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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.40%. The average number of likes per post is 52 and the average number of comments is 3.

40.51% of the followers that engaged with alexludovico regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 8.86% and Canada at 5.06%. In summary, the top 5 countries of alexludovico's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Russian Federation.

Alexludovico loves posting about Celebrities, Film, Music & Books.

Check alexludovico's audience demography. This analytics report shows alexludovico's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 40.51 %
  • United Kingdom 8.86 %
  • Canada 5.06 %
  • Mexico 5.06 %
  • Russian Federation 3.8 %


126 9

“The horrible thing about being sober is you lose your excuse for being so fucked up.” - Augusten Burroughs 📸: @xodustudios . . . . . #insubordinaterecords #remaininsubordinate #cityphotography #losangeles #treesofinstagram

29 1

LINK IN BIO! Wrecking Shit for 30 Mins #3 Was supposed to drop last week. It’s here now tho. Head to the gym and throw this on! Nice vibes for ya! NOW AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD!!!! 1 The Only One (MPC Mix) Sebb Junior (@sebbjunior) 2 On & On (Smooth Operator 3000 Edit) Erykah Badu (@erykahbadu) (@thesmoothoperator3000) 3 Going Deeper Ganzfeld Effect (@ganzfeld_effect) 4 Once In A While Darius ( 5 i swear it's a daydream Tilman (@tilman_fine) 6 Kalimba Funk Sango (@sango_) 7 Is It True Tame Impala (@tameimpala) 8 I Just Want You To Know R.O.M. (@romderful) 9 Do the Astral Plane Flying Lotus (@flyinglotus) 10 Clouds Across The Stars Chilling Glow 11 Bitches Broken Hearts (Meek Edit) Billie Eilish (@billieeilish) (@prodbymeek) 12 Save A Kiss Jessie Ware (@jessieware) 13 Drank & Drugs Lil Kleine & Ronnie Flex (@lilkleine) (@ronnieflex) 14 I'll Provide Moodymann (@moodymann313) 15 Remind Me Röyksopp (@_royksopp_) 16 Feel You Coming Sebb Junior (@sebbjunior)

161 3

“Being a Negro’s a lie, anyway. Nobody sees the real you. Nobody knows who you are inside. You just judged on what you are on the outside whatever your color. Mulatto, colored, black, it don’t matter. You just a Negro to the world.” - James McBride (This picture is 5 years old. I’m sure this graf on Melrose Ave has been painted over a hundred times by now. And will be painted over again and again as long as that building stands. That phrase will probably still resonate the same.) #ripdauntewright #rip #acab

41 0

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. - Kierkegaard

25 0

🔗🔗🔗🔗 IN BIO! Wrecking Shit for 30 Mins #2 DJing for 30 minutes. Some old shit. Some new shit. South African house. Remixes. Edits. Jams. LINK IN BIO. Track List: 1 Run Away (feat. Gwen Stefani) Snoop Dogg (@snoopdogg), (@gwenstefani) 2 Carefree (KMB Edit) Mick Jenkins (@mickjenkins), (@kmbsounds) 3 Walking Down the Street Eash 4 Plane to Berlin SoulCool (@soulcool_sa) 5 Be the One (Remi Oz Bounce Edit) Sinead Harnett (@sineadharnett) (@iamremioz) 6 Riri Thick (Moods Remix) Ian Ewing & SunBLVD (@ianewingmusic) ( 7 Groove Box Fred Monk (@fred_monk_sa) 8 Su Casa Young Citrus & Cuanzi (@youngcitrus) (@cuan.zi) 9 That Girl (Jmetrevor Remix) Pharrell (@pharrell) (@jameytrevor_) 10 So Far From iAMGRÜV (@iamgruv) 11 What's It Gonna Be (SicStyle Edit) Busta Rhymes (@bustarhymes) (@sicstyle) 12 Black Passion (KMB Edit) Renee Dion (@reneedionmusic) (@kmbsounds) 13 U Don't Have To Call (El Train Remix) Erykah Badu (@erykahbadu) (@eltrainmusic) 14 Slide (west1ne & sheki Remix) H.E.R. (@hermusicofficial) (@doubleyouowe) (@sh.eki) 15 Suavemente Lakim (@lakimisalive) 16 Get Low (Jon Reyes Edit) Ying Yang Twinz (@yingyangtwins) (@stankpalmer) 17 Alright (KAYTRANADA Remix) Janet Jackson (@janetjackson) 18 Alright (Arona Mane VIP Edit) Jamiroquai (@jamiroquai) (@aronamane) 19 Lowrider DJU DJU (@dju_djuman) 20 Hit the Ceiling (Zikomo Remix) Lion Babe (@lionbabe) (@zikomobeats) 21 Pull Up to Mi Bumper (Melledit) Konshens & J Capri (@konshens) (@jcapri_hcr) 22 Freak Like Me (Double A Flip) Adina Howard (@therealadinahoward) (@_d0ublea_) 23 Lady (Magic Flowers Edit) D'Angelo (@thedangelo) ( 24 Dumebi (Melle Edit) Remi (@heisrema) (@mellevdlinde) #mixes #edits #30minmix #

