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61.4% of britobrien's followers are female and 38.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 13.00%. The average number of likes per post is 2184 and the average number of comments is 15.

Britobrien loves posting about Music, Band.

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61.4 %
38.6 %


  • Photography 65.83 %
  • Music 50.45 %
  • Art & Design 46.94 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 46.79 %
  • Business & Careers 41.14 %
  • Travel & Tourism 40.46 %
  • Books and Literature 35.96 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 34.53 %
  • Entertainment 33.97 %
  • Movies and TV 33.74 %


2,533 26

some pix i took while escaping everything this week. a year ago that wouldn’t have seemed like a big deal but obviously things are different now. trips come with risk and reward. the yucatán peninsula is such a beautiful part of the world with an economy heavily dependent on tourism dollars. after seeing it was one of the first places to receive the safe travel global safety & hygiene stamp - i was ready to do some research, spend some savings, hang out with some fish and get away from smoke filled skies. it was wild to share a 14 story hotel with only 30 other people and to hear stories from locals about their experiences with COVID and how they were excited to have people slowly trickling back to the island. we all deserve a break (if only for a few days) and if you’re ready to give yourself one, i’d love to share some scribbles and tips i learned traveling during this mad year. if anyone wants to read it, i can send it your way. much luv 🌎

1,539 5

pretty cool when you get to work for, work with, photograph, tour manage and travel the world with your other half. for nine years. happy 29th birthday to @alexdidonato. stoked we’ve spent our twenties in and around the music world tearing up the stage 🍦

2,238 7

throughout the insanity of september i managed to shoot some things. people in luv, couple portraits, sweet celebration and a single cover too. miss music photography with my entire soul — but grateful to get back to work with rad people here at home 🌻

2,970 27

THEY’RE HERE. first round of prints have arrived!! pulled out a few and took some lazy photos of the photos. feels so good to see such a vast and varying amount of my life in music in print 👽 thanks for giving my pix a home.

1,447 8

when i got back to my house after being evacuated for a week the first thing i did was take this self portrait. it was weird having to leave my things behind and decide what was important enough to take with. but it felt great to settle back in, get in my comfiest robe, make some tea and start life again. so here i am doing just that. wanna thank all of you for buying prints from me. by doing so you supported forest regrowth on the west coast. it’s been the most apocalyptic summer as a californian but it’s incredible knowing how many people out there support art and support our planet. all orders should be shipping next week!!! more things to come!!! 🌲🌾🌱

2,137 17

today i finalized all the print orders. it’s been a week of organizing, filing, color coding and digging through the archives. in the process of finding all the photos that we’re purchased from me - i realized i didn’t have any prints of my own work. a couple called out to me. so i grabbed a copy of these shots for myself. the accents of live music. the small moments and body language that make things memorable // stoked to finally hang some of my ... own work 🌻

868 11

absolute gem and incredible talent stefani robinson sunday night at the virtual @televisionacad 🍓 // she was nominated for two including outstanding writing for a comedy series. gonna take over. stoked to be here for it. catch a couple of my pix in @variety !!

2,945 7

looking at the photos you guys have asked me to print has been so wild. been bringing up great tour memories and has made me... proud of my work. here are some favorites that you all have asked me about so far. can’t believe i’ll be printing some of these shots for the first time ❤️ // sale ends monday. DM me if you want something. my whole feed is open. 30% of profits go to @onetreeplanted. reforesting the west coast with native growth. in the last three days we’ve planted almost 700 trees !

1,880 9

today @lupin released two new songs/videos. for ‘vampire’ jake and i wandered around on a chilly fall day recording on a camcorder with him dressed as a vampire. think he even got some fake blood on our thai food. here’s a little taste + behind the scenes look at us testing the camera 🍩 thanks as always to the entire team for having me. go get spooky

2,475 17

for the first (and most likely only) time my entire instagram feed is open for print sales. the recent west coast fires have been all consuming for me and i’m running this limited surprise sale for the next week to raise funds for @onetreeplanted. hoping to get involved in the reforestation efforts across california over the next year while i remain off the road. 30% of the sales will be donated to planting new native growth in parched forests. scroll the archives, find a pic you’ve always wanted a copy of, DM it to me and we’ll go from there. this week only. feels good to look at all my work. miss running around in arenas and getting sweaty in the van ✨

2,125 15

ash rain in blade runner skies // 5pm 🎃

2,518 23

fall in california was magical. i’d brag about it to my out of state friends. halloween, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and preparing for my thanksgiving were important things on my mind. camping in the trees, sitting at the river or hitting up a winery was easy. that comfort that autumn brings was shattered in 2017. my hometown burned in the middle of the night. i was on tour but it affected me like i was there. i didn’t even think it was possible. didn’t have a clue that a wildfire could attack a city 20 miles east of the ocean. never thought twice about smelling smoke in the air. but every year since the uneasiness of life in CA in late summer and into the fall sets in. it’s hard to recall the simplicity of northern california beauty, but i know it’s there somewhere. here we are in september 2020, the worst fire year in history. the whole state burns somewhere. everyone knows someone with an evacuation order. and through all the gnarly-ness i know there is light. i went out today with my iphone and documented the red orange sky. had never seen anything so apocalyptic and beautiful. really sums up how it feels to be a californian at this moment. to be surviving through an “unprecedented” pandemic and fire season all at the same time. to know our state will burst with wildflowers and new growth again. but we gotta get through the brunt of it first. we’re glowing dark and red but the blue sky is under there too. - entry from my upcoming book “from lockdown, with love” which is me documenting 2020 and everything it continues to throw at us. 🌩 //remember to vote this year. climate change is very real and we need politicians who believe in the power of science and green energy. more than ever. sending lots of luv to the west coast.


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