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I help women unlock their full potential through Fitness-Wellness-Faith & Fun! ʙᴏᴍʙsʜᴇʟʟ ғɪᴛɴᴇss ᴠɪᴘ ᴄᴏᴀᴄʜ ᴅɪʀᴇᴄᴛᴏʀ ᴏғ ᴄᴇʀᴛɪғɪᴇᴅ ᴄᴏᴀᴄʜᴇs- ɪғʙʙ ᴘʀᴏ-ᴍ.ᴀ
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41.1% of angelesburke's followers are female and 58.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.50%. The average number of likes per post is 112 and the average number of comments is 9.

Angelesburke loves posting about Fitness, Coaching, Training.

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41.1 %
58.9 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 91.32 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 69.78 %
  • Sports 44.46 %
  • Books and Literature 43.30 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 39.22 %
  • Business & Careers 37.83 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.27 %
  • Entertainment 35.49 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 32.78 %
  • Music 32.67 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 32.26 %


68 5

Each new day brings on new opportunities. Some we have worked tirelessly for- others come to us by surprise. Our time here is never guaranteed- so I always say.... GO for it! Live the life YOU want to live and live it unapologetically. It is never to let to begin a new journey, a new adventure, a new career, lifestyle etc. Those who love you will be there and support you - no matter how wild, outlandish or silly those dreams of yours may be. Don’t sit on the great opportunities that come by because you think you aren’t ready.... TRUST me - you were BORN for this 🤩 (Side note: this is from one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in my life in Fiji. It made me feel like I was just a drop in the ocean- my worries were no longer mine. There was something so much bigger at work here. His creation is such an amazing masterpiece 🤩) #chances #life #love #fiji #sunset #bula #smile #happy #newday #infinitypool #sky #wanderlust #travel #godscreation

108 12

Because it’s spooky season! (Side note: is Halloween still happening??? Asking for a friend 😆) Time for space buns, costumes and spooooooky treats! I love Halloween 🎃- it kicks off the holiday season. The weather starts to change (in sunny south Florida) and it is time for traditions, treats, extra family time and fun! For all my ladies- Are you enjoying our festive workouts, recipes and lectures?! I know I am!!!!! Cheers to more fun and memories 🎃 👻 #spooky #spookyseason #treats #cake #decorations #fun #costumes #ishalloweenstillhappening #halloween #bombshellfitness #wickedbootychallenge #bombshellwickedbooty #pumpkin #candy #family #love #smile #fun

55 1

Fun fact/ Tangent alert : I had my first açaí bowl about a year and a half ago... That was also the same day my car was stolen. #triggered (side note car recovered #hallelujah - but wild journey). 🙌🏽 I distinctly remember having an açaí bowl because I had to give a detailed report to the police 👮‍♀️ about my day prior to finding that my car was missing. It is a bitter and yet oh so sweet story lol 😆 (wallet, ID, passport GONE and I was about a week out from going on a cruise 🚢- cue the panic 😑) I digress 😅 But real reason I am posting this- while açaí bowls are ALL the rage right now, they CAN pack a carbohydrate punch. Before you freak- carbs are GOOD!!! I am all for them in moderation. And fruit is good- say hello to micronutrients and fiber (yum). But some of those bowls are HUGE 😱😳 So quick tip: add in a nut butter for fat and/or some protein into the blend. Most places will have options for add ons like that. Will help you salary fuller and satisfied longer! What is your favorite açaí bowl pairing?! Top: @bcouture11 Training: @bombshell_news //Team nutritionist @val_sabella_rd I would love your input on this kind of stuff too!!!

244 7

“Close your eyes and turn your face into the wind. Feel it sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation. Suddenly, you know you are alive.” -VN How wonderful it is to feel and enjoy those gifts. Something around us nearly everyday- we just grow accustomed to its BEAUTY. What is something you have been taking for granted? Count those blessings!!!!!! 🤩♥️♥️♥️ #life #boatday #weekend #weekendvibes #angles #clouds #ocean #florida #love #family #myrock #smile #allthesnacks #tan #latina #venezuela #curlyhair #blessings #gifts #nature Pc: the talented @kellcslife 😍

42 7

Ever look back on your life and just think “Wow- when I was going through it, it didn’t make sense.... but now? IT DOES!” Between career choices, relationships, moving, parenting etc. those aspects of life can just happen within the blink of an eye. They bring on a lot of uncertainty and new territory- BUT always be open to change and what each chapter brings. Change and death are two certain things in life. Stop waiting for the perfect moment, relationship, body, job. Embrace where you are right now!!! Live in it- surrender to it! Those parts of your life may contain your greatest memories. Get out there and start living- this may be your greatest chapter yet! #wellness #mindset #fitness #change #startliving #change #believe #perspective #positivevibes #happy #bombshellfitness

116 12

A new day. A new month. A fresh start! So excited for what this month will bring. It is one of my favorites because it kicks off the holiday season. The weather gets a bit cooler (jk if you live in south FL 😏). Boots, scarves, unnecessary amounts of hot coffee... Cuddles, fire pits and family time. The BEST! We are also in the final quarter of this year. So many changes, new chapters, new normals... What will the next 3 months bring? I am beyond ready- let’s close out this year STRONG! #sunrise #beach #newbeginnings #hellooctober #new #faith #change #sun #seasons #fall #itsfallyall #pumpkinspice #spookyseason #ilovehalloween #bombshellwickedbooty #bombshellfitness @bombshell_news @team_bombshell_news pc: @muenchen_photography

