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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.10%. The average number of likes per post is 21 and the average number of comments is 1.

40% of the followers that engaged with bodybyjess regularly are from United States, followed by Australia at 10.67% and Dominican Republic at 9.33%. In summary, the top 5 countries of bodybyjess's posts engager are coming from United States, Australia, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Canada.

Bodybyjess loves posting about Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Cooking.

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  • United States 40 %
  • Australia 10.67 %
  • Dominican Republic 9.33 %
  • United Kingdom 5.33 %
  • Canada 4 %


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My nutrition has evolved over the years, but a few secrets to better hitting my macros are these: . -I track ahead of time as much as I can. I know usually what I am making for dinner and input that in the morning, along with my shake, breakfast and see where that lands me calorie & macro wise. Then I fill in the gaps at lunch generally. Doesn't take much time honestly, maybe 5 min. . -I make sure to incorporate lean protein in every meal. Ground beef/turkey/chicken, Whey, 0% Greek yogurt. -Adequate carbs to fuel my energy, performance. -I don't freak out if I am a bit over or under in calories or if my macros aren't perfect...I mean honestly they pretty much are never perfect, just always close. (Type A's have to know this ;) ) -No matter if I am in maintenance, building or leaning down phase the only thing that I change is my calorie intake & macro breakdowns. -I don't over complicate my workouts. I lift heavy & have built lot's of strength over the years, which allows me to continue to lift heavier of course. But all the fancy moves, don't do anything different then basic lifting moves. I run, walk, cycle, do cardio 4-6 days a week for my mindset & sanity & energy! Moving my body fuels my energy ;) -I listen hard to my body. When It needs rest, when I am sore, when I am bloated, gassy, constipated, etc....I make necessary tweaks & changes for myself just like I do my clients. I have learned over the years what my body fuels well of of and what upsets it for sure. . At the end of the day Tracking Macros Is only as stressful as you make it out to be. If your perspective of it is negative well, it's not going to be a great experience. . Two big mistakes I see many make are they 1. Only track when wanting to lose fat aka "macro diet" (spoiler..."macros" is not a diet) 2. They track as they go which if you are new to tracking, it makes it more challenging to gain consistency. . I don't track all the time, but I track while leaning out and 3-4 days a week while in maintenance for accountability. When I am in the building phase I don't track. Over time you learn how how much to eat and can eye it up better so always strive to eat a minimum of 👇🏻

24 3

Don't let the fanny pack fool you ;) - I know with social media we think we know someone by what they share, but truth be told you only know what they share about themselves on here right?! So I thought I would share a bit more about me, that you might not know.... . -My favorite color is bright pink -My fav place to get my workout clothes is Tj Maxx -Often times you can find me in sweats and a sweatshirt gettin my sweat on because that is what is comfortable ;) -I LOVE the outdoors! I prefer to be outside then inside. -I would prefer to run in the rain, then the hot sun #oregongirl -I LOVE Fitness, but not for vanity reasons but rather I LOVE the way exercise makes me feel & started exercising in the gym when I was 16. That was just a few years ago ;) 😁 -I don't eliminate any foods out of my diet. I am an intuitive eater & eat for two reasons to feed my mind/body & goals. -I had two c-sections, one emergency & the other choice. -If I could have more kids, I 100% would!! -I am not flexible. For how much I exercise & how active I am.....yep something I need to work on for sure at some point ;) -I am very self motivated & Driven, but my goals and what I am working towards have to have vision and purpose behind them. -If I had a "Goodie" Box In my house it definitely would have hot tamales and sour watermelons in it ;) -I am not attached to material items, but love spending my money on traveling to amazing countries with my family & learning about different cultures. -My cup is filled by giving back & doing for others. I love to serve & help. -I love Pizza & Mexican food. I love dipping my pizza in ranch. I love spicy things. -If fruity Candy & Protein were the only two food groups I would be in heaven ;) -I am very hard working, but love to then be fun & spontaneous with my husband and kids. -My hubby and I have been married 17 years. He is more the home body, introverted, calm, wise, ROCK between us and I am the one that is carefree, spontaneous, the risk taker, gypsy soul, free spirited one of the two. Our opposites attract beautifully & over time you can see each others traits pop out in the other. <3 -My love language is quality time 👇🏻

