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BC DANCE VIRTUAL LINK ABOVE 🐝 A nationally acclaimed dance school in Tucson, AZ with Concert, Competitive & Recreational Dance tracks for all ages.
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78.4% of bcdanceofficial's followers are female and 21.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.50%. The average number of likes per post is 78 and the average number of comments is 4.

Bcdanceofficial loves posting about Dance, Choreographer.

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78.4 %
21.6 %


  • Music 75.97 %
  • Art & Design 52.96 %
  • Children & Family 52.68 %
  • Business & Careers 43.88 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.72 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 41.40 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 39.17 %
  • Photography 37.27 %
  • Entertainment 37.02 %
  • Movies and TV 36.96 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.18 %
  • Sports 34.32 %


85 6

Pink Diamonds Classical Ballet Class with @maddiepuff_ & Jazz Technique with @mrs_lauryn_gapp are safe and United! #bcdancefamily

85 5

Studio 4 just received its first art installation from South Africa Artist, Amanda Margaretha. @amanda_margaretha Title: The healing Dance Date: Created in July 2020 The work is a print from the amalgamation of the 2 two spice installations Medium:(Chilli, salt, colored sugar, colored rice, pepper, tumeric, paprika, flour, thyme and parsley) This piece is a commentary on the combined challenges of Covid and the struggles of injustices done to black people. The 4 white floral patterns in the green blacks represents 4 ballet dancers with white tutus (seen from above / overhead). Each one is allocated to dance in their space in the shape that emulates a hospital red cross as a homage to the medical frontline workers (the heroes of 2020) fighting to save people’s lives. The  hands represent the body language of black people who have suffered slavery, injustice, abuse through history due to their race. The hands also represents those who went out to protest for the cause of BLM.   The gridded black lines & patterned blocks represent social distancing, mask wearing and boundaries we still have to keep for the sake of health and safety. #bcdance #lettheartsflourish #foothillsart #theballetconservatory

56 1

Scott Ramsey's Piano puts the finishing touches on the pianos. Can't wait to here those ivory keys come to life in ballet & modern classes.

86 2

A huge thank you to the Chris Gallego Family for all the new flat screen TV for our ZOOM program in all 4 studios & to Morgan Puffenbarger family for all 4 Apple TVs linking us live to the web. The arts flourish safely today because of your generosity. 🕊

78 9

2020 Emerging Choreographer @ser.haa will be working with only 2 dancers this year, in tandem with studio director Mr. Cory Fragoso-gram as they prepare two dancers for spring performances. The emerging choreographer series allows BC Dance Company member to work, at a discounted rate, with fresh new choreographers. If interested simply email the office and we'll let you know of we think you're right for the program. Only 2 spots. ⭐ Office@bcdancetucson.com Photographer: @jakejoe

76 1

Pink Diamonds Ballet is a huge success! With @maddiepuff_ 💓 leading the way. #bcdancefamily #bcdancevirtual

91 3

1st day of school 🍏 @bcacademics with 2 teachers & 7 dancers. Looking forward to another wonderful school year! #bcdancefamily #school2020 #1stdayofschool

75 3

The season is almost here and our @blueairus purifiers came in for studio 1/lobby and studio 3! Thank you to the Medical Toxicology Fellowship, Arizona Poison & Drug Information Center and their director Dr. Farshad Mazda Shirazi & Family for their generous donations to the #bcdancefamily ! These systems will purify the air throughout the season keeping our air and young population safe. Safety and fun are our first priorities as we keep the arts flourishing in the Foothills of Tucson.

52 0

Class sizes only go to 9 dancers for the in-person classes, but all classes are also on-line at BC Dance Virtual. We're almost full so register today and find a class for your perfect little dancer. www.bcdancetucson.com

54 2

@bcacademics Classes begin Monday, August 3rd (In-Studio) We will only have 7 students total this year working with our amazing staff Mrs Shanna Blair (Academics Coordinator) and Mrs Sabrina LaPorta (Mathematics Tutor). Only 1 spot left in this Elite Program. Inquire today! office@bcdancetucson.com

104 6

Proud to announce our 2020 Emerging Choreographers @ser.haa & @callista.gamboa. This program has been designed to help highly skilled artists reach their highest potential. These emerging choreographers have an amazing opportunity to work with younger dancers at the conservatory, under the direction of Aristic Director @mr.cory_ , to find and amplify their voices within the art of dance. BCDC & BCBE students and first families have the opportunity to work with these talented artists for a fraction of what most choreographers & choreography costs. The BCEC program works on a first come first serve basis, so get your audition videos in today and be the first to request a work from one of tomorrow's stars. Photographer: @jakejoe

85 2

Welcome to our newest faculty, Jessica McGuire. A recent BFA graduate of The University of Arizona's School of Dance, and professional dancers with Tucson's hottest contemporary dance company Hawkinsdance, Ms McGuire will be working with the Ruby Level students preparing them for collegiate and professional study after they graduate from the conservatory. BIO: Jessica McGuire started dancing at the age of four in Fresno, California. In 2016, she accepted an offer to pursue a BFA from the University of Arizona School of Dance, performing works by renowned choreographers like Martha Graham, Peter Chu, and Larry Keigwin. In her years there, she developed a refined movement vocabulary in contemporary, modern, hip hop, jazz, tap, and ballet. She was hired by Tucson’s Hawkinsdance in its 2017 debut season, and has been an influential role in both the company’s performance work and digital marketing campaigns. Her personal philosophy is to deepen the cognitive understanding behind movement in order to foster ease, longevity, and humanity through dance. She looks forward to the opportunity to work with such amazing dancers this coming season at the conservatory, as they aspire to the next level in the arts.


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