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The search for Adelaide's biggest breakfast. Rating scale (size): 1.CHIHUAHUA >10.GREAT DANE --
Adelaide|South Australia

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 12.40%. The average number of likes per post is 244 and the average number of comments is 6.

50.53% of the followers that engaged with bigdogbrekkyblog regularly are from Australia, followed by Japan at 7.37% and United States at 7.37%. In summary, the top 5 countries of bigdogbrekkyblog's posts engager are coming from Australia, Japan, United States, Thailand, France.

Bigdogbrekkyblog loves posting about Cooking, Food & Drink, Travel.

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  • Australia 50.53 %
  • Japan 7.37 %
  • United States 7.37 %
  • Thailand 4.21 %
  • France 3.16 %


282 5

Name: The Queenie + mushroom + avocado w/large flat white Price: $27.70. - Value:3.5/5. - Food: 4/5. - Coffee:3/5. - Service:2.5/5. - Decor and atmosphere:4/5. Big dog rating:LABRADOR “Just a short drive north of semaphore, historic largs bay has plenty to offer and queenies store is no exception. The revamped post office is a perfect location for a Sunday brunch or quiet coffee. The quality of food was very impressive but the level of service felt very rushed and not too helpful” - - - - - - #adelaidefood #adelaidebreakfast #coffee #adelaidecoffee #breakfast #safood #safoodpics #adelaidephotography #adelaidebrunch

238 4

The @thepot_hydepark does brunch on weekends now so, of course, we rushed down there as soon as we heard. And, boy, did we enjoy it! We strayed a little off the big dog path, given we weren't after a set big breakfast but we stepped up the quality this time around. The 3 of us each had a Pork Bun with fermented chili then shared the Blue Swimmer Crab Inari with Scrambled eggs - wow! - the Pork Hock, Potato, Cheese and Leek Coquettes and a Ham & Cheese Toasted Paratha with Fried Egg. Oh, and a piece of the homemade banana cake - how could we forget!? All of this + coffee for $30. There are not too many places around you get food like this from a world-class chef in @emmajademccaskill for that price. Price:$30.60 Value:5/5 - Food:5/5 - Coffee:4.5/5 - Service:4.5/5 - Decor & atmosphere:4/5

320 7

Name: The OG Full House w/large flat white. Price:$30.40 Value:3/5 - Food:3/5 - Coffee:2.5/5 - Service:3/5 - Decor & atmosphere:3/5 Big dog rating: Mastiff The Big dogs had been in for their famous shakes but it was time to try the breakfast from @50sixone . And, in no surprise, it was BIG! However, while we do appreciate the hipster-like thinking behind serving it in fry pan dish, it's hard work! Overall, all the extras are included but their coffee game needs work, given the options in the area

245 3

Name: Vegetarian breakfast add bacon w/large flat white. Price:$27.50 - Value:3.5/5 - Food:3/5 - Coffee:3.5/5 - Service3.5/5 - Decor & Atmosphere 3.5/5 - Big dog rating:Labrador “A lot to like about this suburban cafe, friendly staff and plenty of variety for a weekend brekky. Unfortunately out of all the variety a standard big breakfast wasn’t on the menu so we had to adapt by adding bacon to the vegetarian” #adelaidebreakfast #breakfast #safood #safoodie #safoodpics #adelaidecoffee #adelaidebrekkies

261 14

Name: Big Breakfast w/large flat white. Price:$24.50 - value:4/5 - food:4/5 - coffee:3.5/5 - service:3/5 - decor & atmosphere:4.5/5 - Big dog rating:GREATDANE “Stella restaurant is located on the impressive beachfront of Henley square. Their breakfast menu doesn’t offer a lot of variety but they’ve nailed the basics leaving the big dogs very satisfied. Definitely worth the trip especially while the good weather is still here. #adelaidebreakfast #adelaideeats #henleysquare #henleybeach #adelaidecoffee #safood #safoodpics #coffee #breakfast

264 9

Name: Big Breakfast w/large flat white. Price:$26.70 Value:4/5 - Food:4/5 - Coffee:4/5 - Service:3.5/5 - Decor & atmosphere:3/5 Big dog rating: Mastiff Tucked away in Forbes Shopping Centre on Marion Road, the @thefrontpagecafe should be making more headlines. It's simple, relaxed and, most importantly, the food is great. And the big brekky is BIG. The Big Dogs will be back for a pizza soon. Shout out to @stranton09 for the recommendation

