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58.2% of bowernyoga's followers are female and 41.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.70%. The average number of likes per post is 29 and the average number of comments is 1.

Bowernyoga loves posting about Yoga.

Check bowernyoga's audience demography. This analytics report shows bowernyoga's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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58.2 %
41.8 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 66.63 %
  • Travel & Tourism 66.17 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 60.92 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 56.97 %
  • Art & Design 55.86 %
  • Sports 49.90 %
  • How-to & Style 45.24 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 45.02 %
  • Entertainment 40.81 %
  • Photography 37.81 %
  • Home & Garden 36.51 %
  • Music 35.22 %
  • Children & Family 33.77 %


35 0

✨Rise-Up & Play✨ Ola, Dani here & I felt a little nudge to write to you about rising up and following what your heart is feeling. It’s saying YES to you & the unknown and what’s to come through you & be expressed in this world. I remember it was a moment for me to go and buy watercolours and give myself permission to PLAY. Could I paint?- Not really. What was I going to paint?— No Idea. Looking back now, did it matter? Yes, because following the feeling and playing with these watercolours allowed me to realise the possibility of life— ENDLESS. 🥰 Right now, so much of what we know and how we live is being thrown upside down. So, instead of looking outside of yourself for the answer and ways to leap into YOU. Move into your heart. And decide from this space. And decide for YOU and what gives you JOY. Bowern was created from PLAY, not goggling, searching, numbers and looking at others but by painting in the park on a Sunny Day. So, when you are feeling in a moment to move— DO IT. Whatever it is, follow the feeling from your heart space. Sometimes it’s an ocean swim, other times it’s reaching out to someone, other times it’s making a cup of tea and reading your book in the sun. All moments are leading you HOME. Just rise-up, be brave & PLAY. The feeling is here, right now. In YOU. PLAY as it’s taking you beyond your mind and into the limitless possibilities. A little reminder for you (and me). 🤣 Love Danielle 💕✨🙏

16 5

✨SALE ENDS MIDNIGHT✨ If your hearts spotted a BOWERN, follow the feeling. ✨ All Bowern Yoga Mats 22% OFF. #BowernYogaMat #Bowern #EcoLux

18 0

Feeling the “Falling In Pastel” Vibes this weekend...✨💕 Perhaps it’s time to let your soul shine & heart sparkle with the COLOURS of YOU. And we’re all about the bursts of bright print pastel this weekend. Maybe because the sun is staying up a little longer & we’re craving more play?! Keep letting your soul SHINE. Happy Weekend. ✨ #Bowern #Yogamat #BowernYoga #Yogamat #EcoLux #LuxuryYogaMat

38 0

✨The Moment You Get Caught Out.. Thinking You’re In Control.✨ Whoops, I’ll just give the control reigns back to life. And fall back into surrender, following my heart & doing all I love. Exhale, suddenly I have SO much space and everything feels lighter. ✨ Cus, let’s face it.. we can’t control what happens in our life but we can DECIDE where our heart is calling us to be and how to play on this journey. Trust me, the more we let go & play, the more life opens up in the most magical ways. The more we control, force & push.. the more we feel depleted, exhausted and out of alignment with ourselves. So, how can you leave control in the past and learn to 1000% trust the unfolding & the magic awaiting for you in your heart. We’re all here to play anyway, it’s about time we had more fun! Let go & FLOW. Love The Bowern Team #Bowern #Yogamat #BowernYogi #Namaste #Om #Bowernyogamat

16 0

✨Infuse this moment with YOU✨ You know, the real YOU. The one where breathe & movement align. The one where you are excited to be ALL OF YOU. Overflowing with the joy of this moment and the endless possibilities. Open to following the impulse of your heart. Free to move your beautiful body as your heart & soul desire. Free to be ALL YOU CAME HERE TO BE. Be open, for the moment is calling you to move with the magic you are. ✨ #Bowern #YogaMat #Infusethismomentwithyou #EcoLux #BowernYogaMat

26 0

✨ A little reminder to dream just as YOU ARE✨ Remember you are the Universe in beautiful motion— perhaps it’s time you allow your dreams & actions to reflect the possibilities your heart knows to be TRUE. #Bowern #BowernYogamat #DreamlikeTheUniverseYouAre

35 0

✨Sometimes it’s not about going anywhere and always enjoying exactly where you are. ✨ Allow yourself to feel the beauty & joy of this moment. And more will find you in the next. ✨🙏 📸 @danibowern on the #Sportsluxe #BowernYogaMat

55 1

And suddenly expanding has never felt so amazing. Here’s to a week of following your heart, flying a little higher & moving towards YOU always blossoming. 💕 📸 @jamie_gonzalez #Bowern #BowernYogaMat #EcoLux #TimetoFly #Expand #Followyourdreams

65 3

✨A little magic, with love from Dani. ✨ Ohh, I wanted to let you all in on a little secret of mine. 👌🏻 I realised I’ve been missing seeing all of your faces, when I’ve been doing a brilliant job of hiding mine. And I was asking for you all to show up on your #BowernYogaMats when I haven’t been showing up on mine. And suddenly I realised how beautifully life moves when I leap into what my heart is craving. Not hiding from who I am and wondering why I’ve been feeling a little out of my magic. (Have you ever felt the same?) 💕 It’s in the moment when I take the step & I don’t know the outcome. It’s in the moment where I follow the feeling down a path I’ve never known before. It feels wobbly, strange and my head is constantly talking myself out of it but my heart is whispering.. keep going. So, if your heart is calling you in a direction you’ve never moved before.. Trust me when I say— BE BRAVE. Keep moving, keep following your feeling because there’s a deeper connection to your myself waiting to unfold. I’d love to know if you’re feeling pulled in a beautiful direction? Time to expand & play. Let’s move together. Love Danielle 💕 #Bowern #Yogamat #BowernYogaMat #EcoLux #luxuryyogamat

11 0

✨Praiano✨ There’s something romantic about #Praiano. Calling forward the romance hidden within you. The beauty, light & love waiting to burst from YOU. The romance you are craving moving with you. The bougainvillea is believed to ignite passion & romance. Perhaps why #Praiano feels so romantic, the vibrant fuschia of the bougainvillea sparking romance against the deep blue ocean. #Praiano named after an Italian coastline town where romance rises and sets with the sun. Scroll right to see the beautiful #Praiano come to life. Remember the romance has always been inside of YOU & sparked by you falling a little deeper in love with your life. #Bowern #Yogamat #BowernYogamat #Praiano #Romanceofyourheart #Dreamalittle #SoftenandOpen

31 5

✨Home is always with YOU✨ Home is always with you & your beating heart. Home is in this beautiful moment right now. Home surrounds you with every movement forward. Exhale a little deeper and know you have always been home. In this moment right now. Feel you & find your HOME. 📸 @saxonkent #Bowern #YogaMat #BowernYogaMat #EcoLux #HomeintheNow #YourHome


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