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61.8% of andieigengirl's followers are female and 38.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.80%. The average number of likes per post is 156194 and the average number of comments is 532.

Andieigengirl loves posting about Actors.

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61.8 %
38.2 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 66.35 %
  • Travel & Tourism 52.38 %
  • Photography 44.70 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 38.26 %
  • Art & Design 38.09 %
  • Entertainment 37.28 %
  • Business & Careers 35.26 %
  • Sports 33.60 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 33.24 %
  • Books and Literature 31.70 %
  • Music 31.51 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 31.08 %
  • Home & Garden 30.56 %
  • Children & Family 30.13 %


221,902 840

How could I have forgotten to post this adorabolity (i made a word, yer welcome)???!! Look at these tiny squishy little humans that bring joy to all our days! Very glad you all (also Ellie, not in pic) are mine!😍

115,963 261

Been loving every minute of doing everything with my littlest. Makes it not as ~difficult~ to accept that my two girls are so fast, having activities and friends of their own, and just generally not ~needing~ me as much! Also happy that papa takes our pics even if we dont ask so I get to have more with Koa, since I seem to not have been doing so as much as when I had Ellie & Lilo.

124,785 384

Happy 3rd month to my littlest! I saved this information for this update but yes, he is now not as sleepy as he used to be.😂 with more awake times, Koa sure has been discovering new things about himself and the world. Like smiling and giggling (specially when he sees mine or papa's face). He also found his thumb, and likes putting that in his mouth. Sometimes his whole fist too, as you can see in these its been such a joy watching him grow. I now know how swiftly this stage goes by. I've been happily enjoying every moment of it.

39,724 189

To be honest, when we got back to Siargao, we were neglectful of Lilo's skincare regimen, assuming that, just like before, her eczema would miraculously vanish as soon as we get back. We figured it was salt water that helped because just 5 days of not being able to go swimming in the ocean, has resulted in a flare up once again! 😫 so although we still can't be too sure of the triggers, (and the solutions) one thing's for sure is that regularly applying Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream + bathing with the Cleansing Therapy Wash is the best way to attend to her #skinmergency! Our regimen has been soothing her itchy skin and keeps it really moisturized the whole day! That's why I recommend these to moms with babies that have Eczema too. Try it out guys!

138,077 570

Little Lilo, You were born to dance to he beat of your own heart; to roam without cages; with the innocence of a child and the free spirit of untamed horses; I hope you laugh without stopping, live with abandon, and love like that's all there is; stay wild my wild wild child〰️

131,508 442

Sharing this super cute moment between papa @chepoxz and Lilo when he made her another toy out of coconut leaves. Sustainable!hehe check out what he made and all the other morning activities we did a couple weeks ago on the island, up on the channel today! (Link in bio) -- PS sorry for another late upload guys! Our wifi is to blame 😅😅😅

167,341 1,051

How on Earth do I choose just one from these?? Sleeping isn't all he does, he likes to be super cute too!😃 can't get enough of my chunky smiley Koala boy!

179,314 423

We've got tiny little mr. sleepy and little miss kulit! I wonder how their dynamic will be when they grow older. Or how Koa will add to Ellie & Lilo's duo!

213,626 520

My girls!♥️ 7 years apart in age but they are as tight as my clothes from before I got pregnant with Koa! Lol. Couldnt think of a better analogy, sorry 😂✌🏼

122,469 423

What a freeing feeling it is to feel the wind rushing, arms & legs pumping. Giggles erupting. Higher and higher we go, happily escaping the world below.

108,517 166

Some snaps from up North! A new scene for a change. No reception but got some fresh air, QT with the fam + some friends, Lilo kept messing up the jengga, we borrowed some pretty shells on the beach to play with, and was happy to reunite with the coconut icecream at Lokal. Koa still a sleepy boy.

276,421 1,158

2M on youtube!!! We posted our first vlog last January of 2020, because @chepoxz thought it would be fun to share snippets of our island life to everyone. We kept going because we figured it would be a great way to influence others to care more for our environment too. To show how living simply can bring so much joy. How true happiness doesnt have to come from extravagant things, and show that little acts of kindness could definitely go a long way! Never did we think we would receive this much love and support from all of you! It was your acceptance and love that keep us going. We are so so soo grateful to you all!♥️ from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sincerely, Our HAPPY ISLAND FAM ☀️

139,442 298

We were artists at the beach today.♥️ Lilo was more of a demolition woman.LOL she also asked us to bury her at one point. It was V. Cute, sadly no pic, she demolished that quickly too.

