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69.5% of beautythroughthebeast's followers are female and 30.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 8.20%. The average number of likes per post is 1366 and the average number of comments is 135.

Beautythroughthebeast loves posting about Modeling, Art, Fashion.

Check beautythroughthebeast's audience demography. This analytics report shows beautythroughthebeast's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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69.5 %
30.5 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 50.97 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 48.68 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 46.72 %
  • Children & Family 46.56 %
  • Art & Design 44.23 %
  • Business & Careers 43.60 %
  • Books and Literature 37.77 %
  • Music 37.51 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 37.50 %
  • Travel & Tourism 37.48 %
  • Photography 36.76 %
  • Entertainment 35.49 %


1,984 112

Chiara had incredible style and an eye for beautiful things. On her 49th birthday, Sunday October 25th, her sister Mary will host an estate sale at Chiara’s home in Montclair, NJ. For safety, admission will be limited and masks are required. If you would like to come, please DM this account to set up a time with Mary. We would like nothing more then to see Chiara’s belongings go to friends and followers who will cherish them.

4,289 849

It is with a heavy heart that I let you know Chiara passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon while my father was reading to her from the Psalms. For the last few days one of her family members sat by her side at every moment--my mom even pulled a bed next to hers to sleep close by. We know she wanted to die surrounded by her family, and she did. No matter how much we thought we prepared ourselves for this event over the last few years, months, weeks, and days, it still feels like a shock that someone so young and so fierce could lose her battle with cancer. Thank you all for holding her in your thoughts and prayers. We each took turns reading her the messages and posts you sent, and we know she was comforted by your words. It's difficult to mourn together these days but we will post information about a virtual funeral mass, shiva, and memorial soon. With love and gratitude, Jessica.

3,057 718

Dear Chiara's Friends, My name is Jessica, I'm Chiara's niece, and I'm writing to give you all an update on Chiara's condition. On Monday, July 13, Chiara learned that her latest chemotherapy treatment was not working and she was out of options. By Wednesday, she made the decision to enroll in hospice care and stay with her sister and brother-in-law. Since then, my mother and father have been devoted and loving caretakers for her. In addition to my parents, she has the company of Sofia (her cat), Carina (her niece), and me. This is a new territory for all of us, and I don't know how much longer she has. What I do know is that she is being cared for with dignity and compassion. I also know that your friendship and support throughout her battle with cancer has meant the world to her. A few days ago she asked me to help her draft a message to her friends. It was brief, but poignant: "I'm leaving. I love you all and I'm going to miss you. You made life interesting and left me with wonderful memories." I will try to keep you all updated in the coming weeks. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. With love, Jessica

1,770 308

Tomorrow is gamma knife surgery. I’m scared.

340 8

These are all the left over blankets I made when I was healing from breast cancer surgery. I made most of them in Cape May, NJ. I love them but I don’t need these many blankets. Plus when you offer me something you could trade it in for a blanket prices range from $75-$300. I hope you like them! My Etsy shop is All the best....#crochet #yarn #acrylicyarn #syntheticyarn #madeathome #zigzag #afghan #brightcolors #throw If you’re interested in buying festive the blanket to me and we can go from there. Thank you #beauty #beautythroughthebeast

675 11

My chunky cheeks and a #kitten

1,677 81

I’m sitting out on the balcony of my sister’s house in Atlantic Highlands. It warm and breezy with an amazing view of the Raritan Bay and boats going by. It’s very pleasant. It’s hard to keep my finders from shaking. Was on sacutuzumab gavetican for a few months but it stopped working. Darn. I took Taxotere yesterday and was sent home with anti - nausea pills. I’m not looking forward to that. So I’ll stay here to see what the effects are because I’m the caregiver at home. It’s hard to type with my fingers shaking. Dr. Kakinsky sent me home with anti nausea meds :( For those of you on an “easy” drug be grateful for it. When people say I’m brave I look at them as what choice do I have? Not take the meds and die or try this new med out? #cancer #breastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancer #tnbc #metastaticbreastcancer #metastaticcancer #beauty #beautythroughthebeast #happytobealive #bald #cancer #chemotherapy

