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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 7.50%. The average number of likes per post is 385 and the average number of comments is 13.

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133 5

⭐️MY SHOP WILL BE OPEN ON FEBRUARY 24TH⭐️ Yes, this is finally happening. I've been waiting for months to open my shop, and now I can do this! Short story: I decided to open an Etsy shop where I can sell art prints of my illustrations, stickers, and some other stuff. I asked you guys in my stories about your thoughts, and I was impressed by your incredible support. So I started to prepare everything. Once I was ready to create a shop and start list my products, I got verification trouble. It was such unexpectedly, and I knew I can't solve this on my own. I contacted Etsy support, but it was hard to get help from them. And then this happened! They solved the problem and confirmed that my shop is ready to go. Now I'm going to set up my shop and will be waiting for you there on the 24th of February✨ Thank you all for your support! It wouldn't have happened without you💛 . . . #illustration #illustratedprints #smallbusiness #etsyshopopening #illustratorofinstagram #bestofillustrations #best_of_illustration #illustratedportrait #illustratedstickers #illustrationshop #procreate

170 10

A few days ago I finally received my copy of "Yury The Fury" - the picture book we had been working on with @themommymonologue this fall. And I'm very happy with what we got in the result! So nice seeing my collection of books illustrated by me is getting bigger😌✨ . . . #picturebookportfolio #picturebook #childrensbooks #kidsbookillustration #kidsbookillustrator #kidlit #childrensbookart #illustratingchildrensbooks #childrensbookillustration #artforkids #freelanceillustrator #bookillustration

401 7

I thought I had not much experience in drawing letters, so I needed to fix this. I created the illustration and made a book cover from it. What really helped me is an article on @juliachristiansart ‘s website with 10 tips to improve your hand lettering. I found it accidentally, and this was just in time✨ All this started from the idea of creating a character. And then a little story appeared. A girl who was a cloud. Sometimes she was sad and wanted to cry. But what happens when clouds cry? She didn't want to disturb anyone because nobody likes rain, so she was keeping all her feelings inside. That's how she became a little thundercloud that doesn't bring rain. But she didn't know that there is someone who's waiting for the rain🙌 . . . #childrensbookillustration #letteringmitjulia #lettering #bookcover #childrensbook #childrensillustrations #childrenswriterguild #storytellingart #illustrationwork

278 2

Hello friends! I'm finally sharing the new illustration with you. I hadn't been drawing anything for a few weeks, and I'm so happy to draw again. Lately, I was very busy with preparing my Etsy shop to be open. I was printing art prints and stickers, editing product photos, and so on. And when I, at last, started creating a profile, everything went downhill. For some reason, Etsy doesn't want to verify my business information, and unfortunately, I can't deal with it on my own. I contacted the help center, but they seem to be not so active at helping sellers. Now I can do nothing but wait to get help. Thanks to everyone who's waiting for my shop! I hope they solve my problem soon, and my shop will be finally open🙌 . . . #procreate #childrensillustrations #childrenswritersguild #illustration_best #illustrationwork #freelanceillustrator #winterillustration #bookillustration

452 13

Happy New Year, friends🌟 I hope you're having a good time taking the rest of everything with your family and friends. I start my year with this illustration for the @tyymes ’s #drawthisinyourstyle challenge. I don't feel like creating anything during the holidays, but I wanted just to draw. And at the moments like this, I go and search for #dtiys to draw. I liked the atmosphere of the original illustration, and it was nice to draw this in my style✨ . . . #tyymes18k #tyymesdraws #illustration #illustratorsofinstagram #best_of_illustrations #illustrated #characterillustration #procreate #kidlitillustration #childrenswritersguild #vivibrush

633 23

This year is finally coming to an end. I think nobody will deny that it was hard. But there is always something good. This year I had a chance to work along with @cyanariley on this wonderful children's book - "Not So Different". It's very simple and doesn't have a lot of text, but the message is so powerful. I really liked working with Cyana. I think we're a great team. We've found the best way to convey the message by showing the day in the life of a little boy and his best friends, we had been complementing each other's ideas, and we made a beautiful book. If this story makes at least one kid love himself for who he is, then this year wasn't that bad after all😌✨ . And now I'm going to make some tea and write down the results of 2020 as well as plans for 2021. I've been doing this for a few years now, and I love this. It makes me feel proud of what I achieved and motivates me to do even more. Do you make plans for a new year too? . . You can see the illustrations from the book at my Behance (link in bio)✨ . . . #childrensbooks #childrensillustrator #kidlitillustration #procreate #diversitybooksforkids #childrenswritersguild @notsodifferentbook

