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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 229 and the average number of comments is 21.

43.18% of the followers that engaged with boho_fit_girl regularly are from United States, followed by Mexico at 5.68% and United Kingdom at 4.55%. In summary, the top 5 countries of boho_fit_girl's posts engager are coming from United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Italy.

Boho_fit_girl loves posting about Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Cooking.

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  • United States 43.18 %
  • Mexico 5.68 %
  • United Kingdom 4.55 %
  • Dominican Republic 3.41 %
  • Italy 3.41 %


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Redefining our 40s & proving to ourselves & each other that: ‘Anything you want is 💯% possible when you believe, commit, & surround yourself w/ the right people⚡️. Let me take a moment to BRAG on this lil cutie to the right♥️. She’s the peanut butter to my chia-jelly, and her infectious positivity and smile literally light up any room & transforms those around her. I met @megwellness years back when i was still teaching yoga and it’s clear as day to me that the Universe sent us into each other’s lives. I was 37 and had just opened my coaching business and started my transformative journey & Megan was 34 and had just had a baby {swipe twice to see what we looked like when we met!}. She was watching me build my business, and was trapped in a self-limiting mindset that was telling her she couldn’t do what i was doing 🙄{but of course she COULD - anyone can - but as a new mom she had all these stories of why she couldn’t coach because she wasn’t ‘like me’. THANKFULLY she realized that these were just self-limiting stories & you don’t have to be ‘like anyone’ but YOURSELF}. It only took her TWO FREAKING YEARS🙄🤣 to FINALLY reach out to me and ask about coaching & joining my online bootcamp & THANK GAHHH SHE DID! She’ll be the first to tell you how what we do & the women we work w/ has transformed her life. I never even knew she’d been following my journey or had any interest🤷🏼‍♀️at all. Since that fateful first meeting & day she joined the team, we have together entered our 40s, transformed our bodies, our mindsets, traveled to 5 states & 3 countries together, and have built online empires together that have provided us the freedom, flexibility & abundance in our lives that a typical day job never could. I love you to the moon and back Megan 🌙 ! Congrats on 2 Star ⭐️ Qual! Congrats on earning Leadership! Congrats on all of your successes, growth, leadership, & congrats to your AMAZING team! Everyday i count my blessings, but when i think of you & our friendship, i count them twice ♥️♥️.

134 3

About 💯 photos from today {day 1 of leadership} & this is my fave. When a pandemic tries to ruin your favorite team retreat of the year, you grab your besties, book into a poolside paradise & recreate whatever you can🍾🏝! Fireside chat w/ @glennondoyle.... Dinner at Cafe Gratitude.. deep talks of star seeds, origins & shamanic journeys, countered w/ casual poolside hangs, French fries, bayside walks, & way overdue heart-to-hearts w/ my fave peeps... If there is one thing that day one of Leadership is reminding me - it’s that i THRIVE most when surrounding myself with likeminded women w/ an insatiable desire to live their best life. LOVE YOU TO THE MOON @megwellness & @laurenpaige.says ♥️. Congrats to you both for the successes you’ve created in your life and the gift of wellness, freedom & leadership you’ve payed forward & gifted others ♥️.

456 51

OFFER IN😳🤩💃🏼. For those of you who have followed my home-shopping/buying journey/fiasco... WHELP, we’re trying this again... Just dropped in an offer on a sweet city-living house w/ a pool & small yard. This is the 2nd offer since this summers Netflix-worthy debacle & I’m PRAYING we get this — it’s so perfect & what ive been sacrificing & saving for all these years. You see i don’t come from a money tree. My parents did well for themselves, set my brother & i up w/ great work ethics, & taught us early we get what we save & work hard for. Well my brother ‘fast-tracked’ — he was the scholastic one that followed in my dads footsteps, got his Masters, always had the good job, & lives ‘nice’ {actually his home is drool-worthy if I’m totally honest} Then there was me😕. I had quit most things i started. Dropped out of MSU, moved from Michigan to Cali w/ my then boyfriend at 18, studied fashion, then moved to PDX & did nothing w/ my degree, got into retail management {& constantly found trouble}, and struggled for many, MANY more years. 7 years back, at 37 years old, after 6 years pursuing my passions teaching yoga full time & still barely able to keep a roof over my head, i drew a line in the sand, opened my business online, DOVE in w/ 2 feet & DECIDED I WAS GOING TO CHANGE MY STRUGGLE-STORY. And here’s the thing about committed DECISIONS...when they’re followed by ACTION, BELIEF, PERSEVERANCE, & TIME, they create incredible outcomes! You know... i thought we’d buy a home in the country, w/ a huge plot of land to grow our own food, landscape it all ourselves & be investing in a little fixing-up, but after our 1st fiasco this summer trying to buy our first home {which came w/ a frightening formerly foreclosed owner who i think wanted to have us murdered & eaten for dinner 🤪}, we decided to offer in a different hood {albeit still urban}, get the slick pad that a sweet family lived in and feels safe in, and have it move-in-ready to enjoy the holidays w/ friends and family...and without having our first concern be our safety. Send some good juju our way🤞🏻✨- hoping we get accepted & into escrow...and that I’m not getting in over my head 😬🤪🤣

