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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.30%. The average number of likes per post is 96 and the average number of comments is 4.

26.32% of the followers that engaged with alhsx regularly are from Singapore, followed by United States at 13.16% and Thailand at 7.89%. In summary, the top 5 countries of alhsx's posts engager are coming from Singapore, United States, Thailand, Japan, Pakistan.

Alhsx loves posting about Art, Film, Music & Books, Food & Drink, Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Travel, Hair & Beauty.

Check alhsx's audience demography. This analytics report shows alhsx's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Singapore 26.32 %
  • United States 13.16 %
  • Thailand 7.89 %
  • Japan 7.89 %
  • Pakistan 5.26 %


81 1

Open just a couple months back, Tong Luo Wan is a new charcoal roasted meats store that serves out limited portions to the neighbourhood of Potong Pasir. . They pride themselves with using only charcoal to roast their meats, which the owner learned from a shifu from Hong Kong. . Their spread consists of your usual suspects of char siew, roasted pork (siew yoke), together with soy sauce chicken and roasted duck! Every piece of meat was extremely tender & juicy, especially the soy sauce chicken & roasted duck! . If you’re not too much of a fan of the herbal roasted duck, their version would be perfect for you with it’s subtle hints of herbs, without being too overpowering! . Do note that as they have limited portions, the store closes once they sell out, which is usually around 3pm in the afternoon! . Thank you @jthejon for the kind invitation! 🤤 #aroundwithamd #burpple

101 3

Apart from its industrial interior & extremely famous desserts & croissants from its sibling company, @brotherbird_bakehouse, @stateland_coffeehouse has a pretty exciting menu as well! . My new fav would be their Mentaiko Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio ($20)! The Aglio Olio is mixed with tobiko and topped with Mentaiko sauce & additional tobiko to give you small bubbles of saltiness amidst the juicy tiger prawns & the al dente spaghetti! After a good toss & mix, each strand of spaghetti is coated perfectly with mentaiko & tobiko, without being too overpowering. . Another option you can choose is the KFC & Waffle ($18). KFC aka Korean Fried Chicken, is soy glazed chicken seated atop their cinnamon scented waffle with a side of kimchi slaw to balance the sweet and savoury with a tinge of sour! Definitely a winner! . Also, a special mention to their side of Fried Cauliflower! Dehydrated, battered and deep fried cauliflower is tossed in curry powder to give you that crunchy but healthy tasty veggie dish that you need! Even non-veggie lovers (like me) do fancy this dish quite a fair bit! #aroundwithamd #burpple

95 4

This photo probably doesn’t do justice to these desserts but this my friends, made the perfect ending to a super hearty meal! . Featured is the Homemade Lemon Meringue Tart ($7) & in the background, Smoked Peanut Butter Chocolate ($4). . First, about the lemon meringue tart; thick lemon curd is layered on perfectly baked crust before being topped with fresh meringue & torched upon order! The ratio of meringue, curd & tart was just right! Only wished the curd was a lil more tangy tho, otherwise, all’s good! . As for the chocolates, please don’t doubt it’s appearance. It’s like 2 flavourful pops of peanut butter (think Reese but x10 flavour). Sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt each, the pop of chocolate was the perfect sweet savoury ending I needed. . P/S; thanks to #burpplebeyond, I managed to get this 1 for 1, as part of the Main & Dessert combo!! 🥳🥳 #aroundwithamd #burpple

81 3

For fans of mangoes, this one’s for you! . Opening its doors in SG to the public is @maximango_sg, a popular mango dessert store that comes from Philippines! . Grab yourself an array of mango parfaits ranging for the Signature Maxi Mango ($4.90 8oz / $6.90 12oz), to a Singapore exclusive Mango Coconut! . My personal fav is the Mango Graham! Apart from layers of mango soft serve & juicy bits of mango, you also get crumbs of graham crackers which gives you that extra texture to your smooooth soft serve. . Get your hands on these are their first & only store, located at @capitolsingapore! . Thank you @brandcellar for the lovely invite! #aroundwithamd #burpple

112 3

Different from your typical hotpot soup bases, @tongxinruyi’s nourishing signature soup bases are filled with quality ingredients to result in these tasty & full of ingredients pots of broth. . We enjoyed our Golden Chicken Soup & Stewed Marinated Beef with Spicy Soup, which is a twist from your typical collagen or pork & mala soups. Each soup base comes jam packed with ingredients such as shimeji mushrooms, radish & beef tendon, which leaves you with not much of room to order other dishes. . However, if you have a huge appetite, enjoy the different sides & premium meats that they offer! My personal favourite would be the Eight-Seconds Beef (image 7), thinly sliced NZ beef which only takes 8 seconds to cook! Or go for the Vince Tofu, thinly sliced tofu that creates a floral effect when soup is poured over it! . From now till 14 Sep, share your images on FB & IG to get 12% off all hotpot ingredients immediately upon payment! Remember to tag them & hashtag! . Promotions are also happening after 8pm! • 1 for 1 US Premium Beef and/or Jap Black Pork • 1 for 1 soup bases (limited to certain soups) • buy 3 get 1 free snow beer Don’t say I bojio! . Thank you @brandcellar for the lovely invite! #aroundwithamd #tongxinruyi #tongxinruyisg