471 16

Hi there! I'm glad to be here again. After Folktale Week I've been working a lot on something big. And here is great news... I'M OPENING A SHOP SOON🤩 I'd been thinking about it so many times, but felt like I'm not ready yet. And I wasn't. This time it's different. I've learned the Etsy. I've bought a good printer to be able to create high-quality products at home. I tested different kinds of paper for my prints until one beautiful illustrator recommended me the one that I really like. I can't thank you enough @k.kindy 🙌 And finally, I ordered cardboard envelopes to ship your orders safely. There is still a lot to do, but I've never been so close. I'm doing this only thanks to you. Your incredible support made me take this step. Thank you💛 P.s. This illustration was created to become a sticker. I'll show it in my stories. If you have your favorite illustrations you would like to appear in my shop, please let me know in comments🙌 . . . #illustration #illustrator #illustrationartists #characterdesign #characterillustration #stickerillustration #childrensbookillustration #childrensillustrator #procreate #childrenswritersguild #etsyillustrators

228 9

WHY YOU SHOULD PLAN YOUR WORK EVEN IF YOU THINK PLANNING IS NOT FOR YOU Planning is actually a powerful thing that helps you to focus on the most important stuff and be more productive. You may be familiar with the situation when you really work hard, and you have a lot of things done, don't see the result. This is where planning will help you. 🍂Think about your big goal. It seems so hard, and you think you're not ready for it. Don't rush to postpone it indefinitely. Think about the steps that lead you to the goal and write them down. You'll see then that your big goal is not so hard. Even if you're still not ready for it, at least now you know what to do. 🍂Sometimes you have so many thoughts, and you can't focus on one. Make a list. Believe me or not, it will definitely help you. Once you have them written down, you don't need to think about them. Everything is getting clear, and you can focus on getting things done. 🍂If you're very busy and you have lots of different things to do, it's helpful to make a priority list. I'm an illustrator. I work on personal projects, trying to become better, I work on client's projects, and I'm a student as well. Too much for one person, right? I thought about what's most important for me right now. And I decided that some subjects on the uni have nothing in common with what I want to do. So why I spend that much time on them? The most important things come first! 🍂And of course, don't forget to plan your rest. You can't work hard all the time. To have energy and inspiration to do something, you need to find them somewhere. Take a day off and do what you like, or just do nothing if you want. I don't work on Sundays, and this was one of my best decisions. Every Monday, I'm full of energy and new ideas. Thank you for reading this. I hope this post was helpful to you. Please let me know in the comments if you want to read more posts like this and what topics you're interested in. And stay productive! Thank you @azazazimka for taking this beautiful picture✨

398 6

Peachtober'20 - Bridge This little bridge, as we call it (because I actually don't know how to call it right), was my favorite place in my home city. I was spending hours with my friends there, just talking and laughing at something stupid. It was our place. This illustration is a "bridge" to those memories. Unfortunately, things change. We are adults now, some of my friends already graduated the university. I can't say my life is worse now, no at all. It is just different. We are different. And even this little bridge doesn't exist anymore. I don't know if I learn to let memories go. Sometimes they even interfere with living here and now. Do you have such a problem? How do you deal with it? . . . #peachtober20 #illustration #childrensillustration #characterillustration #storyillustration #childrenswritersguild #illustrationwork #illustrationartists #best_of_illustrations #procreate

546 24

Peachtober'20 - Home This October I want to create some personal illustrations. I love autumn, it's my favorite time of the year, and I love the place I had been living for almost all my life. I'm away from home now, and I miss these autumn moments there. So I want to live them again even if this is not possible physically. This is our regular evening if I'm not busy with drawing. Watching one of these stupid movies about high school (please don't hate me because I love them) with my 13 y.o sister and our adorable cat Max. We actually have one more cat, but she prefers the company of my mom. . How do you spend your cozy autumn evenings? . . . #peachtober20 #illustration #illustrator #illustrationartists #characterillustration #procreate #illustrationwork #childrenbookillustrator #childrensbooks #storyillustration #childrenswritersguild @childrenswritersguild

507 24

I think I should practice telling the story through the illustration. I feel like my art is too senseless. I think about the atmosphere all the time, but not the story. This should be changed. Do you ask yourself questions when you look at the pictures? Like "who is she?", "where does she goes?", "what is she looking for?" ect.? Or do you just like watching beautiful artworks? . . . #illustration #illustrator #childrensbookillustration #childrensbooks #characterdesign #characterillustration #procreate #childrenswritersguild #illustrationwork #best_of_illustrations

398 7

I wasn't feel inspired for a while, but it's September, my favorite month, and I can't just don't draw now. So I pulled myself together and draw this bright autumn girl🍂 This illustration wasn't easy for me. Sometimes I have periods like this when I just don't wanna draw, I don't like what I'm doing and nothing goes well. I think now it happens due to moving soon. I can't stop thinking about the furniture and decor I want for our apartment, about the organization of my new workplace and it distracts me so much. I'm a very organized person, and if something is uncertain or I don't feel comfortable in my workplace (I'm thinking about the new one now) I can't focus. So I just let myself take a break and don't draw if I don't want to. And it works. Hope to regain my productivity soon✨ . . . #illustration #illustrator #characterdesign #characterillustration #procreate #illustratedportrait #autumn #childrensbookillustration #bookillustration #augustro_brushes


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