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•Co Founder @AuthentikFitness •I help conscious 👁 people develop a business, body and life they love @AwakeningChampions 🌱👑
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.80%. The average number of likes per post is 119 and the average number of comments is 19.

55.88% of the followers that engaged with brandonoshodin regularly are from United States, followed by Mexico at 4.41% and Germany at 4.41%. In summary, the top 5 countries of brandonoshodin's posts engager are coming from United States, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece.

Brandonoshodin loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink, Education.

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  • United States 55.88 %
  • Mexico 4.41 %
  • Germany 4.41 %
  • United Kingdom 4.41 %
  • Greece 2.94 %


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I’ve been with the trees since 6am. Needed a recharge. Research shows that forest bathing promotes lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, greater parasympathetic nerve activity and lower sympathetic nerve activity. Another found significantly decreased levels of hostility and depression among subjects who spent a regular amount of time in forests. If you’re like me you don’t need science to explain to you what your body is telling you. Best way to see if it works is spend 30min surrounded by 🌳 🌲. How do you feel👁? Off subject but always the MAIN subject, I’m so proud of our daughters for everything we didn’t have to teach them.

177 10

👁🧘🏿‍♂️We only get disappointed when we try to force relationships and experiences beyond their purpose. Power vs force. Flow with the seasons of life. #AuthentikMind

115 38

I’ve been following Troy Casey for over a decade. He was my first introduction into holistic health and even though I don’t agree with everything he shares I’ve always respected how he wasn’t afraid to be himself. We have been business partners for the past 10 months and have great success helping people transform their health and life. This past week I noticed Troy was out spoken about the rioting, but not the reason behind the protesting. I understood he was thinking of the safety of his family so scheduled a call to get his point of view and make sure we are on the same page. Before we could do a call he posted a upcoming interview with a guy who I actually had a lot of respect for. I never met him, but I got my first personal training certificate through his online program. - I was disgusted with the way he was talking about black people. Not because it was racist, but because it was spiritual truths mixed with historical lies and cultural ignorance which is dangerous. It’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. My emotions said cut ties with Troy ASAP I know he isn’t racist. He definitely has a heart of gold, but my emotions told me if this is what Troy is allowing on his page this is what he must truly believe. As a leader of leaders my job is to nurture and protect our team. We have the most black people on our team in the whole company and my vision is to equip even more leaders from our community to educate their families with organic nutrition and be equipped economically and with skill to change the next generation. I won’t bring people into a place they aren’t respected. - Luckily, I’ve grown out of moving off emotions. I took time to meditate and elevate myself out of fear and anger and into the calm. That allowed me the presence of mind to do a call, eye to eye and hear his heart. I’m glad I did because it was still gold 💛. Just a miscommunication and lack of awareness. So many issues can be solved if we just seek understanding instead of judging. A lot of times there’s a opportunity to help with blind spots. Tomorrow at 12pm est Troy and I will be discussing our different perspective and solutions. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book.

170 18

Organic. #EatToLive #QualityOfGutIsQualityOfLife #IntermittenFasting #NourishAndDetoxify #AuthentikFitness #AwakeningChampions

