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41.9% of brockashby's followers are female and 58.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.10%. The average number of likes per post is 2395 and the average number of comments is 46.

27.5% of the followers that engaged with brockashby regularly are from Australia, followed by New Zealand at 20% and United Kingdom at 5%. In summary, the top 5 countries of brockashby's posts engager are coming from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Thailand.

Brockashby loves posting about Events, Fitness, Coaching, Training, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Cooking.

Check brockashby's audience demography. This analytics report shows brockashby's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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41.9 %
58.1 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 69.65 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 55.48 %
  • Sports 45.29 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 43.18 %
  • Movies and TV 42.33 %
  • How-to & Style 38.34 %
  • Travel & Tourism 37.62 %
  • Business & Careers 35.36 %
  • Art & Design 33.99 %
  • Music 33.71 %
  • Entertainment 33.12 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 33.02 %


  • Australia 27.5 %
  • New Zealand 20 %
  • United Kingdom 5 %
  • United States 5 %
  • Thailand 3.75 %


3,359 42

Yes, there’s a ton of value in a calorie deficit. It’s the key to dropping fat and losing weight which potentially leads to improved confidence and boosted self esteem. It could be the key to you looking the best you ever have in your life. Amazing. But don’t forget that the calorie deficit life of eating not much calories and being hungry is only a process to get to a result, it’s not a lifestyle. In my opinion, there are too many people seeing how little they can eat and get away with when they’ve already hit their body fat goal. Like it’s a challenge to eat as little as possible and tolerate the side effects of a calorie deficit. You shouldn’t be striving to live in a deficit but instead, striving to get out of it. Get into a deficit, get the result, then get the hell outta there. You should be striving get to maintenance or a calorie surplus and enjoy eating plentiful calories to optimising the muscle building process and also the process of getting your body back into a state of homeostasis. Use those extra calories to fuel workouts, fuel higher levels of activity and to enjoy the foods you may have to eliminate in a deficit. I spend a lot of my time encouraging my clients who have lost a lot of body fat to get to their goal (which is usually their initial goal) to reverse diet up to maintenance then ultimately get into a surplus to spend time building muscle and spend time enjoying a ton more calories and using those calories to fuel getting stronger and hitting PB’s. A calorie deficit is a method to get leaner but often a place where we don’t feel our best physically. Reduced sex drive. Reduced recovery. Reduced nutrient intake (less food). Lower energy levels. Sounds great 🤣 There are many ways to make a calorie deficit easier and life more sustainable but keep in mind there will be a time where your can’t eat any less and/or move any more than you already are. Which is a great time to go to maintenance or even a surplus. Happy eating 🍽

3,367 33

Not an ab workout 🤡 These 5 exercises are all variations of the plank and can be incorporated as individual exercises for different levels of training/difficulty. Don’t pair them back to back like an ab workout. I’ve made suggestions of rep ranges of you want to use them in your workouts though 😎 1️⃣ Plank with alternating arms and legs - one of the most challenging plank variations. Try to keep hips as still as possible. Very advanced move, I’m still pretty shaky. Do 6-10 reps per side. 2️⃣ Plank with alternating arms - reach arms out straight in front of you and keep hips as still as possible. Do 8-15 reps per side. 3️⃣ Plank - tuck butt (posterior tilt), squeeze abs and drive elbows down into the floor and then to your feet. This will cool your abs. Hold it as long as possible. 4️⃣ Side plank crunch - with your elbow directly underneath your shoulder, push your hips as high as you can to the ceiling and back to the floor. Do 8-15 reps per side. 5️⃣ Side plank - with your elbow underneath your shoulder, keep your hips as high as possible. Hold as long as you can per side.

2,270 43

8 week Team Brock Ashby Transformation 🔥 4kg down and 9cm off abdomen measurements. My client Tyler absolutely smashed his 8 week program. Adding weight to the bar every workout (progressive overload) and getting strong AF on his heavy compounds. Tracking macros and focusing on getting as close as possible to the targets. Adjusting his form on the feedback I gave him. Staying accountable to me week to week but also taking complete ownership that he needs to do the work. This is what happens when the basics are done well, over and over again. A few words from my client: “Brock gives you all the tools you need to succeed right at your finger tips. I was hesitant with online coaching, but he did a phenomenal job of keeping me motivated and focused on my goals. Workout formats and nutrition are organized and easy to understand. If I ever had a question, Brock is great at keeping an open line of communication and never once made me feel the distance.” Smashed it brother, pumped for this next 8 week block 🔥

8,132 124

If your waiting for Monday to roll around to start something like a diet or a new workout. I get it. Start of the week, new week-new me etc etc. But when you’re not sticking to something it’s because you’re not getting results. And on the back of results is where motivation lies, which kickstarts even more action. Creating a snowball effect of action ➡️ results ➡️ motivation. So instead of persevering through something that doesn’t work to Thursday then going AWOL and forgetting about it over the weekend. Sort out your plan, your method, your strategy. There’s no point in doing the same workout program for 3 years, this should change every 3-6 weeks. There’s no point in staying on the same calories for 3 years either, the calories must change to fit your goal and bodies adaption to the calories. And know that there’s nothing magic about Monday, the magic is in the action (whatever day of the week is) 💪