18 4

💥💫YOU KNOW WHEN YOU ARE SCARED TO DO THAT THING.......💫💥 - Like getting started on your health & fitness journey because you are afraid of you succeed, that you won’t be able to sustain it?! - Or maybe start that business and go all in because “what will others think of me?!” Or maybe you don’t care what they think, but are afraid to succeed and then what?! - Being Fearless, doesn’t have to be bad. I like to see being Fearless as caring for the outcome of that “thing” on the other end GREATLY. Like it is something that truly matters to me and can potentially change my life. Something that once YOU achieve leaves you feeling so proud & accomplished! #worthfightingfor - If you never are scared, how do you become brave? “Easy” can easily rob one of the feeling of being “proud”. - But let’s be real, right now you might be fearful of pushing for a goal, starting a new business venture, putting yourself out there, having a tough conversation, etc....but I ask you this, WHAT PATH IS WORTH THE WORK? WHAT PATH LEADS YOU TO A BETTER OUTCOME? - What path will give you the better result on the other end? - We are NOT wired for change! “Hard” is uncomfortable. But what if instead we re-framed FEAR?! - When you feel Fear, ask yourself this “What can i take action on right now that will help me get ready for that action?” What small steps can i make now in order to move forward and be PROUD OF MYSELF! - I don’t think life is about doing something because you are “supposed” to be guaranteed to know the outcome. We don’t have that type of certainty in life. Life throws us curve balls, I mean HELLO 2020 💁🏼‍♀️! - What path do you need to go down that will help you be more proud and excited about life? 💥 What path will help you have more happiness, confidence & passion???? - I never started my health and fitness journey, having any idea of the outcome. I started it because I wanted growth, strength, confidence and a lifestyle that left me healthier & to be happier each day. It has become a lifestyle and a passion that leaves me energized, happier and more confident for what is to come.... - Let’s dance with fear a bit & see where it takes us!!

19 0

Goals aren’t achieved with out a plan! 😉 - As much as I would like Sundays to be, my weekly day of rest, it doesn’t seem to always work out that way. But today Gracie’s first softball game doesn’t start till 1 PM, so it gave me the opportunity to sleep in, which felt so good 🙌🏻 and allowed me to relax and sip on some coffee while planning out my month and begin with the details of this upcoming week. - ✅ Planned my menu and it definitely includes more protein as I am changing up my macros this week 😉 But still dinners like lasagna, chicken & dumplings, brisket, white chicken chili and burgers because remember I still eat good food!! 🙌🏻 - ✅ Set goals for my business, what I am doing with and for my team to help them and mapped that all out and all the fun prizes too 😉 - ✅Got my next Challenge group planned out and Macros 101!! This is a “HOT” topic right now I am getting!!! I love to teach on it, as dialing in my macros is what means me out! 😉🔥 - ✅ Sent out all my clients gifts for this past week as they crushed and shared their progress and goals!!! I love to keep this journey fun and rewarding for them....and I love giving gifts too! 😉🙌🏻 - ✅Last but not least made a fun schedule for homeschool this week!! Each week we tweak and change to improve, make it more fun and get the kids engaged and learning!!!! I want them all to have fun, be challenged and dang it if these are my cards i am dealing with in bet your tail I am making the most of it with these kids!! - Being a teacher was never on my resume’ but funny thing is I do a ton of it through my work, working with clients and now school....I think we all are Teachers to a degree and maybe never realized it! 😉💁🏼‍♀️ - Like I said, not every Sunday works out this way and often it is Saturday enening or Monday that I plan....but I love the feeling of slow Sunday mornings!!!

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Are you subconsciously looking around here on social, thinking everyone else left like they have it all together?! - 🛑STOP🛑 - Stay in your lane! Focus on what you WANT to improve upon and What you have CONTROL over. - You never know what is going on behind closed doors. They work they put in, the sacrifices they make, the stress, the load, drives me nuts or used to when people would “assume” just by social that I ate perfectly or had some miracle that I built my business with or I was so “together” all the I don’t care because I can’t control what people assume. My only bit of advice is this...stop assuming and start doing! If you want something different, do something different. - I do what I do and am able to, but I have to let go of so much else, like a clean, organized, nicely decorated home 🤪. Oh and all the laundry being put away after being washed all the time, etc... 🤷🏼‍♀️ - We all make sacrifices for what matters most to us. Stop putting yourself down or making yourself feel bad because you scroll through social and it “appears” others have it “all together”, I guarantee no one does! We just are doing our best and like i said, if you aren’t happy and want to make changes, just BEGIN. Small changes make big differences over time with consistency. - Nothing ever drastically changes overnight with just a “want to”, you have to put the work in, if you want a different outcome. ❤️ xo

