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Dominican Republic

🕯💫🌑 Majestic . Intuitive . Creator Shop- @highgraceboutique
La Romana|La Romana
Dominican Republic

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.30%. The average number of likes per post is 64 and the average number of comments is 5.

17.43% of the followers that engaged with altagraciaalexandra regularly are from United States, followed by Dominican Republic at 10.09% and France at 6.42%. In summary, the top 5 countries of altagraciaalexandra's posts engager are coming from United States, Dominican Republic, France, Canada, Brazil.

Altagraciaalexandra loves posting about Fashion, Hair & Beauty, Celebrities.

Check altagraciaalexandra's audience demography. This analytics report shows altagraciaalexandra's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 17.43 %
  • Dominican Republic 10.09 %
  • France 6.42 %
  • Canada 6.42 %
  • Brazil 6.42 %


19 3

Get ready some exciting things happening soon! We are launching stay tune for launch date! Subscribe to our email list Link in the bio! ___ #fashion #fashionstore #onlinestores #onlinestore #onlinewomensboutique #onlinewomensclothing #fashionstores #clothingstores #clothingboutiques #womenfashion #tiendavirtual #tiendaderopa #tiendademujeres #tiendaderopaparamujer

48 4

Sleek and clean fall home decor around our home! I like things minimal and simple specially with toddler! ___ #fall #fallvibes #fallvibes🍁 #fallhomedecor #falldecor #instahomes #minimalstyle #cleanandsleek #simplicity

105 9

Hi 👋🏽 it’s been a while , brunch date ootd ___ #ootd #ootn #louisvuitton #louisvuittonlover #louisvuittoninternational #brunchootd #fashion #fashionstyle #fashionista #moda #estilo #modaparameninas #modaparamujeres #modacasual #modafeminina

166 19

Don’t ever let anyone tell you , your not spiritual enough because you don’t dress a certain way in order to fill there perception on how a spiritual person should look! Do you be you for you! , sending you all the love and the highest vibration your way! ____ #godessbraids #godess #goddess #spirituality #spiritualjourney #spiritualgrowths

48 0

One of the most important years! , we are entering a new decade in the age of Aquarius did you know that the Ethiopian calendar which was the calendar followed by the Mayans remember when they claimed 2012 the year was going to end the Mayan calendar was 7 years behind! This is year 2012 in Mayan calendar why is this important because the Mayan people predicted this was going to happen in essence I don’t believe that earth is going to end , though I do believe that our old beliefs are going to end that earth is going threw a radical change. Did you also know earth itself has its own consciousness but I’ll save that for another post. #spiritualawakening #spiritualawakening #thegreatawakening #5dearth #massawakening #spirituality #spiritual

41 2

Happy birthday! Altagracia My spirit guide it was and will always be an honor to be your granddaughter the things you thought me before you left earth had mold me and made me into the alchemist I am today!

36 0

We are currently entering the age of Aquarius, the age of information , of clarity of release from the material world the age of awakening! ___ We must tap back into our spiritual self , something that we have forgotten once we tap into our spiritual self we began to see things that have been hidden from us we began to release the fear , we began to take power and control over our own life’s we will began to see that the world that we have known that has been fed to us has been completely false! __ The age of Aquarius will bring a lot of confusion and identity crisis for most of us we are going to began to question , and seek answers! ___ This new era can be quite confusing but very powerful here is where we began to take back our power as the collective a lot of things that will be disclosed will shock us but we must be ready I encourage you all to go within , don’t be afraid the age of Aquarius is only preparing us for a new earth 💫. __ #collectivemama #collectivemessage #intuition #intuitive #newearth #goldenera #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #spiritualawakening #spiritual #wwg1wga #consciousness #theageofaquarius

52 1

Happy full moon 🌕!

85 5

The game changed when I realized everything I sought to become was already within me! “Isabel Palacios “ __ As I go on this quest of knowledge and really diving deep into who I truly am i know understand why , why so many things that I wanted to work out in the past didn’t work out why the universe kept bringing me back here back to square one back to the person that I always knew I needed to be not only for me but for my children that look up to me for the many of you who started watching my new content and resonating with me if you feel lost , confused , worried or afraid ask spirit ask spirit to guide you ask for your assignment and be ready be ready to listen ignite that fire within you who is stopping you? But you! ___ #greatawakening #wisdom #knowledge #qanon #5dawakening #5dconsciousness #5denergy #wwg1wga #spirituality

39 6

I have been woke for years! A lot of the things that I am reposting I have known for years , this is absolutely nothing new to me when I started to wake up years ago I thought the whole world I knew before me was crumbling I had major anxiety , panic attacks , suicidal thoughts , depression I made it out! Awakenings are deep not everyone comes back out alive not everyone is willing to let go of everything they knew not everyone is willing to acknowledge that the world they knew is not what it seems I have been silent for years because my thoughts of letting all this out and being labeled crazy was scary to me... 7 months ago I went on a silent journey I left social media during that time spirit was talking to me letting me know what my assignment was I am no longer staying silent because I have a platform a platform that I can use to reach out to millions of people we are currently at war , at war with a silent enemy a war of change a war of letting go of the world we knew you have to be willing to research you have to be willing to learn you have to be willing to sit still be quiet this is why we are told to stay home so we can sit with ourselves and go within so we can take the time to process what’s happening everything is working for you not against you we are in the mist of a great awakening where we go 1 we go all 💫. #thegreatawakening #wherewegoonewegoall

127 31

03/20/2020 ____ Today I turn 30 years old! And even though my plans where to celebrate with friends and family and not be isolated from the world I am blessed , blessed to have a roof over my head , blessed to have health , blessed to have healthy kids , blessed to have a husband that adores me , blessed to have food in my refrigerator, blessed to have this time time of calmness time of peace and time to be surrounded by love I hope that wherever you are today you are surrounded by love remain calm do not let fear over power you and rest take this time to rest a goddess was born today!


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