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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.40%. The average number of likes per post is 220 and the average number of comments is 23.

18.33% of the followers that engaged with barryennisbe regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 8.33% and France at 5.83%. In summary, the top 5 countries of barryennisbe's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, China.

Barryennisbe loves posting about Health & Fitness.

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  • United States 18.33 %
  • Canada 8.33 %
  • France 5.83 %
  • United Kingdom 5 %
  • China 4.17 %


283 109

Last week Nova woke us up around 1:30 in the morning screaming. It turned out she had a fever and looking back it was probably comedic to watch us as new parents scramble and fumble as we got everyone into the car and started driving, even though we didn’t know where we were going. 🤣We spoke to the on call doctor at the pediatrician’s office who told us not to worry and bring her in the next day. She checked out just fine, but three days later I came down with a fever, extreme fatigue, and chest tightness. Two days after that Shelleen did too. When we started getting headaches, a burning sensation in our nostrils, and the fevers continued we decided to get tested for COVID, and yesterday we got the call that they came back positive. Here are some answers to a lot of the questions we’ve been getting: ⁉️ Where did we get it? No idea! We’re big proponents of wearing masks, and have been carefully social distancing, but considering the new research out of China showing that children can asymptomatically carry COVID, and Nova can’t wear a mask, it’s most likely she got it and gave it to us- probably breathing in particles in passing. 🌐 What did the doctor say? Fortunately he said that of all the positive cases they’ve gotten at their clinic, no one has had to be hospitalized, and with rest and quarantine we should be feeling better in about two weeks. 😷 What are our symptoms? Honestly, it’s unlike anything I’ve had before. Normally I can knock out a flu with lots of fluids, rest, and healthy juices and supplements, and that’s worked! Until the next day where after feeling fine all the symptoms come back. I’ve felt tightness in my chest, but not difficulty breathing, extreme fatigue, body aches, a nightly fever, and some congestion. All in all it feels like a very strange flu. 🙏🏼 What can you do? Keep sending us positive vibes! We feel that we’ll be fine. Honestly, the best thing you can do is go the extra mile to be sure that you’re spreading accurate information about this virus. When you hear something, do a quick Google search to be sure it has merit before you pass it along. Correct information will help keep us all safe! ♥️

334 28

I’m so grateful for @shaykostabi and @novakostabi who made my first Father’s Day so special. I feel full of pride to have entered this role, and to help raise a daughter who can help shape a better world. They had the whole day planned out to make me feel loved and appreciated, starting with reading some brand new books in bed, including my new favorite, “Why a Daughter Needs a Dad” by Gregory E Lang. We ate a big beautiful breakfast spread together, and then I, (wearing one of my gifts) reshaped our office with another gift to make it a sanctuary for creative work where we can serve others. We went for a family walk, and lounged and ate from a delicious spread by the pool. (Nova even dipped her feet in the pool!) she loved it, but not as much as bathtime a bit later, where she was able to get all the way in the water. I love that time with her. All too soon it was time to say goodnight to Nova. It’s wild how being Nova’s dad for just two months has changed me so much through the love I have for her. I can see the children that still live in all of us, and the love and nourishment that they need. And having been filled with so much love by my wife and daughter, I know I now have so much more to give. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

329 15

Can’t all mornings start like this?

80 3

To bring about a new dawn, find something or someone that sparks a light in you. ✨

85 5

We all have experienced the healing power of Mother Nature. Perhaps now, as we come out of quarantine, we can continue to give that healing back. Being in quarantine reminded me of a lesson I learned long ago about how we in the West we have everything at our fingertips and yet we continue to seek after more while never finding peace of mind. In contrast, in the East, many people have so little and live simply, yet have found tremendous peace of mind. I feel inspired to live more simply, and to do more with less. This will ultimately allow me to do and experience more- by focusing on what’s truly important. And if we all live more simply, that’s one way that we can give back to Mother Nature and heal her as much as she heals us.

