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20.6% of bloombergbusiness's followers are female and 79.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.50%. The average number of likes per post is 13632 and the average number of comments is 210.

Bloombergbusiness loves posting about Photography, Marketing, Travel.

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  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 46.61 %
  • Travel & Tourism 44.85 %
  • Luxury Goods 42.15 %
  • Art & Design 40.98 %
  • Photography 40.71 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 40.64 %
  • Business & Careers 40.54 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 39.33 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 38.95 %
  • Entertainment 37.89 %
  • Music 36.12 %


3,474 167

Black borrowers pay $13,464 more over the life of a home loan, with interest, mortgage-insurance and tax expenses higher than for their White counterparts, further hurting African Americans’ ability to save for retirement, according to a new study. The biggest reason for the gap is the risk-based pricing found in most U.S. mortgages, which disadvantage Black borrowers because they tend to make smaller down payments and have lower credit scores, said the report’s authors. The study intentionally didn’t control for factors such as income disparities to show the difficulties Black people face due to historical disadvantages. Click the link in our bio to read more.

31,431 381

The world has a new fastest car. The SSC Tuatara hypercar clocked 316.11 mph on a dusty desert highway outside Las Vegas. The record-breaking event on October 10 was verified by two witnesses sanctioned by Guinness World Records. It beat speeds set by Bugatti’s pre-production Chiron prototype (304.77 mph) and a Koenigsegg Agera RS production car (277.87 mph). Link in bio for details.

17,129 178

Since the 1800s, the London Metal Exchange’s trading floor has endured world wars, scandals, and the arrival of algorithmic trading that’s made other open-outcry markets obsolete. Yet after all that, it may not survive Covid-19. Social distancing has made “The Ring,” where nine traders at a time sit on red leather benches surrounded by dozens of clerks and salespeople, impossible to operate safely. That’s despite proposals including improved ventilation and full-face visors. The Ring’s dealers can trace their history back to the early 19th century, when traders drew a circle in the sawdust of London’s Jerusalem Coffee House. But its detractors have long argued it’s an anachronism that should be consigned to the history books. Link in bio for more.

10,411 220

China’s economy has rebounded from the depths it fell to during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing support for a world economy suffering its deepest recession since the Great Depression. The nation's GDP climbed 4.9% last quarter, lower than economists forecast but regaining all the ground lost in the first half of 2020. Underpinning the recovery has been an aggressive containment of coronavirus, allowing factories to quickly reopen and capitalize on a global rush for medical equipment and work-from-home technology.

22,407 345

In an age of populism and confrontation, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern’s message of empathy and kindness along with skillful crisis management won her Labour Party its biggest share of the vote in more than 70 years. That contrasts starkly with the divisive politics in the U.S. as Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off for the presidency. “Ardern’s approach could be a lesson for other leaders seeking to maximize their support base,” said Zareh Ghazarian, senior lecturer in politics and international relations at Monash University in Melbourne. “In New Zealand it’s about the politics of inclusion.” Supporters want Ardern to push harder in her second term on reforms such as tackling inequality and boosting incomes after she failed to deliver on some key promises in her first term. Click the link in bio to read more.

5,868 280

The defining feature of Covid-19 in America, beyond its sheer size, is the way it has been politicized, write @bloombergopinion’s Max Nisen and Sam Fazeli. Even in the wake of President Trump’s own infection and hospitalization, Republicans tend to take a minimally cautious approach to Covid-19. Democratic states have generally tried more aggressively to contain the virus, mandating mask-wearing and social distancing, limiting indoor dining and embracing contact tracing. Red-leaning states — those that either voted for Trump in 2016 or are led by Republican governors — have tested fewer people per capita than blue states and more readily opened public venues. That partisan testing gap has existed since last spring, but in recent months it has widened. A look at the rate of Covid-19 infections — measured by the percentage of tests that come back positive — reveals an even starker divide between red and blue states. Added together, the data signal trouble ahead. Click the link in our bio to read more about how the winter months could impact your state. 📸 via Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images #2020 #election #politics #gop #virus #coronavirus #science #testing #mask

16,890 222

A legendary player is about to re-enter the console market, combining retro gaming with… cryptocurrency. First teased several years ago, Atari’s VCS is expected to ship in November — its first new hardware in more than two decades. It will offer access to more than 100 arcade games and home classics, which users can buy with a new coin called Atari Token. An all-in bundle, including accessories and games, will cost $390. That’s $90 more than an entry level Xbox Series S, but… well, nostalgia. Link in bio for more. #gaming #retrogaming #crypto

24,316 288

Royal Enfield motorcycles—retro rides that would look familiar to 1960s-era Steve McQueen—have become in recent years a coveted lifestyle statement among young, upwardly mobile Indians. As a result, the Chennai-based company sold more than 650,000 motorcycles in India last year. That’s equivalent to the entire U.S. market. Now it’s making a high-stakes bet on the West, where producers such as Harley-Davidson have been struggling for more than a decade to expand sales. Siddhartha Lal (pictured), the heir to the automotive conglomerate that controls Enfield, says he can win over Western enthusiasts with stylish bikes that cost far less than those made by rivals—and perhaps attract younger riders to revitalize a customer base now dominated by aging boomers. Link in bio for more. (via @businessweek) 📷: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe

10,391 112

At first glance, vending machines seem tailor-made to survive a pandemic. There’s no human interaction and they’re convenient, ready to dispense drinks and other products — from noodles to stockings — anytime, anywhere. Yet the Covid-19 crisis appears to be speeding up their demise, nowhere more visibly than in Japan. Times are so tough that out-of-the-box ideas, like turning them into data centers, are being pitched. The discussion over the future of vending machines is another example of how the pandemic is reshaping city landscapes and lifestyles around the world, as the shift to working from home calls into question everything from the need for office space to the way public transport is designed. Click the link in our bio for more; our @citylab content is free to read.

9,245 146

Before he was Mike D of the Beastie Boys, Michael Diamond was best known as the son of Harold and Hester Diamond — towering figures in New York City’s contemporary art scene. After Harold died in 1982, Hester pivoted to buying old masters. At the same time, she sold her antique furniture and replaced it with bright, contemporary alternatives. The result is an eclectic combination of old and new, from paintings to sculptures to crystals, with an estimated value around $30 million. Bidders will fight for the right to own one of the 60 lots at Sotheby’s in January. See more pictures via the link in bio.

12,328 140

Gone are the sunbathers on Thailand's beaches. In their place: rare leatherback turtles laying eggs in droves. Thai Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa has wanted for decades to give the country’s national parks time to recover from the damage caused by an endless stream of tourists. Covid-19 gave him the chance. Thailand announced it will close all national parks for an annual average of three months, beginning in 2021, and it’s not the only tourism-dependent country to notice benefits to nature from the pandemic. Click the link in our bio to read more. (via @bloomberggreen)

7,329 94

From New York to Sydney, the fallout from the pandemic has changed the calculus for those searching for a house. Whether its months of living and working in the same cramped apartment, or ultra-low mortgage rates, a burst of home buying across the U.S. suggests many people are asking themselves whether now is the time to invest — even as the long-term outlook for the real estate market remains uncertain. Bloomberg Wealth spoke to eight home hunters about what drove their decision, and how they feel about it now. Link in bio to read their stories. 📷: Alexis Strober and her Husband, Ben, outside their new home in High Falls, New York.


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