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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.80%. The average number of likes per post is 54 and the average number of comments is 3.

24.68% of the followers that engaged with bridget__bennett regularly are from Australia, followed by United States at 11.69% and United Kingdom at 6.49%. In summary, the top 5 countries of bridget__bennett's posts engager are coming from Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, France.

Bridget__bennett loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking, Education, Food & Drink.

Check bridget__bennett's audience demography. This analytics report shows bridget__bennett's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Australia 24.68 %
  • United States 11.69 %
  • United Kingdom 6.49 %
  • Indonesia 6.49 %
  • France 5.19 %


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How to plan your day more effectively 🧠📝 Most of the time I hear my clients and prospects talk about the struggle that’s related to planning their day or lack there off to achieve their desired goals. Firstly I want to highlight the importance of you and the impact you can make! For if you aren’t taken care of then the things/people you are responsible for won’t benefit either. Your health and well being is important to you and those around you, however most clients and prospects I’ve spoken too happen to ONLY fill up others cups prior to their own, and we all know we can’t get far on an empty engine! 😣 This is why each and every morning I have a small task you can start to implement into your daily routine to allow you to have a clear vision of your days agenda. • Grab yourself a journal, make this your journal, for you to be able to empty your mind onto paper to gather your thoughts/tasks. • Write down your tasks for the day that are MUST DO’S followed by the ones that are still as important but not the highest on your priority list. Now this list may be long or it may not but I want it to contain only the tasks that are necessary to improve your day as we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves. • Re-jig your list if you have to, to make sure you’ve listed the important/top priority tasks, as well as list minimum 2 things to do for yourself that day that correlate to your goals and intentions. • Re-read your list to allow yourself to connect to these tasks and understand how to plan your day around your top priority tasks. This gives you a clear plan of attack! Some days not everything will be completed. As mentioned there are things out of our control and that’s okay, we are okay with that, however what I would do, is add those tasks to the next days top priority list to make sure it’s completed. For example, if for some reason I couldn’t workout Monday, then on Tuesday I’ll allow that to be my first task and make it topriority instead of allowing myself to fall off the wagon. I hope this gives you an idea of how you CAN TAKE CONTROL of your days, even when they are deemed busy! 😊 #thepowerfulwomenproject

43 12

Leaders are readers 📚📖 Hands down my most favourite hobby! Now if you asked me that back in school, I’d piss myself laughing, Bridget? Reading? Surely not! Since then, reading has now become such an impactful hobby that not only can soothe my soul but grow my brain tremendous amounts, have me forever asking empowering questions and talking about what I’ve just learnt, it’s the best feeling in the world! I’m currently reading: • Limitless - By Jim Kwik • The Resilience Project - By Hugh Van Cuylenburg What have you read recently? I’d love some book recommendations please! 🙌🏽 #thepowerfulwomenproject #superwoman #bridgetbennettpersonaltraining #vibrations #careless #selfseeking #selflove #onlinecoach #passionate #businesswoman #manifestation #spiritual #qualitylife #powerful #friendships #value #leadersarereaders #reading

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We’re celebrating Fitcover Boss Babe's birthday @novajanefit_! @fitcoveraustralia offering 34% OFF Nova Jane's fave go-to tanning goodies--The Fitglow Kit (AKA our best-selling tanning range) to celebrate! Now available for only $122 (from $185). Get that glowing tan all year round with Fitcover! Afterpay/ Laybuy/ Sezzle available 🙌🏽✨ Click the link in my bio to take advantage of this epic birthday deal! #Fitcover #FitglowKit #FitcoverBrandAmbassador

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I’m at peace with the change I am making, although tough, healing is such a liberating experience that comes from within 💫💛 #thepowerfulwomenproject #superwoman #bridgetbennettpersonaltraining #vibrations #careless #selfseeking #selflove #onlinecoach #passionate #businesswoman #manifestation #spiritual #qualitylife #powerful #friendships #value

99 3

Can’t believe our Chester Boy is 12 weeks old..... time flys when you’re a parent 🙃🐶 You are the sweetest soul and most cheekiest boy and mum and dad love you so much! #passionate #businesswoman #manifestation #spiritual #groodle #puppyparents #powerful #friendships #puppyspam

34 2

What’s so important about hydration? A hydrated body is imperative for so many functions.... actually nearly all functions of the body! Foremost, water is needed for 2 of the most important functioning organs in our body, the brain and the heart. From assisting in blood pumping in and out of the heart to around our body, to aiding the optimal function of the brain (our personal superpower organ) that sends signals throughout the body, call it the head master if you will! Now other than the OG’s of the human body, being hydrated can benefit our digestion and how we absorb the important vitamins and minerals our bodies needs, to the appearance by the look and health of our skin 💦 Swipe to save the benefits of being hydrated! 🙌🏽 thepowerfulwomenproject #superwoman #bridgetbennettpersonaltraining #vibrations #careless #selfseeking #selflove #onlinecoach #passionate #businesswoman #manifestation #spiritual #qualitylife #powerful #friendships #value #hydration #optimalfunction