142 15

Today i hit my wall. Officially 11 days into 75hard and 3 days into 5K training & my body’s definitely feeling it. I suppose that’s to be expected. I mean i DID just go from 30 minutes of exercise most days a week w/ rest days —> to 1.5 hours EVERYDAY w/out any rest🤪. Actually it’s my mind that’s feeling it the most today {I’m Mentally exhausted}, but I’d be lying if i didn’t say my body is talking to me too. What do you do on days you feel like you have no steam left in your tank? How do you restore? 👇🏻 With the pandemic, i‘ve avoided getting massages {they weren’t even allowed until recent}, plus spas have been & still are closed😫. Thinking tonight is dinner out, a hot shower, some magnesium tea & early to bed. What‘s your typical restoration-recipe when you’re feeling mentally & physically wiped out?👇🏻

254 7

I get asked about my nutrition all the time, so here goes...👇🏻 I follow 2B, primarily grain-free, dairy-free & bean/soy free, w/ FFCs occasionally at night {by way of potatoes}. I aim for half my body weight in ounces of water or mineral/electrolyte rich liquids daily. I generally eat between 9:30am and 7:30pm so essentially in a 10/14 window for those of you who think in terms of IF, however I’m don’t practice IF on purpose - i eat intuitively when my body needs the fuel. Most days breakfast is a smoothie loaded w/ plant protein, berries, greens, & a scoop of adaptogens/herbals/& superfood magic. Right now since doing 75hard & starting 5K training I’m often following my first workout w/ a scoop of chocolatey BCAA rich muscle recovery protein. I eat on average 3-4 times a day. One is my smoothie or protein shake, one is generally an eggy plate w/ potatoes, avo & greens, one is my dinner which is generally 1:3 protein to veggie and if i have a snack it’s either veggies and dips, or leftovers which is essentially like a mini meal. I do like to have an evening drink, not every night of course and obvi w/ 75hard it’s out. When i have a drink it’s usually a hard booch, a spiked seltzer or a glass of wine. When I’m thriving w/ my results it’s ALWAYS because i take the hooch out. My fave non alcoholic drinks are low sugar green juices, bubble water w/ frozen berries, iced tea, & energize 🤣 {that’s my pre-workout. It’s so yummy - seriously i love it!} And lastly, i don’t over think nutrition, it’s just habitual to eat this way now - plus it’s insanely delicious, makes me feel awesome, and has helped me transform my shape without having to think in terms of counting calories or measuring macros or anything of the sort. If you want to access my exact meal plan, learn why it works, how it creates fat burning sleep, or if you simply are looking to gain a new healthy perspective on nutrition and have access to meal plans and simple yummy recipes for vibrant living, slide into my DMs or drop a 🍏 below. Nothing makes me more giddy than helping women find ease & joy w/ nutrition & fitness that works, and seeing you fall in love w/ your reflection✨.

331 30

Maybe your journey isn't so much about BECOMING anything. Maybe it's about UN-becoming everything that really isn't you. That way you can be the YOU who you were meant to be in the first place.💫 You know my coach was the first person to EVER tell me she liked me MORE when i didn’t drink alcohol? Up to that point, everyone had always encouraged it & implied {or directly said to me} that version of my was more fun to be around. But was she? Was she more fun FOR ME? Did the choices i make in those moments pay a positive ripple into my life for days & weeks and years later? I’m sure you know the answer. This share isn’t about sobriety, because I’m not sober. Rather it’s about our choices, beliefs, and the ecosystem we choose to live in, including the influences we choose, and who we spend our time with. You know it’s said, you become the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself w/ most? I heard that on my first Leadership retreat while sitting w/ 10 women on the same path i was on focused on growth. I looked left & right, looked at my mentor, looked at the gentleman she had speaking to us - a self made millionaire who’d you never know was because he was so humble & heart centered, & i knew then i was in the right place and made the right choice to pursue Coaching. That picture of me on the left was 2 years into my coaching journey. We don’t ‘transform’ overnight. Actually in our attempt to, we fail a lot. Only the individuals who we see as magically getting lucky or having good genes, or family money, or a high metabolism, or being a ‘fast’ success {or whatever the story we created was} are the ones who just chose to keep failing FORWARD. That’s all i did. It’s what i still do. Like the energizer bunny —> i just keep going...i keep pushing through the hard...keep challenging myself, my limits, my habits, my beliefs, my judgements, & my mindset. I wasn’t the me i am today 5 years back in that first photo, & acknowledging my growth excites me for the me I’m still becoming: The me I’m becoming today and everyday, as i choose to lean into the hard, because... The journey - the unbecoming- is the best part. ✨

157 16

Day 6 • 75Hard...enter my new routine👆🏼. 5K training starts Monday too🤣. WTH?!? Did i mention I’m NOT A RUNNER & have never enjoyed it😬? I’m not sure what I’m getting into rn, but i decided to lean into these last few months of the shitshow that has been 2020. Instead of starting January 2021 kicking myself for the endless glasses of wine & treats i had all winter {which is literally what I’d do if i didn’t commit to something and build an accountability team around it}, INSTEAD I’m going to be able to say that in the last 3 months of the year, I: •trained for & completed my first 5K •committed to 75 hard •saw my team achieve new levels of success •and inspired others to make better choices That last one is my fave, but the first two are my focus. 5K training starts Monday if you want to join me - it’s all through a running app / program, my running coach, and if you need help w/ nutrition, you know that’s my jam. Anyone is welcome - Imma need alllll the support i can get 🤣🤣🤣🙌🏻.

