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Turkish beer blogger living in Belgium. All photos courtesy of Bir bira mı patlatsak birader ?

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 9.40%. The average number of likes per post is 966 and the average number of comments is 24.

19.53% of the followers that engaged with beeradercom regularly are from United States, followed by Belgium at 10.94% and Turkey at 10.94%. In summary, the top 5 countries of beeradercom's posts engager are coming from United States, Belgium, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany.

Beeradercom loves posting about Food & Drink, Cooking, Travel.

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  • United States 19.53 %
  • Belgium 10.94 %
  • Turkey 10.94 %
  • United Kingdom 5.47 %
  • Germany 4.69 %


761 10

First 🇬🇧then 🇹🇷(3.yorum) When life gives u Utopias,taste it without hesitation:)During my last visit to the Struise Shop in Bruges,I saw this bottle shining like a precious stone with its beautiful bottle,reminiscing a copper brewing kettle.Even though the weather outside was not the best for a high ABV beer,I thought I shouldn't miss this opportunity.Utopias first blended by Sam Adams @2002 getting the title 'strongest beer in the world' and most likely the 'most expensive' with its 200$ retail price.The first batch of Utopias are mostly given to SamAdams employees with numbers under the bottles corresponds the order in which each employee was hired.So Founder Jim Koch gets bottle number 1,Dean Gianocostas gets 2,Nicole Monsen gets 3. etc..It's a blend of beers coming from variety of different barrels(Cognac,Armagnac,Port,Madeira,Buffalo Trace,Rum etc..)which are even dating back to 1994(like their famous triple bock barrels).Beer is released every 2 years.This is a 2015 bottle which is the 9th batch with 28ABV 'finished' in White Carcavelos barrels amplifying dried fruit and oak flavors.To boost ABV they also use maple syrup along the way with a blend of yeast inc. champagne yeast(they had batches up to 33ABV)Finally it is hand filled in the copper-covered porcelain bottles(15k bottles each release)Deep copper with ruby head, no carbonation.Oily look with legs on the glass.Epic nose filling the room with almost infinite complexity.Sherry,molasses,dark fruits,vanilla,caramel,oak,milk chocolate,maple syrup,booze,orange zest,amaretto,cigar..Taste doesn't deliver what the nose promises(is that even possible?).Even though it's extremely tasty,there is some weak link in the palate which I suspect to be due to the maple syrup being used.Body is thick and texture is velvety.Very impressive but there are some other extreme beers out there which might give you a bit more on the palate with a better price tag. Still a must in every beer-geek's tasting list..#beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #craftbeer #yum #recommendit #drink #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #drinkingcraft

726 19

First 🇬🇧then 🇹🇷(7. yorum) Last Wednesday I had the privilege of tasting some epic and rare selection of Brewdog beers with Brewdog's co-founder James Watt himself.James spoke about the story of the company / beers, while we were being busy getting delighted with the tasty brews in our glasses. First beer was their flagship PunkIPA.Followed by Barrel Aged Albino Squid Assassin and Dog-E, their 9th anniversary beer.Surprise of the night was most probably one of the rarest Brewdog bottle on planet..'Death or Glory'.. Even James himself tasted this beer only once while shooting their announcement video with Martin.They say 'possibly the best beer we ever made'. The beer is not on sale. In order to get your hands on one of these babies, you need to work hard to be on top 3 of their Equity for Punks referral system.The beer started his life as a hoppy golden ale with Belgian yeast character. They ice distill it to 26+ ABV and rested in oak for almost 5 years. The Cask numbers 211,212 and 221 represents their 3 favorite casks out of 10 which find their way into the final blend..Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Isle of Arran Scotch (Sherry cask) and a Scotch grain whisky. This beer is a bright burning flame with its beautiful ruby color in your glass. No head at all. (We are talking about 26ABV here..)You don't need to bring the glass in your lips to taste it. Hard to say this is a beer.. Amazing scent of whisky,sherry and rum covers the room. Christmas cake flavors..raisin, dates, burnt brown sugar, milk chocolate,vanilla, dark honey with a spicy rum touch..Extremely complex 'beer' which gives you an another dimension of its taste profile with each sip. 26ABV is very well hidden. Despite it's high alcohol concentration it's has a thick body with silky texture. One of these beers that makes you smell the empty bottle with tears :) Btw. James told us they are working on a craft distillery called Lone Wolf. I guess a distilled product like this should be one of their early examples ;) #beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #craftbeer #yum #recommendit #drink #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #brewdog #drinkingcraft