179,625 445

Morning cuddles from Lilo! Much like Ellie, Lilo also seems to enjoy being a big sis. She just loves loves showering her little brother with lots of hugs and kisses! Not quite sure if Koa enjoys it but he doesn't have much of a choice right now.😂

194,357 904

Giving my children the childhood they deserve- ending most days with sandy/ muddy/ grassy feet! Nature and children are really such a great combination. Both messy and wild, unpredictable and beautiful.☀️

31,469 121

So glad to be back on the island and amongst nature again! Definitely been spending more time under the sun, thankfully I've stocked up on my favorite plant-powered shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair safely nourished and protected. ☀️ My hair has been so easy to manage ever since I switched to @herbalessencesph, that's why I happily share this discovery with everyone, including my fellow #bloomsquad members @gomezjuliana, @frankiepangilinan and @leilalcasid. Start your clean beauty routine and plant-powered lifestyle with @herbalessencesph, and get up to 33% off on shampoo and conditioner bundles this March 27 on Lazada's Birthday Sale! #ad

165,406 392

Touristing at the boulevard.😅 No longer tourists but this is how we will always see the island as anyway. A dream. Paradise. Forever in awe of the beauty and all the good this island continues to bring us. Thank you Elle. Thank you for wanting the same for the two of us. Thank you for living this dream with me.☀️

139,542 745

Self- love is real love. Time and again I've said, you can't pour an empty cup. Over the years I've learned how important it is to focus on yourself and loving yourself (more than the idea of someone else loving you). It wasn't until I accepted myself for who I am-- yes! Flaws and all, that I was able to attract positivity and light and happiness and give that back to those I love. This is why I will never be ashamed of who I was, because it has made me who and what I am today. And what I am is happy. Still not perfect. But happy.🌞 #PreviewNoFilter

128,106 312

2 months! Our cute little Koa boy. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks- from finally (and officially) moving to the island and having to readjust, this time with 3 kids. Lilo getting sick, and oh the current situation of well, the world.. It hasn't been the easiest for the fam but this little guy has just been a trooper. He's been so wonderful and lovely and no matter how tiny he still may be, he has already been making life in general, so much sweeter. We love you sooo much little one!♥️

120,651 277

Lilo's been feeling under the weather the past few days. But nothing a healthy smoothie couldn't fix! Just a little bit more of some rest and hydration and we are back swimming in the ocean once again little one!

72,883 108

Sunny days with my sunshine.☀️

113,066 275

Little Koa boy and his cute folds. Hanging out by the window already awaiting the next time he gets to hang outdoors. Rain rain go away!

154,928 400

Only recent pic of me in my photo library that wasn't meant to be a "before" pic. Posting it because just because I know that my postpartum body wont stay-- just as all my previous bodies: my young athlete body, my junkfood- filled lazy student body, my artista body, my pre- pregnancy, pregnancy body and so on!-- it is in fact my "NOW" body too. And it doesnt mean I dont love it. I still love it! I am still grateful for it! And I still feel cute in it!:D

165,390 409

Find papa @chepoxz!😂 Probs how its gonna be till she is old. Papa always looking after Lilo even if she doesn't know it.

133,766 370

Children deserve to grow in a place & alongside a force that is as wild and alive as they are.〰️ Spending time playing and exploring the great outdoors allows them not only to learn of the importance of nature, but also to learn about themselves. It's a wonderful way to feed their curiosity, learn about cause and effect, widen their imagination and improve their observational skills. I will forever be grateful for all the good nature continues to provide me & my children. It's my gift to both to give them the privilege of being nourished by eachother.

126,263 300

Our little Koa boy! Never not chillin'. Please stay this way 😅 although two active daughters may (or may not) have been great practice just incase.😂 Happy to finally reunite with our things from Manila as well, in boxes we sent straight here. Koa has been loving this @sagepoleph wooden bouncer. He can hang out here all day!

220,764 455

Soaking up the sun!☀️ back to our old routine of daily morning swims at the beach. It feels soo good to be back in paradise with the loves of my life.

190,776 560

Been waiting years to finally be able to say, at long last we are home. Life is indeed in paradise.🌴☀️🌊 Got a lot of questions about traveling with children! I think requirements & rules vary depending on your destination. We travelled back to Siargao as residents, and the rt- pcr test is only required for travellers aged 14 & up (to Siargao). Big thanks to @parkandswab for our home service tests!

