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"Automated Top-Shelf Curing" Contact: (760) 803-5122 for any questions or inquires. Engineered in San Diego, CA🇺🇸. Patent Pending
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.40%. The average number of likes per post is 128 and the average number of comments is 10.

52.38% of the followers that engaged with autocure_us regularly are from United States, followed by Liberia at 3.57% and Germany at 3.57%. In summary, the top 5 countries of autocure_us's posts engager are coming from United States, Liberia, Germany, United Kingdom, Russian Federation.

Autocure_us loves posting about Film, Music & Books, Humor.

Check autocure_us's audience demography. This analytics report shows autocure_us's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 52.38 %
  • Liberia 3.57 %
  • Germany 3.57 %
  • United Kingdom 3.57 %
  • Russian Federation 2.38 %


33 5

Here is our current top 10 pictures of flower that has been run through Auto Cure. I’m sure there’s a lot more out there that we haven’t yet seen as well. One customer specifically is consistently hitting 35-40%+ in total Cannabinoids on multiple strains. The true burping process is the most important step to achieving top shelf flower and Auto Cure is Patented to automatically burp with perfect precision based on the relative moisture release of the flower and user set parameters. Call or message us today to discuss how our multiple sizes and modular walk-in chambers can fit into any sized facility.

103 5

Finishing touches and software check on an XL Cabinet model shipping out to a customer in Oklahoma.. Holds 50 lbs. of finished product which each of the 4 chambers controlled individually for staggered harvest schedules. Check out our increased quality, consistency and ease of post harvest that Auto Cure provides.

60 4

Walk-In chambers shipping to a couple new customers north of the border. Our chambers come pre-assembled and cleanly packaged on pallets for easy setup. Auto Cure completes the entire “burping” process moving dynamically from drying, curing, then storage without having to touch the flower. Never second guess the curing process again and increase quality and consistency with Auto Cure.

80 4

Lab test results from a commercial client hanging full plants inside Auto Cure Walk-In unit: +49% Terpene Profile, +22.5% Potency, +24% CBD. These are side by side analyses of Auto Cure vs. Traditional Curing. The grower who conducted the experiment called Auto Cure “a game-changer”. Upgrade ANY dry room instantly with Auto Cure chambers and completely eliminate the manual curing process and guess work so you can focus on quality and consistency today.

146 8

Inside shot of our Walk In chambers configured for hanging or wet trim. Eliminate the manual burping process completely and go straight from freshly harvest and into our chambers to packaging without touching the flower. Results in a better smelling, tasting and smoking flower due to even Terpene curing and proper moisture release.

109 14

Finished look at the new dry/cure room creation with (9) 32’ Auto Cure Walk-In units working together with the surrounding HVAC for a highly controlled moisture release. The chambers are configured for hanging or wet trim racks depending on customer preference and freshly harvested flower is added then comes out perfectly cured each time without having to touch the flower. We’ve proven in multiple side by side Lab Testing that our automated technology retains Potency, Terpene Profile, and CBD %’s at significantly higher rates compared with traditional curing methods which results in better quality, taste/smell and smoke/dab-ability. Our air-tight, compartmented chambers also allow for individual strain curing while in the same surrounding dry room. We have scaled Auto Cure completely from small cabinet models to multiple sizes of Walk-In chambers so that we have a solution for every sized cultivator. Contact us at (760) 803-5122 or send a message to discuss more and how we can retrofit your current dry room to improve quality, efficiency, and peace of mind. #saveterps #topshelfcure #autodank

168 13

Almost complete with this state of the art dry/cure room which contains (9) 32’ Auto Cure Walk-In chambers equipped with moveable racks for convenience and efficiency. Freshly trimmed wet flower is added to the Auto Cure chambers and comes out perfectly cured without having to touch the flower. Our custom designed software and robotics system works with the surrounding HVAC system for easy climate control and uniform moisture release from the flower at all times during the drying and curing phases. Specific control of moisture release of the flower is the key to perfectly cured top-shelf and a mistake too early or late in the process can cause significant degradation or loss due to waste. Our systems do not add anything foreign to the flower during the process; we are simply allowing the flower to release moisture from the chamber at the rate it wants to which retains significant % of Terpenes, Potency and CBD. We have all sizes of chambers ranging from table top to the Walk-Ins shown and our mission is to provide top-shelf curing as an industry standard, especially at the largest commercial levels. Thank you for your patience as we designed, engineered and patented this technology. We are about ready to take this mainstream and will be rolling out major web changes and information shortly.. #curetopshelf #saveterps #consistency #brandrecognition #autodank

195 28

(2) 32 foot long Auto Cure Automated Drying and Curing chambers configured for wet trim on movable racks for easy loading. Add freshly harvested flower (wet trim or hanging) and comes out cured in up to 30% faster than traditional methods. Check out our multiple lab test results versus traditional manual curing where Potency, Terpene Content, and CBD have all seen increases up to 40% respectively. Also, customers and end-users alike have reported that the product looks better and tastes better. Check us out and give us a call or email today @ (760) 803-5122. Produce higher quality, consistently cured cannabis without all the guess work and labor. #saveterpenes #autodank #curetopshelf #consitencyiskey🔑 #autocure

104 5

Lab Test Results in from a customer in Las Vegas using our Walk-In Hanging System 🔥.. 4.8% points higher in THC (~18% vs. 23%), 2.77% Terpenes (vs. 1.85%) and 25% increase in CBD (.62% vs. .77%). This was in 9 days post-harvest and flower went in freshly harvested. We also have a 3rd sample which shows higher THC and CBD to confirm the results relative to Control which is manual bucket burping.. Contact us today via phone or DM to discuss our multiple sizing options from the smallest at-home growers to the largest commercial facilities.. #curetopshelf #autodank #saveterpenes

274 18

Loading finished on Auto Cure 32’ Walk-In System configured for wet trim racks. Our chambers can be either for hanging or wet trim and flower goes in wet and comes out perfectly cured in as little as 8-10 days post-harvest. Settings can be easily adjusted on our touchscreen for longer duration cures up to indefinite storage. Contact us today for more info on the newest essential addition to your dry/cure rooms!! 🔥💯 @saveterps @increasepotency @automatedtopshelf

201 14

Day 6 inside Auto Cure Walk-In System.. the flower is ready to go into Storage mode where the system vaults itself sealed to bring out that final loud scent and Terpene retention.. 🔥🌶💯. Give us a call at (760) 803-5122.

112 3

Loading up one of the 32’ Walk-Ins with racks! More pictures to come.. can be configured with racks or hanging lines. Contact us for the newest essential addition to your dry/cure rooms. Significantly improve your consistency and quality. #autodank #curetopshelf


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