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⚓The Boho Life | La vida loca 🌕 Yoga Nidra Teacher 🌴 #travel, #music & #food Photography ☮️ Be #mindful 🕉️ Eat more 🌱 🇮🇹🇩🇪🇺🇸 • 🏠:Zurich

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.80%. The average number of likes per post is 142 and the average number of comments is 9.

21.24% of the followers that engaged with bohemianstella regularly are from United States, followed by Italy at 9.73% and Germany at 7.08%. In summary, the top 5 countries of bohemianstella's posts engager are coming from United States, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico.

Bohemianstella loves posting about Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Travel, Architecture.

Check bohemianstella's audience demography. This analytics report shows bohemianstella's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 21.24 %
  • Italy 9.73 %
  • Germany 7.08 %
  • United Kingdom 7.08 %
  • Mexico 4.42 %


118 5

'I became one of these eco bitches – I have a water bottle, I have a food container for take aways, I travelled three months with a hand luggage to avoid unnecessary purchases. It all works wonderfully. I take more boats, buses or trains if I can, I saw enough plastic and disgusting waste we pollute the planet with. It might seem stupid, but a little act goes a long way. You should try that too.' . Here it is, the overdue life update. All wrapped in 2000 words. Real life for once on a pretty travel blog. My learnings and evolving. Where I was, where I am, where I will be. Work. Love. Travel. First blog in a year. Link in my bio ✨ #blogpost #lifeupdate #yolo

156 7

Just because I teach people to be still and reconnect to their intuition, to the true self, does not mean that I am floating off the ground constantly. It's actually the contrary, I know when I need the practice the most - when I feel like running off the mat after 10 minutes. . Then the art of grounding and reconnecting to myself kicks in. Everytime you practice, especially when your mind starts judging how imperfectly your doing it, be the observer and ask: why am I here today? What serves me the most? ✨ . Join me on Monday for a Manifestation class, to dig deep into what reality you wanna create . Intuition Sept 16th . No class Sept 23rd - sub is gorgeous fairy @aleks_chhinnamasta 🌙 . Sept 30th - let go - dust off what does not serve you ❤️ . 🌿Or join the CBD infused Yoga Nidra on October 7th🌿 . All at @yogatribezurich // 8pm // spots are limited // email to register ❤️ . #unwind #tunein #letgo

281 13

Let's talk work . As it is now, I truly believe in multiple streams of income. Not only because in my opinion one job isn't exactly the portal to life if you're a multifaceted being - but also there is always one support system when the other shall fall away. So more freedom, more to share, donate, invest and save for whatever ✨ I learned to be guided by what I enjoy and that these interests might change and evolve to the next thing that serves you best ❤️ . So in case you ever wondered what I (currently) do: ✨ I work where I can use all the three languages I speak 🍸 I bartend because I love to watch people overcome their social anxiety after two gin tonics and I enjoy being surrounded by music 🌙 I am a yoga nidra teacher where I can finally make use of my mother theresa syndrom to people who truly appreciate it, and not wasting it away 🌿 I am about to launch my own CBD oil because after two years of self experimentation, I want to hold and share my own, designed around my beliefs and practice . And yes, it happens very often that I sleep in for 12h straight after a work week - but so far I love it and keep it. ❤️ #crestasee #onewomanshow #staypresent . 📸 @metropolischt

152 7

Listen to your body, it usually knows best especially when you're ignoring it. I've spent the past two days munching on ginger and sleeping off a flu that was sneaking in. . The irony of it all was thinking about the fact on how I preach about self care to others but often forget myself in the first place. I like to call it the mother theresa syndrom 🙊 . Jokes aside, I love these wake up calls our body emanates. It reminds us to slow down and rethink - it's the best tool that signals what we need to adjust. ❤️ . Now since my body seems to handle coffee again, I'll give proper food a try and some vitamin D. It's the last proper day of summer here ☀️ . #selflove #selfcare #lakezurich

159 22

Back to this little gem in a few weeks ✈️ can't wait to spend some days by the ocean for the last time this year. Just some strolls, great sunsets, a little yoga and whatever feels good ❤️ moving at my own pace with no schedules or crazy plans, basically the art of just BEING - the only thing I'll do for sure is visit a location for a potential offline retreat I would like to host, how do we feel about that? 🤗 #ericeira #portugal #allthingspretty

192 15

Switzerland, you're having one moody summer ☀️ the layering game has been strong. But since I won't see half of the upcoming winter, feel free to snow out your soul already tomorrow ❤️ ✈ #outbound #caumasee #vivalagrischa . 📸 @metropolischt

96 4

The world is waking up a little. Social media was flooded by pictures of a burning amazonian rainforest, which is basically mother nature showing us her middle finger. . I saw a positive result the past days though. People started thinking about their actions. Started vegan challenges, thought over about single plastic use and what we're causing with our consumerism feeded mentality. . Every small action is a step towards a positive impact, remember. Think about your meat consumption, start to carry around a reusable water bottle, travel slower if you can, be aware of what you do. . But do it. 🌿 #thereisnoplanetb #amazonian #saynotosingleuseplastic

176 8

This has been a very positive week for me so far. I feel I need to post a full on life update because it's too much to be grateful for ✨ for those who tuned in here very early when this was just another travel account, for those who came lately because of my woo woo talks, and all the others lurking because it's easy to stay updated on someone's life by not saying anything and just tapping with a thumb ❤️ . But first, excuse me, the sun came out, I am heading out shortly to a festival in vintage Vivienne Westwood rubber boots, fixing a bad memory by re listening to @jungle4eva - everything else will follow 🍸#theendlesssummer #loa #festivalvibes

130 9

Summer in Zurich ☀️ #gooutdoors #openair #tsüri

78 3

Sunday ✨ It usually means pasta all the way, spending time with myself and not talking to people. It's amazing, you should try. . PS: registration is still open for my official first class tomorrow at @yogatribezurich - to register email ❤️ #happysunday #pasta #carbsarebae

147 7

Bring back those Dutch fries 🍟 #diynamic #amsterdam #techno . 📸

85 6

A bit floaty on my way home after a restorative yoga class ✨ this is my current state of mind with one of my favourite cities planted in the background ❤️ . It's Leo season. Focus on yourself. That's where all your energy should go. Your goals, your growth and being better every new day. Quit the judgy train. You don't know everyone's else story. But yours. ❤️ . Ok. Bye. . #afteryoga #amstergram #gramthedam


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