2,297 60

If we want to make the fitness world a better place we need to stop dropping comments like this: “Looked better on the left”. “Preferred you before”. “You looked better without as much muscle.” “Can’t see the difference”. “Only the lighting has changed.” These comments really piss me off. They don’t affect me (at all) but they probably do have an effect on someone who was tossing up if they’re going to post the photo or not for a good couple of days. Whether it’s a transformation photo of me, or one of my clients who has worked their ass off to transform their body, keep your sh*tty comments to yourself and if you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything. Your ideal body or what you think is a “good body” is subjective to you. You may not think someone is lean because they don’t have abs but maybe they don’t want abs. You may think someone has no butt but they may be stoked with their glute gains that they’ve made over one year of consistent training. Someone may not look different but they may feel totally different and have a massive boost in confidence. No one, no matter how much self esteem they have, needs someone chiming in to let them know they “looked better before”. There’s enough influencers pushing discount codes for a kickback on useless supplements and fitness models on steroids claiming their natty just to sell more workout programs. We don’t need anymore jokers in the comments section 🤡 With love, Brock ❤️

5,809 103

So I had this idea the other day that is so simple it sounds stupid. Very simple but very eye-opening on following a plan and getting results. Let's look at riding a bike. The simple plan of pedalling one after another makes the bike go forward. The more you stick to the game plan of pedalling, the more progress you make. Obviously you have to steer and avoid hazards but to create forward motion, you need to pedal. However, the less you pedal the less progress you make and the more likely you are to stop. But the main point is that your bike will not move without you getting on it and pedalling. Just like whatever you’re trying to achieve won’t get done until you get up and start taking action. If you stick to a program aligned with solid training principles and methods and follow it to a tee, you will get great results. On the contrary, have that program and don't apply anything or stick to the plan, you won't get great results. It's not the program you follow, or the macros, that stuff is fine. It's the ability you have to stick to the game plan, week after week. Sticking to the plan whether you're feeling great, tired or a bit "off". Get on the bike and start pedalling! 🚴💨

1,911 42

A jump squat is not a “jump as fast and as high as you can” squat. It can be done with good form 🐒

525 11

8kg down in 8 weeks 🔥🔥 I know I’ve posted a ton of TBA transformation photos this week but it’s because of many reasons: 1) In a time of difficulty, transformation photos can bring hope, inspiration and motivation. 2) I know there’s many people that see these photos and go, “Hey, that person looked like me. Maybe I can do that!” It can build self efficacy. 3) I post these photos to say, “Great things happen when you’re consistent and apply the right strategy!” 4) I post these photos to say, “No matter what stage of life you are at, you can always improve.” A few words from my client... "I enjoy working with Brock because his workouts are detailed and tailored to my fitness goals. He is always willing to answer any questions that I have and never hesitates to point me in the right direction when I need some guidance. Brock has given me the necessary knowledge to achieve my fitness goals. After my first 8 week program, I continued to work with him because I enjoyed his style of coaching that much!" Massive congrats to my client here, big effort! Link in bio to transform your body with me 🏆

1,969 27

Key at-home exercises (swipe left to see them) 🏡 I say these exercises are key because it’s almost impossible to work your back and hamstrings with no equipment but with a resistance band, it is possible. With these exercises you can come close to hitting hamstrings, back and triceps just like you would in the gym. EXERCISES 1️⃣ Banded lat pull down 2️⃣ Banded seated row 3️⃣ Banded tricep extension 4️⃣ Overhead cable tricep extension 5️⃣ Hamstring ab rollout 6️⃣ Hamstring ab walkout

594 31

What an incredible 8 week transformation 🏆 It’s amazing what happens when you stick to the program without any deviation. My client did 6 workouts per week. My client tracked his macros when he could and did his best when he was eating out but ultimately adhered to a calorie deficit. My client stayed accountable and checked in with me every single week and completely transformed his body and took on feedback like a champ. A few words from my client: “By working and being part of Team Brock Ashby, I was able to accomplish many of the things I could not accomplish by myself. With his guidance, I lost a significant amount of abdominal fat and gained some muscle mass on my arms, chest, back and legs. Brock tailored a plan that was specific to my needs. He shared his knowledge and gave feedback as I asked for it. I appreciated how prompt and direct he was with his responses. Throughout the process, he was readily available to make adjustments as necessary. Patience and dedication play a huge part in the outcome, but also having someone being an advocate for your success. Brock was that person. I am excited to embark on another 8 week journey and see more positive changes. Thanks Brock!” Absolutely smashed it mate, let’s smash another 8 weeks 💪 Link in bio if you want to transform your body in 8 weeks in Team Brock Ashby 🏆


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