117 11

75Hard • DAY 1-4 NOTES👇🏻: #1 Anything is possible if you believe it is....{except drinking a gallon of water daily -🤣 see last post} #2 So much of this challenge being ‘hard’ is subjective: Including the intensity of the 45 min workouts you do, the severity or pleasantry of the weather for your outdoor workout, & the strictness or lax-ness of your clean eating meal plan. Plus your health state/fitness level at starting makes a big difference too. #3 Scheduling is the KEY to success. I’m getting my first workout going earlier than normal & scheduling the 2nd to make sure i get it in outside before it gets dark. Plus you’ll need time for your 10 pages of reading daily... especially if you’re a slower reader like me. #4 Start drinking water early & sip smart throughout the day. While the ‘rules’ say to drink a gallon of water a day, I’ve settled w/ instead drinking half my body weight in ounces of water or mineral dense fluids daily {such as coconut water}. Unfortunately here at day 4 I’m still experiencing the aftermath & random bouts of vertigo from OVERHYDRATION on day 1. Lesson learned the hard way. The gallon ‘rule’ may NOT be a safe ‘rule’ for everyone. #5 Which brings me to number 5 👉🏻 USE COMMON SENSE & LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Expect the unexpected. Expect to meet challenges. Expect to question if you can get through a rough day without a glass of wine 🤣, but remember YOU CAN. You can do hard things. And you are the master of your mind & your outcomes ⚡️. If you’ve taken this challenge {or are doing it now} & have tips or an experience you can share, pls do👇🏻.

157 21

Over-hydration intoxication. Ever heard of it or experienced it👇🏻? And yes it’s a thing. I committed to 75Hard & part of the challenge is to drink 1 gallon of water a day {aka 128oz}. I knew it would be hard, but wouldn’t think potentially harmful. However today, on day 2, I woke up with intense vertigo & nausea and come to find out its because of over-hydration intoxifcation🤷🏼‍♀️. You probably already know it’s generally recommended to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily {which for me would be slightly under half of what i drank yesterday}... but don’t we always hear, ‘to be healthy, drink more water.’? Shoot, I’m the first to admit I’ve said it to my clients too. While for many, a gallon may be normal, for individuals like myself who drink nowhere near that amount daily {self-proclaimed camel 🐫 here}, it MAY cause loss of balanced electrolytes making you sick & in some cases hospitalized or cause death}. Now I’m not suggesting i was anywhere near either of the latter, but it was definitely a wake up call for me & what I’ll ever suggest to others. I knew this challenge was more extreme than i normally take on as it’s a ‘mental toughness’ challenge, and I knew upping my water would be a challenge too, but never did i think it could potentially be harmful❌. So just a tender reminder to ALWAYS listen to your body & your intuition. If you’ve listened to Andy Frisella’s podcast on 75hard & have wanted to try it but are feeling intimidated, hit me up. A few of my friends are doing it together & we’ve put a few things in perspective & key elements in place that are necessary for safety and for you to feel successful w/ your challenge.

356 43

Home after my first weekender away since the start of Covid, and Man was it needed {swipe for pix & this mornings yummy brekkie}! Tons of walking, shopping, sunning, and a few meals out with my cutie, all w/ pug-pug in tow. Feeling restored after just 2 nights away and ready to take on #75hard this Monday😬& start my 5K training. Heading to Road Runner tomorrow to get properly fitted for a pair of running shoes and get some new workout clothes. Simple things like that ALWAYS motivate me, & imma need all the motivation i can get! I’ve never been a runner, and w/ the troubles i have w/ my lower back, i need to get the right support. I’m actually quite excited to start. Yes, I’m a bit intimidated, but i love that 75hard is a mindset & mental toughness challenge more than a fitness challenge. I’m all about growth & feeling the need to be stretched like this right now. BUT, check in w/ me in a week & i may be singing a different tune 🤣. Defo going to need ALL THE ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS, and would LOVE to have you join me. If you want to do EITHER the ‘couch to 5K’ training w/ me this October OR 75Hard, OR BOTH, hit chur’ girl up🙋🏼‍♀️💌📬. I’m starting 75Hard Monday, but am co-leading an accountability team/group for it starting Oct 12th & the 5K training starts Oct 5th. You don’t have to be a runner to do it - I’m not - and you don’t have to live nearby. I’m so new to running, but my running coach will be training us virtually w/ fun short runs via our app & intervals plus resistance training that builds us up to a 5K. Oh and those of you who ARE runners, what are your fave running shoes? Any tips or recommends going into my fitting are appreciated!!!


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