181 11

The other day we drove out to the California Poppy Reserve- a beautiful place that looks like it’s straight out of the Wizard of Oz, and also happens to be about fifteen minutes from my childhood home. We drove past it- it was the first time I had seen it in perhaps 15 years. It was incredibly surreal to see this building that had housed SO many memories from my entire childhood. The lawn was not the same as the pristine green turf that I helped my father maintain every weekend. The basketball hoop was gone. There were no signs of the clay and wood forts that my friend Clint and I made on the hill in the backyard. The clubhouse in the backyard that housed so many sleepovers and doubled as a production house for the films we shot as kids was dismantled. Who knows if the tiny hand impressions from me and my sister were still in the cement by the garage door in the back. Looking at the house and seeing no sign of what I remembered so fondly made me realize that all of it was really gone. But then I withdrew and realized that sitting next to me was the love of my life. Our newborn Nova was in the back seat, and even James Brown was in the back of the car. I have everything I need. And how fitting to spend the day watching new flowers bloom- a perfect metaphor for the new growing family that was there in the car with me and the new memories we would all create together. 🌸

420 64

Nova Sophia, It’s been surreal looking at you and seeing my nose, or your mom’s lips, because I know that you are not from us, but you are your own soul that has arrived here THROUGH us. I only hope that we have furnished you with a strong and healthy body for you to experience and change this world in. I only strive to serve in launching you forward into the world to serve it and the other souls present here in the way that you desire. I only wish that we provide you a safe and nurturing environment to grow, thrive, learn, and be nurtured as you become the person you’re meant to be. ✨

330 20

She is stars ✨ wrapped in skin. She holds the universe inside her. Her light radiates outward, and pierces the darkness. She lives life on earth against the backdrop of a reality beyond time and space. She is strength, wisdom, and love. She’s the portal through which our daughter will join us. She’s my goddess!

121 6

In the desert there is nothing, but you’ll find everything. A quick getaway to nowhere was just what @shaykostabi and I needed to recharge from the energy of this beautiful place, celebrate our anniversary, and enjoy a little “baby moon” before baby Nova arrives. I grew up in the desert, coming back here always feels like coming home. 🌵

346 66

2/28/19 One of the greatest adventures I’ve ever been on with @shaykostabi. Happy Anniversary my love. Here’s our wedding story we’ve never shared… I’ve never felt love permeate through me as it does with Shelleen. So I ask her every day if she’ll marry me. She always says yes, but on one day, she said, "but when?" We were living in China, so I pulled up the US Embassy website and said, "how about Monday?" Thinking it would be like getting married at city hall, we wanted to find her a nice dress, and some simple rings that we could exchange. Our search was ultimately fruitful, (Photo 2+3) but meant we push our appointment to Thursday. Our plan was to go to our morning appointment, and then celebrate with a brunch at our favorite restaurant. Little did we know what was about to transpire. When we got to the embassy, (4) it was packed with people. Luckily, US citizen services is its own section, and we didn’t have to wait too long until we got to the front. The told us that they were only able to issue an affidavit of marriage eligibility (say that ten times fast). We would have to go to the Shanghai Center of Marriage and Adoption- but only after getting our affidavit notarized and translated to Chinese… We were dedicated to get it all done- a tall order in China. We weren't off to a great start. The notary we found turned out to actually be a travel agency. A few hours later, the translation specialist told us that the standard turnaround was one week. We asked if we could pay to have it rushed. Somehow this brought it down to ONE HOUR. Score! Next we rushed to the Shanghai Marriage Center. (5+6+7) It was 4:15pm and the center closed at 5! We were told we were missing one last step- we needed to get a special marriage photo. We ran down the street, snapped a photo, and pushed the photographer to hurry through photoshopping even our ears. (8) After rushing back, we ALMOST had to start over again because one form was missing Shelleen's middle name! My broken Chinese served us well as we convinced him to let it slide. Eight hours later I collapsed in relief clutching what looks like marriage passports in my hand. We were married! (9+10) ♥️♥️♥️

105 6

A splash of color and culture does wonders to bring life to a sleek city of modern architecture. Thank you @shaykostabi for capturing such an amazing shot on your fancy new iPhone. 🙃

79 1

That’s a wrap! Wow. 21 days in Singapore, and 21 days later these smiles say it all! Were so proud of the transformation we witnessed this team make through a ton of long hours, sweat, practice, drilling, and dedication to becoming the best they can be through our @fitnesscareermastery instructor training., you’re going to have an incredible opening! Thank you for your hospitality, and for trusting us to help this amazing team grow. Being a fitness professional isn’t simply a matter of getting really good at one type of exercise. They’re leaders for a very special and rare type of community. Since the very beginning human beings have gathered together to move and connect with each other. But in our modern age, a fitness studio is one of the only places it can still be found. Beyond that, it’s a place to rediscover ourselves by stepping into a state of vulnerability. Fitness instructors need to be a guide through that process, and it happens through their coaching and cueing, musical choices, motivation, and intention. Keep at it Axiom to step into that role, and transform your community! We’ll see you soon.


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