179 31

As a black man I’ve experienced police brutality for breaking curfew in my own neighborhood as a teen, racism from friends, parents and grand parents as a adolescent and systematic oppression all the way through. I understand deeply. I’m also well educated on true black history and used to pass out books like the miseducation of the negro, from Niggas to Gods, print outs of the Willie lynch papers etc. a lot of the fire people are feeling in their belly I felt as a younger man. I get it. It’s 💯. I used to write in all my history books this quote from tupac “no Malcom X in history text why is that? Because he tried to educate and liberate all blacks. Only Martin Luther King in my book each week because he said, when you get slapped turn the other cheek”. I think everyone who is protesting and using social media to spread awareness are doing the best they know how to do and I respect it. - I think a lot of the people who are starting the riots and looting are the same agency, who have always made a protest turn into something else. There are people who join a movement to create change and some who come to create chaos. The people who create chaos are always more organized then the ones wanting to create change unfortunately. With all that I have experienced, I know that a mind convinced against its will is of the same opinion still and true change has to come from within. We have been fighting this same fight forever. Only thing that happens is it shifts its forms. Slavery->Jim Crow->Mass Incarceration so on and so forth. - Ive also experienced a lot of genuine love from white people and police officer and I’ve experienced heaven within my own being. With that awareness there is no way I could hate another because I understand that everyone is only a reflection of myself. I know we are against silence right now but as I look at the rage outside I can’t help but to look at myself and think what unhealed part of me is projecting to the screen of my mind. I’m fasting 18 hrs a day and focusing on being very intentional with my breathing and meditation to see what dark places in my unconscious can I bring the light of my awareness to. When I’m able to heal it within I

80 11

May has brought so many opportunities for growth. Challenges in personal life. Challenges in the United States and challenges at a global level. Through it all my partners used the resistance as a catalyst to strengthen their minds and bodies and help those in their communities do the same. I LOVE what we do and I love the people we do it with. I could write a page about all these leaders mentioned and some who crushed it in May even though they didn’t rank advance. But in the interest of everyone’s time I just want to give a shout out to : @niquejeffries @deonna_d @strongjitsu triple rank Adavancement🤯 @ricsarpon double rank Advance @lyricontiveros @missthaisgonzalez @alexandra_schirra double rank Advance Jim Pyfer Double tank Advance @ciara.1 @aclayton8422 & @dfree31 @gabriellebrick @caseygibbs01 @lrjaccountmanagement @aleksmilu__ Michele Direk Honorable mention to @jillybeanfit who will forever be a Legend for hurdling obstacle after obstacle in the first 3 weeks of May and finished the last week just shy of 💎🌱🙌🏿.

120 39

Power vs Force. This is me at 23 or 24. I typically don’t share anything that I do to give back because when I give it’s out of love not for applause. That being said I feel compelled to share that for the past 7 years I’ve invested my time my finances and my network to educating people who look like me. I’ve spoken to inner city schools, suburban schools with kids that got shipped from the inner city, prisons, foster care, detention centers you name it. Never teaching people what to think but HOW TO THINK. When you learn how to think, you go from being super mario being played in a game to being conscious that you are the controller of the game. This Tuesday, my family and I definitely made some wrong turns because we ended up in the hood. I seen a kid no older than 13 on a old bike and a dirty hoodie and dirty pants with great shame begging for change. It was like 89 degrees he smelled terrible because of the sweat. I knew this must be his only cloths. He sheepishly asked me for a dollar. I asked him for 15 push ups. He knocked out 10 but struggled to 12 and it was 100% heart that got him to 15. I made the inner shift in my mind from seeing him as a poor kid to seeing him as a young entrepreneur who just finished a job for me. So I gave him $100 for his work, not out of charity. And I promise when he looked me in my eye it was like looking at a giant. I say all that to say America wasn’t built for people of color to thrive. Systematically, there is a lot of changes that have to take place and if we wait for change on the outside we could be waiting FOREVER. But we can change ourselves through spiritual transformation and we can change how we see people. - If you see a kid in poverty you crucify him to that cross. Hunger can turn a man into a savage, but if you see a kid in poverty and elevate him to what he could be in your minds eye then the God in you is having a conversation with the God in him. Inspiration strikes ⚡️. When the poorest kid in the hood steps into his greatness it shifts the community. If we learn to do this consciously, we can stop begging for our life from others. We can start speaking and seeing greatness In each other. Power>Force.

39 3

“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.” -Krishnamurti The first 20 minutes of the days sets the tempo for the whole day.

205 44

The gyms may be opening but there won’t be any iron where we are headed. We are practicing ways to stay fit as a fam without our usual tools. Anastasiya is getting really good 😍👼 @authentikfitness


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