighborhood-gym-like concept targeting the mass in ten locations around Cairo. Not only that, they also vouch to open a boutique holistic wellness retreat, hosting those wanting to detox, lose weight or improve their nutrition, and will launch an investment arm in distributing gym and fitness equipment, allowing them to cater to all aspects of the fitness industry.

87 1

#SceneEvents: As has become lore in the realm of Cairo nightlife, The Tap is welcoming all comers with arms wide open for another month of its stalwarts – Sunday’s All You Can Eat Wings Day and Tuesday’s Games Night. Ah, familiarity feels so good. Get on it with @TheTapMaadi, @TheTapEast and @TheTapWest.

237 3

#SceneBuzz: EGYPT TO HOST WORLD HANDBALL CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2021 Egypt is set to host the World Men’s Handball Championship for the second time in its history, after an agreement was reached between the International Handball Federation and the Egyptian Handball Federation on the 2021 edition of the tournament. Though the Egyptian men's national handball team has never won what is the biggest prize in the sport, they are considered one Africa's best and most successful teams. The nineties is considered the golden era in the sport for Egypt, who also became the first non-European team to reach the championship's semi-final stage in 2001. The 2021 edition will be unique in that it will be the first to feature 32 teams, instead of the usual 24.


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