205 3

Name: Big Westie Breakfast w/large flat white. - Price:$24.40. - Value:2/5. - Food:1.5/5. - Coffee:2/5. - Service:1.5/5. - Decor and atmosphere:4/5. Big dog rating:LABRADOR “sadly our brekky today featured both undercooked eggs & bacon with an underwhelming half kransky ☹️ however the stunning outdoor balcony is prime for afternoon beers any day of the week” #breakfast #adelaidefood #adelaidebrekkies #adelaidebreakfast #safoodie #foodporn #bigbreakfast #adelaidecoffee #adelaidefoodies

258 6

Name: Captain's Breakfast w/large iced latte. Price:$29.80 Value:3/5 - Food:4/5 - Coffee:4/5 - Service:3.5/5 - Decor & atmosphere:4.5/5 Big dog rating: GERMAN SHEPHERD There is nothing more the Big Dogs like than a morning swim at the beach during Summer. Well, that was before we learned we can stop by Broadway cafe @seafaringfools . Good people, good food, good coffee. And it's all South Australian. An expensive big brekky but it is, as we like it, big.

272 3

Name: Big breakfast w/large flat white - Price$25.50. - Value4/5. - Food:4/5. - Coffee:3.5/5. - Service:4.5/5. - Decor & armosphere:4/5. Big dog rating:LABRADOR “home of the best hash brown the big dogs have ever tried and one of the most complete sides menu, Hibernia cafe in Magill is a perfect spot for your next brunch outing” #adelaidefood #adelaidefoodie #adelaidebreakfast #bigbrekky #safoodie #safoodpics

211 9

Name: Borough Breakfast w/large cap. Price:$29. - Value:3.5/5 - Food:4/5 - Coffee:4/5 - Service:4/5 - Decor & atmosphere:3/5 Big dog rating: GERMAN SHEPHERD . It took us a while to get here because, let's be honest, we're still not over the closure of the original Bar 9. But we shouldn't have waited so long. @eastboroughparkside is, put simply, bloody good. New year, new Big Dogs. We've moved on and enjoyed doing so. We'll be back soon - just maybe not on a 36c morning. Woof! . . #adelaidecafe #coffee #adelaidecoffee #adelaidebreakfast #breakfast #Adelaide #SAFood #Foodie #bigbreakfast #safoodpics #Parkside #Eastside #instafood #blogger #adelaideeats #Summer

170 5

Name: Pony Breakfast w/large iced latte. Price:$24.50. - Value:4/5 - Food:4/5 - Coffee:4/5 - Service:3.5/5 - Decor & atmosphere:4/5 Big dog rating: LABRA-COLLIE . . While still riding the high of @adelaideunited last-gasp victory over Brisbane on Friday, we ventured down to Manton St hotspot @ponyandcole . Plenty of good vibes and even better food. But just like 2 goals is better than 1, 2 pieces of toast is always better than a single. And unfortunately that's what we got. Overall, though, the Big Dog Izzo happy @paulizzo . . #adelaidecafe #coffee #adelaidecoffee #Sunday #adelaidebreakfast #breakfast #Adelaide #SAFood #Foodie #bigbreakfast #safoodpics #Hindmarsh #AUFC #instafood #blogger #adelaideeats

202 6

Name: Scrambled Eggs w/rocket & mushroom (+bacon & avo) w/large flat white. Price:$27.80. - Value:3/5 - Food:3.5/5 - Coffee:3.5/5 - Service:4/5 - Decor & atmosphere:4/5 Big dog rating: BORDER COLLIE. The BIG DOGS are back. We needed something to take our mind off Saturday's Grand Final so breakfast at @queenstreetcafeadl it was. And while it wasn't remarkable enough to make us forget the game - but, hey, what could? - it certainly hit the spot. The lack of a big, strong option was our only disappointment. Yes, we are talking about the menu, not the Crows' forward line on Saturday #adelaidecafe #coffee #adelaidecoffee #adelaidebreakfast #breakfast #Adelaide #SAFood #Foodie #bigbreakfast #safoodpics #QueenSt #Croydon #instafood #blogger #adelaideeats


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