599 8

First 🇬🇧then 🇹🇷(bir sonraki yorum).."Cantillon Florian Van Roy" a.k.a. Geuze 1996. This was one of the highlights of Cantillon Quintessence 2016. ( of course next to Lambic d’Aunis, Zelige, Riesling, Rhubarbe, Asperule, La vie Est Belgie, 50N-4E and many others :P ) This a regular Cantillon Geuze from 96; blended for the birth of master blender Jean van Roy's first child Florian. This 375ml bottle on the photo is a very special one which was given to family and friends that year as a lambic family tradition. On the label we can see Florian pictured as the Brussels symbol "manneken pis" peeing into a lambic glass :) Jean also keeps 1000 750ml bottles and apparently some magnums from the same blend which are partly sent to Sweden and USA. We had the privilege of some of these magnums being served during the event..and most importantly by 20 years old Florian himself :) While I was tasting my glass, one of the guests asked to Florian if he is from Brussels ? He replied : yeah I'm the guy on that bottle :) .. Although my taste buds and nose was already exhausted by the 20+ lambic and epic food pairings served before... this pour was still very impressive ! Fruit salad jumping out of the pears, green apple, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon accompanied by the signature Cantillon funk and cedar wood like woody/oaky touch. After 20 years, seems like the rough edges on this one are fully rounded leaving you with a lot of fruity Brett awesomeness. Seems like I have yet another reason to go Sweden and visit Akkurat now :) #beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #craftbeer #yum #recommendit #drink #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #cantillon #drinkingcraft #instabeer #geuze #gueuze

759 32

First 🇬🇧then 🇹🇷After a long wait and thankfully with the help of master beer trader and my favorite Belgian beer blogger @belgianbeergeek; I finally got my hands on these bad boys. 1986 and 87 Eldridge Pope Thomas Hardy's Ale.. The package arrived with some other epic beers but honestly all eyes were on these beauties. These are the beers that Michael Jackson wrote on his Washington Post article "Brews That Stand The Test of Time" on 1986; soon after they are imported into US...On the 4-pack box it says "The Rarest Ale in Britain". This was a claim while the beer was still being brewed, I can't imagine how rare those bottles are today.. All bottles come with a bottle number and an elegant medallion with the portrait of English poet and novelist Thomas Hardy. The letters A and B represents the type of bottle, in our case a "nip bottle". On the bottle it says the beer will last for at least 25 years under good cellaring conditions. First released in 1968 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the death of Thomas Hardy, and brewed once a year with limited quantities. Brewery tries to represent the beer that the author talks about in his novel "The Trumpet Major"...the most beautiful colour an artist could possibly desire, as bright as an autumn sunset… The beer quickly gains a cult status in the beer world...Unfortunately in 99 production stops and the brewing rights get sold to another brewery, O’Hanlon.. In 2003 they re-create the beer but the production doesn't last long again.. Now the brewing rights is on Italian Brew Invest / Interbrau waiting for another comeback..MJ calls it a old/stock ale while we generally saw it as a major example of English Barleywine..Hopped with Challenger, Golding, Northdown and Styrian Golding. It boils for 3+ hours and ferment for 3 months, before getting dry hopped. Finally our beer rests in Sherry oak for another 6 months before bottling with yeast. The biggest question is.. when can we dare to taste this beauty ? :) #beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #craftbeer #yum #recommendit #drink #foodporn #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beertography #ratebeer #thebeernation