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I said this before and I’ll say it again: YOU DON’T HAVE TO HATE YOUR BODY TO CHANGE IT, AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR BODY TO LOVE IT. ✨ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Reminiscing back tonight. This 2nd postpartum journey. . 8 years. 2 pregnancies. 2 babies. Gained 27 lbs with my first Lost 32 lbs Gained 24 lbs with my second. Lost that +. . Now at 6 years postpartum since baby #2, I am still making my way to gaining more lean muscle & pushing my endurance to new heights while being less worried about the number on the scale. I have fought and overcome many gut issues, hormonal changes and am daily working on being “in tune” with my body. The scale is just one form of measurement. In order to build more muscle I have been working on eating my maintenance in calories and a bit more (trying!! 🤪 but come on as much as i love food, some day i fail!) and second lifting 4-5 days a week heavier weights. . No starving. No dieting. Just support from a community. A simple plan to follow. Working out from home before everyone wakes up, well because that is the only “alone” time I have 🤪 Trusting the process. Embracing the journey. Failing forward. Cultivating self confidence. Visualizing health and happiness. Finding sanity, not vanity. Choosing grace over defeat. .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Shoutout to all the ladies learning to love themselves through getting active in the midst of crazy {mom or not} life. You rock. You deserve a big hug! . Never forget how WORTH taking care of yourself you are. And that scale? Toss that thing out, sister! You are more than the number on a scale or the inches on a tape measure. Work hard so you feel GOOD in the skin you’re in. That’s priceless. 👊🏻💜 . PICTURED: Me & little Rudy in my tummy growing, all the way up to my scheduled c-section day. Then my post-partum journey and now currently working on building more lean muscle from here & pushing my endurance to new heights. Finished #mbf and beginning my second round of #mbfa today with my group of ladies!! 🙌🏻 . Tag a friend on their health journey below too. Encourage them today! 🙌🏻✨😘 —————————————— And if you are ready to join me or ready to learn more 📩me 👆🏻

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Ok so I like to be super raw and real with y’all.... The older kids are crushing this homeschool thing and my boy, Rudy is too! He absolutely loves and looks forward to school but he is EXHAUSTED! - He is just like me and never wants to miss out on the fun and can talk 90 miles an hour 😬🤦🏼‍♀️😂 - So I realized yesterday that I need to try something new with his energy because even our 2.5 run-him bike ride didn't wear him down....because he was tired and it was showing up in a crazy energy sort of way, if you know what i mean. Sooooo, when that time hit again today, he and I went into my room. I got him all snuggled in to just rest and I turned the ‘calm’ app on and he chose the water/nature/birds option and with in 5 minutes he was out! - Mama got 45 min of quit time to work and rest with that white noise and he got to sleep. #winwin 💙 - If your kids seem like they are crazy and losing it, maybe this might work for them too?!! Truly this app is amazing and free!! 🙌🏻 #homeschool2020

17 1

So many mamas messaging me interested & curious in what I do as a Coach & how I do it while being home, homeschooling my kids........ - My two secrets..... waking up early & pockets of time 😉🙌🏻 - So I have put together a 3 day Sneak Peek into what Coaching is all about & you can join in. It's right here on facebook! - But before you start overthinking (because we all do) let me share with you this: There is never a "good" time to change. Change is never easy. The season of life you are in right now might be hard. But If you want to see change, you have to be the change. - I was so tired 9 years back of racking up debt. I was so tired of working my butt off, only to pay bills and not be left with much after. I wanted more! I desired change! But, often times we don't step up to the plate to change, until we are at rock bottom. - I promise you, I am not offering you a miracle. I am not offering you an amount. But I am offering you hope & an opportunity that changed my life! Becoming a coach 9 years ago was exciting & vulnerable for me! But the desire to get out of debt & be home with my babies FAR SURPASSED any of the pride I had and emotions otherwise. - Suck up your pride & BE the CHANGE you want to see! That is what i had to do too and then i just let all the thoughts in my mind go and dove all in! I am diving in with my coaches for the last 90 days of 2020 to really truly help them make LASTING CHANGE In their lives both physically, mentally, emotionally & financially. - Grab your spot and let's do this thing together! 👇


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