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A lover of morning blend, my 🐶 #BBBolt & mozzarella sticks. 🙌🏻 Creative @ Pinterest. Say hello at !
San Francisco|California
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.80%. The average number of likes per post is 364 and the average number of comments is 62.

60.61% of the followers that engaged with aimeerancer regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 5.3% and Italy at 3.79%. In summary, the top 5 countries of aimeerancer's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany.

Check aimeerancer's audience demography. This analytics report shows aimeerancer's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 60.61 %
  • United Kingdom 5.3 %
  • Italy 3.79 %
  • France 3.03 %
  • Germany 3.03 %


201 49

New week, new glasses 👓. Channeling the ever so amazing @elainewelteroth with these signature specs and I’m feeling ready to tackle the week. 🙌🏻 Anyone else? 🙌🏻 #vsco #vscocam #glasses #eyewear

493 78

This week, I listened to @brenebrown’s podcast #unlockingus (so good btw!!) and the most recent episode was about burnout. Anyone else experiencing it? I was amazed while listening what causes burnout and the stress it does to our bodies. One of the ways to move through emotional exhaustion that was suggested is movement. So, I took the episode’s advice and moved. I walked to #twinpeaks just in time for this epic #goldenhour. And afterwards, I felt a hell of a lot better. ✨ #vsco #vscocam #nowrongwaysf #sfbest

335 79

Swipe ➡️ to see the *true* me. 😂 But for real, don’t get between me and a good #🍔. If you’re looking for a daaaaamn good meal in #SF, @causwells is the place to go. In fact, it was ranked #2 burger in the US by @thrillist awhile back. And for you vegetarians, they have amazing salads, veggie burgers, and grilled vegetables (hai beets and Brussels sprouts!) #vsco #vscocam #eeeeeats #cheeseburger #causwells

267 61

I'm part of the 8 hour sleep club. 😴 Anyone else? Because sleep is vvvvv important to me (and #bbbolt), I've literally tried everything in the 📚 to have a more restful 💤: no screen time an hour before, hot tea, essential oil diffuser, reading before bed and now, a personal fave – @thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I spritz over my pillows and sheets before bed (which tbh, makes me feel like I'm in a luxe 🧖🏼‍♀️ ), turn on my meditation app (lololol) and drift peacefully to sleep! Any other favorite sleep tips y’all have? #thisworksforme #sponsored #sleepstories #vsco #vscocam

216 29

Anyone else come to #SF thinking you’d bask in the high temperatures and ☀️? Me too. The biggest shock to me when I moved here 9ish years ago was how the weather could change in an instant. I mean, look at this fog! ☁️ 👀 For me, it’s become moody and whimsical ✨ - a nice treat as I cozy up in the evenings (with 15 layers on). And if you’re a #BayArea resident or have visited many times, you know that we affectionately call our fog Karl (@karlthefog ). Well, he’s taking a backseat for now and we’re welcoming the newest, badass FEMALE fog around - Karla! Check her out on Twitter (#karlathefog)! #vscocam #vsco #7x7 #nowrongwaysf #fog

271 56

Gotta keep ca(rollin’), rollin’, rollin’, whaaaaat. 😆 If you love traveling like me, it’s been a hard few months of not being able to go on vacations and trips that were previously planned. While I’ve been frustrated that “things can’t (and shouldn’t) go back to normal” I’ve really enjoyed rediscovering #SF and all the unique places around they Bay. I was lucky enough to partner with @toyotausa for a week to share all my favorite places to “get out” in the #BayArea with their new #ToyotaCorolla #Hybrid. Whether it was in the city or a quick drive, there are so many beautiful places to discover! And if we’re talking about cars, we also have to talk about taking steps to making the world we live a more sustainable place. Owning a #Hybrid 🚗 or electric vehicle is the way to go (esp since Gov Gavin Newsom is looking to phase out sales of gas powered cars by 2035). Our cars shouldn’t make wildfires, asthma or the environment worse. ❤️ #toyotapartner #vsco #vscocam #adventure #roadtrip

382 51

I’d say we matched our surroundings pretty perfectly, eh? A few days late (busy celebrating!) but happiest of birthdays to my b, my ride or die, go-to🍸 maker, epic 🐶 dad, and so much more. You are the bees knees! 😘 #vsco #vscocam

314 68

This dress initially gave me 80s vibes with the cut and crazy shoulders. Can’t say that I mind it. Also, probably the most form fitting piece of clothing I’ve worn in quarantine. 😂 #vsco #vscocam #ootd 📸 via @theroadtohannah

611 62

One of the most clear days in #SF for as long as I can remember. ✨ This was last Saturday and never will I take for granted fresh air and clear skies. The fires that are happening to our friends up north (and really everywhere in California) is heartbreaking and just seems like it’s been one thing after the other. Climate change is real, so please vote this November and support the small businesses who need our help more than ever. ❤️ #vsco #vscocam #goldengatebridge

427 68

After two weeks of being on the road, it feels so damn good to be home. ❤️ The idea of home is something I’ve been thinking about a lot. Initially, I thought it’s just a physical space, an address. But things are totally shaken up by this pandemic and there’s more flexibility to create a new version of “home” wherever. Curious to hear your thoughts! There’s been a huge exodus in #SF (and literally everyone I know is leaving 😭) so that’s why it’s top of mind! ✨ #vsco #vscocam #goldenhour #sanfrancisco #sfbest #nowrongwaysf

664 59

One of my favorite photos from our #engagement 📸. I love @sanfranciscoproper’s beautiful books and corners and their restaurant Villon is an #artdeco dream! 😍 Can’t wait to grab a 🍸 there soooooon. #vsco #vscocam #engagementphotos

323 67

Saying 👋🏼 to #NewYork and headed back to #SF this weekend. What a unique and quirky vacation for a unique and one of a kind year. Stopped in #Tahoe, #archesnationalpark, an hour long pit stop in #Denver, a few days to see family in #Ohio and then ending it in upstate New York seeing friends and family! ❤️✨ #vsco #vscocam #goldenhour #roadtrip


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