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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.70%. The average number of likes per post is 306 and the average number of comments is 49.

10.43% of the followers that engaged with atinyreader regularly are from Australia, followed by United States at 10.43% and Bangladesh at 7.83%. In summary, the top 5 countries of atinyreader's posts engager are coming from Australia, United States, Bangladesh, India, Germany.

Atinyreader loves posting about Film, Music & Books, Photography.

Check atinyreader's audience demography. This analytics report shows atinyreader's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Australia 10.43 %
  • United States 10.43 %
  • Bangladesh 7.83 %
  • India 6.96 %
  • Germany 5.22 %


202 14

Tell me about something nice and something not so much that happened today! Daily update: Wasn't in the best mood today but came home to lovely messages from a number of people who made my day. Still in that slump but trying really hard to get out of it. It's not like I'm bingeing on some show or anything, I just spend the time I'm home scrolling through YouTube watching meaningless videos. I'm also slightly afraid that this long break is about to come to end soon too. 😭 • [07.10.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroomcc #lightroomedit #lightroompreset #presets #authors #luckyfew #lifeupdate

312 31

Who are some authors or which books do you recommend to only specific readers? I know the question is a little weird, but let me explain: When someone from my general friend list, people I know that don't read on a frequently come to me for suggestions, my list for them is pretty much memorized at this point: Khaled Hosseini, Sidney Sheldon, and Agatha Christie are some among the authors, and To Kill A Mockingbird, Gone Girl, the Book Thief etc from stand-alones. I have a special list for others. People who are in a slump, want to get BACK to reading, are looking to explore other genres. These include the NIght Circus, IT, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the Secret History and so freaking many more. One of the authors that I think carefully about before recommending is Neil Gaiman. I really did not expect his books, most of them for kids, to be THIS dark. They're unsettling as an adult, let alone for kids. The Ocean at the End of the Lane was highly recommended to start off my journey with Gaiman by @r.i.orittro; Coraline was recommended by one of my best friends, @wrinklymind; and the Graveyard Book was gifted to me by @anindyabj because it was his favourite (I think? or was it your first Gaiman?) book as a kid - no wonder tui weird. The Anansi Boys, pictured, was a gift that RB brought back for me from the UK, and I still haven't read it. Can't wait to get out of this slump and jump in! • [06.10.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroomcc #lightroomedit #lightroompreset #presets #authors #neilgaiman #anansiboys #favourites #recommendations

272 32

What changes have you noticed in your life since you started blogging? Besides the ones I've mentioned before, one the weirdest change I've noticed is how much people associate me with the word "aesthetics". I've talked about how much junk I collect, from cardboard box paper and glass containers to tiny stones and dead leaves. I've got a slab of wood, a white plastic container, and some old, crumpled, coffee-stained pages that you frequently see on my feed. What's interesting though is that a lot of people have actually donated (yes, I'm saying donated because they're precious to me, okay?) the weirdest things; I've got some post-it notes, a stick of fake leaves, and even a little coaster from @ruth.records. My colleagues got me dead leaves, and one even swiped palmful of coffee beans, from a jarful that she got for another coworker, for me. The craziest was probably my mom, who once came home from a night out with a tissue full of some tiny, white, decorative stones that she sneakily plucked from a plant pot! The gestures, however small, make my heart full seeing that people are reminded of me from the most random, mundane objects they come across. Makes me realize that my blog affects the people around me too. • [05.10.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroomcc #lightroomedit #lightroompreset #presets #authors #junk #hoarder #props

258 40

How do you react to bad news? Not personal ones, I mean the ones you hear every day about everything that's wrong in this world. Personally, I can't handle it. I feel helpless, hurt, afraid, and I want to curl up and (selfishly) hope to God it doesn't ever happen to me or anyone I love. So, to cope with it, I just go into a state of utter denial. I often get called out for it; my mom tells me I'm selfish, that I'm not capable of feeling what others feel. I'd often feel guilty about it because I'm not like that. Far from it. My problem is I feel TOO much. I'm so overwhelmed that I often physically stop functioning right. I guess that's the downside of being an empath. I think it's why I shut it off; completely steer clear of any heartbreaking news, and anytime I'm asked about it, my sentiments are likely just me playing a role. If I were to show them my actual feelings, if I let that gate open, I know neither them nor I would be able to handle it. That is how I felt when reading Beartown, the book in the picture. Having read and adored Backman's A Man Called Ove, I thought the story would be wholesomely similar. Boy, was I wrong. Beartown is a story about a small town surviving on the funds that their Junior Ice Hockey team brings. The players are treated like celebrities, and anything and anyone that comes close to tarnishing their reputation and chance to play in the big leagues is shunned. This is a story of how people, almost a whole town in fact, will turn the other way to preserve their perception of the pretty little world they live in. I read the book earlier this year, and once I had realized how absolutely dismal it was going to be, I kept finding excuses to avoid it. Somehow, though, I kept being drawn to it. My full review is still up on my blog, in case you're interest, and I'll link it in my bio. But I do urge you, please give it a read. P.S. Backman's writing is, as I had expected, brilliant. A lot of credit needs to go to the translator, Neil Smith , as well. Without him, the story just would not have been the same. • [04.10.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms

275 50

#LetOutTheChaos @shimsadn recently posted a status that I felt right in my soul. - Someone expressing that something you did has hurt them is NOT an opportunity to prove them wrong and show them how you "did not hurt them". They felt it, it was real for them. Examine why something you did has translated into a hurtful act for someone else. People have different experience and exposures, learn to be considerate of others' experiences that are different from yours. At your deathbed, you'll never regret how you were considerate with someone at their vulnerable moments. You might regret losing people because you refuse to show kindness and empathy towards their struggles because it is uncomfortable for you to deal with emotions. - I've hurt a lot of people in the last few years, people who told me that it affected them enough to be afraid to meet make new friends. I tried to come back from the person I had turned to then. I reached out and apologized to each and every one of them, and even though most haven't completely forgiven me, our relationships have improved immensely. I felt a burden lift off of my shoulders because I had taken full responsibility for my actions. I was manipulated, blind, altered from the personality I used to have, but I knew that every step I took I was in the wrong because I felt an ugly pricking at the back of my mind. I knew what I was doing could not be forgiven. It's been two years since then, and I still feel some residual guilt over it. So much, that I sometimes forget I had been hurt too. I had been hurt enough to completely sacrifice things that made me happy in order to get rid of all the triggers that had made my own mind a living hell. So much, that sometimes I needed everything to stop. So, if someone close to you tells you that you've hurt them, don't defend yourself first. Ask them why they were hurt, why YOU did what you did, and clear out your intentions. But before every, tell them you're sorry because that hurt can't be taken back. • [03.10.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh

267 41

Are you more into novels or poetry? I'm definitely a novel person, but there have been rare times when I had felt something when reading a poem. Such is the collection from On Days Like This by the talented writer I feel honoured to know, @chompaboti . I already have a review on this posted, you'll just have to scroll way down. I just thought the stunning cover would go well with the new feed. 😄 • [02.10.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroomcc #lightroomedit #lightroompreset #presets #authors #poetry #artist #illustrations #poemsofinstagram

269 48

Happy October! 🍁 So I'm in a proper conundrum at the moment; I'm in a reading slump. This happens a lot when I'm active on Bookstagram. In fact, the more time I spend here, the more easily I get distracted from my current reads. However, when I'm reading more than ever, I'm using up my free time to do exactly that and can't spend time or engage with people here. I feel like I'm not the only one who's having a problem like this. Another thing I noticed is that, besides when I have some exam looming ahead, I read a lot when I'm buying books. I mean, that's most definitely not a good thing, especially because I'm VERY serious about my self-imposed book-buying ban. 😭 Do you face the same problem? Do you have a solution that at least works for you or am I going to die with a neverending tbr pile? Currently reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, the name of which you can't even see here, at a snail's pace. • [01.10.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroomcc #lightroomedit #lightroompreset #presets #authors #eleanoroliphantiscompletelyfine #gailhoneyman #readingslump #slump

473 74

What are you more inclined towards, a reader or a writer? Not to toot my own horn, but when people compliment me on my writing, my heart swells. It's because writing is something I used to be intimidated about; I admired my peers who crafted their words so skillfully and I felt like my own style was too... casual. I never tried too hard because I never felt like I could do anything with it, but posting here is what brought me the confidence to keep practising; to believe that even it's not awe-inspiring, it's atleast okay. BUT. But. I still enjoy reading way more than writing. While writing lets me vent out in peace once in a while, reading keeps me sane during the most difficult phases of my life. It's something I look forward to, whether I'm happy or miserable. It's always been a constant. • [30.09.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroomcc #lightroomedit #lightroompreset #presets #authors #bookmarks #tea #coffee #instagramblogging #bloggersofinstagram #bloggers #reader #writer #contentwriter