174,074 475

Went on our most meaningful adventure yet.. After (8 mos for me and Lilo, 4 for @chepoxz and 1 yr for Ellie), the happy island fam has finally made their way back to Siargao! Been back and busy enjoying fam time and settling into our new home. This explains our being MIA on social media. Hehe but yes, of course, we are also back with another VLOG for you all! Catch the video on the #HAPPYISLANDERS youtube channel tomorrow at 4PM! (Link in bio)

130,232 105

Another good thing to come out of being stuck at home in Manila-- regular fam visits from the sibs and niece-phews! Regular sundays spent lazing about and eating yumbo food at home have been unforgettable because of you ol! Happy to see and grow much closer to all of these peeps in the last 8 months! Thank you for making Manila more bearable for us! Missing you ol very much!

62,418 63

Tiny 👣

91,220 237

"You will teach them to fly, but they will not fly your flight. You will teach them to dream but they will not dream your dream. You will teach them to live but they will not live your life. Nevertheless, in every flight, every life, every dream, the print of the way you taught them will remain."~ 📸 @cocoonstudioph

87,184 283

Hello @ellieislandgirl! Always complaining that my captions are too long so since its a pic of her, hello nalang!😂 📸 @cocoonstudioph

126,115 374

My only solo pic/s as of late. Taken at 2 weeks postpartum. Still looked exactly like I did 1 day pp, and still do up until today at 1 month pp. As I've mentioned in every other pic Ive posted of the kids, Ive been enjoying every moment of my time with them, because it recently sunk in to me how fast our children grow. While that is very true, I also may have been spending all my time with them to avoid facing the fact that I haven't been feeling like myself lately. I've been too unmotivated to keep up with my old (good) habits. And mind you, albeit having 3 kids, I know I do have the time. Because we're allowed to take some time to focus on ourselves too. Now as a result, in some way, I also know how it could (or does) affect my kids. Now this is def not about bouncing back or wanting to look the way I did pre- pregnancy (although there should be nothing wrong with wanting that for your own body too cus its your body and you can do whatever makes you feel good about it). This is about feeling the way I used to. Ive found that a great way to parent (IMO) is to strive to become a version of yourself that you love and makes you happy so that you can be a great example to your children too.😃

92,566 201

It's been a month already?! One whole month of quality time with this little one, with papa and the girls. Every moment has been so precious and I am proud and happy seeing him grow. Quite literally too 😅 all he likes to do so far is sleep and eat! That and listening to his sisters play and giggle and squeal all day. *LOL. Yes I accidentally posted this on Ellie's instagram. And yes i didnt know until Ellie told me 🤣🤣

153,698 398

Happily my ♥️, tirelessly. Till forever + a day!

61,434 81

Koa at 4 weeks vs. koa at 2 weeks, wearing the same jammies. Been busy bulking up with great amounts of sleep and m'boobie milk!

152,622 308

My hobbies include: flatlaying my children. Or whichever one of them is in the mood and willing. I think my 9 y.o. has started to notice.😂

81,137 173

Not even a month old yet and we have officially sized up from newborn clothes to 1-3 months! And I thought Ellie would be my biggest baby.😅

88,125 224

Just like with my own style choices, comfort plays a big part in the items of clothing I choose for my littles. It isn't just that #HMPhilippines #HMKidsWear is made from sustainable material, it also has good quality, keeping my kids super comfy all day! Plus, they get to be stylish in these cute colors even if they are just lounging about at home!

139,188 283

One more photo from our recent shoot with @cocoonstudioph to balance out my feed before it goes back to iphone pics.😅 finally have a couple of good family photos! Can't wait to take more with actual waves in the background SOON!

165,263 412

Lilo always trying to take a peek and wave hello to her baby brother. Soon enough he will be ready to go and play with you and Ellie! But for now, let's all enjoy and savor each moment of our newborn.🤗 Spoke about my struggles and post- partum depression when I had Lilo. This time around things have been different. I truly missed newborn days with Lilo, and it eventually sunk in to me, how quickly that phase does go by. So now, I am just enjoying and cherishing every bit of it with papa and the girls!♥️ It's also nice to have our channel that allows us to look back on these moments with you all. --Check out our Newborn Days Vlog over at the #HappyIslanders YT channel now. -- link in bio

55,468 207

Having just given birth and undergoing a major operation (c-sec!), I was required to keep my body binded up! It really caused my skin to get very dry and itchy. This #Skinmergency called for @AveenoPH Skin Relief Body Wash and Lotion. I am happy to have this regimen because of how fast it soothes and nourishes my sensitive skin.

