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Jessy & Brandon Photographers with a love of light, keepin' it simple & connecting with great people. Based in Toronto

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.20%. The average number of likes per post is 313 and the average number of comments is 13.

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280 9

We don't say goodbye to weddings for the next couple of months, we say hello to a new world, some peace & quiet and thinking about it all differently. We say hello to elopements, we say hello to intimate weddings and we say what up to having the opportunity to still have our friends and family by our side. Perspective is a choice, and the fact that we get to choose how we feel about everything is our own personal freedom. Thinking of every single one of you that are feeling like you don't have a voice. This too shall pass.

204 4

A look back on our trip across the Canadian landscape to photograph Kam and Alex's wedding at @elkviewlodge. Right now, we should be planning our itinery to back in beautiful British Columbia, working alongside @vowandco at the @vowcabin. It hurts my heart to think that our couples have to wait to elope, the plan was, there was no plan other than romantic bliss in the midst of a British Columbian forest. Of course we now adapt to the new plan, wait in patience. But I can guarantee there shall be lots of wooded romantic bliss in the future and many, many elopements. Ps. Brandon is such a rocket. Especially in that blue hour light.

153 3

We're all walking down a new road, a path with new sights, sounds and smells. A route that's off the beaten track with no end in sight, it's sort of scary, but a bit refreshing too. We're navigating life day by day, and praying that we're going in the right direction. And although it looks different and feels new, you gotta admit, it feels pretty damn good to do it together. Don't be afraid to go off the beaten track my friends. We'll be there with you right by your side. Forging new paths and capturing beauty of the unknown.

330 9

Things to do whilst being forced to hang out with your person... Cuddle, watch movies, make snacks, make delicious meals together, cuddle your furbabe, adopt a furbabe, spend a lot of time just hanging out. And don't feel bad about it, because for the first time in our lives, it's the one thing we can and should do without other things looming on the 'to do list.'

424 25

To all of you out there, feeling stressed out because of everything happening, because all your hard work planning your wedding will more than likely be postponed. Let me remind you, it will work out. You will marry your person. And yes, there will be more hiccups along the way, I can actually guarantee it. The main thing is that you have your person, you've found a companion and dammit you will marry them one way or another. Am I right? Shout out to Vanessa and Brendan, I can't even count on my hand how many "hiccups" these two faced. Yet look at this set. I think Brendan's reaction to finally marrying the woman of his dreams says it all. Just remember, after all is said and done, after the fancy attire and good food is adios, when the boobs start to sag and your skin gets wrinkly, you will have eachother. And you have your memories together. That's all that life is about.

488 31

To dance is to be free, and that's the one freedom that we all have. In response to this pandemic, all I can say is yes. Yes, our previous lives are on hold. Yes, we're standing in uncomfortablility. If you think of those two things alone, it's where many great people in history have been also, and beautiful ideas were born. Creativity thrived. Compassion spread like wild fire. Here is a beautiful self portrait set of us shot by @brandon.stills for my birthday present, while in isolation. And heck yes, we danced and felt free as fuck.

333 9

Guys, we've been very quiet and apologize for that. I understand that we are all treading new territory, and the only advice we have to all our couples, to other small business owners and everyone reading this, it is more important than ever to practice compassion. Compassion for every single soul out there. That's it. We are sending our love, and I promise we will blast your worlds with some beautiful photography and special moments like this, because damn, we all need it.

321 21

Right now in Canada, they recommend hanging out in intimate gatherings, small groups to keep you-know-what at bay. Well, how about just the two of you, and me, a Hasselblad and some black & white rolls of film? We'll have some good convos about dreams and goals, maybe share a beverage or two, and keep ourselves busy making some art. I think the world needs a lot more of this right now. Sending love to everyone out there, it's a weird time. - Shot on Hasselblad, ilford3200. Thank you @brandon.stills for scanning.

426 10

There is no better time, than now to surround yourself with the people you love, get uncomfortably close and love eachother up with secret butt squeezes. Ps. I haven't posted a big ol group shot in a loooong time and felt it was time to share love to the whole crew. Shout out to Emma and Matt's crew, what a great group of people, loving up their besties and showing unwavering support. That's what life and love is about my friends. Keep safe out there.

244 12

Making art, getting messy with @scarletoneill.

309 12

Light, is everything. Absolutely everything. To every single one of our clients for 2020, and to everyone planning their wedding, do not hesitate to ask questions to plan for the best light. We are here and happy to help <3 - Thank you for sharing your passion and talent with us @huntandgatherfloral @blushandbowties always mind blown by your curation and design.

257 9

Just dropping this here and wishing you all a happy weekend. We're at the @briarsresort for a very special wedding tomorrow and then in Toronto on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday for the @restaurantscanada show working with @chef_works to capture some bad ass portraits of some serious culinary legends. Pura Vida 🖤


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