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72.6% of alyssajoygreene's followers are female and 27.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.60%. The average number of likes per post is 5273 and the average number of comments is 93.

Alyssajoygreene loves posting about Fitness, Health, Coaching.

Check alyssajoygreene's audience demography. This analytics report shows alyssajoygreene's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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72.6 %
27.4 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 88.41 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 62.91 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 62.84 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 42.11 %
  • Sports 39.25 %
  • Children & Family 38.13 %
  • Travel & Tourism 37.62 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 35.98 %
  • Art & Design 32.68 %
  • Business & Careers 31.26 %


5,553 102

Here’s to being here 💕 I ordered our Christmas cards today because i am always behind and order them last minute (and There was a sale so winning) and I got to thinking about the future of the Greene family and where we are at, and then I daydreamed as I always do. Wondering where we will be in a year compared to where we are today. Where the nights are slow after work relaxing on the couch, we go on date nights and life feels a little more relaxed and slow. Where we can go on trips whenever we want. Whatever the future holds, I have been taking time to truly appreciate every day where we are. Because life goes fast and things change and this season will be one we will never have again. Taking time to be thankful to be right where we are, because whenever you are right now is exactly where you’re suppose to be. 💕 #family #photos #familyphotography

3,513 71

MONDAY MULTI💕 Monday workout back after two weekends of traveling is always the BEST. You just gotta get yourself out of bed and get it done! These are some of my favorite exercises that work multiple muscles at once aka multi workout idk I just decided that was the name. 1️⃣3x12 wide stance deadlift to press 2️⃣3x10 dumbbell slow burpee with shoulder press 3️⃣4x8 (each) split stance row 4️⃣3x20 reverse lunges 5️⃣3x8 reverse lunge with lateral raise 6️⃣4x10 curl to underhand press 7️⃣30 seconds x 4 inch in squat jumps 8️⃣3x10 neutral/regular shoulder press I had such a great weekend, and I am still pooped despite going to bed at 8pm 😂 Hope you had a great weekend!!! Shorts: @balanceathletica Bra: @kft_brands Headband: @tesyheadbands #fullbody #homeworkout #workout #mondaymotivation

3,956 50

Another trip to nashville comes to an end 😢 Amazing people, celebrations, food (a lot of it), and adventures. With a small amount of sleep 😂 I love my family time, and I HATE HATE HATE saying goodbye. Being present and soaking in every minute with my favorite people. The most blessed! Time to head back to Minnesota ✈️

7,835 78

5 years ago on a bridge ✨💍 Every October 17th i try to get Jon to repropose and usually he will entertain me a little but I guess the 5th year was the year he decided he’s had enough of me 👍🏼 swipe to see this years attempt 😂 He’s Stuck with me for life!! I am so proud of the 22 year old girl who said yes that day; and the girl who stepped into WHO she is. As 5 years has brought so much growth, Im most proud of how much that girl has grown in confidence and self worth. The last 5 years have taught me more than I imagined in a lifetime. My once in a lifetime💕 As an incredibly sentimental person, the little things like October 17th when I said my once in a lifetime yes will always be a day I celebrate and am so thankful for. #engaged #anniversary

6,064 136

The only TEN I SEE 👀 Can anyone guess the drink I’m sipping on 😏

4,344 56

Twinkle twinkle ✨ Will be sharing my fun weekend on this page and @mrsalyssagreene 🥰 Can we chat about how long my hair is tho?! So excited to be with all my favorite people in one of my favorite cities! Outfit on

5,121 86

A modern day fairytale 💍 Truth is I’m no princess. And Jon is no prince (ok well he is to me but whatever). I truly believe relationships come down to expectation. I am no expert, but I think today a lot of people have jaded expectations. You will never find success looking for someone to complete you. You will never find success with a selfish attitude. You will never find success in bitterness and discontentment. Relationships are HARD work. What looks beautiful on the outside has layers and layers to it. Jon lets me down. I let jon down. Quite often I am sure. People are far too selfish, and quit far too soon if you ask me. If I looked to Jon to be my savior... we would have no success. Until Jesus was first in my heart... no man could contend. You gotta WORK to make it work ok!!! The day you stop looking for someone to complete you, is the day you find the person who will stand with you through it all. The good, the bad, the hard, LIFE. Jon may not be my savior or prince, but he is the one who holds my hand. Calms me down. Walks through life with me. The one i get to walk this life with. Reminds me of my worth as a wife and as a WOMAN. The one I would put before myself every single day we have together. Maybe you don’t want to be a wife, or maybe you do. Love yourself first, because we all know if nothing is happy inside... ain’t nothing happy gonna happen on the outside.

8,041 204

I love you BIG Mr Greene ✨ Life is too short. Take the pictures. 📸 @janineleighphoto

3,168 38

EMOM LEGS💕 Because sometimes you just need to time your workout so you stay focused 🙃🙊 Back from a weekend trip and this was just the workout I needed. Home OR gym; whatever fits your situation right now! EMOM = every minute on the minute. You get 60 seconds to complete each movement before moving on to the next. Any remaining time Is rest! 5-6 times thru: 1️⃣ 12 DB squats 2️⃣ 10 hamstring walk outs 3️⃣ 10 up down burpees 4️⃣ 10 prisoner squats 5️⃣ 8 each leg DB single leg deadlift 6️⃣ 8 each leg bird feeders 7️⃣ 12 dumbbell thrusts 8️⃣ 10 jump squats Outfit: @balanceathletica harmony collection ⛅️ Have the most wonderful week!!! #legday #legworkout #homeworkout #gym #fitness #motivation #lift

5,211 99

Alyssa goes to NC ✨ Weekends with family are my love language but missing my cute wedding date! Dress: @allsaints Shoes: @freepeople Ps. I’m also shocked how many of you guessed I was in Raleigh 😂

5,930 63

Personality pic 😂 Next week marks 6 years since Mr Greene asked me to marry him. Sometimes it feels like another life, and sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday ✨ I am such a goofball, I love to laugh and be silly and have fun and Jon has always encouraged me to be myself, despite my silly antics (see his face when I ask him to repropose for the hundredth time, yes we were taking a photo where i would sit on his lap. I took off my ring and raised my eyebrows at him 😂😂😂😂). Life is too short to not be silly, to demand the best for yourself, to take the chance. You are worthy of the love of your dreams. You are worthy of the work and the fight and the joys that make up relationships. To be loudy and boldly YOU. Oh yeah, and NEVER let your person forget that popping the question was the greatest decision they ever made... 😉 You are more precious than diamonds, my friend ✨

5,196 186

I’m a 10/10 even when I forget it ✨ @tolucaswim launching 10.09.20 Wearing: Juliette top and Cora Midi Bottoms


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