715 10

First 🇬🇧then 🇹🇷Wow..More than 11 thousand fellow beer lovers ! I raise my glass to you ! It’s been a while since I was thinking on the perfect pint to share for this occasion. Should that be a rare Thomas Hardy’s..or a sought after lambic..or a big American barrel aged stout.. While being lost finding the perfect glass..this magical moment happened..and I thought what could be more awesome than having a fresh, warm, milky, delicious Cantillon wort being served by Jean van Roy himself and sharing this glass with the pioneers of craft beer movement in Turkey..Gara Guzu family.. For me they are both great examples of craft not being about money but love and passion…Thanks Jean for inviting us to the brew day and of course thanks Gara Guzu family for sharing a pint or two (or maybe more..) with us during your trip to Belgium.It was great meeting you ! ..And for our fellow beer lovers; next time when you crave a nice craft beer during your visits to Turkey.. you know what to ask for ;) 🇹🇷11 binin üstünde bira sever dostumuz.. bu kadeh sizin şerefinize ! Uzun zamandır 10bin takipçi paylaşımını hangi özel bira ile yapmalıyız sorusu kafamızı kurcalıyordu.. Zor bulunan bir Thomas Hardy’s mi ? uğruna cinayetler işlenen bir lambik mi ? yoksa Amerika’da çıktığı gün insanları saatlerce sırada bekletip telef eden fıçı manyağı olmuş bir Imperial Stout mu ?..Soruyu yanlış soruyormuşuz oysaki..Özel bira değil özel bir anmış paylaşılması gereken..Bazı değerlerden vazgeçmemek adına çoğu zaman kopma noktasına gelmiş bir bira evinin.. Cantillon’un başındaki adam Jean van Roy’un ellerinden sunulan sıcacık, adaçayı, ıhlamur, fırından taze çıkmış ekmek kokan şerbeti, tüm zorluklara ve imkansızlıklara rağmen usanmadan bildiği değerlerin peşinden koşan Gara Guzu ailesi ile paylaşmak..Bu iki bira evi de butik biranın para değil gönül ve emek işi olduğunun en güzel örnekleri aslında.. Sizlerle tanışmak ve bu özel biraları paylaşmak çok güzeldi.. en kısa zamanda tekrar görüşmek üzere :) #beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #craftbeer #yum #recommendit #drink #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #garaguzu #cantillon #drinkingcraft #instabeer @garaguzus

1,144 30

Cantillon - Wild Brussels Stout - Zwanze15. This is my pick for #internationalstoutday. "Ceci n’est pas un Stout / This is not a stout” says Cantillon.. This is their allusion to famous Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte’s "Treachery of Images". What we want is hidden behind what we see..this might look like a traditional stout but it has for sure the “Zwanze" twist on. Recipe contains no roasted barley while raw wheat is used to give beer, creamy texture and increased shelf life to endure 28 months long cask maturation. Three types of barrels were used : Half of them were emptied lambic barrels while the rest is divided into Côtes du Rhône wine and Cognac barrels. Dark brown with ruby highlights, very thin mocha head that diminish as quick as Fou' Foune stocks. Nose has sour cherries, vanilla, cocoa powder, leather, oak and tons of wine character with bit of alcohol presence(most likely from the cognac barrels). Taste is with acetobacter vinegar upfront..reminiscing a Flemish red.. cherries and prunes follows ..bitter tannins bring astringent like sensation at the back of your mouth with wheat bread / cracker like finish. Mouthfeel is soft with mid body. Happy International Stout Day folks ! What’s your choice for this important day ? #beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #beerglass #craftbeer #beeroftheday #gununbirasi #yum #recommendit #drink #foodporn #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beertography #ratebeer #beeradvocate #beerstagram #thebeernation #untappd #drinkingcraft #sour #internationalstoutday2015

954 11

After "The Rainbow Project" we see a lot of awesome Anglo-American craft beer collabs. Uncle Zester is one of them (while not being part of the project). An Imperial Braggot from Sirencraft - UK and B.Nektar - Michigan/US. As written in the label. “What's a Braggot you ask ?” Braggot is an alcoholic drink mostly consumed during post-renaissance UK mainly in Ireland and Wales. An ale between mead and a beer. As honey and beer’s marriage goes back to Hymn of Ninkasi times; this particular style really sounds like history in a bottle. Sirencraft meets with Brad Dahlhofer of B.Nektar in Copenhagen beer celebration and they immediately decide to brew a beer together. B.Nektar having the craftsmanship skills on Mead while Sirencraft on beer; none can expect something dull out of this equation :) Coming to technical details; orange blossom honey, orange zest and juice, and grapefruit zest and juice are used in this Braggot which basically explains why they call this a “Sour citrus braggot". They use kettle souring technique; the new trend in brewing industry which involves Lactobacillus to kick in before the boil. Deep golden hazy colour with off-white head with dense but irregular bubbles. Soapy lacing. Nose is dominated by sweet floral honey.. followed by apricot, lemon zest, grapefruit, bit of dustiness while lacking the brett character. Taste is with honey character upfront; followed by a lemon tartness, sweet apricots, grapefruit, some wheat bread character and wood. After taste is like eating a toasted bread with honey and orange jam spread. Yummy ! It’s almost full bodied which is not expected from a sour. Actually this beer contains a lot of unexpected things, I might never have tried something like this before (..though my Braggot/Mead backlog doesn’t exceed 5 beers or so..) Thanks @matt512 for this bottle ! #beer #mead #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #beerglass #craftbeer #beeroftheday #gununbirasi #yum #recommendit #drink #foodporn #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beertography #ratebeer #beeradvocate #beerstagram #thebeernation #untappd #drinkingcraft #sour