1,043 5

#repost @movimentocorpolivre ・・・ Por mais imagens como essa que nos tragam rostos felizes e #corpolivre ✨ #repost @feminist . “Quero pedir desculpas a todas as mulheres que descrevi como bonitas antes de dizer inteligentes ou corajosas fico triste por ter falado como se algo tão simples como aquilo que nasceu com você fosse seu maior orgulho quando seu espírito já despedaçou montanhas de agora em diante vou dizer coisas como você é forte ou você é incrível não porque eu não te ache bonita mas porque você é muito mais do que isso” Rupi Kaur⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📸 @underneath_we_are via @kenziebrenna

566 5

#repost @mrk_san_francisco ・・・ ONCE UPON TIME IN SAN FRANCISCO MODEL the Bravest @beautythroughthebeast #sanfrancisco #bayarea #civiccenterpark #mrkphotography #photoshoot📷 #vouge #fashionphotographer #bestofnyc #fashionpost #marknestra #sfphotographer #model #modellife #streetstyle #nycmodels #onceuponatime #lovemoments #breastcancer

897 46

Should I explain? Or do you feel the same? Staying at home with nothing to do during this covid virus thing is harrowing. I’m fatigued. Scared. Of my thoughts. Scared of touching things. Tired of not hearing anyone reply when I speak out loud. I live alone so there’s no one around. They say to come up with a routine to keep you sane. The only ones I have is a walk every day and praying the rosary. Besides that I have all day free, and I mostly am on zoom calls or crocheting. I welcome new friends so text me your number if you want to talk. What’s your routine? I hope that you feel well. Photo taken by @scfotografia #scream #triplenegativebreastcancer #advancedbreastcancer #metastaticbreastcancer #tnbc #mbc #alone #depressed #fear #covid19

870 18

#repost @silacky ・・・ 🍊Jednou, když jsem byla opět v záchvatu “nemám ráda svá prsa” mi můj jednadvacetiletý přítel vyrazil dech. Víte, jednou jsem totiž od kluka ve stejném věku slyšela poznámku stylu, že bych měla začít šetřit na plastiku, jestli chci, aby se mnou někdo vydržel. (Při těchto vzpomínkách si zase o to víc vážím toho muže, co mám po boku) 🧡Maminka mého současného přítele si prodělala rakovinu prsu a do dnes má těžké zdravotní problémy. Pro mého přítele to byla těžká zkouška, ale myslím, že právě proto teď je takový, jaký je. 🍒Tak jsem stála v koupelně před zrcadlem a koukala na své prsa, která mi podhrabávají sebevědomí od 6. třídy a říkala, proč zrovna ta moje jsou, jaká jsou. On se na mě podíval a řekl mi “ Zlato, máš je takové, jaké ti je bůh nadělil a buď šťastná, že je máš, nekteří o ně přišli” a pak mi dal pusu a dodal, že je miluje takové, jaké jsou a to stejné platí o mně celé. Chtěla jsem se z to rouhání propadnout do země. A jsem fakt vděčná za to, koho vedle sebe mám. Člověka, který nikdy nikdy nesoudí lidi, už vubec ne podle vzhledu a kouká na to, co je uvnitř. 💛🍒 #silacky Part of the @underneath_we_are project

1,111 38

Thank you my social media friend for the cashmere snoot from California! I love how we connect and become friends with otherwise total strangers. I dig and her eye. Thanks for making me laugh and just standing up for me sometimes. This snoot is neck a scarf that can be stretched to cover my head. I can’t believe I went through so much baldness without it! My snoot. The glasses are epic. So L. A. Thank you #amiche #snoot #breastcancer #advancedbreastcancer #rockwhatyougot #lipslut #triplenegativebreastcancer #tnbc #metastaticbreastcancer #stillhavingfun #tryingto #beauty #beautythroughthebeast


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