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To everyone who currently have an appointment with me, please check the “COVID-19” highlight 🇩🇰 @sinnersinc Denmark 💌 - BOOKING -

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.60%. The average number of likes per post is 591 and the average number of comments is 38.

20.83% of the followers that engaged with amalieink regularly are from Denmark, followed by United States at 10.42% and Japan at 9.38%. In summary, the top 5 countries of amalieink's posts engager are coming from Denmark, United States, Japan, Sweden, Germany.

Amalieink loves posting about Art.

Check amalieink's audience demography. This analytics report shows amalieink's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Denmark 20.83 %
  • United States 10.42 %
  • Japan 9.38 %
  • Sweden 7.29 %
  • Germany 6.25 %


559 25

🌞 I°C°A°R°U°S 🦅 . Swipe for unedited video I was so scared, excited and humbled to do this piece on my dear friend, and incredible artist @madsthill. Thank you so much for the trust Mads, it means more than you know 🙏🏼 This was made at @en_ddtw’s studio in Tokyo in September. . Missing the homies today . Hope you’re all well ♥️

527 18

🌐 The Weight of the World 🌐 I did this piece on a day that I had gotten some quite devastating news, and I was very conflicted about, whether I was able to create that day. . My amazing client, @nyzainali, had introduced me to the unreal work of @jonodry, and gave me free reign on, what I wanted to tattoo on him. This piece of Jono’s really resonated with me, and opened up for some quite healing conversations about mental health. Thank you Zain, for accepting my vulnerability, and trusting that it would strengthen my vision; and for spontaneously booking an additional appointment after we did the piece on your forearm (last photo) . Made at @dot.creativegroup 🖤

542 29

🏹 A°P°O°L°L°O 🕊 . Peter’s skin is the home of the first tattoo I ever did in NYC, which ended up being a defining moment in the way I tattoo today. He continues to trust my vision, and allows me to create pieces which truly represent the work I want to do. This is such a gift, and I can’t wait to continue our journey. This is part of an Artemis sleeve we are working on, and here we have her twin brother, Apollo. Thank you Peter 🖤 Made in @dot.creativegroup

488 34

➖stay • on • track ➖ . Tattooing loved ones - scary. Tattooing loved ones’ loved ones? Not not scary. This tattoo lives on my good friend @ericakermowallstrom , and was made on a visit to Sweden, alongside his brother, and great inspiration of mine - @oscarakermo - and @nichlasvendelbotattoo. I’m so fortunate to have people like this in my life, who all push me to become better, and who have all given me the honour of tattooing them; as well as being comfortable having me tattoo their family. Thank you for choosing me to do this piece on this prime real estate Eric, I really appreciate it ♥️

752 83

🖤 I’M COMING BACK! BOOKS ARE OPEN FOR AARHUS, DENMARK! 🖤 . Please read for booking info (Scroll ned for dansk bookinginfo) I’m super happy to announce that I will soon be back on Danish soil! Specifically, my old hood, 8000 Aarhus, @sinnersinc. It’s the studio where I embarked upon my journey as an apprentice, and it’s safe to say that both my skill set and the surroundings have improved drastically since 2011; so I’m so excited to reestablish my place among my friends, and my first sensei @markwosgerau. For once, I’m not only home for a limited time, so it will be possible to request a booking for big projects, requiring multiple sessions. . 📧 I will be back mid April, and the books are hereby OPEN! . Send an email to with “Amalie” in the subject line. To make life as easy as possible for our dear booking assistant, so please include the following information: - Motif - Size - Placement (preferably with an attached photo of said placement with the area marked) - Black/Grey or colour - Preferable dates (will be taken into account if possible) - Inspiration/thoughts behind the project, should you wish to share - Reference photos, which support the style/vibe you’re looking for. Please send photos of my tattoo work or illustrations/paintings other media . I’m so excited to see and tattoo all of you again! To conclude, here are some of your favourites of mine . . 📧 Jeg er tilbage pr medio April, og kalenderen er hermed ÅBEN! Send en mail til med “Amalie” i emnelinjen. For at gøre livet så nemt som muligt for vores kære bookingassistent, så sørg for at inkludere følgende information: - Motiv - Størrelse - Placering (og gerne billede af respektive placering med området markeret) - Sort/grå eller farver - Ønskede datoer (tages højde for om muligt) - Eventuel inspiration bag om motivet, hvis du ønsker at dele det - Referencebilleder, der kan underbygge hvilket stil du er ude efter. Billeder fra mit eget arbejde, eller illustrationer/malerier andre medier Jeg glæder mig så meget til at se og tatovere jer allesammen igen!

532 39

🏹 A°R°T°E°M°I°S 🦌 Goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, and protector of young girls. Overall, a pretty great gal. Swipe for deets. One out of two pieces for @peterdolshun from my recent trip to NYC. Thank you so much for another two amazing sessions; I’m very humbled by the confidence you have in me, and I really appreciate our collaboration. Until next time 🖤 made at the awesome @dot.creativegroup

628 28

The full piece from the other day, tucked in between amazing work from some of my very dear friends, and sources of inspiration, @koray.ozsoy and Once again, thank you for an incredible day and session, @nyzainali, and for sending your mom’s absolute priceless reaction to my work. And HEY, see you again in a few days for more 🖤

357 14

🔎2,5 cm face▪️Thank you, Zain. What a great day 🖤

467 37

⚫️ Terrible et Belle Tête ⚪️ Madame Moitessier painted by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres 1851; who initially passed on the task, but couldn’t deny her “terrible and beautiful head”. Thank you for the trust, Rene. I really appreciate it. #jeanaugustedominiqueıngres #madamemoitessier

787 97

🕸Happy Halloween🕸 And thanks to everyone who thought that my makeup was a filter, appreciate it 😂 This look is inspired by the unreal artist Mimi Choi @mimles. I hope you all had an amazing night 🖤 #mimichoi

630 56

◾️Sono Osato ◾️ In memory of the Japanese-American ballet dancer and her extraordinary accomplishments. The first ever dancer of Japanese decent, and first American, to join Ballet Russe, breaking ground in an otherwise very white realm. Scroll for unedited video #sonoosato Made in @calicocircus

777 25

An absolute favourite of mine, which helped shape what I am currently doing. Thanks again for the trust @peterdolshun, and see you soon for the continuation.


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