27 0

DJ MIX! (LINK IN BIO) “Wrecking Shit For 30 Minutes #1” As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I picked up DJing during quarantine and it’s become a flat out obsession. So, every Sunday I’m gonna start dropping these mixes. 30 minutes. No format. Just playing shit I like. MIXCLOUD FOR NOW. Track list: 1 BETTY (For Boogie) Jamila Woods (@jamilawoods) & Slot-A (@iamslota) 2 Calm Down Katy B (@katyb), Four Tet (@fourtetkieran), Floating Points (@floatingpoints) 3 HUMBLE (EKANY Remix) Kendrick Lamar (@kendricklamar), (@ekanymusic) 4 Let's Work Lazer Sword, Jimmy Edgar (@jimmyedgar) 5 It Makes You Forget (Smooth Operator 3000 Edit) Peggy Gou (@peggygou_), (@thesmoothoperator3000) 6 Worst Things Bast (@itsbast), Pwest (@pwestdigital) 7 Good Life Inner City (@innercitydetroit) 8 Dracula A Band Called Flash (@abandcalledflash) 9 Stuck In Your Love Black Coffee (@realblackcoffee), Azola (@realazola) 10 Flex Simen Sez (@simensez) 11 Could've Been (TJ Groover Flip) H.E.R. (@hermusicofficial), (@trgoover1) 12 Skate Depot Channel Tres (@channeltres) 13 This Is How We Do It (Magic Flowers Edit) Montell Jordan (@mrjordan1911), ( 14 Don Dada Cakes Da Killa (@cakesdakilla), Proper Villains (@propervillains) 15 Body Count DJ Haram (@djharam) 16 BULLETS KAYTRANADA (@kaytranada), Little Dragon (littledragon) 17 Fair Chance (Floating Points Remix) Thundercat (@thundercat), Ty Dolla $ign (@tydollasign), Lil B (@lilbisgod), (@floatingpoints) 18 Cold War (Nick AM Remix) Cautious Clay (@cautiousxclay), ( 19 Deep End (SIDEPIECE Remix) John Summit (@itsjohnsummit), (@youasidepiece) 20 Shake TJ Groover (@tgroover1)

130 4

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards. - Aldous Huxley . . . . . #rap #insubordinaterecords #newmusic

32 3

GUESS WHO HAS MERCH!! That’s right. Show everyone how dope your music taste is! We got shirts for the release of THREE ONE TWO. Art done by the amazing @protonbeats! LINK IN BIO!!! . . . . . #rappermerch #musictshirts #hiphopapparel

46 7

THREE.ONE.TWO IS OUT! “Candy Tangerine” is the final track on the EP. It features my brother @jihadscorcese. (I miss that dude SO MUCH.) Classic storytelling track. ONE TIME FOR SCORCESE!!!!! #longlivescorcese LINK IN BIO!


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