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Want a quick brain hack from @jimkwik the legend himself? Swipe to read about the Top 10 Brain foods and how they can benefit our health and well being of our brain. 🧠💡 By implementing some of these foods into your daily nutrition, you too can fuel your mind, body and soul! thepowerfulwomenproject #superwoman #bridgetbennettpersonaltraining #vibrations #careless #selfseeking #selflove #onlinecoach #passionate #businesswoman #manifestation #spiritual #qualitylife #powerful #friendships #value #kwikbrain #limitless

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Thursday night recipe for all you lovers - Halloumi, orange and mint salad 🥗🍴This is one from my recipe book, you’re lucky I’m sharing this 😉 INGREDIENTS: SALAD 3 Oranges 250g Halloumi 150g Of Rocket 3 Sprigs of fresh mint 50g Walnuts, crushed DRESSING 3 Tablespoons of olive oil 4 Teaspoons of white vinegar Juice of half an orange METHOD: 1. Juice half an orange and mix in a small bowl with olive oil and vinegar. 2. In a saucepan on medium heat, slice halloumi into rectangles and fry until golden on both sides. 3. Now separate orange segments of the Oranges 4. In a large salad bowl toss rocket and mint together before placing fried halloumi and orange segments throughout. 5. Top with as much dressing as needed and sprinkle with crush walnuts to garnish. Bon Appetite 👌🏽 thepowerfulwomenproject #superwoman #bridgetbennettpersonaltraining #vibrations #careless #selfseeking #selflove #onlinecoach #passionate #businesswoman #manifestation #spiritual #qualitylife #powerful #friendships #value #recipebook #projectx #foodie

62 7

Wanna know WHY I love @fitcoveraustralia so much? Simple it’s naturally-derived and cruelty free! A natural make up that’s product is vegan itself as well as NOT tested on animals, I’m all about it, which is why I use @fitcoveraustralia as my make-up 🤩💋 Soft, smooth, silky make-up that doesn’t move when you workout? Yes please. Get yours today with the link in my bio - code ‘BRIDGET’ for discount! #thepowerfulwomenproject #superwoman #bridgetbennettpersonaltraining #vibrations #careless #selfseeking #selflove #onlinecoach #passionate #businesswoman #manifestation #spiritual #qualitylife #powerful #friendships #value #fitcoveraustralia #faceoffitness

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It’s true! You cannot manage that of which you cannot measure, for how do you manage it right? There is always going to need to be a form of measurement to understand the growth, the improvement and the development, no matter the task at hand. Data can be beneficial in any aspect of life, is it checking in with yourself and keeping a journal of these feelings to see if you’re improving? Is it data related to sales in your career to find the underlying factor of where you could grow as a business and so on.👌🏽💯 Measure to manage! #thepowerfulwomenproject #superwoman #bridgetbennettpersonaltraining #vibrations #careless #selfseeking #selflove #onlinecoach #passionate #businesswoman #manifestation #spiritual #qualitylife #powerful #friendships #value

101 6

Who else loves Monday’s? 🤩 I was just chatting to a client today and funnily enough she mentioned I might be the only one that does..... who agrees?? Monday’s energise me, get me excited to be allowed a WHOLE new week to do what I love with the people I love! Pretty cool right? That’s why I love Monday’s, no word of a lie 🙌🏽✨ #thepowerfulwomenproject #superwoman #bridgetbennettpersonaltraining #vibrations #careless #selfseeking #selflove #onlinecoach #passionate #businesswoman #manifestation #spiritual #qualitylife #powerful #friendships #value

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AfterPay Day SALE is here!! Receive up to 21% off.... up until the 21st of March! 🙊🎉 Spend $170 receive 21% discount 🤑🤑 (code: HAPPYAFTERPAY21) Spend $130 receive 18% discount (code: HAPPYAFTERPAY18) Spend $100 receive 10% discount (code: HAPPYAFTERPAY10) Want to get yourself some tasty protein to add to your delicious cookies like I do? 👇🏽👇🏽 🚀 - link in bio to shop! #thepowerfulwomenproject #superwoman #bridgetbennettpersonaltraining #vibrations #careless #selfseeking #selflove #onlinecoach #passionate #businesswoman #manifestation #spiritual #qualitylife #powerful #friendships #value #happywayau #happyway #happywayrecipes


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