104 0

Soaking up the sounds, views, food & coffee in Edinburgh, Faroe Islands, Oslo & now, Flåm. . Definitely going back to one cuppa a day, cause there’s always that much coffee that you need to drive you through! . Watching each & every barista doing their thing makes me miss working in a cafe sometimes & how the smell of coffee itself can perk me up. #aroundwithamd #awaywithamd

168 12

If you love a good bowl of sashimi donburi, Umi Nami is the place to go! . Thanks to #burpplebeyond, I managed to get these delicious & fresh sashimi bowls for half the price! . We ordered the Salmon Ikura Don ($25), Aburi Scallop Salmon Don ($17) & Aburi Scallop Mekaijiki Don ($24) to share! . Each bowl comes with a bowl of warm Japanese rice, mixed with a light dose of vinegar, before being topped with fresh sashimi. The ikura were like little pops of saltiness from the sea, mixed together with the sourness of the rice and freshness of the Salmon works perfectly together. . Alternatively, the Aburi Scallop and Salmon is a perfect alternative if raw fish is not your thing. The torched seafood comes with bits of black truffle, topped with truffle oil. This brings out the aroma of the oil, and just made the don a whole lot tastier! . Psst, @burpple’s having a crazy promo right now to celebrate #BeyondTurnsOne! Check their page for more! #aroundwithamd #burpple

95 2

Over the weekend, I had the honour & luxury to be able to try out re-invented creations by the smart chefs of @lune_3.0 in their collaboration with @amberembersg! . Each dish was a take on the revolving theme of 米 (rice in mandarin), and how it originated and what inspired them to make each dish. . One of the highlights from the 7 course menu would be their Quail & Yam dish! Quail was done 2 ways - braised and pan-seared, paired with a red wine jus, together with a yam & sweet potato purée, coated with rice vermicelli, resembling the crispy yam ring that you’d get when you dine at Chinese restaurants! . The quail was flavoured perfectly and was tender even though it was lean. My fav part of the dish would actually be the yam & sweet potato crisp. The sweetness of the sweet potato paired so well with the hint of bitterness of the yam; and binding them both together is the deep fried crispy rice vermicelli which added the additional crunch to this dish, elevating it another notch. . Flip through to see more of these amazing dishes that were created, which will be shared more on Burpple! In the meantime, if you’re keen to tryout their creations, do check out their Instagram account @lune_3.0, & make your reservations for the upcoming weekends in Aug! Do note that the themes vary week on week so you’d definitely be in for a surprise! . Psssst, I heard the upcoming one is on Fermentation!! . Thank you @clarenceliewoliveiro for the invite & the amazing team behind it! #aroundwithamd #burpple #amberxlune

93 5

Major cravings for these sliders that we had back in Bali 😭 . These babies are from @bossmanbali & they’re probably one of the best burgers I’ve had (after the Sanger, of course). . Each patty is grilled upon order in the open kitchen which you can smell upon stepping into the space. Instead of order single burgers, have a swing at the sliders trio aka A Tribe Called Boss (IDR 120k) where you get to choose 3 of the 6 choices available! . We had a go with the Original Gangster (obvi the OG is needed), Al Capone & Babi G. Each slider was oozing with so much flavour even though it’s just a small pop, which made me craved for more even though I had a huge breakfast before this. . The next time you ever head to Bali, do yourself a favour & try Bossman! They have 2 outlets, 1 in Seminyak & another in Kuta! #aroundwithamd #amdinbali #awaywithamd

108 3

Made it down to @funansg after all the hype & I must say, the changes are so major, I almost forgot what the old Funan looked like! . Apart was all the high tech & neon signages, Funan now has tons of food choices from ramen spaces like @afurisg to dessert stores like @butterknifefolk! . For all you gelato fans, this is another great choice for you! Get your hands on favourites such as their Fudgy Chocolate or unique ones like Pu Er. Get a scoop for $5, or double scoop for $9 (ahem, also more worth it). I heard their flavours change daily, so you’d always be in for a treat! #aroundwithamd #burpple #keeperssg

80 2

Happening only for this weekend (actually yesterday & today), STREAT #SingaporeFoodFestival is filling up the Marina Bay air with whiffs of cooked meats & local delights! . One of my favourite items were these dishes from @restaurantibid! They are the Chinese Beef Curry Bowl ($15), Laoganma Sashimi Tartare ($15) & Yuanyang Kakigori ($12). . The first comes with Cantonese style curry short ribs, brisket, tendon & tripe atop sesame rice, & pickled black fungus. The short ribs were cooked perfectly; so soft it might just melt in your mouth. Paired with fried laksa leaves and rice crisps, every mouthful is a flavour bomb on its own. . If you’d like to get your hands on this, head down to the promontory at MBS tonight! Dinner plans checked ✔️ #aroundwithamd #burpple #notsponsored

76 4

Finally got the chance to try out @sirihousesg after hearing lots of good things about it! . One of the table’s favourites for the evening was their special - Saikyo Miso Cod Belly with Cauliflower Pickles ($14). The cod belly is seasoned well with a hint of saltiness from the miso & grilled perfectly after. The skin is slightly charred with a crunch with melt-in-your-mouth soft flesh. . Pair the fish with their side of pickles & cauliflower to give you that extra crunch & sour bite to balance out the saltiness. . Extremely well-executed! But since it’s a seasonal item, do remember to try it before it goes off the menu! As shared by the staff, “it’s all up to the chef as to how long this stays on the menu!” #burpple #aroundwithamd


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