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💜| Mom ⭐️|BeachBody Super Trainer 💥|creator of 21 Day Fix 🍍|creator of 80 Day Obsession 🍷|Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition #teamac
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74.1% of autumncalabrese's followers are female and 25.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.00%. The average number of likes per post is 8939 and the average number of comments is 120.

Autumncalabrese loves posting about Moms, Fitness, Health.

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74.1 %
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  • Fitness & Yoga 62.79 %
  • Children & Family 54.96 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 54.73 %
  • Art & Design 41.55 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 41.51 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 40.98 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 36.97 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.46 %
  • Entertainment 34.46 %
  • Business & Careers 34.34 %
  • Music 32.66 %


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Let’s talk about sleep baby! How often do we postpone it because we have work we “need” to get done or you start scrolling the gram and before you know it an hour has gone by? An hour you could have been deep in sleep resting, letting your body recover. Today we start filming the 9th and final week of 9 Week Control Freak. Typically I have a 7am call time meaning I’m up by 5:30am. Here’s the thing, it’s not just the amount of sleep you get that’s important, it’s allowing your body to go through it’s natural circadian rhythm. This is a natural, internal process that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. I’ve been getting 9 hours a sleep a night for the last 2 months and yet every day waking at 5:30am has left me feeling exhausted, crabby and not ready for the day. 5:30am is not my natural rhythm to wake. I would leave the house in my pajamas, stop at Starbucks for a coffee, walk into set not ready to talk to anyone for at least 20 min. Not a great way to start the day. So for this final week I asked if we could push the call time a little. Thank god I have a job where this isn’t an issue. Today I woke up at 7am naturally, no alarm clock, I got 8 hours of sleep, an hour less than I’ve been getting and yet I feel fantastic!!!! I hopped out of bed excited for the day, put on real clothes, fixed my hair, had my breakfast and cranked the radio on the drive in. In all honesty I hesitated to ask for the later call time, I don’t like feeling like a diva, I don’t like saying “this is what my body needs”. It makes me feel weak. My thought is always I can handle anything you throw at me & get it done. But part of being a control freak is allowing myself to be human because despite best efforts I’m not super human. I get tired. I get rundown. I can’t perform at my highest level with out my highest quality of self care. So thank you to my team for the later call time. I LOVE SLEEPY TIME 💗. Now let’s crush this final week!!!!! #controlfreak #teamac #sleep #9weekcontrolfreak #portionfix

7,283 80

It’s crazy to think Thanksgiving is 6 weeks away but it’s true. If you’re worrying about how you’re going to stay on track this holiday season with all the yummy food that might not be the healthiest coming your way, @bobbycalabrese11 and I have you covered. Tomorrow we start our first ever nutrition based @dietbet. -Holiday Survival guide -4 new EXCLUSIVE Fix approved recipes -Sample meal plans -Vegan/vegetarian/plant based friendly -FUN!!!! LINK IN BIO TO SIGN UP!!! And yes this Thanksgiving turkey recipe is coming to The Monthly Fix just in time for the holiday. It only took 45 min to make (15 in the oven) and is juicy & delicious.

11,415 157

Goal weight: Strong AF 💪 #teamac #9weekcontrolfreak

11,969 561

🚨 9 Week Control Freak launch dates just announced! 🚨 My newest nine-week program is coming to you this December. The Coach-Exclusive Window starts December 7, and offers go on sale for everyone with the official VIP Early Access kickoff on December 21. The program will be added to the Beachbody On Demand Member Library May 24, 2021. 9 Week Control Freak is designed to help you get game-changing results from three innovative training methods, combined with powerful nutrition and a proactive approach to rest. Learn more at FAQ 2026. #TeamBeachbody #ComingSoon #9WeekControlFreak #AutumnCalabrese #teamac

4,927 22

My very first leadership retreat, on stage with @carldaikeler announcing 21 Day Fix. That was the beginning of this incredible journey. I had no idea what was in store. The second pic is my second leadership announcing 21 Day Fix Extreme & then leading a workout for it, third pic is leadership 2 years ago giving a preview of 80 Day Obsession. This is my favorite event of the year. Im so sad we’re not all together in person for big announcements, previews, workouts & parties but we’re together in spirit. So I’m gonna film this workout for 9 Week Control Freak and get my booty to the venue for general session. For those “attending” see you soon, you’re not gonna want to miss this 💗 . #teamac #9weekcontrolfreak #leadership2020 #homeworkout #bettertogether

3,537 41

Today is #nationaldessertday If you’re looking for a yummy 😋 Fix-approved way to enjoy the day head over to the dessert section of the Fixate cooking show on Beachbody On Demand for these recipes and more. Desserts featured here: ❤️Vegan sweet potato pie ❤️Mini cheesecakes ❤️Chocolate donuts ❤️Double chocolate chip cookies ❤️Easy bake apple crisp #fixate #dessert #upf #portionfix #teamac #eatclean #weightloss

11,993 234

#transformationtuesday 1 year, 100 pounds “a lot of Autumn programs.” Paige DePrimos transformation is a true testament to hard work & consistency. It doesn’t happen over night but it can and will happen if you stick to it. So proud of her! For anyone doing the Autumn All Year calendar 📆 works if you work. Let’s keep putting in the work y’all. Please help me congratulate Paige by beating up that like button & commenting below. #teamac #aay #9weekcontrolfreak #portionfix #21dayfix #80dayobsession #hammerandchisel #countryheat #21dfx

6,387 86

Extra like guac 🥑 Getting in some bonus abs after filming today. Outfit in stories #teamac #core #ab #9weekcontrolfreak #homeworkout #beachbody

9,277 104

Sunday self care. Living for these jets on my sore legs. . #breathe #selfcare #goodvibes #relax #hottubclub

4,391 30

#ridinghigh 🐎

10,525 81

Some days you get up before the sun and do all the things. And some days you stay in bed letting your body rest. It’s the yin & yang of it all. ☯️ . #rest #recover #sleepin #weekendvibes #9weekcontrolfreak

11,219 188

I’m not crying, you’re crying. Ok maybe it’s me. Ya I cried at the end of today’s workout. No I’m not injured, that’s just emotion coming out, and there is nothing wrong with letting it out. When you push yourself to the limit and then beyond, all that emotion that you suppress, you push down to deal with at a later date comes out. You physically can’t hold it in anymore because your muscles can’t hold it in. Your body can’t hold it in. So don’t. Let it out. When you’re breaking down you’re also breaking open so you can grow to new heights. . #teamac #9weekcontrolfreak #homeworkout #justdoit


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