383 77

Do you take breaks from blogging? If so, how long do they usually last? What are some of the main reasons for it? I've taken multiple breaks over the course of my own blog's timeline. If I add up all the months I was inactive, it would probably add up to about a year. However, I still think it's absolutely necessary to move away from this platform when you're getting overwhelmed (read: too much of anything is good for nothing). However, every time I come back I try to take a different approach to blogging. THIS time, I'm trying to put out something of value every time I post, while making sure that I've got my priorities straight. I no longer feel guilty for missing days to post, even if I'm doing nothing, because I don't want to force myself and put out a shitty content. I mean, if the place that's supposed to help me relax if making me agitated, I'm doing something wrong, right? I come across a lot of people every week who tell me they feel uninspired, uncreative, and just maybe overall "over" with the whole idea of blogging. My advice is, never feel guilty about stepping away from it all for as long as you need. It could be for a weekend to months. Remember that your audience, your true audience, will not go anywhere. They will understand because people care about each other's health, both mental and physical, first. At least I think they do, because I've been warmly welcomed back each time. P.S. I guess it's *kind* of a series now, all these posts with captions around my thoughts of blogging. Wonder what I could name it. P. P. S. Look how cuuuuuuttteee the bookmarks are! The tea-themed one is my FAVOURITE from @bookish_atelier Trust @literary_rebel95 to never disappoint. 🧡 • [29.09.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroomcc #lightroomedit #lightroompreset #presets #authors #bookmarks #tea #coffee #instagramblogging #bloggersofinstagram #bloggers

314 41

How involved are you with your blog? Do you think it adds value to your own life? Do you spend hours scrolling through your feed? Do you cancel or postpone appointments and plans because the sun is finally out and you can take pictures? Do you spend money on props, products, and outtings because you know it would look good on your blog? For me, I can tick off every single point mentioned above and some more. At least I did when I first started my blog. It's simply the addiction of having fun while doing something productive because it's so rare these days. Yes, I believe blogging, even if it's just on Instagram, improves your productivity. I actually noticed it after coming back from my recent hiatus; I'm coming up with something to write about or take photos of everyday, I'm reading through other people's content, and I'm learning new things - like photoshop and editing - to test out on this platform. I'm drawing up spreadsheets to track my spendings because of tips I've gotten from other bloggers. I'm waking up earlier in the morning to take photos and then have a whole day free to catch up on work. I'm eating healthier and taking care of myself not because I want to achieve the "perfect Instagram image" but because I know it's good for ME. Of course, there are drawbacks to this too, but that's a topic for another post. 😉 P.S. Yes, that's a body scrub that I got recently, as I go through my phase of skincare obsession. No, I swear, I didn't just buy it for the feed. Or did I? 🙄 • [28.09.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroomcc #lightroomedit #lightroompreset #presets #authors #productivity #bloggers #creativity #selfcare

324 92

Tell me about something good that happened to you this week! I guess sometimes teeny tiny good things do come out of little bad experiences. 🙄 In case you missed my story and post from two days ago, my phone got stolen on the street on Wednesday evening. I hadn't even noticed until I got home, so I'm definitely alright. At least physically. I never keep any photos of people in my phone's gallery ever, so even if the thief somehow unlocks it, they won't find anything personal. I know it's very materialistic to think so, but I really adore the phones I own. It was a gift that I got from an uncle a number of months ago and everything about it was amazing. It wasn't an expensive phone, honestly but it functioned well and I LOVED the camera. I'm not a gadget freak but I do love fidgeting with any that I own until I've figured out all the nooks and crooks and gotten comfortable with it. Anyway, what's gone is gone and I'm back to using my old phone. Something that really worried me, funnily enough, was my Instagram. Particularly, the photos I had taken for my feed and all the presets that I had saved. I tried really hard to figure out exactly what the adjustments were, but I never jotted it down anywhere, so no luck there. Now here I am, changing my theme AGAIN. At least I like it more than my previous one. 🤷‍♀️ Definitely saving screenshots for this preset and emailing it to myself this time. • [27.09.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroomcc #lightroomedit #lightroompreset #warmpreset #warm #presets #authors #memoirsofageisha #goodmemories #presets #autumn #orange

380 52

Which underrated books would you recommend your fellow bookstsgrammers to check out? I've had pretty good experience with trying out books I had never heard of. I think it majorly depended on the expectation I have set it. These two are from my #bookoutlethaul from last Christmas (we don't even celebrate Christmas, I just needed some excuse to get myself some books). The Lucky Few was a feel-good read, filled with crazy teenage drama, emotional rollercoasters, and coming-of-age changes that you often face in life. The Sound of Life and Everything reads like a middle-grade book, but is a story so heartbreakingly beautiful, I couldn't believe I had never even heard of it. I know the covers are really pretty, but I did check out the blurb and rating when getting them, although was very careful to avoid any kind of reviews. These aren't books I'd suggest to EVERYONE, but they definitely are gems that I think you all should check out. P. S. Should I post reviews on these separately? • [24.09.19] • #fangirling #readers #book #photographer #bookstagram #bookworm #bookstagramfeatures #bookphotograph #fandoms #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroomcc #lightroomedit #lightroompreset #warmpreset #warm #presets #authors #bookoutlet #hiddengems #underrated #bookoutlet


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