134 11

Your smile has the power to change the world 🌎! Sometimes we get so caught up in our own day to day lives- that we forget to stop and SMILE! Everyone is dealing with their own life- could be finances, relationships, employment... the list goes on. We make tasks, we try to accomplish them and sometimes we forget about our fellow humans. Looking up (probably from a cell phone) and offering a smile and “hello” 👋🏽 could be everything that someone needed in that moment. Instead of feeling like they are not enough, they see a small validation and significance when a stranger (you) crack a smile 😃. How simple! And think of the alternative- we see it too often. Just being rude, not acknowledging others... it’s crazy! What?! So I challenge you at work, getting on the elevator, paying for gas, walking by your neighborhood.... SMILE! You never know who needs it! Not only will they feel good but you will feel good. It is a ripple effect and carries on to our next task and so on and so on. After all- think how nice it is when you feel recognized and cared for? It costs ZERO cents to be a nice human 💫 “And as you wish others would do to you, do so to them” Luke 6:31 #smile #happy #happyfriday #joy #kindness #beagoodhuman #garmin #love #family #changeyourlife #perspective #luke

172 11

Because - motivation MONDAY! 5 years ago I made my Olympia debut. I look back on these pictures and remember the dedication and discipline it took to get there. It wasn’t easy but I had so much fun along the way. Traveled the US and the world representing @celsiusofficial - @dymatize - @team_bombshell_news There were many times I was told- “I can’t, you won’t- you will never- are you sure.....” I am SO glad that I kept pushing on- mentally and physically. It brought me to where I am today! Do you have a dream or a goal? Something that scares you- but keeps you awake at night? Go after it!!! Be patient- trust the process. Be honest with yourself and your mentors. You GOT THIS! Below are my notes from after the show- I still get butterflies just thinking about it! “It wouldn't have been a proper Olympia without a proper hair flip I cannot even describe the feeling- the night show on the BIG STAGE was an amazing feeling. Before I walked on I shut my eyes, took a deep breath and was overwhelmed with joy. I got the stage and a rush of pure calmness washed over me. Like I was practicing alone in my room. I felt confident, sexy, empowered, beautiful and FEARLESS!!!!!! Thanks to all who tuned in- I am still overwhelmed by this weekend and it's many blessings. On to the next one baby!!!” Coached by: @shannondey @bombshell_news Posing: @swagger_posing Suit: @cjselitesuits Tanning: @protan_official #olympia #ifbb #npc #memories #flashback #goals #cjselite #protan #bombshellfitness #wellness #throwback #ifbbpro #ifbbbikinipro #fitnessmodeling @mrolympiallc

62 6

TIME .... One of the most valuable things we have to offer because we will never get it back. But as the time passes- THAT is where the magic happens. I know it can be frustrating when we put effort into something and do not see the fruits of our labor. We live in a society FILLED with instant gratification. Many times we never see our hard work pay off because we quit a little early, gave up, for frustrated or stopped believing in ourselves. If you are feeling stuck- PLEASE keep going. In many cases- it’s “just around the river bend”. (Disney reference 😜) And in other cases we may be sent on a new path during this time of trial- and that may lead you to bigger and better things that you had not even dreamed of. That has happened to me several times and I am so thankful for each of those moments because they brought me to where I am today 🤩🥰 Never give up- keep the faith- and give it TIME 😊 #faith #time #consistent #effort #motivation #life #bombshellfitness #wellness #mindset

154 8

It’s game daaaaaaay! And all my #alabama fans know why I am SO excited for the #miamidolphins to play today! We got @tuaman #tuatagovailoa - Hopefully we get to go to another game - but for now we will cheer them on loud and proud 🥳 #letsgo #football #sundaynightfootball

137 14

Strength manifests itself in so many ways. The obvious may be physical- but the unseen may be that mental strength. Each and every one of us will face some adversity in our life. Something didn’t go as planned. Our fairy tale suddenly turns into a nightmare. The life we had planned is detoured... That is where that strength sets in. How do you RISE - how do you overcome? There is no correct answer because it looks different for each one of us. Fitness has given me physical strength as well as an outlet to take care of my self and disconnect from all the outside noise that can be life. Whenever I have clients facing struggles, tough times, self doubt.... I always tell them to take care of their bodies. Move, sweat, nourish it with good food!!!! It will make you feel better by controlling what you CAN control because so much of life is unpredictable (hello COVID 19 and basically all of 2020 😆). So if that is YOU... feeling stuck. Get out there and do one thing for yourself today. Work on that physical and mental strength. Before you know it you will gain new perspectives and find the release and freedom you need! #monday #motivation #bombshellfitness #ifbb #ifbbpro #thegym #strength #life #overcome #believe #mindset #happy #laborday2020 pc: @muenchen_photography @bombshell_news @team_bombshell_news

108 5

Good morning and happy Sunday! Thank you Jesus for another amazing day 🤩 Let’s gear up for an amazing week together! Life is what YOU make it- so let’s make it GREAT! #powerinpositivity #powerinprayer #newday #freshstart #happysunday #sunrise #beach #florida


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