1,103 31

Oude Mûre Tilquin à l’Ancienne 2015. Pierre Tilquin uses 957kg of Loch Ness blackberries(Mûre) from Germany for the production of this 2700 lt batch. 1600t of 1 year old lambic sits with the blackberries in a fermentation tank for approx 6 months and then blended with 2 and 3 years old lambic which are waiting in French wine barrels. Tilquin uses wort from Boon, Cantillon, Girardin, Lindemans (and recently Timmermans..) but I don’t personally know which ones find place in this blend. Resulting nectar is %35 fruit with 6.4ABV. Beer is first released on May 2 2015 for Tour de Gauze. Pierre confirmed this will be a regular release. Batch 2 has already started fermenting on 3 different tanks on July. Tasting notes : Hazy ruby colour with pinkish head which instantly disappears leaving no trace behind. Nose is lemon, dust, subtle and soft fruit, oak and bit of sulphur ? ( should go with a bit of aging) Lemon is also dominant on taste. Blackberries are acting a bit shy on taste profile. I might have called them cherries or underripe dark fruits if I didn’t know blackberries are in. Fruits hang back of your mouth as a soft subtle touch. Bit of wheat bread is also there. Sour sensation sticks under your lips and stays there forever :) I personally wouldn’t say no to some more fruitiness but still this is very well balanced and extremely refreshing blend. Carbonation was a bit on the low side but aging can help here too. I wanted to try it fresh to benefit from the fruit character. Yet another solid and world class blend from Geuzerie Tilquin. @gueuzetilquin is like Neuhaus for me. Never disappoints and always delivers the best :) #beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #beerglass #craftbeer #beeroftheday #gununbirasi #yum #recommendit #drink #foodporn #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beertography #ratebeer #beeradvocate #beerstagram #thebeernation #untappd #drinkingcraft #sour #lambic #tilquin

1,285 33

Lindemans / Mikkeller Spontanbasil. Innovation meets tradition. Released this May with a limited 25.000 bottle production. Blend of 1 to 2 years old lambic fermented on oak with fresh basil. Name of the beer is extension of Mikkeller’s Spontanale series. 75cl screen printed bottle looks amazing. Keith Shore’s Mikkeller characters Henry and Sally finds themselves place in this traditional Lindemans label design. Golden color with little cloud. 2 finger off white head during initial pour disappearing very quickly into a thin layer of cobweb; leaving no lacing on glass. Nose is extremely fresh. Initially I get more ginger notes than basil. Almost like a lemon-lime ginger ale. As beer warms up you get herbal notes and basil. Funk is mostly hidden behind the freshness of the aroma. This beer feels like an airco unit inside your mouth. Fresh like summer breeze. Finish is tart, dry with subtle saltiness. When it warms fruitiness comes into picture as apricot and grapefruit followed by wood, bread, pepper , herbal tea like finish which stays with you forever. The beer paired perfectly well with our smoked salmon & pesto sauced spaghetti. Acidity cuts through the fatty salmon while basil compliments the pesto sauce. Mid-thin and creamy body doesn’t over power the dish at all. Honestly I had a lot of concerns before tasting the beer but it went well beyond my expectations and proved to be a perfect food company. This beer proves the versatility of lambics and makes you get excited for new innovations that may come from crazy breweries like Mikkeller. #beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #beerglass #craftbeer #beeroftheday #gununbirasi #yum #recommendit #drink #foodporn #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beertography #ratebeer #beeradvocate #beerstagram #thebeernation #untappd #drinkingcraft #sour #lambic

1,210 25

2013 Cantillon Fou Fone. One of Cantillon’s sought after fruit lambics. Approx 300g of Bergeron apricot from Rhône-Alpes region is used per litre of this liquid gem. These apricots are known to be sweet and acidic. They are provided by Francois Daronnat known as Fou’ foune. My suggestion is not to Google this because seems like Fou Foune in French is basically a ‘cute’ way to call a part of female reproduction system. What a nickname ! Yearly production is 30HL. Every year they receive 1200kg of apricots and de-stone them by hand (you can find photos of the process on Cantillon’s Facebook account) and soak them in 2 years old lambic. After 2 months, beer gets bottled. Most of the production goes to the region where the Apricots come from.The label which pictures earth(?) as an apricot is designed/painted by Julie Van Roy, daughter of master brewer Jean-Pierre Van Roy. During our visit to brewery Jean-Pierre suggested us to drink this fresh to focus on fruity qualities. As I already had a chance to taste it fresh on draft before(Moeder Lambic ftw) I let this baby sit for 2 years. The results were still impressive. Golden color, almost clear with a 2 finger white head diminishing into a thin layer. Tiny bubbles visible in the middle of glass giving a lively appearance. Aroma is basically an olfactory nirvana. You can get the soft, sweet aroma of the apricots from next room. Lambic funkiness is there but apricot are the main player here. Tasting is also fruity and refreshing. I don’t have the best sensory memory but comparing with my notes for the fresh FouFoune this 2 year old bottle seems a lot softer and less sour/acidic. A bit of saltiness leaves on your lips to remind you this is a Cantillon. Apricots just blend into the beer not act like something artificial. When you get the bottom of the bottle more fruitiness kicks in almost tasting like apricot jam. Nothing more to say, if you are into sour beers this is a must to try. #beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #beerglass #craftbeer #beeroftheday #gununbirasi #yum #recommendit #drink #foodporn #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beertography #ratebeer #lambic