156,683 276

Sisters.♥️ a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, and a golden thread to the meaning of life. 📸 @cocoonstudioph

238,597 795

Having two under 2 can get tough. Specially when your kids just have so much energy all the time. (Fortunately, our only boy seems to be the calm one.. so far!) but no worries because seeing precious moments like this one happen naturally for them, makes it all well worth it.♥️ 📸 @cocoonstudioph

125,177 276

"Whatever dream or wish you hold in your heart, I hope you go for it, brave girl. I hope you believe in yourself with your entire being. I hope you never settle when it comes to your dreams- I hope you always hase them with fiery passion. I hope you never let the doubters and non believers stop you, and that you let the obstacles strengthen and humble you. Go for your dreams, brave girl. For they are yours to have."~ 📸 @cocoonstudioph

126,364 253

Our lovable little Lilo, always in such a playful mood! I am quite picky with the clothes they wear. Quality > quantity def applied. ✔️ good style ✔️ provides max comfort ✔️ sustainable! -- So glad #hmphilippines kids wear are all made from sustainable materials. Just like this cute yellow romper on Lilo that is made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton. #HMKids

404,669 2,509

My happy island fam.♥️ 📸 @cocoonstudioph

203,143 300

Had another newborn shoot with @cocoonstudioph. Thank you so much guys! This time was quicker because everybody gave their all in every click, even Koa who was either asleep or full throughout the shoot. It was also just Patricia and Mara the photographer who came by. Dressed up in full PPE/mask/shield. They also will take a swab prior if you will prefer for them to do so.

164,259 402

Throwback to when they first met their baby brother! We took videos of this precious moment and were sharing it with you guys on our youtube channel today at 4PM! ~ HAPPY ISLANDERS

212,351 1,411

Look at her go!😊 Our little Lilo loves the cameras! Happy to have her be part of this campaign for @hm #HMPhilippines and support their effort for producing sustainable clothing! All of the kidswear in H&M are produced with 100% sustainably sourced cotton. Check out their latest collection for kids in stores and online at #HMkids

333,456 1,809

And then they were 3! My favorite sight to see. This was an IG story that turned out to be too precious. Guess which one of them is really awake? Hint: all of them.... But Lilo 🤣

173,857 394

One from the fresh 48 with Koa! Did this with Lilo as well. Took a bunch of snapshots at the hospital from the first 48 hours after Lilo was born. Raw, real and just filled with the biggest smiles and so much love. Happy to have done it again this time for keepsakes but even better because we also compiled some clips to share with you all through our Birth Vlog, coming up on the HAPPY ISLANDERS Youtube channel tomorrow at 4PM! Stay tuned!

224,055 563

5 days old and sending out some smiles to the world. I was really loving being a girl mom. We already felt "complete" regardless. but the chance of having a boy too is sweet! Can't wait to get to know you more each day little one!

175,463 260

My little big sis Lilo! Oh my baby you'll always be. It's been a full day back home as a family of 5, and everyone has been great so far. Specially this one, who was instantly an amazing big sis. She takes after Ellie! I am definitely looking forward to witnessing this siblinship and watching them grow together. But also just living in the moment for now, enjoying every second of her being a jolly little toddler who only continues to brighten up all our days. Oh my baby forever she will be.♥️

426,856 3,898

And just like that, my heart has grown even bigger once more. On the 17th day of January, 2021 at 10:09am, we welcomed the newest member of our family. Hello world! Meet our little island boy, Koa.♥️

432,175 4,664

We did it again papa! This journey was more of a breeze with you by my side. Thank you for being my rock! Because of you my worries and fears go away. I love love being your partner and going through this wonderful life, raising our kids with you. Glad I get to do this with you for life!♥️

109,036 283

I hope I savored this pregnancy enough! What a truly beautiful experience this was. This journey has taught me to love my body, to appreciate it, and to believe in it so much more. As this journey comes to an end, another one begins. This time around my focus is not on getting my old body back. Just on taking great care of it as a way to show gratitude for carrying and protecting the people that has showed me what I am destined to be- the honor of being their mom.

154,813 481

The middle child, they say, usually gets the least attention growing up, I don't think that's possible when the middle child is someone like you. You are one special kid, Lilo! You have no idea how much joy you bring into our lives, every single day. Although you too will be a big sister very soon, you will always be my most precious, one of a kind, adorable little one. I will always have overflowing love to give to you, don't you worry because that's the magic of being a mother. And It's specially easy when the one to love is such a little big ray of sunshine-- YOU!


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