993 29

What puts Belgium forward as a great brewing nation?There might be tons of different answers/perspectives but personally having one beer style for every kind of occasion is already a tie breaker.Although it’s really a rare occasion; if I find myself spending sometime outside under the "hot Belgian sun", I can’t stop thinking about a sharp, dry, thirst quenching "Saison"..a style which gets it’s name from summer(though it literally means season)..And when it’s about a saison;again I can’t also stop myself thinking about a Fantome.Dany Prignon of Fantome well known for his secrecy about the ingredients of his eccentric beers,this time clearly states the secret ingredient on the label:Pissenlit..French word for dandelion(literally meaning wet-the-bed referencing the diuretic effect)..After drying yellow leafs of the flower and making a tea out of it;they used this herbal tea in the beer. As all brewing books say “No one should be able to identify your secret ingredient”.. even though in this case I know what the “secret ingredient” is.. its existence was very subtle and really impossible to pinpoint.Opening the bottle was a thrilling sensation due to Fantome’s fame for gushers.I was lucky in this case, pour was steady and calm.Hazy amber color with copper & golden highlights and with 2 finger white head this beer looks amazing.Head is not adhesive and dissipates quickly leaving little-no lacing.On nose you get flowery/grassy hops(bit of grapefruit too) backed by sweet caramel and rustic farmhouse character.Sweet malt character is very well balanced on plate with juicy hop character.Finish is bitter sweet, spicy and sticky not bone dry as I somehow imagined.Medium body and carbonation.Honestly I had no idea about the 8% ABV till I check the bottle.The alcohol was pretty well hidden. Overall this is yet again a very complex Saison from Fantome.Highly recommended ! #beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #beerglass #craftbeer #beeroftheday #gununbirasi #yum #recommendit #drink #foodporn #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beertography #ratebeer #beeradvocate #beerstagram #thebeernation #untappd #drinkingcraft #beer

1,584 57

Delirium Deliria brewed only once year at Brewery Huyghe by women for International Women's Day. Every year 15 women all over the world (Belgium, Australia, America, Spain, Germany, Netharlands, Italy, Bolivia, China etc.. ) collaborates to brew this limited 450HL batch. This year 300HL of the total production will be exported to US. Brewing session is leaded by masterbrewer Joris Dheedene and beer sommelier @sofievanrafelghem. Deliria received an Honourable Mention at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2013. While being brewed at 17 Jan this year, the beer is launched 2 months after, today on International Women’s Day. For the full story behind the beer take a look into @belgianbeerandfood ’s special Women’s Day Issue. Grain bill contains rice and oat on top of malted barley. 3 different hop variety is used on the brew together with spices (milled coriander). This is backed up with brewing sugar to boost alcohol and get the Delirium touch. Beer has a clear golden color with visible carbonation in the center. On top it has a white 3 finger soapy head diminishing into a thin layer leaving almost no lace. Beautiful looking beer. Nose is initially pilsner like. Notes of floral, grassy, spicy hops and coriander. When the yeast is poured and the beer warms up you can get fruity esters like in Delirium Tremens. Taste is mostly controlled by the hops. Bitter almost metallic. Grainy malt character. Mouthfull is creamy thanks to oats. Good carbonation turning drinker into a lion :) Refreshing and thirst quenching qualities. 8ABV is pretty well hidden. #beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #beerglass #craftbeer #beeroftheday #gununbirasi #yum #recommendit #drink #foodporn #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beertography #ratebeer #beeradvocate #beerstagram #thebeernation #untappd #drinkingcraft #deliria #belgianbeerandfood #internationalwomensday


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